EDITORIAL - Vanguard of opaqueness

The Office of the Ombudsman is supposed to be the vanguard in the fight against corruption. So why is it looking instead like the vanguard of opaqueness in public service?.....»»

Category: newsSource: philstar philstarSep 16th, 2020

EDITORIAL - Coordinated inauthentic behavior

Both the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have vehemently denied maintaining accounts engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook......»»

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EDITORIAL - One less weapon vs graft

After blocking access to the statements of assets, liabilities and net worth or SALN of public officials, the Office of the Ombudsman has found yet another means of holding back efforts toward transparency and good governance......»»

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EDITORIAL | No learner left behind

EDITORIAL | No learner left behind.....»»

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EDITORIAL - 48-year struggle

In the evening of Sept. 23, 1972, the government of Ferdinand Marcos announced the imposition of martial law nationwide, based on a proclamation that he signed on Sept. 21. In the next 14 years, the dictator and his wife Imelda would use their absolute power not only to rule without opposition but also to amass a mind-boggling amount of wealth......»»

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EDITORIAL - Race for a vaccine

From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the battle cry was healing as one......»»

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EDITORIAL - Abuse of power

Forty-eight years is a long time to remember. In a country where lessons are not easily learned and mistakes of the past keep being repeated, however, people need continuing reminders about the consequences of greed and the abuse of power......»»

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EDITORIAL - No smart city

The National Capital Region has entered its seventh month of pandemic quarantine, with residents looking in envy at several other Asian capitals that have managed to revive economic activities faster and ease lockdowns as coronavirus transmission has slowed down......»»

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EDITORIAL - Coastal cleanup

The world marks International Coastal Cleanup day today amid a killer pandemic that environmentalists say has exacerbated solid waste pollution......»»

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Category: newsSource:  philstarRelated NewsSep 18th, 2020

EDITORIAL - PhilHealth housecleaning

With howls of protest heard from both the Senate and the House of Representatives, Malacañang gave assurance yesterday that the 177-page report submitted by a task force formed to investigate alleged anomalies in the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. is just preliminary......»»

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EDITORIAL - Safety during Undas

The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has upended traditional celebrations and rituals in the country, among them the Lenten observances and the Flores de Mayo processions. The latest to be affected by the COVID-19 health crisis is this year’s holiday for commemorating the dearly departed......»»

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EDITORIAL - Misusing aid funds

With the enactment of the P165.5-billion Bayanihan to Recover as One Act, greater vigilance is needed in the proper utilization of public funds......»»

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EDITORIAL - Wasting the gains

After six months of economically crippling quarantines, the COVID transmission curve is finally flattening, according to experts from the University of the Philippines......»»

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Editorial Cartoon (September 12, 2020)

Editorial Cartoon (September 12, 2020).....»»

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EDITORIAL - Preventing suicide

The past years have seen such a surge in suicides in many countries that the International Association for Suicide Prevention, organized in 1960, now has professionals and volunteers from over 50 countries......»»

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EDITORIAL - Budget priorities

Malacañang is disputing observations that the proposed national budget for 2021 has lump sum appropriations, in violation of a Supreme Court ruling at the height of the pork barrel controversy......»»

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EDITORIAL - No time to relax

Yes, Juan and Juana, the COVID curve has flattened. What this means, according to experts from the University of the Philippines OCTA Research, is that transmission of the SARS-coronavirus-2 or SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 has slowed down......»»

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EDITORIAL - Freeing Pemberton

With President Duterte himself saying the US serviceman has been treated “unfairly,” authorities are now speeding up the processing of the release of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton from a special prison facility at Camp Aguinaldo......»»

Category: newsSource:  philstarRelated NewsSep 9th, 2020

EDITORIAL - Manila’s white beach

It will be nice to look at, but there are several issues being raised in connection with the ongoing creation of a “white beach” along Manila’s Baywalk: the cost and timing of the construction, and its sustainability......»»

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Editorial Cartoon (September 7, 2020)

Editorial Cartoon (September 7, 2020).....»»

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