Dad-to-be Phil Younghusband switches focus from football to fatherhood

Since officially hanging up his football spikes back in November of 2019, Filipino football star Phil Younghusband has been pretty much focused on building a family. Reconnecting with former long-time Philippine Men’s National Football Team teammate Neil Etheridge on Etheridge’s Isolation Catch-Up show on Instagram Live, Younghusband talked about how married life has been. Younghusband married Margaret Hall back in July of 2019, and the two recently just moved in to a new house in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.         View this post on Instagram                   Thank you to everyone that shared our special day with us. We are overwhelmed by all the incredibly kind and touching messages that we have received. We would like to thank all of our family and friends most sincerely for all their love, support and guidance during our engagement. To all of our wedding suppliers, we cannot thank you enough for all you did and all the help you gave. Our wedding day was magical and it felt like a true fairytale. We are looking forward to our future together. With all our love, Mags and Phil. ??????20.07.19 #Marriage #Husband #Wife #Love #Happiness #Family #Friends #Magical #Fairytale #Dreamy #Enchanting #Wedding #HappilyEverAfter A post shared by Phil Younghusband (@philyounghusband10) on Jul 23, 2019 at 3:53am PDT “Married life is…I feel I have more confidence,” shared Younghusband. “I feel I’m never alone, I’ve always got someone there to support me and be there by my side. It’s been great so far, I love it, I’ve really enjoyed it.” After two years of dating, Younghusband proposed to Hall in December of 2017. “Married life has been amazing, I’m so proud to introduce Mags as Mrs. Younghusband, when I’m filling out forms, when she’s filling out forms, to see her write ‘Margaret Younghusband’, I feel really proud with every little thing we do. We just moved to England and we’ve got a place together for the first time here in England, as a married couple, so I think just everything we do, I feel just a little bit more proud, I have a little bit more confidence, it’s an amazing feeling,” Younghusband continued. While Younghusband ended the chapter of his life as a football player, the Azkals’ top goalscorer and record holder in matches played is now preparing for a brand new chapter of his life: fatherhood. Phil and Margaret are expecting their first child, a baby boy, later this year.         View this post on Instagram                   @magshall_ and I are excited to let everyone know that we are expecting a new addition to the Younghusband family in the Summer of 2020 ???????????? Mags has just entered her 2nd trimester and so far, she is doing really well ???? It has been our dream to be parents for a long time now and for our wishes to come true, we feel truly blessed by the Lord ???????? We hope to be half as good as parents as our Mother’s and Father’s have been to us and those parents we have surrounded ourselves with. Thank you to everyone for the support and we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love and happiness ?????? Thank you to @niceprintphoto for capturing our special moments and @lindsaycoalog for the makeup ???????? #Love #Happiness #Husband #Wife #Blessings #Pregnancy #BabyYounghusband #Joy #Family #Christmas #Thankful #TheYounghusbands #Philippines #Manila #England #Kent A post shared by Phil Younghusband (@philyounghusband10) on Dec 22, 2019 at 12:43am PST “When we found out Mags was pregnant - we took three tests - and when we found out, it was very emotional. We cried a little, and, it’s hard to put into words,” Younghusband shared. “For me, on a personal level, 2019 was an incredible year. Not so much, professional, but personally, it was a fantastic year. I can’t put into words when we found out that Mags was pregnant. I think it was the most amazing blessing, that you can create a life.” Younghusband talked about being able to finally become a role model for his son after he himself had looked up to a number of role models when he was younger. “For me, it’s a dream. I mentioned it on a post before, you surround yourself with role models and father figures all the time…and to know that you’re going to be in the same position, you look up to them and try to think about their strengths as fathers, to know that I’ll be in the same position and have to feel the same emotions that my father did about myself and James and Keri, it’s incredible, it’s very exciting, I can’t wait.” “It’s an incredible feeling to know that you created this life,” he added. With Younghusband being the undeniable face of Philippine football for more or less a decade, the immediate expectation for his son would be to follow in his footsteps. Younghusband says that he’ll support his son in whatever he wants to do, but given how popular football is in the UK, there’s no doubt that he gets exposed to “the beautiful game.” “You how it is when you grow up in England, we’ve got football everywhere, so I’m sure he’ll be exposed to it. I’ll support him in whatever,” Younghusband said. So does this mean that Filipino football fans can look forward to another generation of Younghusband excellence? “Obviously, we’ll expose him to all kinds of sports, our priority is to make sure that they’re active, but I think, with the amount of football you’re exposed to in this country, it’s inevitable,” Younghusband concluded. While Phil has said goodbye to his days as a football player, the Filipino-British striker believes that he still has a lot to do in Philippine football, and would even be open to joining the Azkals coaching staff if the opportunity presents itself. .....»»

