New spider species named after legendary warrior Urduja

SAN PEDRO CITY --- Tiny but fierce with six eyes, a new spider species has been named after Princess Urduja, a legendary warrior said to have ruled the precolonial kingdom of Tawalisi, now known as Pangasinan. Masteria urdujae sp. nov. is currently the smallest of its genus, masteriine, recorded in the Indomalayan region. An adult male measures just about 4 millimeters. Up to 8 eyes, or none at all It is also, so far, the third masteriine spider species from the Philippines taxonomically described or included in the scientific database since 1892, after Masteria caeca and Masteria cavicola, which were discovered in Morong and San Mateo towns, respectively, in Rizal province....Keep on reading: New spider species named after legendary warrior Urduja.....»»

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Leveling expectations between the sexes on Valentine s Day

To save many couples who are just beginning this journey of romance which could experience one of its peaks during Valentine's, I offer unsolicited advice to have some sort of scientific briefing to level your expectations. Let us begin with a joke I received about a text exchange between an ........»»

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DENR eyes alternatives to open pit mining

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is studying alternative ways of extracting minerals aside from the open pit method......»»

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Get your child into sports this 2019!

MILO Philippines is getting ready to kick off the break with the launch of the 2019 MILO Summer Sports Clinics, held Thursday, February 7th at the MILO Stadium in KidZania, BGC.  The yearly program, which is on its 36th installment, continues to encourage children to participate in various sporting activities throughout the summer vacation.  With the campaign's thrust of "Get Your Child into Sports", the Sports Clinics aim to strengthen and highlight the importance of sports in the holistic development of today's youth.  "Getting children involved in sports would be a more enjoyable and productive way to healthy living," said MILO Philippines Business Unit Manager Willy De Ocampo. "We believe that physical and social development lay the foundation for a child's growth, which is why our MILO Summer Sports Clinics teachers children the fundamentals of various sports in a unique and scientific way and helps them develop character-forming values."  In 2019, MILO makes the Summer Sports Clinics more available to a wider scope of young aspiring athletes, as they continue to expand in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.  Beginning late March, the clinics will commence in over 700 venues which will be accessible to more than 30,000 children nationwide.  This year will also mark the addition of new sports such as Arnis, Ultimate Frisbee, and Wushu, strengthening the already wide offering of sports, which includes Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Fencing, Football, Futsal, Karatedo, Taekwondo, Swimming, and many others. Aiding in the development and progress of the participatign children are experienced mentors coaches, and instructors who have proven their abilities on the international stage and have excelled in the highest level such as the Southeast Asian Games and the Olympics.  Among those notable figures who have gone through the MILO Summer Clinics are PBA star and BEST Center Graduate Chris Tiu, SEA Games medalist and Taekwondo clinic graduate Japoy Lizardo, and SEAG Games gold medalist Kaitlyn De Guzman, who is an alumni of the Gymnastics clinic.  "We look forward to nurture more children to be champions, not just as athletes, but also as individuals," expressed MILO Sports Executive Luigi Pumaren. "We encourage parents to introduce their kids to a fun, active, and healthy lifestyle and make their summer worthwhile with the MILO Summer Sports Clinics."   .....»»

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Voyage into the unknown explores Indian Ocean’s hidden depths

LONDON -- A mission to explore uncharted depths in the Indian Ocean was launched Wednesday, hoping to discover hundreds of new species and find out what impact plastic is having way below the surface. The First Descent expedition, led by British-based ocean research institute Nekton, is set to send submersibles as deep as 3,000 meters off the Seychelles from March to test the health of the ocean.   The project was launched at the Commonwealth headquarters in London.   "The mission is focusing on 30 meters down to 3,000 meters. This is where you get the peak diversity of species," said Professor Alex Rogers, part of the scientific team.   "In the Indian...Keep on reading: Voyage into the unknown explores Indian Ocean’s hidden depths.....»»

