EDITORIAL - Mental health crisis

The pandemic lockdowns are over and full in-person classes resumed over a year ago. Prolonged forced confinement at home along with the loss of jobs and livelihoods amid COVID-19 restrictions swelled the ranks of people suffering from mental distress......»»

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Editorial: Train first responders for mental health

Editorial: Train first responders for mental health.....»»

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Dozens of US states sue Meta over harm to children

Dozens of US states on Tuesday filed a lawsuit accusing Facebook and Instagram owner Meta of of profiting "from children's pain," damaging their mental health and misleading the public over the safety of its platforms. "In seeking to maximize its financial gains, Meta has repeatedly misled the public about the substantial dangers of its Social Media Platforms," argued the suit filed in federal court in California. In total more than 40 states are suing Meta, though some opted to file in local courts rather than join in the federal case. Meta has exploited young users by creating a business model designed to maximize time they spend on the platform despite harm to their health, the legal filing argued. "Kids and teenagers are suffering from record levels of poor mental health and social media companies like Meta are to blame," said New York Attorney General Letitia James in a statement announcing the suit. "Meta has profited from children's pain by intentionally designing its platforms with manipulative features that make children addicted to their platforms while lowering their self-esteem." The suit goes on to accuse Meta of misleading the public about the safety of its platforms, including a Horizon World virtual reality offering that is part of the tech titan's vision of the metaverse. The suit urges the federal court to order Meta stop manipulative tactics and pay hefty financial penalties along with restitution, according to James. "Social media companies, including Meta, have contributed to a national youth mental health crisis and they must be held accountable," James said. Meta said it was "disappointed" by the suit. “We share the attorneys general's commitment to providing teens with safe, positive experiences online, and have already introduced more than 30 tools to support teens and their families," a spokesperson said. "We're disappointed that instead of working productively with companies across the industry to create clear, age-appropriate standards for the many apps teens use, the attorneys general have chosen this path." The post Dozens of US states sue Meta over harm to children appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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England, Wales grapple with growing teen knife violence

Elianne Andam was headed to school like any other teenager in London last month when she was stabbed to death, becoming the latest victim of rising knife crime in England and Wales. The 15-year-old suffered a "brutal attack" in Croydon, south London, shortly after she and her friends had stepped off a public bus on a Wednesday morning, prosecutors have said. A 17-year-old boy arrested nearby just over an hour later will stand trial for her murder next April. One of the latest tragic cases of teen-on-teen violence in the British capital, it has become an increasingly common problem nationwide over recent decades. A few days after Andam's death, 16-year-old Taye Faik died in Edmonton, north London, following another knife attack. He was the 14th teenager to be killed with a blade in the city this year. The UK government, and mayors in some of its biggest cities and regions, have repeatedly vowed to tackle the persistent scourge of youth violence, but appear to be failing. Between 2012 and 2022, the number of knife and offensive weapon offences amongst children aged 10-17 increased by 19 percent across England and Wales, according to the Ministry of Justice. That compared with an eight percent increase among adults. 'Social issue' With the sale of guns strictly controlled in Britain, teenagers intent on violence typically turn to blades, including machetes and so-called "zombie" knives. Inspired by horror films, they often have one smooth blade and one serrated edge, and feature graphics or text on the blade or handle glorifying violence. Possessing them has been illegal since 2016, but some manufacturers have managed to evade this quasi-ban by altering their design. The government unveiled plans in August to outlaw them entirely and give police more powers to seize the weapons, which it said "seem to be designed to look menacing with no practical purpose". The new legislation will also increase the maximum penalty for their "importation, manufacturing, possession and sale" from six months to two years. However, machetes and zombie-style knives can be bought with relative ease for less than £50 ($60) on social media platforms like TikTok or Snapchat, circumventing online age restrictions, according to anti-knife crime campaigners. They urge more focus on the roots of the problem. "Knife crime isn't just a law-and-order issue, it's a social issue," Patrick Green, president of the Ben Kinsella Trust, told AFP. The anti-knife crime charity is named after a London teenager murdered in 2008. "When you start to unpick knife crime, you start to look at social deprivation, poverty, the lack of social mobility, mental health probation for young people," Green said. 'Awful weapons' Youth knife violence is more prevalent in Britain than many other European countries, he noted. "It's difficult to determine why exactly," Green added. London mayor Sadiq Khan's office blamed the austerity policies of successive Tory governments in power since 2010, which it argued have "decimated youth services" in the capital and beyond. As many as 130 centers offering sports and arts activities in the city have closed over that period, its statement noted. The pandemic and the country's worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation, driven by decades-high inflation, are also seen as contributing to the problem. Following the recent knife crime deaths in the capital, the Labour mayor urged the Conservative government in a letter "to speed up the legislation so we can ban these awful weapons as soon as possible". "The proposals also need to be toughened up to close the loopholes that could still allow the sale of these weapons," Khan added. He also wrote this month to London's 500 secondary schools reiterating that wand metal detectors to screen pupils for weapons were available, as well as police officers to deliver knife crime prevention talks. His opposition Labour party -- well ahead in polls for over a year -- has pledged to spend up to £100 million if it wins power in an election expected next year on a "Young Futures" program. It would fund new youth mentors and mental health hubs in every community, youth workers in schools set up for troubled students and hospitals, alongside wide-ranging public sector reforms. The post England, Wales grapple with growing teen knife violence appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Medical journals warn of ‘growing’ nuclear weapon threat

