EDITORIAL - No ‘nanlaban’

In defending the killing of over 6,000 people on mere suspicion that they were involved in the illegal drug trade, law enforcers invoke the presumption of regularity in carrying out their work......»»

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EDITORIAL – Waiting for bivalent jabs

As of March 23, according to the official tracker of the Department of Health, there were still 8,414 active COVID-19 cases nationwide, with 66,304 deaths......»»

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EDITORIAL - Arnie, come home

Whether he likes it or not, Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves Jr. is now seen by many as a wanted man......»»

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EDITORIAL – Accelerating safe water access

Even in the National Capital Region, there are thousands of households that still rely on communal deep wells for potable water. Outside the NCR and other urban centers nationwide, nearly 11 million families lack access to clean water, according to the National Water Resources Board......»»

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EDITORIAL - Accountability in disaster

Scientists say the Verde Island Passage in Batangas is home to 36 marine protected areas with an estimated 1,700 fish species and 300 coral species. About two million people depend on the passage for their livelihoods, mostly fishermen and workers in the tourism industry......»»

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EDITORIAL - Clear traffic signals

The Supreme Court is still deliberating on petitions challenging the no-contact apprehension policy in enforcing traffic rules......»»

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QC court acquits drug war survivor, junks cops’ ‘nanlaban’ claim

A man who played dead before fleeing the scene of a bloody drug raid conducted by the Quezon City police in 2016 was acquitted of charges that he fought back, or “nanlaban,” an allegation made by the law enforcers when they discovered that he was still alive. In a decision issued on Friday, a local […] The post QC court acquits drug war survivor, junks cops’ ‘nanlaban’ claim appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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EDITORIAL - After the lockdowns

Three years after COVID-19 raged across the country and the world, all mobility restrictions have been lifted in the Philippines and people are traveling again......»»

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EDITORIAL - Barangay violence

Over and over again, we have seen how people in this country readily commit murder over political rivalries......»»

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EDITORIAL - Environmental disaster

As the sunken motor tanker Princess Empress continues to spill toxic industrial oil into the country’s western seaboard, threatening the Verde Island Passage in Batangas as well as the pristine waters of Palawan, the government is belatedly verifying if the vessel was even authorized to set sail......»»

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EDITORIAL - HIV among teens

In their teens, there are Filipinos who are getting infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, the Department of Health has reported......»»

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EDITORIAL - Face the music

As of last weekend, Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr. was deemed AWOL from the House of Representatives, whose leadership urged him to return to work “as soon as possible” because his authorized leave of absence was only until March 9......»»

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EDITORIAL - Containing African swine fever

When African swine fever was first reported in the country in July 2019, stringent measures were imposed on the handful of affected farms, and in the transport of live hogs and pork......»»

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EDITORIAL - Lethal weapons

Several of the suspects in the daring assassination of Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo are former Army soldiers who were dishonorably discharged, according to probers......»»

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EDITORIAL - Sugar prices still high

With the arrival of about 5,000 metric  tons of imported onions and the continuing domestic harvest, prices of the commodity have finally gone down to reasonable levels, falling below P100 a kilo in wet markets from the eye-watering P700 to P750 during the Christmas season......»»

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Death by ‘elected position’

Forgive the editorial abuse but today’s title is a play of words on the extremely violent murder of Governor Degamo of Negros Oriental along with eight other innocent individuals who were seen as targets or deemed as threats by hired assassins......»»

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EDITORIAL - Gradual phaseout

After only two days, public utility vehicle operators and drivers decided to end what was supposed to be a week-long strike......»»

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EDITORIAL - Protection for all

Local government officials and lawmakers are asking for additional security following the latest attack targeting a politician, Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo......»»

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EDITORIAL - Digital gender gap

Women empowerment has come a long way since the days when women had no right to vote and had extremely limited career options......»»

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The confessed “master initiator” has surrendered, saying he was bothered by his conscience. If it was truly his conscience and not merely the fact that he was identified by the police, there’s hope yet for redemption for Daniel Perry, the Adamson University student who has reportedly admitted leading the violent hazing that John Matthew Salilig and three other neophytes underwent at the hands of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity on Feb. 18......»»

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EDITORIAL - Out of control?

As local government officials demanded better protection amid threats to their personal safety, another provincial governor was ambushed......»»

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