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‘Inkjet’ Solar Panels Poised to Revolutionise Green Energy

What if one day all buildings could be equipped with windows and facades that satisfy the structure's every green energy need, whether rain or shine?That sustainability dream is today one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to Polish physicist and businesswoman Olga Malinkiewicz and 'Inkjet' Solar Panels. The 36-year-old has developed a novel inkjet processing method for perovskites -- a new generation of cheaper solar cells -- that makes it possible to produce solar panels under lower temperatures, thus sharply reducing costs.Indeed, perovskite technology is on track to revolutionise access to solar power for all, given its surprising physical properties, some experts say."In o...Keep on reading: ‘Inkjet’ Solar Panels Poised to Revolutionise Green Energy.....»»

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Trump seeks to eliminate HIV in U.S. within 10 years

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 5, to call for a bipartisan commitment to eradicate AIDS in the United States within a decade. "Scientific breakthroughs have brought a once-distant dream within reach," Trump said in his annual address to Congress.  "My budget will ........»»

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Why experts strongly oppose lowering the age of criminal responsibility

AT A GLANCE Lawmakers push a proposal to lower the minimum age of responsibility (MACR) from 15 to 12 years old despite the obligation to protect what is in the best interest of children.  Experts are strongly opposed to lowering the MACR because years of scientific research and evidence show ........»»

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Follow These Steps on How to Get Instagram Famous

Within the following article we're going to go over how to get Instagram famous. Instagram encourages its users to follow each other and "like" photographs, two actions which may cause users to be seen as "famous" by their community. If you have been striking out on the road to Instagram fame, do not panic. It's possible to become Instagram Famous by refining the account, learning to tell a story with images, and developing community. Select an Instagram name that's easy to recognize and catchy. Consider the kind of content you wish to share with the world and select a name which embodies this theme. Having an Instagram name reflecting your personality is an excellent method of attrac...Keep on reading: Follow These Steps on How to Get Instagram Famous.....»»

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Risks may offset aspirin s benefit vs heart disease | Inquirer Technology

TAMPA, United States --- Should healthy people take aspirin to ward off heart disease? The notion has been controversial, and the medical advice mixed. But a review of scientific data on the topic Tue.....»»

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Should we lower age of criminal responsibility? What science says

The House of Representatives passed the bill that would lower the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9 years old despite questions over scientific basis for the shift in policy. Local and international child rights groups opposed the development. Posted by UNICEF Philippines on Friday, January 18, 2019 SAD DAY FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: Child Rights […] The post Should we lower age of criminal responsibility? What science says appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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Science says children don’t fully grasp own decisions in ‘criminal’ actions

The House of Representatives passed the bill that would lower the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9 years old despite questions over scientific basis for the shift in policy. Local and international child rights groups opposed the development. Posted by UNICEF Philippines on Friday, January 18, 2019 SAD DAY FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: Child Rights […] The post Science says children don’t fully grasp own decisions in ‘criminal’ actions appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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No Inflation, No Cry: Jamaica turns to reggae to promote target

AT A TIME when inflation targets have eluded the central banks of major emerging markets like Turkey and Argentina, Jamaica has turned to an unorthodox method of communicating its consumer price policy: reggae......»»

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How to Get out of High Credit Card Debt

High credit card debt can be crushing, especially for a family with growing children and various expenses. It can sometimes feel as if the debt will never be paid off. But there are ways to find relief. The most common solution for credit card debt is debt consolidation. It is a broad term that encompasses many options for debt relief and can help you gain some breathing room in your finances. Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is a method of relieving debt that basically merges several debts into one. This new consolidated debt would have a lower interest rate. It is also much simpler to pay off one debt than many. There are many options for debt consolidation, and they are not equ...Keep on reading: How to Get out of High Credit Card Debt.....»»

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BSP tightens computation of banks’ net worth

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has revised the method in computing the required capital of banks to ensure that it is comprised only of instruments that are of the highest quality to absorb losses......»»

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[OPINION | NEWSPOINT] Where numbers lie

As a matter of course, truth is conceded in the adage "Numbers don't lie." Well, not the numbers served up by our pollsters these days.  The fact is, any polled number, no matter if arrived at by simple counting or some complex scientific ........»»

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China shares scientific data

The Chinese Academy of Sciences will release about 5 million gigabytes of data related to Earth sciences, biology and ecology from around globe, allowing scientists and officials worldwide to study and tackle issues on climate change, food security, disaster relief and environmental protection. The data which can be accessed on the CASEarth Databank at, […].....»»