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Phil and James Younghusband discuss their retirement and future with Philippine football

In a span of just months, Filipino-British football stars Phil and James Younghusband both announced their retirement from the sport, thus ending the Younghusband era in Philippine football.  Phil and James were crucial parts of the Philippine Azkals’ biggest moments, including the Miracle in Hanoi during the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, as well as their recent milestones with the AFC Asian Cup berth.  In November of 2019, Phil, the Philippine Azkals’ leading goalscorer announced that he was calling it a career, and in June of 2020, his older brother James followed suit. As it turns out, that wasn’t the original plan for James, who initially wanted hang his spikes up at the end of the year. Speaking to Cedelf Tupas on the Crossover Podcast, James shared that he actually wanted to play out the whole 2020 Philippines Football League season, but the COVID-19 pandemic axed those plans.  “Originally, my plan was to finish off the year with Ceres with the whole 2020 season but of course, with the pandemic and the situation and football put on hold especially now here with it still on break, I just felt it was time to announce, I’ve decided to end it a bit earlier,” James said.  Ceres-Negros was the final stop on James’ long and decorated professional Philippine club football career, which began in 2011.  While 2019 was indeed an eventful year for James on the pitch, he admits he would have wanted a proper end to his career.  “Winning the double last year, getting the chance to play in AFC in the Champions League and with AFC Cup, it was a nice way to end it, but of course, would have been nice to finish the year.” With the uncertainty of things given the COVID-19 pandemic however, James felt that the time was right to put a bow on what has been a great career.  “Just felt with the momentum of being on break, I had to announce it now, and seeing around, waiting around, wondering when the league would restart but I felt yeah, it was time to announce it and I’m just thankful to everyone for the great messages and the great articles…itreally feels great to see that appreciation.” James admitted that seeing his younger brother retire first did play a part in influencing his decision as well.  “Yeah, I think as well. During this time, you’re sitting at home, a lot of time to think and evaluate yourself and your life, and as well, my brother he’s starting a family, me as well I felt there’s other things in life I want to experience as well and a new chapter to begin.” “It played a part as well, we had a great run as well, great memories as well and I just felt the time was right during this pandemic to announce it,” James added.  As for Phil, he explained that his decision to retire last year came after a series of setbacks coupled with him getting ready to start a family.  “I mean there’s a lot of ups and downs and the downs can really bring you down and it came to a point that I had successive blows with the folding of Davao, with not being able to start in games in the Asian Cup, it was very disappointing and my morale was very low and I was getting married at the time, losing my job when I knew I had to fund a wedding,” Phil admitted.  “I just knew my priorities when my wife, we were starting a family and I just felt very unmotivated with football so those successive blows really took its toll on me and I knew I didn’t wanna feel that again and I want security and start a family, your priority is family you gonna want to support them and make sure they never in a vulnerable position so I decided I want to be in a position where I can support them and give them security,” Phil continued.  Unfortunately, unlike in most other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines is still struggling to keep a local club football league afloat, which can largely be attributed to the clubs themselves struggling to get financial support.  “Playing in Philippine football is not gonna give me that because there’s been numerous times clubs folded and look what’s going on now, it’s really tough,” Phil said. “I was in the same position of a lot of players are going through now in Philippine football where clubs are going to find financial support and it’s very difficult. I empathize with anyone in that position.”  While the Younghusband era in Philippine football may be over in terms of them being players, there remains a large possibility that the two remain involved in a different capacity, whether it be coaching or otherwise. “I think it’s now time where I wanna start pursuing a possibility in coaching and learning more about coaching,” he shared. “I would actually like to travel as well to different countries and learn about different cultures about football also, and different philosophies,” said James.  “I wanna travel to different countries and learn different ways of styles of football, coaching football. My goal was always to help develop Philippine football and to go abroad, learn, and come and share that to the Philippines,” he continued.  “James and I have always said a lot of our knowledge and experience were gained at Chelsea Football Club. We were able to watch the best players in the world every day, the best facilities, being under the best coaches in the world and most of our knowledge and experience has come from that but we feel if we want to grow in the sport and we want to help develop football even more in the Philippines, we need to go abroad and gain more knowledge, more experience and be able to bring it back again to the Philippines,” Phil added.  “I think we still have a lot to offer Philippine football, whether that’s next year or the year after. We don’t know but we still have something to offer,” he continued......»»

