EDITORIAL- No resting in peace

Imagine 176 bodies piled up in a funeral home, unclaimed, many for nearly a year now......»»

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EDITORIAL — Sustaining peace

At the start of National Peace Consciousness Month yesterday, President Marcos kicked off the celebration in Puerto Princesa City, where he officially declared Palawan as insurgency-free......»»

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How Maymay Entrata maintains her LDR with Canadian BF

Maymay Entrata is open about the challenges of maintaining her long-distance relationship with her partner, Canadian-born Aaron Haskell. “Sobrang hirap po ng LDR... hindi po madali (LDR is difficult),” she said in the episode of Magandang Buhay that aired on Monday. “Parang kung walang maturity sa relationship, hindi po talaga magwo-work ‘yung LDR (Without maturity, an LDR relationship won’t work).” However, Entrata said she’s lucky to have found a partner who invests the proper time and effort to nurture the relationship. “Siya po ay sobrang consistent niya talaga na magbigay ng time. Sobrang OA nito pero 24/7 kaming nagtatawagan. Kahit nagtatrabaho siya nandiyan lang ako natutulog, or ako nandito, siya natutulog. Hanggang mag-meet ‘yung time namin saka kami mag-uusap or mag-movie (He’s very consistent when it comes to giving time. We call each other 24/7. When he’s working, I’m just there resting, and vice versa. Until we find a mutual time to talk to each other or watch a movie),” Entrata shared. “Mahirap man pero worth it po siya kasi consistent po siya talagang laging ipaparamdam niya sa akin y’ung suporta niya. At peace sa puso ko na wala akong dapat ipag-alala sa kung saan man siya roon basta maging safe lang siya (It’s difficult but it’s worth it, because he consistently makes me feel he supports me. There is peace in my heart knowing I have nothing to worry about, wherever he is as long he is safe),” Entrata added. Entrata underlined the value of trust in a relationship in making life more comfortable and simple. “Kapag may trust ‘yung relationship parang ang dali lang ng buhay,” she said. Haskell didn’t know she was a singer-actress at first, revealed Entrata. “Six months po ‘yon na wala siyang alam talaga pero nanligaw na po siya nung time na ‘yan. ‘Yun ang maganda kasi hindi niya po alam (For six months he didn’t know, and that’s when he courted me. It was good that he didn’t know),” she said. Entrata then decided to stay in Canada to study acting, and one of the people who pushed her to continue her education was her BF, she added. After triumphing in the reality competition Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 in 2016, Entrata released her self-titled debut album in 2017, then #M0806 in 2019, and MPOWERED in 2021. In 2022, she was nominated for the MTV EMA’s Best Asia Act Award. Along with her Haskell, she recently celebrated her birthday on the ASAP Natin ‘To stage, where she performed her latest hit, Autodeadma, featuring rapper Wooseok from the K-pop group Pentagon. The post How Maymay Entrata maintains her LDR with Canadian BF appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - Forging peace with the rebels

Will the communist insurgency end with the demise of its founding leader, Jose Maria Sison?.....»»

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Former priest and alleged NDF peace negotiator shot dead in Pilar, Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A former priest who was once tagged by the police as an alleged member of the New People’s Army (NPA) was killed by a still unidentified assailant in his home on Friday night, May 28 in Purok Caimito, Barangay Upper Poblacion in Pilar town, Cebu. Rustico Tan, 80, was resting on […] The post Former priest and alleged NDF peace negotiator shot dead in Pilar, Cebu appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Marcos discusses WPS issue with French President Macron

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the security issues facing the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea earlier this week, Malacañang said on Thursday. In a statement, Marcos told Marcon in a telephone call on Wednesday that the Philippines is exerting all its efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region. “But may I thank France for all the support that you have given us in terms of our shared values, in terms of following the international law, especially (the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) and it has been of great help the messages of support and even when you sent French vessels to come and patrol. So I have thank you, Mr. President, and France,” Marcos said. Marcos said that the Philippines and France had just celebrated the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relationship, recalling their fruitful meeting during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Bangkok last year. Marcos said the Philippines and France are taking their discussions seriously to ensure a favorable outcome for the two countries. “This is all the product of our meetings in Bangkok, and I am very happy that … Well, we have been working assiduously trying to make sure that what we discussed we follow up and we come to a good conclusion,” Marcos said. While everything is still under discussion, President Marcos said the Philippines will make close diplomatic contact through French Ambassador to the Philippines Marie Fontanel, who presented her credentials on 20 September. Meanwhile, Marcon told Marcos that French ministers will visit the Philippines soon. President Marcos replied to Macron that they could start working during the visit of the French ministers on what had been discussed during the 10th Philippine-France Joint Economic Meeting last June. Marcos then extended the invitation to the French President to visit the Philippines whenever he made a state visit to Asia. “We can work on what was just held last June, the 10th Philippine-France Joint Economic Committee Meeting. And many of the businessmen from France were able to speak to our ministers and some of the local businessmen as well,” Marcos told President Macron. "(If) your ministers will come to visit the Philippines then that will be the next step from that beginning,” the chief executive added, as he expressed his gratitude for the long-standing bilateral ties between the Philippines and France. The post Marcos discusses WPS issue with French President Macron appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Peace and order key to progress — Misamis Occidental governor

