In The City That Never Sleeps

New York City definitely lives up to its nickname “The City That Never Sleeps.” Its sights like Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times.....»»

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A child from the Kagan tribe performs a traditional dance during the opening ceremony of the "Kan-anan sa Tribo" at the Tribal Village in Magsaysay Park in Davao City, on Friday, December 15. (Robby Joy D. Salveron/»»

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PHOTOS | Christmas at the Sorsogon Capitol Park

PHOTOS | Christmas at the Sorsogon Capitol Park.....»»

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Iain Ramsay s hat trick powers Ceres Negros FC to inaugural PFL crown

Fil-Australian Iain Ramsay took over the Panaad Park and Stadium in Bacolod, Saturday night, as he led home team Ceres Negros FC to a 4-1 win over Global Cebu FC to capture the first ever Philippines Football League championship. Ramsay was doing everything for Ceres Negros, finding Spanish striker Bienve Marañon for the early goal to get things going four minutes in. It wouldn't be long before Ramsay found his touch as well, converting in the 20th minute off a Stephan Schrock assist. Seven minutes later, Ramsay struck again off a Junior Muñoz hand-off to triple the Busmen's lead before the mid-game intermission. Ramsay picked up where he left off in the 61st minute, netting a hat trick and extending Ceres Negros' lead to 4-0. Ceres Negros had multiple chances to make it a 5-0 lead, but Global Cebu keeper Patrick Deyto managed to prevent any further damage from the Negrense club. The visiting Cebuano club pulled one back and avoided a shutout, courtesy of Darryl Roberts in the 88th minute. That was all that Global Cebu could muster, as Ceres Negros held to to win and make history as the first ever PFL champions. .....»»

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Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana

MENLO PARK, California — The coming union of the Disney and Fox media empires is set to create a new nirvana for fanboys and -girls, one that reunites superh.....»»

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MANILA NIGHTLIFE – RIZAL PARK FOUNTAIN SHOW + Exploring Intramuros – Manila Video

MANILA NIGHTLIFE – RIZAL PARK FOUNTAIN SHOW + Exploring Intramuros – Manila Video.....»»

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Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana

MENLO PARK, California --- The coming union of the Disney and Fox media empires is set to create a new nirvana for fanboys and -girls, one that reunites superheroes and sci-fi characters long separated by an energy barrier of corporate legalism. Take, for instance, the fractured world of Marvel superheroes. For years, the X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Professor X and the crew) and the Fantastic Four (Thing, Invisible Woman, et al) have battled bad dudes from the studios of 20th Century Fox. Meanwhile Iron Man, Black Widow and other Avengers vanquished villains in another corner of the galaxy run by Disney. Almost ne'er the twain did meet --- though that could soon change. In a related f...Keep on reading: Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana.....»»

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Amazon opts for truce, prepares sales of Apple TV, Chromecast

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) --- Amazon is angling for a truce in its two-year battle with Apple and Google over streaming gadgets: It says it is preparing to put Apple TV and Chromecast back on sale. A spokeswoman for Amazon confirmed Friday it is preparing to sell the devices. However, fresh links for the products that went live on Thursday indicate they are still unavailable. Amazon stopped selling Apple TV streaming devices in late 2015 in retaliation for Apple not making Amazon's Prime Video app available on Apple TVs. It said at the time the move was to reduce possible confusion caused by items sold on its store not playing videos bundled with its Prime shipping plan. It also stop...Keep on reading: Amazon opts for truce, prepares sales of Apple TV, Chromecast.....»»

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Facebook: Using social media can make you feel bad

MENLO PARK, Calif. --- It's not quite like tobacco companies warning about the dangers of smoking, but Facebook is acknowledging something many already know: Using social media can be bad for your health. The social media giant whose platform has become a daily addiction for hundreds of millions of people sheds light in a blog post Friday on what it says are two sides of the issue. It notes research showing an increase in teen depression with technology use. It also points to its own research that shows improvements in well-being from interacting with close friends online. Facebook, of course, thrives when people engage with its platform. Facebook's Director of Research David...Keep on reading: Facebook: Using social media can make you feel bad.....»»

