BSP to issue unified data framework

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas plans to issue before the end of the year a unified policy governing the handling and use of digital data gathered by banks from their clients......»»

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Cooperation, not competition

SPEAKING OUT Ignacio R. Bunye The Ayala Group is widely recognized in the Philippines and in Asia as a pioneer in ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) with its formal adoption of the Ayala Sustainability Framework. In a recent webcast conversation with ATR Asset Management’s Julian Tarrobago, Jr., Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (JAZA), Chairman and CEO of Ayala, explained the genesis of this corporate philosophy. In a nutshell, this is about using the economic engine and for-profit discipline of enterprises to address social issues – not as a philanthropy but as an integral part of doing business. This is a new philosophy designed to foster an environment where there is inclusive growth. This is achieved by engaging disenfranchised sectors and going beyond just the financials. This is reflected in how Ayala purposively evolved over the years and how it has operated during the crisis. This explains how and why Ayala Land continues to make urban centers more livable and more friendly, why Ayala Land projects aim to become carbon-neutral a few years down the road, why AC Energy continues to improve its mix of energy sources, consistently increasing reliance on renewables, why Ayala has ventured into health and into education, and why BPI has dramatically upsized its microfinance. This explains why during the crisis, Ayala’s first concern was to ensure both the physical and financial well-being of its stakeholders. This includes Ayala’s employees and those of the various eco-systems (read that as 250,000 SMEs) which support Ayala. This meant P10 billion, to date, of foregone revenue, to help in their recovery and fostering sustainable growth beyond the crisis. Finally, JAZA explains why “this is a time for us to learn to cooperate rather than be at odds with each other. Our modern capitalist system is massively integrated in a way that it wasn’t in the past. And because we have an integrated system, we are tied to each other in ways that we either all succeed together, or not. If one component of that system is allowed to fail, then you start to break up what makes modern capitalism so strong. The supply chain, the integration, the way we work off each other, each person providing their own component of the system. If we don’t help each other, particularly in the public-private sector to reenergize and restart that great engine, then we will fail. Perhaps, this is a period in time where cooperation is being demanded more from all of us both in the private sector alone and in the private-public interaction, to see how we can all work together to address the many pain points that we will face as a nation if we are to get out of this pandemic.” Change your passwords often Even prior to the pandemic, incidents of unauthorized ATM withdrawals by third parties have been reported on the rise. It is perhaps opportune to issue this reminder. Essentially, it is about keeping our User IDs and passwords safe. One normally reads this reminder on our bank’s website. This is what the bank usually tells us. The bank will never ask you to provide your User IDs or Passwords through e-mail or SMS so don’t fall for unsolicited messages that your account has been temporarily disconnected and that you have to change your password. Never click on links from suspicious e-mails and SMS. Hackers can gain access to your account, plant malware, and steal your identity. Monitor your accounts regularly and immediately report any discrepancies. If I may just add, don’t ask anybody to withdraw money from the ATM for you. For added protection, you may want to use Code Red, an RFID and NFC Anti-Scanning Card. It is a smart card that provides protection from identity theft by manipulating the radio signals using E-field technology. Simply put it inside your wallet and it will make your personal data invisible to electronic thieves and hackers. (Thanks BPI EVP Mon Jocson for this last tip.) Note: You may wish to share the foregoing article via Facebook, Twitter and/or Linked-In......»»

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MMC to issue unified vaccination cards this month

Local government units in Metro Manila are working to set up the issuance of the unified vaccination card in their localities within the month, the Metro Manila Council said yesterday......»»

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BSP invests $550 million in sustainable bonds

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas raised its investments in sustainable and green bond funds to $550 million as it continues to ramp up sustainable finance framework by encouraging banks to issue more green, social, and sustainability bonds......»»

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EDC: In pursuit of powering a regenerative, decarbonized future

Coupled with its relentless pursuit toward a decarbonized environment, EDC sees these approaches as part of an effective framework to mitigate this century’s single most defining issue of climate change......»»