From being a hotbed of crime in the South, the success of peace and order initiatives in Misamis Occidental has turned it into one of Northern Mindanao’s leaders in development indicators, said the province's Governor, Henry S. Oaminal. In an interview, Oaminal shared the progress milestones the province has achieved in less than a decade in its infrastructure, labor and employment and economy. Before Misamis Occidental could achieve such leaps forward, the governor recalled the poor state of law enforcement in the province, marked by crime, insurgency and even terrorism, as a “challenging part of our history." The province could have been “the drug and organized crime capital of Mindanao,” said Oaminal. Apart from the threat that the Kuratong Baleleng Gang posed, rebels were also present in the area. The governor attributed the province’s liberation from crime and violence to the cooperation of local government units with law enforcement improvement efforts, as well as the work of the previous administration of former President Rodrigo Duterte. “Ozamiznons can now freely walk without any fear of harassment from the bad elements,” said Oaminal. This, according to him, is the realization of one of the tenets of his 5M platform — “Misamisnon Magpuyong Malinawon Malambuonug Malipayon,” or “Misamisnon Live Peacefully, Progressively and Happily.” With criminal threats under control, the province is witnessing consistent progress. More businesses are being established, said the governor, “and the job opportunities that were created out of it are getting better.” From being one of the poorest provinces, Misamis Occidental posted in 2021 “the highest significant improvement in poverty incidence among families,” according to data by the Philippine Statistics Authority — from 32.7 percent poverty incidence in 2018, to 23.3 percent in the same period in 2021. According to Oaminal, lately the poverty incidence has further decreased to 18.30 percent. Public infrastructure also heavily contributed to the province’s development. “We gave more attention to the improvement of our roads,” said Oaminal. During his three terms in congress, the governor shared that municipal, provincial and national roads were 95-percent paved. And through good fiscal management, the province continues to establish more health centers and improve educational facilities for Misamisnons. Peace and order initiatives will continue to be one of the priorities of the provincial government, Oaminal, because “when there is peace, there is development.”   The post Peace and order key to progress — Misamis Occidental governor appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - No tolerance for graft

In the “Bagong Pilipinas” or new Philippines, there is no room for corruption, abuse of power and other activities, President Marcos reiterated yesterday......»»

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‘Total lawfare’: Ukraine’s other front in the war

