Activists arrested in Quezon City are humanitarian workers – group

Karapatan-Caraga said that Julieta Gomez and Niezel Velasco are both engaged humanitarian work over the years. In fact, the group said that “officers and personnel of some of government agencies in the region know them personally as they have coordinated activities particularly with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and local government units in the Surigao and Agusan provinces and several municipalities.” The post Activists arrested in Quezon City are humanitarian workers – group appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Babies have rights

 #ASKGOYO Atty. Gregorio Larrazabal Quoted below is the statement of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines: “The tragic death of 3-month-old Baby River highlights the need to do MORE, BETTER, FASTER in the justice sector quoted below is the statement of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines: “Baby River was born at the Fabella Medical Center on July 1, 2020.  Her mother, urban poor organizer Reina Mae Nasino, 23 years old, is a detainee at the Manila City Jail Female Dormitory who was arrested on November 5, 2019 at the Tondo office of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.  The police raids that resulted in the arrests of over 60 activists in Metro Manila and Bacolod were by virtue of various warrants issued by the RTC Branch 89 in Quezon City.  Reina Mae and two others were charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives, a non-bailable offense. “Despite questions raised against the validity of the raids and arrests as well as petitions for the release of Reina Mae on health and humanitarian grounds or for continued breast-feeding, the frail and underweight Baby River was separated from her mother barely a month after birth. “The case went through RTC Manila Branch 20, the Supreme Court, back to RTC Branch 20, then RTC branch 42 and RTC Branch 37, and the Court of Appeals, until Baby River died on Oct. 12, 2020. “Manila RTC Branch 47 finally allowed Reina Mae furlough – this time to visit her dead daughter.  Despite many fully armed BJMP escorts, police and military personnel monitoring and accompanying Reina Mae, she remained hand-cuffed while at the wake. “The heartbreaking and brief life-story of Baby River compel us to raise these questions: “1. Why can’t our justice system safeguard the needs and rights of an innocent child to breastfeeding and a better chance to survive? “2. Why don’t our jails have adequate facilities to address the needs and rights of children and women detainees duly recognized by domestic and international law? “3. Why does it take so long to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights? “4. Isn’t there double standard when “bigger” detainees are allowed similar or even greater privileges? “5. Can we not have justice with compassion? “Let our concern, dismay, or rage and the tears that we may shed for Baby River Nasino fuel our collective determination and action to improve our justice system.  Let not our innocent children fall under the cracks.  Babies have rights and we have duties to nurture them.  Let our humanity rise above our personal comforts or the privileges of power.” DOMINGO EGON CAYOSA National President & Chairman of the Board of Governors *** We can talk about the law legal processes, and I’m sure many will.  But at the crux of all this should be:“What is it to be human?” Have we sunk so low that we’ve lost our humanity?  Have we forgotten what it is that separates us from animals?  Have we been numb to peoples’ suffering and death? Have we been stripped of our sense of morality and compassion that we have lost our appreciation of what is right and wrong?  People have discussed the trampled rights of the mother of the infant.  But what about the rights of the baby?  Stripping the legalese of the tragedy, we have to ask: What about the basic needs of the baby, as emphasized by the statement of the IBP?  There is no justification to being deprived of the love and care his mother, and the warmth of her embrace. The soothing voice to say she’s going to get better, and she’s loved…  Have we regressed to a point that we’ve been stripped of our empathy? More than the legality of this.  After the furor will have died down, and it surely will, I think we have to ask ourselves, “Where are we now?”  How low have we sunk and how to we get back up and regain some sense of decency? My heart broke when I saw pictures of Reina Mae Nasino covered in PPE, in handcuffs, unable to even hug her dead baby one last time.  I still cannot understand the inhumanity towards not only the mother, but the baby, who had done no one wrong, yet was treated with so much hate, disrespect, contempt, and derision for her to be born in this world, yet stripped and deprived of human love and affection.  I can never hate anyone that much to treat him or her so badly. I think we need to dig deep within ourselves and search our soul.  To find the humanity which has clearly been missing.  We need to find our moral compass, before we all lose our soul and drown in the abyss. Stay Safe.  Pray for Baby River.  Pray for OUR country......»»