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Adaptive Cloud Security Solutions protect all apps, data, workloads

Modern enterprise networks are diverse and often span multiple environments, each with its own unique requirements and standards. Securing each network ecosystem independently creates a challenge for consistent policy enforcement, transparency, and unified orchestration and response......»»

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BSP to release circular on Open Finance Framework in Q2

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas plans to release by the second quarter this year the Open Finance Framework, which will govern the customer-allowed sharing of financial data that is seen to create innovative financial solutions for both customers and financial institutions......»»

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BI gets strict on aliens’ database

All agencies that process and issue visas are required to submit all data to the Bureau of Immigration (BI). Commissioner Jaime Morente announced that following the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) resolution on the inventory of foreign nationals, visa-issuing agencies are mandated to provide the BI their list of […] The post BI gets strict on aliens’ database appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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DOH to issue ‘passports’ for the inoculated

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health on Friday said the Philippines would probably provide a COVID-19 “vaccine passport” to Filipinos who had been inoculated against the coronavirus. “We will also have a data registry for all vaccine recipients,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said. According to the health official, a QR, or quick response, […] The post DOH to issue ‘passports’ for the inoculated appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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BSP to issue framework for digital banks

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is set to issue the regulatory framework for digital banks in its bid to promote market efficiencies and expand the access of Filipinos to a broad range of financial services......»»

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FSCC bares steps toward ‘new economy’

Recognizing the uncertainties brought by the current crisis, the Financial Stability Coordination Council (FSCC) identified various systemic risks and their planned steps toward the so-called “new economy.” In its latest financial stability report, the FSCC disclosed that changing market conditions prompted the bi-annual release of such data from the previous yearly issue so as to […] The post FSCC bares steps toward ‘new economy’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Subscribers ng Converge ICT, nakararanas ng internet connectivity issues

Nakararanas ng internet connectivity issues ang mga subscriber ng Converge ICT Solutions Inc. sa buong bansa. Ayon sa kumpanya, mayroong aberya ang kanilang data center bandang 1:10 ng hapon ngayong Martes (November 17). “Our technical team is already working to resolve the issue in the soonest possible time and have your connection restored,” pahayag ng […] The post Subscribers ng Converge ICT, nakararanas ng internet connectivity issues appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Data privacy issues

The time is now to have a unified QR code nationwide not only to make it easier for contact tracing, but also for the protection and privacy of everybody. The post Data privacy issues appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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PRA to review policy on retirees’ age requirement

The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), an attached agency of the Department of Tourism (DOT), is set to reassess the age requirement for foreign nationals seeking retirement in the country after senators raised concerns over national security on Monday. The issue stemmed during the Senate budget hearing for the DOT when the senators were caught by surprise after PRA general manager Atty. Bienvenido Chy revealed that the agency has been accepting foreign immigrants as retirees who are as young as 35 years old. Sen. Richard Gordon and Sen. Nancy Binay were alarmed as Chinese topped the list of foreign retirees, at a time when the country faces the threat of the growing number of illegal Chinese workers from the Philippine offshore gaming operations (POGOs). But Chy cited that he had already inherited the policy and did not attempt to change it, to which Gordon expressed dismay. In a message to reporters, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, who also chairs the agency, said the Board of Trustees will meet to reassess the policy, stressing that they will move for its immediate repeal.  “I have directed GM Bienvenido Chy of the PRA to review and change this long-standing policy,” she said.  Based on the Cumulative Gross Enrollment of foreign retirees in the Philippines as of Dec. 31, 2019, there are 26, 969 Chinese nationals from China who decided to retire in the country, followed by Korea (13, 912), India (5,971), Taiwan (4, 801), Japan (3, 950), United States of America (3, 615), Hong Kong (1, 836), Great Britain (1, 571), Germany (778), and Australia (743). An additional 4, 069 foreign nationals also chose to enroll as retirees in the Philippines.  According to PRA, the Cumulative Gross Enrollment also includes all active retirees or active Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) holders. These are retirees who continue to keep their retirement visa as their status of stay in the Philippines. Aside from the principal retiree, SRRV holders were also joined by their spouses and dependents to stay in the Philippines.  The PRA data also revealed that Chinese top the list of foreign principal retirees belonging to the 35 to 49 years old age bracket, which prodded the senators to grill the PRA chief for job sufficiency issue. The data said that the greater majority of foreign retirees reside in the National Capital Region with 36,862 immigrants or 52.63 percent. Others were scattered in Region 1, Cordillera Administrative Region, Region 2, among others. .....»»

