Climate change will make rice less nutritious, putting millions of world s poor at risk

Rice is the primary food source for more than 3 billion people around the world. Many are unable to afford a diverse and nutritious diet that includes complete protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables. They rely heavily on more affordable cereal crops, including rice, for most of their calories. My research focuses ........»»

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5 common antibiotics linked to kidney stones in kids

Health experts have been wondering about the increased prevalence of kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) in the general population in the last two to three decades. Some report a 70 percent to almost double the prevalence of kidney stones, which may require surgery sometimes. And this increased prevalence has been noted even in children! Although many attribute it to the modern-day, high-protein, high-salt diet, a recently published study suggests that there might be a link between nephrolithiasis risk and five types of antibiotics commonly prescribed by doctors, or taken by some even without doctor's advice. The researchers reported the increased risk within a year after taking ...Keep on reading: 5 common antibiotics linked to kidney stones in kids.....»»

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Why Emma hit the roof over Hayley s fluctuating weight

In 2008, she talked to The Cut about her 'Brideheads Revisited' costar Emma Thompson standing up for her after finding out about a strict diet that was imposed by a film producer. 'I.....»»

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‘Insensitive’ NEDA scored

THE statement of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) that a family of five can decently live on a P10,000 per month budget or roughly P25.56 each person per day is like forcing Filipinos to skip their meals or go on a diet, two left leaning party-list lawmakers said yesterday.….....»»

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WATCH: Richard Yap shows how he spends Sundays with family in first vlog

What's a day in the life of heartthrob Richard Yap? He may be an actor and a hunk, but Yap proved that he is an all-around father who likes to spend his weekends with family. This he showed on his first vlog posted on his Richard Yap Youtube channel last Wednesday, May 30. In the maiden vlog post, Yap starts his day riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and is joined by his gang of fellow bikers. He later joins his family for lunch at Rockwell, Makati City. The family revealed several facts about themselves, such as they bond over coffee and eating. At one point, Yap's wife Melody added "diet," to which the actor joked: "Kaya kami nagda-diet so we can eat." (We go on a diet s...Keep on reading: WATCH: Richard Yap shows how he spends Sundays with family in first vlog.....»»

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You are what you eat | Going green: the benefits of a plant-based diet

Plants vs. lipids. A look at ketogenic and vegan diets. The post You are what you eat | Going green: the benefits of a plant-based diet appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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You are what you eat | Going green: the benefits of a plant-based diet

Plants vs. lipids. A look at ketogenic and vegan diets. The post You are what you eat | Going green: the benefits of a plant-based diet appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Prayers, veggies: Secrets of a happy and healthy 100-year old grandma

With deep faith in the Lord and self-discipline in her diet, 100-year old grandmother Rosita "Rosing" Gamboa enjoys a happy and healthy life. With no diagnosis of any chronic illness at her age, Lola Rosing does not need to take any maintenance medicine. "Prayers and lots of vegetables and fruits," Lola Rosing said in a quiet gentle voice and in a mix of Filipino and English when asked by what her secrets were to a long life. Lola Rosing---a mother of two boys and seven girls, a grandmother of 25 children, and a great grandmother of 26---wakes up at 3 a.m. everyday to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet before an altar at her home in Las Pias City. After her daily ...Keep on reading: Prayers, veggies: Secrets of a happy and healthy 100-year old grandma.....»»

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A diet high in protein could help heart failure patients live longer

Image: AlexPro9500/ via AFP Relaxnews New European research has found that increasing protein intake may help heart failure patients live longer. Using data from the BIOSTAT-CHF study, wh.....»»

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GOINGS ON: Robinsons Land opens third mall in Leyte

Robinsons Malls has fortified its presence in the Visayas region with the opening of Robinsons Place Ormoc, a three level full-service mall in Ormoc City. The opening of Robinsons Place Ormoc comes with a variety of national and global brands in retail along with the successful chains of Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman, and Daiso Japan. Its products and services extends to health and beauty, gadgets, banking, courier, and government-related processes and requirements with its Robinsons Malls Lingkod Pinoy Center. Low-carb diet 101 The Keto Diet has taken the nutrition world by storm. But if you're relatively new to Keto, it...Keep on reading: GOINGS ON: Robinsons Land opens third mall in Leyte.....»»

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Don t want to go vegetarian? A mainly plant-based diet can still protect against obesity, says new study

Image: andresr/ via AFP Relaxnews New European research suggests that following a mainly plant-based diet which still includes some meat could provide protection against obesity as we age.....»»