On 26 February 2022, while Russian tanks were barrelling towards Kyiv, Ukrainian lawyers were fighting on a different front, submitting a case against Moscow at the International Court of Justice. The gilded halls of the Peace Palace in The Hague, where the court sits, are a world away from the trenches of Donbas but Ukraine believes its legal attacks on Russia are a critical part of the fight. What cases are open in Ukraine's campaign of all-out "lawfare" against Moscow and, with little chance of Russian compliance, what's the point? Where are the legal front lines? The Hague, Strasbourg, and Hamburg. Ukraine has dragged Russia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which rules on disputes between nations, arguing that President Vladimir Putin abused the UN Genocide Convention when he used an alleged "genocide" in eastern Ukraine as a pretext for invasion. The final arguments in this case will be heard later Wednesday. Also in The Hague, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Putin, accusing him of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children, a war crime. Neither of these courts, however, can try Russian leaders, including Putin, for the crime of "aggression", defined as an attack on one state by another in breach of the UN charter. So a special group of prosecutors from Ukraine, the EU, the United States, and the ICC has been set up in The Hague with a view to establishing a special tribunal to bring senior Russians to trial. Ukraine also has cases open at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg over alleged Russian human rights abuses. Finally, Ukraine also brought cases to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg over what it says is Russia's disregard for international maritime law. Will Russia comply? It seems unlikely that Russia would comply with any ruling from an international court -- for example, in March 2022, the ICJ ordered Moscow to immediately halt its invasion. Russia didn't even turn up to the hearings in that case. But it's far from an academic exercise, said Cecily Rose, assistant professor of public international law at Leiden University. "There are examples of cases in which Russia has complied at least partially with an adverse ruling by an international court," Rose told AFP, citing a 2015 verdict in which Moscow reportedly stumped up half the cash it was ordered to. "It shows that non-compliance cannot be cynically assumed. Most of the time, states do comply with awards and judgments rendered by international courts and tribunals." What's the point? Even if Russia doesn't comply, Kyiv and most legal experts think the international community needs to draw a line in the sand. "Some countries do not comply with the law, including Russia. However, it is still important to call them out and to bring a case against them when they do breach the law," said Melanie O'Brien, assistant professor at the University of Western Australia Law School. "The case demonstrates that other countries do not view Russia's conduct as acceptable -- but rather, as unlawful," O'Brien told AFP. A ruling from the ICJ against Russia would be a further element in isolating Moscow and confirming it broke international law, she said. "It is also an important acknowledgment for victims of human rights abuses and international crimes such as war crimes that what happened to them and their loved ones was not lawful," she added. Proving that Russia's actions were in contravention of international law could also be key in future peace negotiations, including over potential reparations, noted Rose. How long will it take? The wheels of justice grind slowly. The ICJ "genocide" case is only about whether the court even has jurisdiction. A special tribunal is politically sensitive and will take a long time to establish. But the wheels of justice also grind exceedingly fine. "Just because Putin won't comply with a ruling now, he won't be in power forever," said O'Brien. "At some point, a change of regime will occur and may lead to compliance with international law." The post ‘Total lawfare’: Ukraine’s other front in the war appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - Out of school

A more comprehensive study is needed, but the data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority this week provides a glimpse into another troubling aspect of education in this country. In 2022, according to the PSA study, 18.6 percent of Filipinos aged five to 24 did not attend school. This translates into about 7.85 million children and youths, the PSA said......»»

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OPAPRU backs ex-rebels’ case expedite

DAVAO CITY — Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity Eastern Mindanao director Atty. Elisa D. Evangelista-Lapiña said that they support the proposal of Agusan del Norte Governor Angel Amante to speed up cases of the former rebels or Friends Rescued — a move seen by OPAPRU that would ramp up efforts in helping the FRs’ eventual reintegration in mainstream society. “We certainly back this proposal by the Provincial Government of Agusan del Norte. We commend this effort and are ready to offer our full support to make sure that this will be operationalized,” Lapiña said. She added that the OPAPRU will be assisting the provincial government of Agusan del Norte in implementing the mechanism “to lure more New People’s Army members to lay down their weapons and embrace the path to peace.” Lapiña also disclosed that the remaining armed combatants are apprehensive about returning to the folds of the law due to their pending cases in court. “Our goal is to provide a clear and swift path for our FRs. We want to assure them that by choosing peace, the whole-of-nation approach of the government will be of help to them to address both root causes of conflict, social inequality, and historical injustice, among others,” Lapiña said. To date, there are 122 former rebels in Agusan del Norte who have pending cases in court and Lapiña stressed the need to strengthen the coordination between other government agencies, such as the Public Attorney’s Office, the Agusan del Norte government and volunteer legal partners that would actively monitor the progress of the former rebels’ cases, “ensuring that they are treated with the urgency they deserve.” “By closely following legal proceedings, they can identify and address any potential delays or obstacles,” Lapiña said. For his part, Oliver Binancilan, head of OPAPRU’s Davao Area Management Unit, also briefed the group about the Amnesty Program, which he described as a significant stride forward in the government’s efforts to help FRs reintegrate into society. In his presentation, Bancillan stressed the role of Kagawasan 143 Peace Center in actively collaborating with the government to facilitate the amnesty process, ensuring that eligible FRs can benefit from this opportunity for a fresh start. The post OPAPRU backs ex-rebels’ case expedite appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Heroes for freedom

They were the extraordinary men who volunteered to defend the right of others to live in peace under the elusive reign of true democracy. Heroes, yes. They offered the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in opposing the threats to their country’s freedom and usurpers of their territory......»»