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'UndoingDuterte | Five years of state terror

Under the Duterte administration, Karapatan has noted a pattern of using search warrants issued by executive judges in Quezon City and Manila regional trial courts to conduct police and military raids on homes and offices of the progressive leaders and activists which led to the killings or if not, end up arrested after supposed “evidence” were gathered by the authorities. The post #UndoingDuterte | Five years of state terror appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Quezon City car theft suspect nabbed in Mindanao

Agents of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group arrested Thursday night in Zamboanga del Sur a car theft suspect wanted by a court in Quezon City......»»

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4 activists arrested in Butuan

Police in Caraga claimed in a statement that those arrested are high ranking members of the New People’s Army. Three of them are being implicated in the killing of members of the Manobo tribe and former New People’s Army fighters in the region but rights group assert that all of them are active in the people's organizations based in the city. The post 4 activists arrested in Butuan appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Arrested for a Christmas surprise: CCPO gives back to deserving workers via ‘Arestoaguinaldo’

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Two gas station employees and two car shop employees here got the shock of their lives when a group of policemen in patrol cars “arrested” them in the middle of the day on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. The four individuals, on separate occasions, were stunned to find out that they were […] The post Arrested for a Christmas surprise: CCPO gives back to deserving workers via ‘Arestoaguinaldo’ appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Rights groups slam MMDA spox for ‘drama serye’ remark on detained activist

Human rights groups slammed Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Spokesperson Celine Pialago following her “drama serye” remarks at detained activist Reina Mae Nasino who recently buried her three-month-old daughter River.  Kapatid, a support group for families and friends of political prisoners, said those who downgrade what happened to the political prisoner are only trying to “cover the government’s gross violation of human rights.”  “The story of Reina Mae Nasino and her 3-month-old child who died last week is not ‘drama-serye.’ It is a real story that exposed the countless injustices committed by the government,” it said in a statement released on Sunday.  “MMDA Chair Danny Lim, a former political prisoner himself, should have long shown the door to his spokesperson. It should be obvious by now that sensitivity cannot be taught nor proper manners and right conduct if one is empty-headed,” it added. Meanwhile, National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) President Edre Olalia was more restrained, saying they would “do the same thing if she was in Ina’s position and circumstance. “To start with, we will never ever wish this horrible tragedy and injustice to visit the Asec, her mother, her daughters, her sisters and her aunts,” he said in a Facebook post. Despite having nothing to do with traffic, Pialago felt the need to “use her voice as a Filipino” to share her two cents on Nasino’s case. “Hindi lahat ng inang nakakulong ay nakapunta sa libing ng kanyang anak. Kaya yung mga sumisimpatya kay Reina Mae Nasino, pag aralan niyo mabuti ang dahilan bakit siya nakulong at kilalanin niyong mabuti kung sino siya sa lipunan (Not all jailed mothers get to visit their children’s funeral. So all of those who sympathize with Reina Mae Nasino, study well why she was imprisoned and know who she is and what her role is in society),” she said in a Facebook post on Sunday morning. “Masyado ninyong ginagawang pang drama serye sa hapon ang paghihinagpis niya. Tigilan niyo (You are trying to make her grief like an afternoon drama serye. Stop it)!” she added. Nasino was five months pregnant with River when she was arrested in November 2019 for allegedly being found with firearms and explosives at the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Manila Office in Tondo, Manila. Her lawyers have insisted that the pieces of evidence were planted and that the charges filed against her are trumped-up. She gave birth to River on July 1 at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Medical Hospital on July 1. She and her baby were returned to the Manila City Jail 48 hours later. Before this, she filed a motion before the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) to allow her to breastfeed her daughter for a year at the hospital or a prison nursery.  But Manila RTC Branch 20 Judge Marivic Balisi-Umali denied this, saying that the jail has “very limited resources” for the care of her child.  Nasino was also among 22 elderly and medically-compromised detainees who filed a motion for their compassionate release amid the pandemic on April 8 before the Supreme Court. But months later, the High Court ruled that the trial courts will be the ones to decide on their temporary release. On August 13, the activist-mother was ordered to turn her child over to her relatives.  River was admitted at the Philippine General Hospital for fever and diarrhea on September 24. She was placed in the intensive care unit on October 9 where she died a few hours later.  A few hours before her daughter died, Nasino filed a very urgent motion for furlough so she can be with her child in her dying moments. On October 13, Manila RTC Branch 47 Judge Paulino Gallegos granted her three full days from October 14 to 16 to be by her daughter’s side during the wake and burial.  But the next day, he cut Nasino’ furlough down to only six hours from 1 to 4 p.m. on October 14 and 16 after receiving opposition from the Manila City Jail. The Manila City Jail cited lack of personnel, health concerns, and a guideline stating that detainees can only be at their loved ones’ burial and wake for a maximum of three hours. For both the wake and the funeral, Nasino was clad in a full set of personal protective equipment, handcuffed, and flanked by numerous uniformed personnel.  Tensions rose during the wake after her escorts tried to pull her away twice before her time was up, eventually escorting her out with 20 minutes to spare before 4 p.m. On October 16, Marites Asis, Nasino’s mother, had to kneel and beg in front of the police to allow them to hold funeral at 11:30 a.m. The cops wanted to delay it until 1 p.m. Police also sped off with River’s hearse to the Manila North Cemetery, leaving her family behind and thwarting activists’ plan to conduct a caravan around the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals before burying her at the cemetery. Nasino’s counsels at NUPL earlier said that they will file charges against those involved in the activist’s treatment during her daughter’s wake and burial. .....»»