More than 100 medical journals across the world issued a rare joint call on Thursday for urgent action to eliminate nuclear weapons, warning that the threat of nuclear catastrophe was "great and growing". The call comes with Russia repeatedly issuing thinly veiled warnings that Moscow could use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as well as repeated North Korean missile tests and stalling efforts towards non-proliferation. An editorial published in numerous medical journals called on health professionals worldwide to alert citizens and leaders about "the major danger to public health" posed by nuclear weapons. "The danger is great and growing," said the editorial, co-authored by the editors of 11 leading medical journals including the BMJ, Lancet, JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine. "The nuclear armed states must eliminate their nuclear arsenals before they eliminate us." Chris Zielinski of the World Association of Medical Editors said it was an "extraordinary development" that the competing journals, which normally fight for exclusive content, had joined forces. "That all of these leading journals have agreed to publish the same editorial underlines the extreme urgency of the current nuclear crisis," he said in a statement. The editorial warned that any use of nuclear weapons "would be catastrophic for humanity". "Even a 'limited' nuclear war involving only 250 of the 13,000 nuclear weapons in the world could kill 120 million people outright and cause global climate disruption leading to a nuclear famine, putting two billion people at risk," it warned, citing previous research. 'Dangerous moment'  Ira Helfand, ex-president of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and a co-author the editorial, told AFP: "We are facing an extraordinarily dangerous moment where the possibility of nuclear war is real." He pointed to a comment made just this week by former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev threatening the use of nuclear weapons if Ukraine's counter-offensive captured Russian territory. "We don't know if the threats are real or if they're just put forward to scare people, but I think we have to take them very seriously," Helfand said. He also pointed to North Korea, which Japan said last week posed a more serious threat to national security "than ever before". The editorial was released on the same week that a preparatory committee meeting is being held in Vienna for a review of the UN's Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which entered force in 1970. A review of the keystone treaty held last year failed to adopt a joint declaration, with the United States denouncing "cynical obstructionism" from Russia. The editorial lamented that "progress has been disappointingly slow". Sunday also marks the 68th anniversary of the first nuclear weapon being used on civilians -- the US detonated an atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The post Medical journals warn of ‘growing’ nuclear weapon threat appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Huw Edwards named as BBC presenter at centre of explicit images row