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Phil Younghusband s stomach flu game

If Michael Jordan had his bad pizza game that was recently talked about in "The Last Dance: documentary, the Philippine men’s football team’s top scorer — Phil Younghusband — had his own version the night and the morning of perhaps its most historic and pivotal game ever......»»

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2010 Miracle in Hanoi team stands out the most for former Azkals star Phil Younghusband

Former Philippine Men’s National Football Team captain Phil Younghusband has been an integral part in the rise of football in the Philippines over the last decade or so. The Fil-British striker, who began his Philippine football career back in 2006, is widely considered the face of the sport in the country, and has been part of numerous iterations of the Philippine Azkals as well as multiple historic moments. In late-2019, Younghusband officially announced his retirement from football, ending his career as the all-time leader in goals scored (52) and matches played (108).  (READ ALSO: Phil Younghusband believes he isn’t done with Philippine football yet)  For arguably Philippine football's biggest star however, there’s one particular team that stands out in his mind and in his heart. Talking to long-time teammate and Azkals goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, Younghusband shared that the 2010 team was the one that stood out the most because of the camaraderie that they built. “Each year we had new talent, and we’d always introduce a new and exciting player each year. The level of play just got better and better each year,” Younghusband said. “I think everyone knows the answer, in terms of what we had in 2010, the closeness, we didn’t have the talent that we have now and he ability that we have now, but we had a closeness.” 2010 is considered as essentially the year that football took off in the Philippines, following the National Team’s breakthrough performance in that year’s edition of the AFF Suzuki Cup in Vietnam. After failing to qualify for the Southeast Asia-based tournament in 2008, the Philippines qualified for the 2010 tournament and put on an impressive showing in the Group Stage, going undefeated with one win and two draws, enough to earn a spot in the semis. The highlight of that tournament however, was the Philippines’ improbable 2-0 win over defending champions Vietnam, which would be dubbed as “The Miracle in Hanoi”. Fittingly enough, it was Younghusband who scored the game-sealing goal in that match, putting the nationals up 2-0 in the 79th minute. Younghusband explained that back then, training camp would last for two months, which allowed the players to bond more as a team. “I think the format of training has completely changed, back then we would go on six to eight-week, two month training camps before the competition, so we’d be together for two months, and during that time, you build relationships with players and you get used to players and you understand how players play and their personalities on and off the field.” “I think with that format of training before tournaments, it meant that that team was closer, because we went to Thailand, we went to China…you go through those hardships together, and through those hardships, you build a closeness and you build relationships,” Younghusband added. The 13-year National Team veteran notes that nowadays, training camps don’t run as long and the teams aren’t always complete, given the players’ respective club schedules. “Now, it’s more similar to what we do in Europe, where players will arrive a few days before. I don’t think during those three days, you can build relationships as we were able to do during 2010.” “I’m very proud, obviously, to have played 108 caps. That’s since 2005, that’s been a while. Back then, we were lucky if we had one tournament a year. We were lucky if we had three or four games a year when we first started. Now, obviously there’s a lot more games,” he added......»»