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EDITORIAL - No carte blanche

In just 11 days – not 19 as initially reported – in December last year, the Office of the Vice President spent P125 million in confidential funds, according to official records of the Commission on Audit. That’s over P11.36 million a day in people’s money, whose utilization is not supposed to be obfuscated or concealed from the public......»»

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Barrier removal BBM’s call — PCG

Dismantling the floating barrier that China installed at Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc is a matter for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to decide, a Philippine Coast Guard official said yesterday. Commodore Jay Tarriela, PCG spokesperson for the West Philippine Sea, said they had reported the discovery of the 300-meter barrier to the National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea, or NTF-WPS. “Should the NTF-WPS recommend to the President the actions to be taken, the PCG, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and even the Armed Forces of the Philippines would comply,” Tarriela said. Tarriela was apparently reacting to the call made by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri for the PCG to remove the barrier as it poses a danger to Filipino fishermen and keeps them from the shoal’s rich fishing grounds. Tarriela, however, said the PCG had yet to consult with Mr. Marcos and other officials of the national government on what to do about the barrier. The PCG said three China Coast Guard inflatable boats backed by a Chinese maritime militia vessel installed the floating barrier. Also on Monday, the Department of Foreign Affairs vowed to press the Philippines’ sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal. “We will take all appropriate measures to protect our country’s sovereignty and the livelihood of our fisherfolk,” the DFA said. “Bajo de Masinloc is an integral part of the Philippines over which we have sovereignty and territorial jurisdiction according to UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea),” the DFA said. In 2012, Chinese and Philippine vessels faced each other in a standoff at the shoal, which was defused when the Philippines withdrew its ships, which China did not do with its ships despite an agreement to do so. China has since maintained control of the shoal even after a 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration deemed the shoal to be part of the Philippines’ 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea. The landmark ruling, which also dismissed as illegal China’s claim to nearly the entire South China Sea, arose from a case filed by the Philippines before the arbitral court in 2013. China, however, has refused to abide by the ruling. “The 2016 Arbitral Award affirms it (Bajo de Masinloc) as a traditional fishing ground for Filipino fisherfolk,” the DFA pointed out. “China’s reported installation of barriers and its negative impact on the livelihood of Filipino fisherfolk or any other activity that infringes on the Philippines’ sovereignty and jurisdiction in Bajo de Masinloc are violations of international law, particularly UNCLOS and the Arbitral Award,” it added. The installation of the barrier was roundly criticized by European Union Ambassador to the Philippines Luc Veron, who described it as “deeply concerning.” In a tweet, Veron said the “floating barrier is dangerous, detrimental to the livelihood of Philippines fishermen, and disregards the peace-driven objectives of UNCLOS.” The post Barrier removal BBM’s call — PCG appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EU envoy calls out China’s new floating barrier in Scarborough Shoal

“Deeply concerning.” This was how European Union Ambassador to the Philippines Luc Veron described China’s move to install a floating barrier around Scarborough Shoal Bajo, also known as Bajo de Masinloc. In a tweet, Veron flagged China’s newest actions in the West Philippine Sea, which now prevents Filipino fishermen from entering the shoal for their livelihood activities. He said that China’s action "disregards" the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS. “The installation of the floating barrier is dangerous, detrimental to the livelihoods of Philippines fishermen, and disregards the peace-driven objectives of UNCLOS,” he said. Over the weekend, the Philippine Coast Guard reported the presence of the floating barrier in the southeastern portion of Bajo de Masinloc, allegedly installed by the China Coast Guard. Located 120 nautical miles from Zambales, Bajo de Masinloc is considered a traditional fishing ground for Filipinos in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs had already vowed to “take all necessary measures” to protect the country's sovereignty and the livelihood of affected Filipino fishermen. “We will take all appropriate measures to protect our country’s sovereignty and the livelihood of our fisherfolk,” the DFA said in a statement. China claims the vast South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea. The 2016 Arbitral Award on the South China Sea invalidated Beijing’s historic nine-dash line claim in the entire South China Sea. Seven years after the Tribunal favored the Philippines’ arbitral case against China, the ruling remains on paper as China continues to disregard it by going about its illegal activities in the West Philippine Sea. The post EU envoy calls out China’s new floating barrier in Scarborough Shoal appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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International Peace Day: Nurturing global harmony, cooperation