Veteran news anchor Huw Edwards was on Wednesday revealed by his wife as the BBC presenter accused of paying for explicit images but police said no criminal offense had been committed. Vicky Flind said in a statement that her husband was "suffering from serious mental health issues" and was now "receiving in-patient hospital care where he will stay for the foreseeable future". At the same time, Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying that there was "no information to indicate that a criminal offense has been committed". The furor has been front-page news and the lead story on radio and television news bulletins for six successive days, with frenzied speculation on social media about the star's identity until the confirmation. It comes after the BBC -- whose brand is built on public trust -- was rocked in recent years by scandals that saw some of their biggest names revealed as serial sex offenders. Edwards, 61, is one of the most recognizable faces on UK television and was the man entrusted with telling the world that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The BBC has been under the spotlight since allegations emerged last week in The Sun newspaper from the parents of a young adult, who said that the presenter had paid for explicit images of their child. The young adult, however, called the claims "rubbish". The tabloid newspaper did not name the presenter but accused the BBC of failing to properly investigate the claims, sparking another crisis at the national broadcaster. Edward's wife said she was revealing his identity "after what have been five extremely difficult days for our family" and was doing so "primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children". "Once well enough to do so, he intends to respond to the stories that have been published," she added, saying that he only learned of the allegations on Thursday. Further claims have since been made against the presenter, as three more people came forward with complaints over the last two days. The BBC itself reported on Tuesday that another person in their 20s had come forward to say they received threatening messages from the presenter while The Sun reported that he also broke Covid lockdown rules to meet another young person he met on a dating site. Creepy messages The alleged pandemic breach has a particular resonance in the UK as the BBC was at the time reporting on the country's third lockdown and how it was being enforced. Covid rule-breaking in Downing Street also led to the long-running "Partygate" scandal that contributed to the downfall of former prime minister Boris Johnson. A fourth person also told The Sun the star sent messages containing love hearts and kisses on Instagram when they were aged 17. The first claims emerged in an article published Friday, in which the parents said the presenter had paid a total of £35,000 ($45,000) for the pictures. The family said their child had used the money to fuel a crack cocaine addiction, prompting lawyers acting for the young person to deny the claims. The post Huw Edwards named as BBC presenter at centre of explicit images row appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Quadruple win for Globe at HR Online’s Employee Experience Awards

Leading digital solutions platform Globe took home four prestigious awards at the 3rd annual Employee Experience Awards, run by Singapore-based HR organization Human Resources Online. Globe was named the “Overall Engagement Awardee” at the event, a big win for Globe for its outstanding performance in several categories under the engagement pillar. Under this overall win, Globe got the Gold award for “Most Innovative and Sustainable Office Design,” commended for its sustainable, ergonomic workspace that enables employees to perform, collaborate and flourish. It was also recognized for “Best HR Digital Transformation Strategy” for spearheading business transformation through digitization and digitalization, significantly improving the overall employee experience. The company also bagged a Silver for its Employee Wellness Strategy, encompassing mental, emotional, financial and physical health, and emphasizing the company's commitment to holistic employee well-being. Human Resources Online recognizes high-performing companies such as Globe for integrating employee health as a crucial element of their risk management strategy. "These recognitions underscore our unwavering commitment to cultivating an environment that fuels innovation and growth. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and these awards illuminate the success of our strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing their experience and overall well-being," said Globe chief human resource officer Ato Jiao. Last year, Globe also became the overall Philippine winner in the HR Excellence Awards, applauded for the digital tools that Globe's HR department utilized through its Alagang Globe program, which ensured the continued safety and protection of its employees, especially during the pandemic. Globe also secured more wins from HR Online and HREA last year: three Gold Awards for Employee Engagement, Covid-19 Response and as “Employer of the Year,” along with a Silver Award for HR Communication Strategy and a Bronze Award for Crisis Management and Recovery. Adding to its trove of accolades, Globe clinched the Gold for “Best In Communication Strategy” from HR Online in 2021. This award recognized the company's superior communication strategies in a digitized world. With this string of recognitions, Globe reaffirms its status as an organization deeply committed to its workforce's growth, well-being and overall experience. The company's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in employee-centric strategies continues to set it apart in the competitive digital solutions landscape. The post Quadruple win for Globe at HR Online’s Employee Experience Awards appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Coco Lee suffers depression, dies at 48

Pop diva Coco Lee battled with depression and died at the age of 48 after deciding to take her own life. The news was confirmed by the celebrity's family on social media. "With great sadness, we are here to break the most devastating news: Coco had been suffering from depression for a few years but her condition deteriorated drastically over the last few months.", they said. "Although Coco sought professional help and did her best to fight depression, sadly that demon inside of her took the better of her Despite the best efforts of the hospital team to rescue and treat her from her coma, she finally passed away on Wednesday", her sisters added. The Chinese-American singer-songwriter started her career in Hongkong before expanding to Taiwan to release her debut album in 1994. She charmed her way to the hearts of many through her bubbly image, slick dance moves, and undoubtedly powerful vocals. Lee gained the title "Mariah Carey of Asia" because of her wide vocal range, spanning three octaves. Rest in peace Coco Lee. If you are suffering from depression, know that you are not alone and help and support are always available. Feel free to contact the mental health helplines below: HOPELINE: (02) 8804-4673 In Touch- Crisis Line: +63 2 8893 7603 NCMH Crisis Hotline: +639 086392672 Child Helpline 1-6-3: 163 The post Coco Lee suffers depression, dies at 48 appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Marcos urged: Address mental health crisis amid death of another student