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Bill Bryson following up ‘A Short History’ with exploration of human body

After taking on the universe in his 2010 book "A Short History of Nearly Everything", author Bill Bryson is planning a follow-up that promises to take on "the human body, how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself." Bryson, whose autobiographical story of hiking the Appalachian Trail, "A Walk in the Woods", was adapted into a movie starring Robert Redford, gained praise for making science accessible in his inquisitive book about scientific discoveries. According to United Kingdom publisher Penguin, his next science book, called "The Body: A Guide for Occupants", will inspire readers to marvel at what goes on in their "head, heart and beyond," while helping them ...Keep on reading: Bill Bryson following up ‘A Short History’ with exploration of human body.....»»

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Nike launches the most scientific basketball shoe ever made

Say goodbye to the common shoelace. On January 16, 2019 at the Nike Headquarters in New York City, the world’s most iconic sportswear brand presented a new platform called Nike Adapt which aims to deliver digitally powered adjustable footwear across both performance and lifestyle categories. Michael Donaghu, VP of Nike Innovation “Our vision for the future is called ‘Powered Athlete’ - A world in which products are intelligent. I’m pleased to say that the first chapter of intelligent Nike products and experiences begins today,” said Michael Donaghu, VP of Nike Innovation. Imagine a shoe that delivers the precise fit you need, when you need it with a push of a button or the swipe of a phone. That’s the kind of revolutionary technology that Nike Adapt presents to athletes and consumers. The first chapter in this innovation of Nike Adapt will feature the game of basketball. “We chose basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally because of the demands that athletes put on their shoes. During a normal basketball game, the athlete’s foot changes, and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again for performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete’s experience,” explained Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Director. Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Director During the process of creating the shoe, the Nike Adapt BB underwent various tests including using the underfoot lacing to lift 32 pounds of force. It’s as strong as that of a standard parachute cord. “This was the most tested shoe in the history of Nike Basketball,” revealed Ross Klein, Senior Designer of Basketball Footwear Innovation. Ross Klein, Senior Designer of Nike Basketball Footwear Innovation Owners of the Nike Adapt BB will have the ability to customize the fit of the shoe and select not just one setting, but different situations be it warming-up or engaging in the heat of the game via an app which controls the FitAdapt tech embedded in the sole of the shoe. “The app makes the shoe that much easier to use and allows you to evolve and update your shoe over time,” explained Michael Martin, VP of Nike Direct Product. “But, that’s just the beginning of an incredibly rich robust roadmap of additional improvements.” Michael Martin, VP of Nike Direct Product Aside from the power-lacing feature, the app also allows you to change the color of the two lights at the base of the shoe to fit your mood. There are 14 colors to choose from. Now, of course, part of the meticulous process of releasing the Nike Adapt BB to the world was getting elite athletes to test it out. That is exactly what Nike did when they brought the likes of Kyle Kuzma, Luka Doncic, De’Aaron Fox and Jayson Tatum to the Nike World Headquarters in Oregon to take the Nike Adapt BB for a spin. It was one intense workout that Tatum, the sophomore star of the Boston Celtics thoroughly enjoyed. “We might have played 5 or 6 games and everybody was going hard. At first, everybody was just going up and down and breaking a sweat, but then, things started to get serious and we’re all competitors, so, we went at it,” said Tatum. Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics Tatum will be the first NBA player to wear the Nike Adapt BB in an actual NBA game when the Boston Celtics play the Toronto Raptors in their upcoming match-up. The twenty year old forward has been known for wearing Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant signature sneakers but he already considers the Nike Adapt BB as his new favorite pair. “They’re now my favorite basketball shoe of all-time,” said Tatum with a smile. The Nike Adapt BB will be available in the Philippines in February at Nike Park Fort, Titan BGC and at Php 17,495.00.  .....»»

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Maths giant Atiyah, 89

LONDON — One of the world’s most revered mathematicians, Michael Atiyah, passed away on Friday at the age of 89, according to a tribute published by the Royal Society, Britain’s foremost scientific academy. The British-Lebanese mathematician served as president of the Royal Society between 1990 and 1995. His other positions included Master of Trinity College […].....»»

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