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As Olympics near, South Korea agonizes over post-Games costs

By Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AP) — South Korean officials have ruled out turning a state-of-the-art Olympic skating arena into a giant seafood freezer. Other than that, not much is certain about the country's post-Winter Games plans for a host of expensive venues. As officials prepare for the games in and around the small mountain town of Pyeongchang, there are lingering worries over the huge financial burden facing one of the nation's poorest regions. Local officials hope that the Games will provide a badly needed economic boost by marking the area as a world-class tourist destination. But past experience shows that hosts who justified their Olympics with expectations of financial windfalls were often left deeply disappointed when the fanfare ended. This isn't lost on Gangwon province, which governs Pyeongchang and nearby Gangneung, a seaside city that will host Olympic skating and hockey events. Officials there are trying hard to persuade the national government to pay to maintain new stadiums that will have little use once the athletes leave. Seoul, however, is so far balking at the idea. The Olympics, which begin Feb. 9, will cost South Korea about 14 trillion won ($12.9 billion), much more than the 8 to 9 trillion won ($7 to 8 billion) the country projected as the overall cost when Pyeongchang won the bid in 2011. Worries over costs have cast a shadow over the games among residents long frustrated with what they say were decades of neglect in a region that doesn't have much going on other than domestic tourism and fisheries. "What good will a nicely managed global event really do for residents when we are struggling so much to make ends meet?" said Lee Do-sung, a Gangneung restaurant owner. "What will the games even leave? Maybe only debt." ___ TEARING THINGS DOWN The atmosphere was starkly different three decades ago when grand preparations for the 1988 Seoul Summer Games essentially shaped the capital into the modern metropolis it is today. A massive sports complex and huge public parks emerged alongside the city's Han River. Next came new highways, bridges and subway lines. Forests of high-rise buildings rose above the bulldozed ruins of old commercial districts and slums. The legacy of the country's second Olympics will be less clear. In a country that cares much less now about the recognition that large sporting events bring, it will potentially be remembered more for things dismantled than built. Pyeongchang's picturesque Olympic Stadium — a pentagonal 35,000-seat arena that sits in a county of 40,000 people — will only be used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics before workers tear it down. A scenic downhill course in nearby Jeongseon will also be demolished after the games to restore the area to its natural state. Fierce criticism by environmentalists over the venue being built on a pristine forest sacred to locals caused construction delays that nearly forced pre-Olympic test events to be postponed. Gangwon officials want the national government to share costs for rebuilding the forest, which could be as much as 102 billion won ($95 million). ___ NO FISH Despite more than a decade of planning, Gangwon remains unsure what to do with the Olympic facilities it will keep. Winter sports facilities are often harder to maintain than summer ones because of the higher costs for maintaining ice and snow and the usually smaller number of people they attract. That's especially true in South Korea, which doesn't have a strong winter sports culture. Not all ideas are welcome. Gangwon officials say they never seriously considered a proposal to convert the 8,000-seat Gangneung Oval, the Olympic speed skating venue, into a refrigerated warehouse for seafood. Officials were unwilling to have frozen fish as part of their Olympic legacy. Gangwon officials also dismissed a theme park developer's suggestion to make the stadium a gambling venue where people place bets on skating races, citing the country's strict laws and largely negative view of gambling. A plan to have the 10,000-capacity Gangneung Hockey Center host a corporate league hockey team fell apart. Even worse off are Pyeongchang's bobsleigh track, ski jump hill and the biathlon and cross-country skiing venues, which were built for sports South Koreans are largely uninterested in. After its final inspection visit in August, the International Olympic Committee warned Pyeongchang's organizers that they risked creating white elephants from Olympic venues, though it didn't offer specific suggestions for what to do differently. Cautionary tales come from Athens, which was left with a slew of abandoned stadiums after the 2004 Summer Games that some say contributed to Greece's financial meltdown and Nagano, the Japanese town that never got the tourism bump it expected after spending an estimated $10.5 billion for the 1998 Winter Games. Some Olympic venues have proved to be too costly to maintain. The $100 million luge and bobsled track built in Turin for the 2006 games was later dismantled because of high operating costs. Pyeongchang will be only the second Olympic host to dismantle its ceremonial Olympic Stadium immediately after the games — the 1992 Winter Olympics host Albertville did so as well. ___ 'MONEY-DRINKING HIPPOS' Gangwon has demanded that the national government in Seoul pay for maintaining at least four Olympic facilities after the Games — the speed skating arena, hockey center, bobsleigh track and ski jump hill. This would save the province about 6 billion won ($5.5 million) a year, according to Park Cheol-sin, a Gangwon official. But the national government says doing so would be unfair to other South Korean cities that struggled financially after hosting large sports events. Incheon, the indebted 2014 Asian Games host, has a slew of unused stadiums now mocked as "money-drinking hippos." It would also be a hard sell to taxpayers outside of Gangwon, said Lee Jae-soon, an official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Unlike the 1988 Olympics and the 2002 World Cup, which were brought to South Korea after bids driven by the national government, the provincial government led the bid for the Pyeongchang games and it did so without any commitment from Seoul over footing the bill. Under current plans, Gangwon will be managing at least six Olympic facilities after the games. These facilities will create a 9.2 billion won ($8.5 million) deficit for the province every year, a sizable burden for a quickly-aging region that had the lowest income level among South Korean provinces in 2013, according to the Korea Industrial Strategy Institute, which was commissioned by Gangwon to analyze costs. Hong Jin-won, a Gangneung resident and activist who has been monitoring Olympic preparations for years, said the real deficit could be even bigger. The institute's calculation is based on assumptions that each facility would generate at least moderate levels of income, which Hong says is no sure thing. He said that could mean welfare spending gets slashed to help make up the lack of money. South Korea, a rapidly-aging country with a worsening job market and widening rich-poor gap, has by far the highest elderly poverty rate among rich nations, according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development figures. If Seoul doesn't pay for the Olympic facilities, and Gangwon can't turn them into cultural or leisure facilities, it might make more sense for Gangwon to just tear them down. Park said the national government must step up because the "Olympics are a national event, not a Gangwon event.".....»»