International Peace Day, observed annually every 21st of September, is a solemn reminder of the collective commitment to peace and harmony among nations. Established by the United Nations in 1981 and officially celebrated since 1982, this day calls for worldwide ceasefires, non-violence, and peaceful dialogue. The essence of International Peace Day is to reflect upon the value of peace, promote its importance, and seek sustainable solutions to the myriad conflicts that persist across the globe. The origins of International Peace Day can be traced back to the tireless efforts of the United Nations and its visionary diplomats. In 1981, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21st September as the International Day of Peace, a day to encourage both combatants and nations to observe ceasefires and end hostilities, even if only for one day. This period of non-violence allows humanitarian aid to reach affected populations, facilitates peace negotiations, and highlights the critical importance of diplomacy in resolving conflicts. While International Peace Day is a powerful symbol of hope and solidarity, achieving lasting peace remains a complex and ongoing challenge. Conflict, violence and injustice persist in various parts of the world. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize that peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, equality and respect for human rights. International Peace Day, without saying it, is a poignant reminder of humanity’s shared responsibility to promote and preserve peace. It calls upon individuals and nations to set aside their differences and work together to create a world where violence is replaced with dialogue, conflict with cooperation, and hatred with understanding. [caption id="attachment_188506" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Children symbolize hope, resilience and the future of the global society. | PHOTOGRAPHS BY KING RODRIGUEZ FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE[/caption] While the path to global peace is challenging and multifaceted, this annual observance offers hope and inspires action toward a more peaceful, just, and harmonious world for all. At the local front, Philippine peace advocates celebrate National Peace Consciousness Month with the theme “Kapayapaan: Responsibilidad ng Bawat Mamamayan.” The Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity, or OPAPRU, lauds countless individuals and organizations working hard to help the national government promote a culture of peace and harmony. On this day and every day, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of peace, not as a distant dream, but as an achievable and essential reality. The post International Peace Day: Nurturing global harmony, cooperation appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL — Pastillas scam: A laughable penalty

An angry Rodrigo Duterte summoned them to Malacañang during his presidency, although he did not carry out his threat to make them eat paper rolled up like pastillas or local milk pastry. Last week, one of 50 Bureau of Immigration employees accused of facilitating the entry of 143 foreigners, mostly Chinese, between 2017 and 2020 was fined the princely sum of P5,000 by the Sandiganbayan......»»

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Stop red-tagging our bishops and our ministries, instead, seek ways that shall make peace

A statement by the Ecumenical Bishops Forum (EBF) on the red-tagging of Bishop Gerardo Alminaza......»»

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Phl to UN: Uphold int’l law to keep Indo-Pacific free, open

Adherence to international law by all nations would maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific region, the Philippines said Sunday. Speaking on behalf of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York City, Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo reiterated that all countries are accountable for maintaining a rules-based global order. “Its present and future rest on the predictability and stability of international law, which safeguards the rights of all states. If multilateralism is to endure, all states must adhere to the rule of law,” Manalo said. “Guided by an independent foreign policy, the Philippines actively works with nations to promote a rules-based international order,” he added. Quoting President Marcos, Manalo stressed that the Philippines is “a friend to all and enemy to none.” The DFA chief also said that the Philippines advocates the “peaceful settlement of disputes, in accordance with international law.” “This has always been our position with respect to the disputes in the West Philippine Sea, inasmuch as we are prepared to defend our sovereignty, sovereign rights and territorial integrity,” he said. “Our Constitution renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land and adheres to a policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations,” he added. In his speech, the country’s top diplomat also pointed out that the 2016 Arbitral Award on the South China Sea is “now part of international law.” China claims the vast South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea, with its historic nine-dash line claim, which the Permanent Court of Arbitration invalidated after siding with the Philippines. Seven years after the Tribunal favored the Philippines’ arbitral case against China, the ruling remains on paper as China continues to disregard it by keeping its illegal activities in the West Philippine Sea. For Manalo, all nations must adhere to international law to sustain stability in the Indo-Pacific region. "Adherence to international law contributes to keeping the Indo-Pacific, with ASEAN at the center, free and open and our region stable and peaceful. In line with this, we are guided by the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific,” he said. The post Phl to UN: Uphold int’l law to keep Indo-Pacific free, open appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - POGOs: Time to go

The secretaries of finance and socioeconomic planning are in favor of banning Philippine offshore gaming operator or POGO firms......»»

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UN supports AFP’s peace, development campaign

The United Nations is supporting the peace and development campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines......»»

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