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What do you think?

THROUGH UNTRUE Fr. Rolando V. dela Rosa, O.P.  Do you know that the constant flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a powerful typhoon elsewhere? According to chaos theory, seemingly insignificant and random happenings can have earthshaking effects. If the theory is correct, then even our most randomly stupid decisions may have caused all the maladies afflicting us and our country today. History has shown that the destiny of individuals and nations was sometimes determined, not by elaborate plans and decisions, but by little acts of stupidity, like Adam and Eve eating a forbidden fruit, Judas selling Christ for 30 pieces of silver, or Mary Antoinette telling her people to eat cake instead of bread. In an age where the Internet reigns supreme, stupidity has risen to the level of an epidemic because of our diminishing desire to think. Millions of people today use the computer to do the thinking for them. If they want to learn about something, they do not retreat into a quiet corner to speculate about it.  They Google and, in milliseconds, harvest a bounty of information.  But  since the computer cannot teach us how to systematize, analyze, and synthesize these data into a meaningful whole, the result of this operation is not knowledge or understanding, but data overload. The pandemic has worsened this situation. Face-to-face teaching has been replaced by online lectures. A teacher transmits lessons from her gadget to that of her student. Ideally, such lessons should pass through the student’s brain before these are saved in the latter’s laptop.  But what usually happens is,  teachers tend to act like fax machines. They evaluate their students based on the latter’s ability to repeat, word-for-word, everything the teacher says. Instead of encouraging students to think, this system suppresses creativity and logical thought. Television also contributes greatly to the gradual demise of serious thinking. Do you know that less than 5 percent of the adult population read books? A great number derive their knowledge from the Internet, radio, and newspapers, but the rest rely heavily on television, an entertainment medium and a boredom-killing machine. Ask young people how they came to know a particular idea.  Their predictable answer is: “I saw it on TV.” Many people believe that television can verify, falsify, justify, or nullify, any notion, rumor, or issue. We are often told: “Keep an open mind,” and we follow the advice literally. Every day we allow news programs to flood our mind with crimes, disasters, and human misery. Instead of helping us think, they push us to worry about problems that are too big for us to handle, generating needless anxiety and anger. The thinking individual is fast disappearing. The world is inhabited by two billion cabled, cellphoned, and earphoned couch potatoes who are mere statistics in the latest TV survey for higher ratings. What separates us from the brutes is our God-given ability to think. Through this human software, we come to know reality, understand its meaning, and arrange its varying aspects according to a well-established hierachy of values. The neglect of thinking leads to irrationality and social chaos. So, wake up, couch potatoes, computer slaves, and cell phone addicts! A truly free person is one who has the freedom to think, not the freedom FROM thinking......»»

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BSP eyes more investments in green bonds

The Bangko Sentral ng Philippines is looking at investing more in green bond funds as it ramps up sustainable finance framework by encouraging banks to issue more green, social and sustainability bonds......»»

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Data Shows Economy Starting to Recover from Pandemic: NEDA Chief

The economy is starting to rebound from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic but returning to positive growth depends on proactive implementation of the economic recovery program, the country’s chief economist said on Wednesday. “We have prepared the macroeconomic framework as of mid-May and we were looking at data starting March and April. What we […].....»»

