EDITORIAL - HIV among teens

In their teens, there are Filipinos who are getting infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, the Department of Health has reported......»»

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EDITORIAL - Desaparecidos

As the country faces a super typhoon this weekend, there are families that are counting the days, weeks and years since their loved ones disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again......»»

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EDITORIAL — Utmost deliberation

With billions in public funds at stake, and the independence of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at risk of being undermined, the Senate must fulfill its role of providing checks and balances to the executive and consider the plan to set up the Maharlika Investment Fund with utmost deliberation......»»

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EDITORIAL - Bracing for another super typhoon

The country has suffered grievous loss of lives, crops and property from typhoons of varying strengths, so people must be familiar by now with preventive safety and mitigation protocols......»»

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Beauty beyond the brush

Nix Soriano, a well-known makeup artist in the Philippines, described her amazing career transition from being a nursing graduate to pursuing her genuine passion for makeup artistry. The chief hair and makeup artist of Nix Institute of Beauty, in an interview with the Daily Tribune, disclosed that after finishing her nursing degree and passing the board examinations, she found herself at a crossroads. When the recession was at its worst in 2010, her grandma encouraged her to put off her travel plans to the United States and suggested that she stay in the Philippines until things got better economically. This is when Nix’s interest in makeup really began to blossom. As she and her business partners worked on commercials and other audiovisual projects, Soriano became interested in putting on makeup. She often found herself stepping in as a last-minute makeup artist when emergencies or cancellations occurred. Recognizing her talent and passion for the craft, she decided to pursue formal training in makeup artistry. “Sometimes I would step in at the last minute like your makeup artist or last-minute cancel makeup. So, from there I took up classes.” Nix went to classes to improve her abilities after realizing how much she loved beauty and makeup.  She witnessed a growing demand for makeup services, not only among celebrities and beauty queens but also individuals attending parties and weddings. Observing the delight and confidence it gave, Soriano’s excitement for makeup artistry intensified. [caption id="attachment_136766" align="aligncenter" width="525"] NIX Soriano, chief hair and makeup artist of Nix Institute of Beauty.[/caption] She set out to provide budding beauty artists in the Philippines access to reasonable but thorough training after seeing the large expenses needed for cosmetics workshops overseas. Transitioning from nursing to makeup artistry wasn’t without its challenges. Initially, Nix faced skepticism from her loved ones, including her then-boyfriend, now husband. They questioned her decision, pointing out alternative companies that would have generated greater profits. But it was obvious that she had found her real purpose because of her consistent joy and enthusiasm for makeup artistry. “I can’t imagine myself doing something I’m not happy with. It’s not that I’m not happy with nursing but this makes me more happy,” she said. As her career was established, renowned pageants and productions were drawn to her talent and commitment. She rose to prominence as the preferred makeup artist for illustrious occasions like Miss Universe Philippines. Nix’s talent went beyond pageantry; in addition, she catered to weddings and worked on side jobs for advertising and commercial shoots. She founded the Nix Institute of Beauty to broaden the reach of her expertise and provide accessibility to cosmetics courses. She set out to provide budding beauty artists in the Philippines access to reasonable but thorough training after seeing the large expenses connected with cosmetics workshops overseas. Nix believes that creating a solid foundation for makeup artistry requires starting with the fundamentals. “We start with the fundamentals of makeup because I’m a firm believer that if you know the fundamentals, if you know the basics kahit paikot-ikutin ka, kaya mo ayusin (even if you get turned around and around, you can handle it),” she explained. The Nix Institute of Beauty has seen a diverse range of students, including both females and males. Even photographers enroll to enhance their skills in makeup for editorial shoots. It takes pride in fostering a supportive learning environment that encourages creativity and helps students understand the theory behind their art. Even though Soriano’s path has had its fair share of lessons learned and minor setbacks, she is still passionate about what she does. She wants to continuously grow and deliver outstanding results while acknowledging that mistakes do occur as a real professional. She reflected on how it all began with Global Asian Models, and shared her journey, starting as the makeup team for Rabiya Mateo, Beatrice Gomez, Celeste Cortesi, and finally the newly-minted Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee. “It’s a rollercoaster talaga, but it’s a proud moment for me.” The Nix Institute of Beauty is a team of skilled hair and makeup professionals who are dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their individuality and their own sense of beauty. They provide lessons and hair and makeup services all around the Philippines. The team’s mission is to give clients treasured experiences and memories while also acting as mentors for rising business professionals. The post Beauty beyond the brush appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - Traumatized children

The children looked scared and distraught as social welfare personnel entered the premises of the Gentle Hands orphanage in Quezon City last Tuesday......»»

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EDITORIAL | From unity to toxicity, what’s next for Duterte-Marcos-Arroyo?