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Phil Younghusband hints on new role in PH football

MANILA, Philippines – Phil Younghusband did not exactly end his Philippine football career on a high note as his final game was a loss to Kyrgyzstan in the group stage of the country's maiden AFC Asian Cup stint in January 2019.  Although he's happily married to Mags Hall and is ........»»

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Hidilyn Diaz vows to remain focused and determined on Olympic qualification

The current COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt left its mark on the globe, and one of the most affected by it is the sporting world.  The NBA, collegiate sporting tournaments, football tournaments, and major events across all sports have either been cancelled or postponed. The same fate could befall the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, even though the quadrilennial multi-sport event won't begin until July. Obviously, the delays in preparation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the Summer Games greatly.  So far, only four Filipinos have already qualified for the Summer Olympics: gymnast Carlos Yulo, pole-vaulter EJ Obiena, and boxers Eumir Marcial and Irish Magno.  One Filipina Olympic hopeful is none other than 2016 Rio silver medalist weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz, who is on track to qualify, but the current suspensions and postponements have delayed her quest for a ticket to Tokyo 2020.  Diaz took to Instagram to address the situation.          View this post on Instagram                   There are things we can’t control and we can’t do anything, the effects of N-Covid19 is something unimaginable. Most of my Olympic Qualification events are postponed or cancelled, travel ban, city lockdown and country lockdown. Panic, fears and frustration is controlling us right now. I was supposed to have my flight today going to Colombia to compete at the Ibero-America Open Championships 2020 for my final Olympic Qualifying competition but we didn’t push through because of travel ban in Colombia. As an athlete we don’t stop when we fail once, even twice, the most important thing is we do our best and at the end of the day we won’t regret anything. I will remain focus and determine to improve every single day together with #TeamHD who prepared me and sacrificed a lot to represent God and Philippines well in Olympics. So far the best snatch technique I have in competitions is captured by @one_kilo_ this was in Roma World Cup 2020 in Roma, Italy. Speaking of Italy, mio amico and mia amica take care always, be strong you are in my prayers, in my thoughts and worries. To my friends, family, supporters, fans, church mate, kabaro at buddy sa Airforce at co-athletes, please take care, wash your hands and social distancing. To frontliners Salamat po sa Serbisyong binigay niyo po. Kuidaw ustedes pirmi! #LabanPilipinas #LabanHidilyn #TeamHD #tokyo2020 #olympicweightlifting @phil.sportscommission @mvpsportsfoundation @phoenixfuels A post shared by Hidilyn Diaz OLY (@hidilyndiaz) on Mar 16, 2020 at 7:00pm PDT Diaz revealed that she was supposed to be flying out to Colombia for her final Olympic Qualifying competition, but a travel ban has forced her to not push through. She also shared a message to the people of Italy, one of countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus.  "Speaking of Italy, mio amico and mia amica take care always, be strong you are in my prayers, in my thoughts and worries," Diaz wrote.  She concluded by giving a message to her family, friends, and fans, and gave thanks to the workers in the frontlines.  "To my friends, family, supporters, fans, church mate, kabaro at buddy sa Airforce at co-athletes, please take care, wash your hands and social distancing. To frontliners Salamat po sa Serbisyong binigay niyo po. Kuidaw ustedes pirmi!".....»»

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Phil Younghusband, poster boy of football, bids adieu

BY JONAS TERRADO   PHIL Younghusband, regarded as the face of Philippine football for more than a decade and the Azkals’ all-time leading scorer, announced his retirement after a decorated career for club and country. Younghusband made the announcement Monday evening through his social media accounts, leaving behind a legacy that saw him play a […].....»»