Kabataan party-list called on President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara Duterte to address mental health crisis in the wake of a tragic suicide allegedly stemming from graduation-related anxieties in Catarman, Northern Samar......»»

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Poor communities in Balanga City assured of Bong Go’s support

Senator Christopher "Bong" Go took the initiative to visit Balanga City, Bataan on Thursday, 1 June, where he personally led a relief operation to assist disadvantaged families living in the area. Addressing the beneficiaries, the senator emphasized the importance of unity, cooperation, and dedicated service in improving the lives of the Filipino people.  "Sa ating pagtulong sa isa't isa, nagbibigay tayo ng pag-asa at nagpapalakas sa ating komunidad,” said Go. “Kaya't ako, bilang inyong lingkod-bayan, ay nananawagan sa inyo na patuloy tayong magkaisa at magtulungan. Ipagpatuloy natin ang pag-abot ng tulong at serbisyo sa ating mga kababayan,” he added. Go also underscored his role as a public servant focused on genuine service rather than making empty promises. He called for collaboration among citizens, emphasizing that through collective effort, they could bring hope and strengthen their communities.  “Alam n'yo, sa tulong ninyo sa akin noon, walang masasayang na oras. Ako po'y magtatrabaho para sa Pilipino. Sanay po ako sa trabaho at iyan po ang pwede kong ialay sa Pilipino, ang aking pagseserbisyo sa inyo. Hindi po ako pulitiko na mangangako, pero mapapansin n'yo po, ginagawa ko lang po ang aking trabaho,” said Go. The relief operation was mounted at the People’s Center in Balanga City where Go and his team assisted a total of 1,008 indigents. They distributed grocery packs, vitamins, masks, shirts, and snacks to the residents. Go also gave away bicycles, mobile phones, shoes, watches, and balls for basketball and volleyball to select beneficiaries.  Meanwhile, the Department of Social Welfare and Development extended financial assistance.  Continuing his remarks, Go, as Chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, encouraged residents with medical concerns to visit the Malasakit Centers in the province, including those at Bataan General Hospital and Medical Center in the city, and at Mariveles Mental Wellness and General Hospital. An initiative of Go aimed at providing accessible healthcare assistance to all, particularly for poor and indigent patients, the Malasakit Centers are one-stop shops that house concerned agencies with available medical assistance programs, such as the DSWD, Department of Health, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. "Mayroon na po tayong 157 na Malasakit Centers sa buong Pilipinas na handang tumulong (sa inyo). Pinirmahan ni (dating) pangulong (Rodrigo) Duterte noong naging senador na po ako. Nasa loob na po ng ospital ang apat na ahensya ng gobyerno: PhilHealth, PCSO, DOH, DSWD. Lapitan n'yo lang po ang Malasakit Center," cited Go.  "Hindi niyo na kailangan umikot at pumila pa sa iba't ibang opisina para humingi ng tulong mula sa gobyerno. Nasa isang kwarto na po sa loob ng ospital ang Malasakit Center kung asan nandoon ang mga ahensyang handang magbigay ng medical assistance para sa inyong pagpapagamot," he explained.  The Malasakit Centers Act was principally authored and sponsored by Go in 2019. To date, 157 centers have been established and have benefitted over seven million particularly poor and indigent Filipinos nationwide, according to DOH. Likewise, one of the key initiatives mentioned by Go was the establishment of Super Health Centers. He praised the groundbreaking ceremony of a Super Health Center in Samal town which he attended earlier that day and also aided indigents in that town.  He revealed plans of the government, in partnership with LGUs and fellow lawmakers, to build similar facilities in other municipalities of Bataan. Such centers would offer basic medical services, including prenatal care and childbirth facilities. As part of his unwavering commitment to bolster the province's development amid crisis situations, Go, who also serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, likewise supported several projects in the province. These include the construction of a drainage canal in Abucay and Dinalupihan; the construction of Orani District Hospital with 150-bed capacity; construction of multipurpose buildings in Bagac, Balanga City, Dinalupihan, Hermosa, Limay, Orion and Pilar; acquisition of ambulance units in Pilar and Samal; and construction of a slaughterhouse in Hermosa. He then recognized local officials for their untiring service. Among them were 3rd District Bataan Representative Gila Garcia, Governor Joet Garcia, Balanga City Vice Mayor Vianca Gozon, among others.  Drawing inspiration from the Filipino spirit of bayanihan, Go encouraged everyone to continue embodying solidarity and compassion. “Sa ating mga kababayan, nawa'y patuloy nating ipakita ang diwa ng bayanihan. Magtulungan tayo sa ating mga pamilya, mga kapitbahay, at mga kaibigan. Sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaisa at pagmamalasakit, malalagpasan natin ang anumang pagsubok na ating haharapin,” concluded Go. The post Poor communities in Balanga City assured of Bong Go’s support appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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School-based mental health bill gains backing