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Bacolod to host 2017 PFL Finals

THE Panaad Park and Stadium in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental will host the 2017 Philippines Football League (PFL) inaugural finals on Dec. 16. Ceres Negros Football Club and perennial rival Global Cebu FC will vie for the title starting 6 p.m. Meanwhile, Rizal Memorial Stadium will host the battle for third place between FC Meralco […] The post Bacolod to host 2017 PFL Finals appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Dara relives 2NE1 experience, delights fans in solo concert

By Anjie Blardony Ureta, Contributor Concert Review Penshoppe Presents: Dara Featuring Sandara Park Dec. 1, Kia Theater, Cubao, Quezon City KOREAN pop star Sandara Park paid tribute to 2NE1 and their loyal Blackjacks in a most unforgettable and loving way at her mini-concert on Dec. 1 at the Kia Theater in Quezon City. Going solo […] The post Dara relives 2NE1 experience, delights fans in solo concert appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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South Korea prosecutors seek 25 years for ex-president s friend

SEOUL, South Korea (UPDATED) – The powerful secret confidante at the centre of the sprawling corruption scandal that brought down South Korean president Park Geun-Hye should spend the next quarter of a century in prison, prosecutors demanded Thursday, December 14. Park's longtime friend Choi Soon-Sil – the daughter of her ........»»

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Payumo fights back, wins World Am division crown

MANILA, Philippines — Tonito Payumo bounced back strong from a third round meltdown at the tough Kota Permai course with a gutsy net 70 at Templer Park Count.....»»

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Survey to select anti-drug cops

GETTING into the PNP’s anti-drug units won’t be a walk in the park. The Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) announced over the weekend that they will resort to community vetting in selecting police personnel who would comprise anti-illegal drug units. “In the selection of drug enforcement unit or team, the community will be involved. A […] The post Survey to select anti-drug cops appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Sandara lives in the spotlight

A few hours before Sandara Park's awaited Penshoppe fan meet at the Kia Theater, the local fashion powerhouse's brand director, Jeff Bascon, enters the waiting room. "I'm so excited for this!" is his greeting. "I'm such a fan of Dara and watching her rehearse these past three days, I realized why they're called superstars in the first place," Jeff says. No one in that room had any doubts that the former "fresh vocals" of girl group 2NE1 can pull of a show on her own. She beams brightly the second the lights reveal her on stage. Sandara knows how to start a show with the fierce and upbeat medley of "Fire" and "Do You Love Me." And yes, of course, they love her. As Sanda...Keep on reading: Sandara lives in the spotlight.....»»