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Philippine football star Phil Younghusband announces retirement

One of the greatest to ever represent the Philippines on the football pitch is calling it a career, as Fil-British striker Phil Younghusband has announced his retirment.  The 32-year old Younghusband made the announcement on his Instagram account.          View this post on Instagram                   Hanging up my boots! Thank you to my bosses, my coaches, team mates, competitors and all the supporters who have been part of my journey. See you all soon in a new adventure ?????????? A post shared by Phil Younghusband (@philyounghusband10) on Nov 18, 2019 at 1:42am PST "Hanging up my boots! Thank you to my bosses, my coaches, team mates, competitors and all the supporters who have been part of my journey. See you all soon in a new adventure," Younghusband wrote, accompanied by a drawing of himself wearing the iconic #10 kit.  A member of the Philippine Men's National Football Team since 2006, Younghusband has appeared in 108 international matches including landmark moments in Philippine football history such as the Miracle in Hanoi back in 2010, as well as the Philippines' historic qualification into the 2019 AFC Asian Cup back in 2018 and their participation in the tournament itself in 2019.  Younghusband is also the country's top goalscorer with 52, and is the only Filipino on the list of players with 50 or more international goals scored.  In Philippine club football, Younghusband spent most of his professional career with Meralco Manila in the UFL. .....»»

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Phil Younghusband retires from football

MANILA, Philippines – Azkals legend Phil Younghusband announced across his social media platforms on Monday, November 18, that he is hanging up his boots.  "Hanging up my boots! Thank you to my bosses, my coaches, team mates, competitors and all the supporters who have been part of my journey. See ........»»

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Phil Younghusband, Azkals all-time leading scorer, announces retirement

The all-time leading scorer of the Philippine national football team and one of the country's greatest football players is calling it a career 32 years old......»»

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Phil Younghusband, ikinasal na sa Fil-Spanish GF

TAHIMIK na tahimik ang mga pangyayari, kasi naman naganap ang kasalan noong isang araw lamang hindi sa Pilipinas kundi sa Canterbury, United Kingdom. Nagpaksal na ang sikat at poging football player na si Phil Younghusband, sa kanyang napakagandang Filipina-Spanish girlfriend na si Mags Hall. Nabalita lang iyan nang mag-post ng isang picture ng kasal ang kanilang official ........»»

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Phil Younghusband to play in SEAG if called

Azkals star Phil Younghusband said yesterday if called to play as one of two exceptions in the Philippine U22 football team in the coming SEA Games, he’ll suit up......»»

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'We have a young, talented squad' - Azkals captain Phil Younghusband

When the Philippine men's national football team takes to the pitch at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan for their 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup opener against Singapore, they're going to be parading a significantly different team than the one they had dur.....»»

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Will study latest coaching trends: Younghusbands return to Chelsea

Going back to the United Kingdom, getting in touch with their former Chelsea FC teammates will be among the things that the Younghusband brothers, Phil and James, will do when the lockdown imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is over......»»

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Younghusband wants to coach Azkals in future

When the timing is right in the future, James Younghusband, along with his brother Phil, will consider any offers to coach the Philippine Azkals......»»

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Younghusband retiring for good

James Younghusband won’t be waiting for the football season to restart......»»

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Quantifying James Younghusband s impact in Philippine football

It is easy to quantify what James Younghusban meant to the national team, the various clubs he played for, and for Philippine football in general......»»

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Younghusband hangs up boots

An era has ended as James Younghusband formally called it quits following 15 colorful years of competing in local and international football tournaments. In a social media post, the 33-year-old midfielder stressed that he is bidding goodbye to the sport after making 101 appearances with 12 goals while playing for the Philippine Azkals. Together with […] The post Younghusband hangs up boots appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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End of an era for Azkals as Younghusbands retire from football

Both Phil and James were instrumental in the rise of Philippine football since they came into the scene in 2005, after their eligibility for the national team was discovered......»»

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Azkals star James Younghusband retires from football

The 33-year old Younghusband announced his decision to end his playing career on his social media accounts on Thursday......»»

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In Focus: Philmar Alipayo—From Surfing Champ To Family Man

'Because of it (fatherhood), I make sure to better myself and always work on my personality so I know I am a good example to my wonderful kids...'.....»»

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