Senate Bill 2200 or the Basic Education Mental Health and Well-Being Promotion Act seeking to institutionalize a school-based mental health program in public and private basic education institutions nationwide reached the Senate plenary. “You are not weak for struggling with mental health issues,” Senator Win Gatchalian said. He stressed that every youth silently bearing the weight of their mental health struggles will benefit from the proposed measure he sponsored before the other senators on Wednesday. Gatchalian, who chairs the committee on basic education, said it will define the role of every stakeholder in the school community to appropriately respond to mental health concerns through prevention, intervention, postvention and recovery. Meantime, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, the co-author of the bill, said the well-being of students shouldn’t be overlooked as it is also among the prerequisite to children’s academic excellence. “We must acknowledge the inseparable connection between education and mental health, as a child cannot thrive academically if his or her mental well-being is compromised,” said Go, who also chairs the committee on health and demography. Go also stressed the need to establish available mental health care services not only in basic education but also within higher education, thus, filing Senate Bill 1786 which mandates Public Higher Education Institutions to also establish their own mental health offices. If passed into law, students can sufficiently acquire essential school-based mental health services, including screening, evaluation, assessment, and monitoring, mental health first aid, crisis response and referral system, mental health awareness and literacy, emotional, developmental, and preventive programs, and other support services such as strengthening the learners’ family bonds. Under the bill, the Department of Education shall implement complementary measures to eliminate the stigma of mental health counseling. This will be backed by mental health awareness programs and literacy and appropriate mental health-related referrals to teaching and non-teaching personnel. “The cornerstone of this legislation is the establishment of a Care Center in every public basic education school in the country, and ensuring their establishment and maintenance in private schools,” Gatchalian said. The lawmaker explained that the Center will be equipped with functional physical facilities, located within an adequate space -- where confidentiality is maintained and accessible to the learners, teachers, and non-teaching personnel. The law also urges DepEd to “hire and capacitate competent personnel” whose duties and responsibilities shall be geared towards promoting and ensuring the mental health and well-being of all learners. Senator Ronald dela Rosa, on the other hand, said the increasing number of mental health victims in basic education should gain attention. “We must take action. I am moved by this measure, and I support such a wonderful bill, as it aims to equip our children with the needed tools both to believe in themselves and to believe that their lives are worth living,” said Dela Rosa. Other co-authors of the bill are Senators Joel Villanueva, Nancy Binay, Ramon Revilla Jr., and Lito Lapid. Senators Risa Hontiveros, Dela Rosa, Sonny Angara, and Loren Legarda as well as Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri co-sponsored the measure during the plenary. The post School-based mental health bill gains backing appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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What the world still needs