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Sandara Park is worth the wait

Since Penshoppe Presents Dara was announced on social media, Sandara fans and Blackjacks alike had marked their calendars for the much-awaited fan meeting. There was only one place to be on the first day of December---the Kia Theater in Quezon City. It seemed like an ordinary day for the rest of Manila, but at the entrance of this Cubao theater, fans of all ages (some even required mommy's supervision), patiently queued hours before the event. One of them was Roxanne Sergio, who came as early as 4:30 a.m. to line up. She was the first one at the venue, and she has the fast jeep ride from Antipolo City to Cubao to thank. This 21-year-old has been a fan of Sandara Park since h...Keep on reading: Sandara Park is worth the wait.....»»

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What the Fountain Knows

Tied to every coin is a desperate wish, a conflicted prayer, a pleading scream into the void. The water ripples as another coin breaks surface--- a shiny silver coin, landing swiftly. It collides with the rough tile, smack in the middle between a penny and a leather bracelet, too old and water-clogged to ever be worn again. A grown girl had thrown it, and now she darts out of the park like she is fleeing a crime scene. Her satchel bag whips behind her, dark hair flowing. She pushes against a family packing up their baby's stroller, slipping out of the shade of trees and paved bike paths like a bandit. It is not a crime to wish that she could pass her dream university. It is not ...Keep on reading: What the Fountain Knows.....»»

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Marcos ‘son’ arrested in Clark Freeport for guns, grenades

PAMPANGA, Philippines – Policemen arrested a man, who claimed to be the son of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, in his rented villa at a leisure park here on Friday, December 8, for possession of high-powered rifles and short firearms and explosives. Chief Inspector Rommel Labalan, head of ........»»

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Letters From Davao by Jun Ledesma

TERRORISTS THEY HAD IT COMING. Five Presidents offered the communist rebels and its armed militia peace but the settlements have not arrived into a fruition. The peace negotiation is done thousands of miles away and extremely is expensive. It is not a walk in the park in that if we consider the number of time the peace panel has to fly to the Netherlands every word can translate to a dollar. The last one is the 5th round  under the Duterte administration alone, and each round a new agenda and new demands are put across the table. It is an endless exercise and personally I am amazed at the patience of  Sec. Jess Dureza and Sec. Bebot Bello in what looks like a bumpy ride in theme park. In the meantime  police and military peace patrols are ambushed, in some cases the victims dead bodies are mutilated and if civilians happen to be along the path they are consigned to mistaken casualty. In an apparent affront to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte even the Presidential Security Guards are not spared. And what about the helpless corporate farms and road contractors’ equipment in remote areas that are being harassed and are set on fire for not paying the so-called “revolutionary tax”. I was told by a government official from Davao Oriental that even the PPP beneficiaries are also being taxed! What classic tomfoolery is this? At the height of the Marawi siege when the President was forced to declare martial law in Mindanao CPP chieftain Jose Maria Sison ordered the escalation of NPA hostilities against the government forces. If you do not call that a declaration of war it must be something’s  else. Still, Duterte hold his forces and another attempt at backdoor negotiation was dispatched. Before Jess and Joma could say hello, an infant was killed in an ambush in Talakag, Bukidnon. Talks were suspended and finally we are back in ground zero. President Duterte had declared the CPP/NPA a terrorist organization.  In hindsight, it is, or was, the peace negotiation that provided the Netherlands to continually extend Joma and his ilk the mantle of protection even as they were extended some degree of security for having been granted political asylum then. This, even as the CPP/NPA had been tagged by both America and the European Union as terrorist.  But time has changed. The reason for their escape to the Netherland, former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, is now six feet below the ground. It is now President Duterte in the helm of the government and known for his closeness with the NPA rebels. But Duterte cannot allow that intimacy to be abused and his leadership insulted or ridiculed by Joma, his former professor. He is now President and the entire nation depends on him on how to address syndicated crime, corruption and radical insurgency. Duterte has goals to achieve and Joma’s antiquated ideology cannot be a deterrent to his government pursuit in achieving these objectives. Duterte made it clear to Jose Ma. Sison that neither government or any piece of the Philippine territory is subject to negotiations and demands.  But one thing is clear, and President Duterte is not reneging on his  promises and guarantees, members of the New Peoples Army may return to the folds of the law and live a normal life. Lands, housing and opportunities Duterte will give them. An offer which, I surmised, is not for eternity. After the terrorist tag there are only two options left for the members and  those identified and supportive of the CPP/NPA.  Lay down their arms and seek amnesty or continue with the armed struggle.  A refurbished Armed Forces of the Philippines is more prepared  now and ready to deal with those who cannot live in peace. (Jun Ledesma)   247 total views, 247 views today.....»»

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