BSP: Handle new P20 coins properly

MANILA, Philippines — The central bank on Saturday urged the public to “properly handle and circulate” the new P20 New Generation Currency coins that were released to the public in December 2019. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said that, “to preserve the integrity and prolong the luster” of these coins, they should be kept clean […] The post BSP: Handle new P20 coins properly appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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BSP: Handle new P20 coins properly

MANILA, Philippines — The central bank on Saturday urged the public to “properly handle and circulate” the new P20 New Generation Currency coins that were released to the public in December 2019. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said that, “to preserve the integrity and prolong the luster” of these coins, they should be kept clean […] The post BSP: Handle new P20 coins properly appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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NLEX-SCTEX ready for returning motorists from holiday break

The NLEX Corp. has assured motorists returning from the holiday break in Northern and Central Luzon that it can properly handle the expected surge in traffic volume at the North Luzon Expressway and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway today and tomorrow......»»

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Xinhua: Xi, Duterte agree on full improvement of ties

China highly values its relations with the Philippines, and is ready to work with the country to cement political trust and win-win cooperation, properly handle differences and become good partners, Xi said during talks with Duterte in Beijing......»»

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China says sensitive issues could damage ties with US military

BEIJING, China – Failure to properly handle sensitive issues between the US and China could "very likely disturb and undermine" their military-to-military relations, a top Chinese official told US National Security Advisor Susan Rice on Monday, July 25.....»»

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EDITORIAL - Stress in the time of COVID

There is another aspect of the COVID pandemic that has yet to be properly addressed: its impact on mental health......»»

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MMDA passes on backing spokesperson s comments on Baby River burial

"This is not the stand of [the] MMDA. If she has a personal opinion, it's her right to say that. She is responsible enough to handle it," MMDA general manager Garcia said......»»

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DILG urges LGUs to support the operation of 12 FMAs

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) urged the local government units (LGUs) on Monday to support the operation of the 12 Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs) in the country. (MANILA BULLETIN) DILG Secretary Eduardo Año issued the call specifically to the localities lying near the coastal areas. He explained that the FMA is a spatial delineation of Philippine waters as a means to manage fisheries at an appropriate scale.  Año noted that the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has established 12 FMAs composed of contiguous regions which share the same coasts. The DILG chief also emphasized that the preservation and management of aquatic resources, including coastal and fisheries, like other functions of the government, must not cease despite the COVID-19 crisis. Año said the LGUs should lead in the management of shared coasts and ocean for the benefit of all. “The establishment of FMAs is provided by law and it is the enshrined mandate of LGUs to protect and preserve our natural resources, including all coastal areas,” Año said. The Department of Agriculture had earlier issued  Fisheries Administrative Order (DA FAO) No. 263, s. 2019 which pushes for the creation of FMAs that are fully functional and supervised by a governing body. In support of the DA directive, Año issued DILG Memorandum Circular 2020-121 directing LGUs to be part of  the multi-sectoral Management Board and to work with other sectors in ensuring that the shared resources and fish stocks within the FMAs are properly managed. Año said that “one or more local chief executive (LCE) of LGUs  shall co-chair the said management board, together with the BFAR Regional Fisheries Office.’’ “Aquatic and fisheries resources are aspects of local governance that demand LGUs’ attention and with a representative from the LGUs in the FMA Management Board,’’ he added. “Regional composition of the 12 FMAs are as follows: Regions 2, 3, 4A, and 5 for FMA 1; Regions 8, 13 and 11 for FMA 2; Regions 12, 9 and BARMM for FMA 3; Regions 6, 7, 9, and BARMM for FMA 4; Regions 4B and 6 for FMA 5; Regions 1, 3, 4A, 4B and NCR for FMA 6; Regions 4A, 5, and 8 for FMA 7; Regions 8 and 13 for FMA 8; Regions 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13 for FMA 9; Regions 7, and 8 for FMA 10; Regions 5, 6, 7, and 8 for FMA 11; and, Regions 4A, 4B, 5, and 6 for FMA 12,’’ the DILG said. Año also urged LGUs to participate in the development of the FMA Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) Plan or EAFM Framework. He said that this will lay down the policies and strategic actions of the FMA to be implemented by the LGUs and BFAR field offices within the FMA......»»

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Ngayon ko lang na-experience how to handle my own finances

MAKALIPAS ang napakahabang panahon, ngayon lang naranasan ni Sarah Geronimo na mag-budget ng sarili niyang pera. Sa loob ng 20 taon sa mundo ng showbiz, unti-unti na rin niyang natututunan ang tamang paghawak, paggastos at pagse-save ng kanyang mga kinikita. Simula nang maging singer at artista si Sarah, ang nanay niyang si Divine Geronimo na […] The post Ngayon ko lang na-experience how to handle my own finances appeared first on Bandera......»»

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What do you think?