It was 1965 when the song “What the World Needs Now is Love” was put into words by Hal David and to music by Burt Bacharach. Jackie DeShannon first recorded the song that was released on 15 April 1965. That was almost 60 years ago, and someone was singing about needing to have love in this world. What was going on in 1965? Fifty-eight years is a long time, and one would suppose the world, by now, would have “changed for the better” — another platitude people have repeated for ages. Yet what we have is Asian hate, mass random shootings, territorial belligerence, ethnic cleansing, and, need I say, the war between Russia and Ukraine? Maybe we should just round up a few names that could explain why the world is turning out to be a cesspool. These are persons in power, in countries that are wielding influence globally. It’s disturbing to have such individuals perpetuating fear and hate rather than trying to dissolve them — and even more perplexing that these so-called leaders get massive support from people who can’t seem to see the damage being done. When Covid-19 broke out, we thought humans had learned something from the pandemic it caused. Instead, when some people say “stay safe” nowadays, they mean “don’t get attacked on the road” or worse, shot at by some paranoid person with a gun permit. Sometime in March this year, the Asian community in New York gathered “to condemn the rising number of hate crimes against them,” a report online said. Among the rallyists were members of the Filipino-American community who spoke up about the unprovoked attacks they experienced, including verbal insults that were just as traumatic. Indeed, as one Filipino group asked in another article: how did we get here? How in the world did we get to a point where people, including blacks who used to endure the same taunts and abuses, are meting out similar injustices to Asians? Racism and ethnic and religious divides have never been more outright and widespread. Other states are reporting the same hate crimes. To think these are all happening in supposedly the most democratic, multicultural nation in the world. It’s not right for people to feel this unsafe and helpless. Something is fundamentally wrong when even tourists are assaulted, even killed while on vacation abroad, just because of their race. Asians who fear for their safety these days talk about having always experienced discrimination in a country they had called home, but it had never been as rampant or vicious as in the past few years. One case jumps out because of what the perpetrator said afterward. The reason allegedly given was because “it would be one less person to blow up our country.” Summed up by the Indiana Chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum in a statement published in US news: “This terrifying confrontation is a continuation of a soaring national crisis: anti-Asian racism intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic and rising US-China tensions.” Experts say it’s not just about biases or prejudice compounded by mental health issues brought on by economic straits, but a deeper problem that even officials and the authorities cannot seem to address properly. Is the problem bigger than any of us — a virus of another kind that had never been acknowledged? Race and gender biases had existed for ages, and so have fear and paranoia. Is it something that “love” alone can overcome? The post What the world still needs appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - Mental health pandemic

There was another silent killer during the pandemic lockdowns: serious depression that led to suicide......»»

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[EDITORIAL] Sa mga nagtutulak ng mandatory ROTC: Leave them kids alone!

At ano ang magpapagaling sa 'mental health' ng kabataan, Secretary Galvez? Ito ba ang borderline sadistic methods ng PMA at PNPA na may mahabang listahan ng hazing victims at psychological harms? .....»»

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Mental health, front and center

I was alerted early in the morning by a concerned former teacher and long-time correspondent, Professor Mamaril, about this newspaper’s front page headlining the student mental health crisis, as reported by the Department of Education (DepEd) at a Senate hearing. DepEd identified 404 students who took their lives in the previous academic year, along with […] The post Mental health, front and center appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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EDITORIAL - Silent killer

Four years ago on Jan. 22, the government released the implementing rules and regulations for Republic Act 11036, the Mental Health Act that went into effect in July 2018......»»

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EDITORIAL - Promoting children’s mental health

Although the targeted 100 percent face-to-face classes could not be achieved last Wednesday, child welfare advocates welcomed the resumption of in-person classes in most schools nationwide......»»

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EDITORIAL - Back to the home

The move is meant to improve the mental health of children, who have been cooped up at home since the start of pandemic lockdowns in March last year......»»

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EDITORIAL - Hijacking the vaccination program

Probably inspired by the idea of finding opportunity in a crisis, certain politicians are taking advantage of the worst global health emergency in a century to project themselves as the 2022 general elections approach......»»

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EDITORIAL - Cha-cha in a pandemic

With the COVID vaccination program unfolding like a natural disaster, politicians allied with the administration are preparing to tackle an issue they believe deserves as much or even more urgent attention than the public health crisis: Charter change......»»

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Pandemic or not, people must stay active: WHO

Geneva, Switzerland—The coronavirus pandemic is no excuse for not getting enough exercise, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, November 25, 2020, warning that even before the crisis, many were getting too little physical activity. In an update of its physical activity guidelines, the UN health agency stressed that exercise was vital to physical and mental […].....»»

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