It is one year into the UniTeam alliance in power, but we are seeing such moves that will "crack' the alliance, the political opposition says.....»»

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EDITORIAL - Mass recantation

At the rate suspects are retracting their statements implicating Arnolfo Teves Jr. in multiple murders and attempted killings, the suspended representative of Negros Oriental’s 3rd district could be cleared of the raid in Pamplona town that left nine people dead, led by the provincial governor, Roel Degamo......»»

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EDITORIAL - A gutted national heritage

This National Heritage Month, a century-old landmark in the city of Manila was gutted by fire......»»

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EDITORIAL — Brazen attack

It’s a police station in one of the densely populated areas of Metro Manila......»»

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EDITORIAL - Cops and dirty money

Drug trafficking and corruption are among the covered transactions under Republic Act 9160, the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001. So the Philippine National Police can move for a probe of any of its members who might be engaged in laundering dirty money earned from drug deals and corrupt practices. In pursuing this, however, the PNP must make sure that the charges will stick......»»

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Zeinab Harake plays majorette leader at Bacoor town fiesta

Social media personality Zeinab Harake joined a parade playing majorette in Bacoor, Cavite last Sunday. She led the El Gobernador Band in their march on the street. A large crowd was cheering and applauding while she and her fellow majorettes showcased their baton-twirling skills. Zeinab used to be a majorette in her teens. "(M)ajorette ulit ang ina nyong lahat whahaha. (M)y mother's day entry aratna," Zeinab said in her social media post yesterday. "(S)ure matutuwa at mabilib kayo sa buhay banda," she added. Known for its Marching Band Festival, Bacoor City holds its town fiesta every second Sunday of May, in honor of its patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel. The date also coincides with Mother's Day celebration. See more photos here: The post Zeinab Harake plays majorette leader at Bacoor town fiesta appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL — Again, Arnie, come home

In this age of live-streaming, even a person who has been charged in court for multiple murder, multiple frustrated murder and gun-related offenses will eventually have to face the court in person for arraignment......»»

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EDITORIAL - Sibuyas Queen

She was tagged way back in 2013 as the alleged head of an onion and garlic cartel......»»

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Sparkle GMA Artist Center names new VP

Media giant GMA Network Inc. recently promoted Joy C. Marcelo as vice president of Sparkle GMA Artist Center. Prior to joining Sparkle, Marcelo was the program manager for various GMA Public Affairs programs, namely, "Imbestigador," "Wish Ko Lang" and "AHA!," the latter of which she conceptualized herself. She served as the program manager for these shows from the years 2006 to 2014. In 2014, she moved to GMA Network's talent management arm, Sparkle GMA Artist Center, as a talent manager and unit head. Marcelo has played an integral role in boosting the careers of some of the top Kapuso stars today such as Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez, Barbie Forteza, David Licauco and recently crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee. Marcelo was then appointed as Sparkle's assistant vice president in January 2022. Under her direction, the talent management arm has grown exponentially, leading to grand launches and huge events. Some of the talent agency's biggest achievements include the launch of the Sparkle brand, Sparkle's Next Brightest Stars, Sparkada and the Sparkle Teens. Sparkle also organized the GMA Thanksgiving Gala, Sparkle Spell and the Sparkle Gives Back charity event. Aside from events and launches, Sparkle also became more aggressive in the digital landscape under Marcelo's leadership. With additional resources invested in social media, Sparkle was able to increase its online presence and following by almost 200 percent. Sparkle's official YouTube channel also earned its Silver Play Button in 2022, proving the efficacy of Marcelo's foresight to ramp up Sparkle's digital efforts. Her leadership has also led to major endorsements and branded deals, resulting to a double-digit increase in income for the department. As the new vice president for Sparkle, Marcelo envisions a bright and progressive future ahead for its artists and for the leading talent management group in the country. The post Sparkle GMA Artist Center names new VP appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EDITORIAL - No price respite

With hundreds of thousands of metric tons of imported sugar arriving since late last year and the harvest season that began last October almost over, it’s a mystery that prices of sugar, whether wholesale or retail, have refused to go down......»»

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EDITORIAL - Back to masking

Some quarters worried about the impact on tourism and certain businesses may not like it, but the city governments of Manila and Baguio have gone ahead and restored limited mask mandates......»»

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EDITORIAL — Fertilizer scam 2?

As Russia shows no indication of ending its invasion of Ukraine, fertilizer prices remain high......»»

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EDITORIAL - Country branding

Marketing experts say nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. This is one of the points being raised amid the controversy over an effort to create a so-called national brand for the Philippines......»»

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EDITORIAL - Mental health pandemic

There was another silent killer during the pandemic lockdowns: serious depression that led to suicide......»»

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EDITORIAL - New voting system

After being used since the 2016 general elections, the current 98,000 vote counting machines have become “unserviceable” and need replacement......»»

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