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By the Numbers: Available data support Baldwin s unfiltered takes

Ateneo head coach Tab Baldwin sure caused a stir the other week when he made his comments regarding the PBA. Commenting on the league's format, among other things, Baldwin drew the ire of the PBA, leading to a three-game suspension and a P75,000 fine. [Related: PBA: Baldwin fined P75k and suspended for three games] But what did coach Tab really said that caused all this trouble? The two topics that were seen as most sensitive were Baldwin's take on the PBA having only one-import tournaments and coaches having "tactical immaturity" for which Coach Tab said is not entirely the fault of PBA mentors. Here's coach Tab's comment on the PBA imports: "As an industry here, we have one major flaw in the basketball landscape of the Philippines and it's a regulatory flaw and that is that in the PBA, we have three conferences, two of those are single-import conferences. This is a big mistake. We should never have a single import playing on a team. Further, we should never have a single import that is given all the latitude that the imports are given here by the referees... So in other words, to put it in layman's terms, a foul for a local player isn't a foul on an import, and the foul on an import, that same foul on a local player isn't a foul. So our local players are competitively disadvantaged in their ability to compete against the import players, and this is not the case in other countries." As for Baldwin's comments regarding the PBA coaches' "tactical immaturity," here's Coach Tab's full quote: "You ask yourself why one PBA coach after another, when they start their games, they don't match up the imports against one another? Why is that? Well, it's tactically smart, tactically sound because they can afford the fouls, because they know that the imports produce so much offense for their teams. But that's not so bad as in fact, and this gets back to my original point, gets back to the fact that if you're a PBA coach and you don't tactically run your systems through the import, you're pretty stupid because they are given all of the advantages. The PBA coaches are a smart lot, they're good basketball coaches, but they could be much better if they were forced to coach much more. I think then they would show their real talents.  But I think that because of the way our imports are treated here, it's not sound thinking for a coach to not exploit what is obvious to every PBA coach, and that is to run your offensive systems through your import. I think that system it creates a false landscape for our basketball coaches and our basketball players. And I think it needs to be changed sooner rather than later." Since Baldwin's comments, his takes have become trending topics on the local hoops scene. But does Coach Tab really have a point? An independent researcher crunched available data from the PBA's previous season and some findings actually support Baldwin's claims. Here's a By the Numbers take on what was found with some good old-fashioned calculating.   9.34 Free throw attempts for imports per 48 minutes. For comparison, local players only get an average of 3.83 free throw attempts per 48 minutes, a significant decrease. This supports Baldwin's observation that imports generate most of the offense. As supporting data, imports get an average of 28.46 free throw attempts per 100 possessions, as opposed to local players generating only 18.56 free thows.   3.41 Fouls called on imports per 48 minutes. As for local players, they are called for an average of 4.71 fouls per 48 minutes, supporting Coach Tab's claim that, "a foul for a local player isn't a foul on an import, and the foul on an import, that same foul on a local player isn't a foul. So our local players are competitively disadvantaged in their ability to compete against the import players."   14.23 percent Free throw trips per scoring possession for imports. Local players get to the line only 9.28 percent of the time per scoring possessions. Simply said, imports just get to the line more, which means more free throw attempts and more chances to score.   23.82 Field goal attempts for imports per 48 minutes. Local players only average 15.9 field goal attempts per 48 minutes. Again, this is in favor of Baldwin's statements that PBA coaches are a "smart lot" for running their offense through the import. It's simply the obvious choice as it generates the most chances of scoring.   — Baldwin's unfiltered takes were no doubt controversial and it appears that the issue with the PBA has been resolved for the most part. Nevertheless, key numbers prove that Coach Tab was on to something when he said what he said.   — Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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Column: A quiet, measured response from golf on civil unrest

