Biden to the rescue

Congratulations first of all to our wunderkind friend Dr. Karl Kendrick Chua, who breezed through his Senate confirmation last week as NEDA director-general. His sponsor, Senator Ralph Recto—a former NEDA head and no mean looker himself—praised Karl’s “K-Pop looks” as well as his skills in development economics......»»

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Giant step as Biden COVID rescue plan clears Senate

The US Senate on Saturday voted to approve a $1.9 trillion relief package in what President Joe Biden called a "giant step" towards reviving the pandemic-stricken American economy, capping frenzied negotiations and a marathon overnight voting session......»»

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Biden goes to US heartland for support on massive economic package

President Joe Biden is sidestepping a divided Congress and going straight to the nation Tuesday with a televised town hall in Wisconsin seeking support for his $1.9 trillion economic rescue package......»»

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Stocks snap 6-day losing streak; Metrobank climbs

The stock market rose Monday on bargain hunting to snap a six-day losing streak as investors keep tabs on the progress of Joe Biden’s new US economic rescue package......»»

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Belarus. – Russia considers Biden’s meeting with Belarusian opposition Tijanovskaya a “sovereign affair” of the US

07-28-2021 Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and US President Joe Biden. Politics North America Europe United States Belarus International Twitter Joe Biden Madrid, 30 (Europa.....»»

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Phl, US step up talks on regional security

Security discussions will shift to high gear this week between the Philippines and the United States as the allies enter a sensitive stage in the relationship of President Duterte who is about to end his term and President Biden who has just begun his......»»

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China urges Washington to stop & quot;demonizing& quot; it during US official visit

Beijing urged the US to stop "demonising" China during Monday talks with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the highest-level official to visit under President Joe Biden's administration......»»

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Beijing urges US to halt & lsquo;demonizing& rsquo; China

Beijing---Beijing urged Washington to stop “demonizing” China on Monday as rancor marked the start of talks with the highest-level US envoy to visit under President Joe Biden’s administration......»»

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PNP: Disaster response units mobilized amid heavy rains

In a statement, the police chief said that 539, police search and rescue personnel have been deployed in five Luzon regions where emergency situations have been reported......»»

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US sanctions Cuba for repressing protests, Biden warns more to come

US sanctions Cuba for repressing protests, Biden warns more to come.....»»

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Trump and Biden on China and Russia

The conventional wisdom in the United States was that President Donald Trump was extremely tough on China, but suspiciously soft on Russia......»»

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Bangka lumubog sa Sulu, 2 tigok

Dalawang tao ang namatay habang na-rescue ang 17 pa nang lumubog ang kanilang sasakyang-pandagat sa Sulu Sea noong Huwebes. The post Bangka lumubog sa Sulu, 2 tigok first appeared on Abante......»»

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Flood death toll in Belgium rises to 31

The number of Belgian residents confirmed dead in massive floods that hit several European countries this week rose to 31 on Sunday, according to official figures, as authorities said they were calling an end to rescue operations......»»

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I’m sick of Biden: Mike Pence

Des Moines, Iowa — Former Vice President Mike Pence toured Iowa on Friday, attacking President Joe Biden’s administration for fomenting “a wave of left-wing politics.....»»

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Merkel presses and Biden evaluates the reopening of the borders to the Schengen area

On her recent trip to the United States as German chancellor, Angela Merkel lobbied President Joe Biden to reopen borders to Schengen area citizens. According.....»»

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ANEI asks to rescue the economy by adjusting monetary and fiscal policies – El Financiero

The National Association of Independent Entrepreneurs (ANEI) called on the federal government to adjust its monetary and fiscal policies, in order to overcome the crisis.....»»

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Pop star Olivia Rodrigo pushes Biden s youth vaccination drive

Filipino-American teen pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo said Wednesday she is "in awe" of White House efforts to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 and said getting the shot was "easy.".....»»

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Olivia Rodrigo to star in White House vaccine promotion

Teen pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo is set to visit the White House on Wednesday to put some star power into the Biden administration's flagging Covid-19 vaccination campaign......»»

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Deportation cases

In a previous column, I discussed a new memo from the Biden administration, that they are limiting deportations by exercising what is called “prosecutorial discretion,” in terms of whether or not to bring deportation cases or even dismiss existing deportation cases......»»

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America fights vaccine propaganda campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s administration is taking aggressive action against politicians who spread misinformation about coronavirus vaccines and who criticize house-to-house efforts to.....»»

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Taliban capture key areas as US troops leave Afghanistan

The Taliban said Friday they had captured a key border crossing with Iran, hours after President Joe Biden issued a staunch defence of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan......»»

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