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Cops arrest Daulah Islamiyah member in buy-bust

Police arrested a suspected member of Daulah Islamiyah Terrorist Group in a buy-bust operation in Quezon City......»»

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2 held over online bingo games

Two persons who allegedly organized illegal online bingo games, where players could win as high as P100,000, were arrested by Anti-Cybercrime Group personnel in Quezon City on Friday......»»

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P130K shabu seized

Two workers were arrested by Batasan cops following an operation along Commonwealth Avenue on Sunday evening. The suspects were identified as Mojiahid Pingguiman, alias Moguia, 27, a carinderia crew from Sitio Bacood, Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City, and Michael Salilaguia, 35, security guard, from Barangay 650, Zone 68, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila. Station commander […] The post P130K shabu seized appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Quezon City jabbed 493K during ECQ

Quezon City reported administering 493,000 vaccines to its residents and workers during the implementation of the stricter enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) from 6 to 20 August this year. Of the number, 415,823 served as first doses while the remaining 77,077 were administered as second doses in the A1 to A5 priority groups under the QC […].....»»

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VSMMC justifies hazard pay to workers not physically reporting to work

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) justified its payment of P2.11 million to personnel not physically reporting to work during the pandemic as a humanitarian move for those who were quarantined after contracting COVID-19 during their duty days. The Commission on Audit (COA) has flagged this expense in their 2020 […] The post VSMMC justifies hazard pay to workers not physically reporting to work appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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More ECQ violators arrested

Thirty-seven people were apprehended yesterday along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City for violating COVID-19 protocols and traffic rules during the enhanced community quarantine......»»

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CIDG field office chief axed for extortion

The commander of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Quezon City field office and another police officer were sacked from their posts yesterday for allegedly attempting to extort P3 million from a businessman......»»

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Gokongwei Group rolls out COVID Protect program

Thirty-three-year-old Henessy Catajay Pallarca, assistant store manager of Robinsons Supermarket in Tandang Sora, Quezon City is the first front liner employee of the Gokongwei Group to be jabbed under the conglomerate’s COVID Protect vaccination program. The vaccine rollout is an initiative of the Group to inoculate tens of thousands of its employees and their dependents, […] The post Gokongwei Group rolls out COVID Protect program appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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NBI nabs fake doctor

The National Bureau of Investigation has arrested a fake doctor who performed aesthetic medicine in Quezon City......»»

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Man caught with P3.4 million shabu

Anti-narcotics agents arrested a 42-year-old man on Wednesday for alleged possession of around 500 grams of shabu valued at P3.4 million in Quezon City......»»

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28 arrested for illegal gambling

Twenty-eight persons were apprehended in Quezon City on Sunday as part of the city government’s campaign against all forms of illegal gambling, police said yesterday......»»

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Arrests and planting of evidence against two Caraga activists slammed

Arrested are Julieta Gomez, an officer of the Lumad group Kahugpongan sa mga Lumadnong Organisasyon sa Caraga and Niezel Velasco, former project coordinator of the relief organization Bread for Emergency Assistance and Development......»»

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MVP Group donates bicycles, gadgets to San Juan

The San Juan City government yesterday received 60 bicycles and gadgets for workers and teachers from Team Woman in Action and the MVP Group of companies......»»

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Rights group urges release of activists arrested using questionable warrants

“For accountability and justice to hold sway, we press that a review be made of all cases that emanated from the sala of those judges who turned their courts into a search warrant factory that led to the arrest and outright killing of activists." The post Rights group urges release of activists arrested using questionable warrants appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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