By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer Golf has never been known to move quickly. Harold Varner III illustrated as much with thoughtful observations he posted on social media after civil unrest in America over the weekend reached levels not seen in more than 50 years. “I’ve received more messages than ever before, mostly from people who wanted me to speak up immediately because of who I am. I AM BLACK,” his post began. “But it’s not helpful to anyone when impulsive, passionate reaction takes precedence over clear-minded thought.” What followed from Varner, one of three PGA Tour members of black heritage, was just that. He referred to the “senseless killing” of George Floyd, the handcuffed black man who died last week when a white police officer in Minneapolis put a knee to the back of his neck until he stopped breathing. “To me, it was evil incarnate,” Varner said. “There are objective truths in life. I think that’s one of them,” he wrote in his Monday post. Varner also cautioned against single-minded thoughts, that one can be against police killing a man while saying that burning businesses and police stations is wrong. “We can go beyond the trap of one-dimensional thinking. Once we do, our eyes will see the righteous, our hearts will feel the love, and we’ll have done more to honor all those subjected to evil and its vile nature,” he concluded. The more prominent voice is Tiger Woods, whose profile worldwide is so great that he chose early in his career not to get too opinionated on social issues. One example was two years ago at Riviera, during Black History Month, when he was asked during a news conference what concerned him about the plight of black Americans. Woods was smart in his delivery, short on substance, when he said African Americans have had their share of struggles, it has gotten better and there’s room for improvement. Accurate and safe. His tweet Monday night arrived shortly before 10 p.m. in Florida. It began with his heart going out to Floyd, his loved ones and “all of us who are hurting right now.” And while he said he has “the utmost respect” for law enforcement and the training involved to know how, when and where to use force, “This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that line.” Woods referenced the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 — he was a teenager growing up in neighboring Orange County — and said “education is the best path forward.” “We can make our points without burning the very neighborhoods we live in,” he said. “I hope that through constructive, honest conversations we can build a safer, unified society.” Whether he said a little or a lot, Woods said something. That was important. Voices need to be heard, especially relevant ones. Golf doesn’t have many of those. It has a shabby history of inclusion, particularly when it comes to blacks, starting with the PGA of America taking until 1961 to drop its “Caucasian-only clause.” The PGA Tour now attracts the best from every corner of the globe. It can be an expensive game, yet not even the privileged are assured of making it. Woods said in a 2009 interview on being the only black on tour, "It’s only going to become more difficult for African Americans now, because golf has opened up around the world.” And so where does golf fit in the discussion of equality and justice? The PGA Tour is the only major sports league that did not issue a public statement or reference the views of its players on the homepage of its website. Would anyone have taken it seriously given the composition and color of the tour's membership? Did it need to carve out a spot on the dais that already was crowded with voices from other sports that are far more germane to the issues? Commissioner Jay Monahan was searching for answers over the weekend and ultimately chose to keep his thoughts within the tour, sending a letter Monday to his staff and then sharing it with the players. “The hardships and injustices that have and continue to impact the African-American community are painful to watch and difficult to comprehend,” Monahan wrote. “And as a citizen of this country and a leader of this organization, I must admit that I’m struggling with what my role should be. But I am determined to help and make a difference.” Monahan said he had several “meaningful and emotional” conversations with colleagues and friends in the black community, “who — once again — showed me that sometimes listening and making a commitment to understand are the only things you can offer, and that’s OK.” “What I was left with was this,” he wrote. “Make no mistake about it — someone you know and care about is hurting right now, even if they haven’t told you that directly. ... And if anyone at the tour is hurting, we should all hurt.” He also included a link from the Refinery29 website on the unseen pain blacks endure. “Too often we just move on when we are not directly influenced by the news of the day," he wrote. “Yes, we have all been impacted by the global pandemic, but we should also be painfully aware and impacted by the dividing lines in our country. “We might not know exactly what to do right now, but we shouldn’t be deterred.” The PGA Tour resumes next week at Colonial, back to its familiar world with little controversy and ample privilege. No other sport does charity as well as golf. This issue requires more than that. If the best it can do is listen and commit to understand, that's OK......»»

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Data services ng Smart, naantala dahil sa ‘systems issue’

Manila, Philippines – Naantala ang data services ng Smart Communications Inc. ngayong Sabado, May 30 dahil sa systems issue. Sa kalatas, sinabi ng telco sa mga subscriber ng Smart, Sun at Talk N’ Text na maaari silang makaranas ng “degradation o loss of data services dahil sa on-going systems issue.” “We are working on normalizing […] The post Data services ng Smart, naantala dahil sa ‘systems issue’ appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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A guide to cybersecurity competency framework

There are mandated laws, compliance regulations, and penalties when the leadership and management fail to provide cybersecurity measures to its organization. To help protect and to effectively navigate your organization in the digital age, the Center for Global Best Practices invites you to attend an online training entitled, Cybersecurity Competency Framework for the Enterprise Governing Body and Management to be held from 1:30 to 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 26 via Zoom......»»

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