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Global warming may have ‘devastating’ effects on rice — study

As carbon dioxide rises due to the burning of fossil fuels, rice will lose some of its protein and vitamin content, putting millions of people at risk of malnutrition, scientists warned on Wednesday. The change could be particularly dire in southeast Asia where rice is a major part of the daily diet, said the report in the journal Science Advances. "We are showing that global warming, climate change and particularly greenhouse gases -- carbon dioxide -- can have an impact on the nutrient content of plants we eat," said co-author Adam Drewnowski, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington. "This can have devastating effects on the rice-consuming countries where a...Keep on reading: Global warming may have ‘devastating’ effects on rice — study.....»»

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PBA: El Destructor debuts new clean look in latest Phoenix stint

Eugene Phelps is playing his third PBA season but if you didn't recognize him Sunday against Brgy. Ginebra, well you're not alone. After an injury-plagued 2017, El Destructor completely changed his look. He cut his hair, shaved his beard, and he even changed his diet, resulting in a more lean frame. "Last year I had a foot injury an I had a surgery on my hand so I just had to switch everything up," Phelps said. "Actually, I cut my hair bald and it's just growing back now. I have a new diet [too], salad and everything so I feel pretty good. I lost like 14 pounds," he added. Against the Gin Kings, Phelps led Phoenix with 25 points, 14 rebounds, and seven assists. The Fuel Masters won in double overtime to enter the All-Star break with a winning record, 3-2. "They told me last year when I got hurt that they wanted me back," Phelps said. "So I kind of figured that I was going back for the 3rd conference but they wanted me to come a little bit early because it's a new system, you know, and then James [White] got hurt and they have me come in and play so it feels good to be back. It's family here so it feels good," he added. If there's one thing that was a bummer in Phelps' game Sunday was the fact that he cramped up in the fourth. However, his streak of winning his first game back for Phoenix continued. The Fuel Masters are now 4-0 everyting they get Phelps for a fresh conference. "I started cramping up in the 4th quarter and then when double OT came, I tried to push it but I can't even walk or anything," he said. "Thank God my team came through for me and we got the win," Phelps added.   --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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Importance of fish for heart health stressed in new review

A new scientific advisory published on Thursday has reiterated the American Heart Association's recommendation that eating fish twice a week is good for heart health. Published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation, the new advisory also supports findings from many other recent studies that have also shown that a diet rich in fish could be beneficial for health. "Since the last advisory on eating fish was issued by the Association in 2002, scientific studies have further established the beneficial effects of eating seafood rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, especially when it replaces less healthy foods such as meats that are high in artery-clogging saturated fat," ...Keep on reading: Importance of fish for heart health stressed in new review.....»»

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‘Santa Clarita Diet’ renewed for season 3

Could the Philippines given them luck? Just less than two months after kicking off a promotional tour in Manila for the second season of zombie comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, the Drew Barrymore-Timothy Olymphant-starrer has just been renewed for a third season by entertainment streaming platform Netfix. The American video-on-demand company that has succeeded in [...] The post ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ renewed for season 3 appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Netflix Announces ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Season 3 Renewal

Netflix on Tuesday announced that the bloody good Santa Clarita Diet has been renewed for a third season. The comedy series is slated to return in 2019 with ten all-new episodes.   Description: In Santa Clarita Diet, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore) are husband and wife realtors leading vaguely discontented lives in the […].....»»

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Keto diet–would I recommend it? Yes, but…

Last month, I tried doing something I've never tried: go on a diet. No, it's not the one where you drink just lemon water and, when you're starving, meditate to make wanting to eat go away. Nor is it about moderation and eating brown rice. I decided that if I were to go on a diet, it would be something crazy and educational. After all, I've spent a good part of my youth trying to expand my mind by drinking stuff, and most of my adult life expanding my stomach by eating stuff. So I wanted to try something completely different. Successful failure It was, like what happened to Apollo 13, a successful failure. I tried the ketogenic diet for one month, and had to decline a lot of ...Keep on reading: Keto diet–would I recommend it? Yes, but….....»»

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Lifestyle Tips for Healthier Eating

Today’s on-the-go lifestyles and the abundance of tasty, tempting fast food options can make sticking to healthy eating goals challenging. But maintaining a nutritious and appetizing diet can be easier than you think. The College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Prevention in Hand website offers one-stop-shopping for current information from numerous healthcare organizations to support […].....»»

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You can now customize your diet according to your DNA

MANILA, Philippines – Personalized, custom, bespoke – the buzzword has made its way to our daily routines, from bags and clothes to our skincare, haircare, and now, our diet and exercise. DNA testing isn’t just for paternity tests or finding out more about your ancestry – it can also be used to learn ........»»

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