THROUGH UNTRUE Fr. Rolando V. dela Rosa, O.P.  Do you know that the constant flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a powerful typhoon elsewhere? According to chaos theory, seemingly insignificant and random happenings can have earthshaking effects. If the theory is correct, then even our most randomly stupid decisions may have caused all the maladies afflicting us and our country today. History has shown that the destiny of individuals and nations was sometimes determined, not by elaborate plans and decisions, but by little acts of stupidity, like Adam and Eve eating a forbidden fruit, Judas selling Christ for 30 pieces of silver, or Mary Antoinette telling her people to eat cake instead of bread. In an age where the Internet reigns supreme, stupidity has risen to the level of an epidemic because of our diminishing desire to think. Millions of people today use the computer to do the thinking for them. If they want to learn about something, they do not retreat into a quiet corner to speculate about it.  They Google and, in milliseconds, harvest a bounty of information.  But  since the computer cannot teach us how to systematize, analyze, and synthesize these data into a meaningful whole, the result of this operation is not knowledge or understanding, but data overload. The pandemic has worsened this situation. Face-to-face teaching has been replaced by online lectures. A teacher transmits lessons from her gadget to that of her student. Ideally, such lessons should pass through the student’s brain before these are saved in the latter’s laptop.  But what usually happens is,  teachers tend to act like fax machines. They evaluate their students based on the latter’s ability to repeat, word-for-word, everything the teacher says. Instead of encouraging students to think, this system suppresses creativity and logical thought. Television also contributes greatly to the gradual demise of serious thinking. Do you know that less than 5 percent of the adult population read books? A great number derive their knowledge from the Internet, radio, and newspapers, but the rest rely heavily on television, an entertainment medium and a boredom-killing machine. Ask young people how they came to know a particular idea.  Their predictable answer is: “I saw it on TV.” Many people believe that television can verify, falsify, justify, or nullify, any notion, rumor, or issue. We are often told: “Keep an open mind,” and we follow the advice literally. Every day we allow news programs to flood our mind with crimes, disasters, and human misery. Instead of helping us think, they push us to worry about problems that are too big for us to handle, generating needless anxiety and anger. The thinking individual is fast disappearing. The world is inhabited by two billion cabled, cellphoned, and earphoned couch potatoes who are mere statistics in the latest TV survey for higher ratings. What separates us from the brutes is our God-given ability to think. Through this human software, we come to know reality, understand its meaning, and arrange its varying aspects according to a well-established hierachy of values. The neglect of thinking leads to irrationality and social chaos. So, wake up, couch potatoes, computer slaves, and cell phone addicts! A truly free person is one who has the freedom to think, not the freedom FROM thinking......»»

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Lawyers file manifestation recounting cruel, inhumane treatment of jailed activist during baby s wake

“This overkill on the part of the BJMP and PNP personnel destroyed the solemnity of the funeral, depriving the movant of her chance to properly mourn for her dead child," Reina Mae Nasino's lawyers told the court......»»

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TF Davao assures ‘community exercise’ to test residents’ reaction to terrorism incidents will be properly handled

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 13 Oct) – The Task Force Davao (TFD) assured on Tuesday that the first ever city-wide “Culture of Security Community exercise,” which will field actors disguised as “terrorists” to various locations anytime this week, would be properly handled amid growing concerns that the conduct of this activity would cause panic to […].....»»

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Let the mother see her dead child for the last time, groups urge court

Nasino pleaded to the court to immediately give her “the decent and humane chance to be with her baby daughter, whom she was not able to comfort and hold while in sickbed up to her dying hours, for the last time, and to properly grieve over her tragic and untimely passing.” The post Let the mother see her dead child for the last time, groups urge court appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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The Battle for the Speakership Was Bound to Happen

The current squabble for the speakership of the Batasan (PH House of Representatives) would be a non-issue in most other "well run" or "properly run" democracies. Unfortunately, the Philippines is a country where mostly amateurs rule. From the very top, down all government levels, "lack of experience" appears to be a common denominator......»»

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How to make the most out of your home WiFi

With families usually sharing a single home broadband plan to have  internet connection  at home, there is a need to properly provide internet connection in every nook and cranny inside the house.  This enables members of the family to find their own personal corner to study, work, entertain, or simply surf with privacy. .....»»

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Taiwan proves plastic, rubber expertise via online conference

In a highly industrialized and technologically advanced world such as ours, plastic products have become a way of life. Regardless of how they are deemed harmful to the environment, there is no denying that plastics are here to stay. Their benefits still far outnumber its supposed harmful effects, especially when used properly......»»

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Saguiguit new coach of Perpetual Help Altas

Mike Saguiguit will now handle the basketball program of the University of the Perpetual Help in Las Piñas......»»

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Testing drive unveiled as virus deaths pass one million

Coronavirus tests that deliver results in 15-30 minutes are to be rolled out across the United States and in scores of poorer countries, as health authorities worldwide try to get a handle on a disease that has now killed more than a million people......»»

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Labor group to Palace: Resolve issues with EU parliament

Following Malacañang’s provocation to the European Union’s Parliament to revoke tariff privileges given to Philippine products, a labor group on Saturday urged the government to properly resolve the mess without stirring the hornet’s nest to avoid further job losses to Filipinos. In a statement, workers group Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) […] The post Labor group to Palace: Resolve issues with EU parliament appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Kyline’s 18th b-day wish: More offbeat roles, freedom to handle finances

Kyline Alcantara officially bade her teenybopper days goodbye when she turned 18 last Sept. 3. She celebrated the once-in-a-lifetime occasion without the usual party due to the pandemic......»»

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Charlie Puth look-alike steals hearts (and balls) on the hardcourt

These days players are expected to shoot from distance, handle the ball, make the right pass, and guard multiple positions on defense. And that’s what Patrick Sleat has been doing to up his game......»»

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