Study says Mediterranean diet is best for heart health

Once again, your mother was right. You really do need to eat your vegetables. And while you are at it, put down the bacon and pick up the olive oil, because new research supports the contention that s.....»»

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Orange juice, leafy greens and fruit could be good for a man’s memory

New US research has found that men who include vegetables and leafy greens, orange juice, and fruit in their diet may benefit from a lower risk of memory loss as they age. Carried out by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, the new large-scale study looked at 27,842 men with an average age of 51. Participants were asked to complete questionnaires about how many servings of fruits, vegetables and other foods they had each day at the start of the study, and then again every four years for 20 years. They were then categorized into groups depending on their fruit and vegetable intake. The group who ate the highest amount of vegetables ...Keep on reading: Orange juice, leafy greens and fruit could be good for a man’s memory.....»»

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Diet and productivity in the workplace

Although there is an abundance of literature tackling productivity at an organisational level, there is little about guidance for the modern-day Filipino professional on individual productivity in the workplace. Productivity…READ The post Diet and productivity in the workplace appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Erin Menk on her favorite beauty treatments

Erin Menk is one woman to admire. A mom of two, she manages to balance work with a healthy lifestyle. On her Instagram page, you'll notice she has a zest of life as shown in her family photos by the pool, her fashion choices, and how she always shares her current food picks that will encourage you to pursue that diet you need. I'm lucky I got to catch up with her as she shares that's she also quite the beauty girl. She picked out a couple of her favorite treatments from The Aivee Clinic. 1. Aivee Total Lift "This is one of my favorite "anti-ageing" solutions because it can really address the facial areas of concern in ways I never thought was possible. Essentially, Aivee Tot...Keep on reading: Erin Menk on her favorite beauty treatments.....»»

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Mail bomb suspect Sayoc’s conspiracy theories mirror Trump’s rants

Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc lived in an alternate universe where monstrous reptiles stalk people in Florida's Everglades, a malevolent Jewish billionaire pays American children to stage school shootings and German politicians are secretly being conceived using Adolf Hitler's frozen sperm. Sayoc's hallucinatory world, pieced together by The Associated Press from the digital residue of his now-disabled Twitter accounts, gives a hint of the toxic news diet of the Florida man who stands accused of mailing pipe bombs to more than a dozen of the United States' most prominent left-leaning public figures. But Sayoc's stew of animal gore and partisan hate does more than provide insight i...Keep on reading: Mail bomb suspect Sayoc’s conspiracy theories mirror Trump’s rants.....»»

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Leafy greens and beetroot could help prevent age-related eye disease

New Australian research has found that a diet rich in vegetable nitrates, particularly leafy greens and beetroot, may help reduce the risk of developing early-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Carried out by researchers at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, the new study set out to assess the relationship between dietary nitrate, found predominantly in green leafy vegetables and beetroot and AMD. When consumed these dietary nitrates are converted to nitric oxide, with under- or overproduction of nitric oxide linked to several eye diseases. However, the potential effect of dietary nitrates on the risk of AMD had not been investigated. For the n...Keep on reading: Leafy greens and beetroot could help prevent age-related eye disease.....»»

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Man eats pizza every day for more than 30 years

One man from New Jersey has eaten pizza on a daily basis since his childhood. Mike Roman, 41, bared his pizza obsession on Thomas La Vecchia's podcast "New Theory," as per a report. La Vecchia runs a website of the same name. La Vecchia learned of Roman's odd diet when they met 10 years ago at a pizza shop. Roman revealed that he was a picky eater and his mother tried to curb his pizza preference by letting him only eat it for dinner. But for lunch, he had some variety: a peanut butter sandwich every day. Sometimes, he would even have peanut butter on toast or crackers. When he began working, he would have pizza for both lunch and dinner for about 10 years. He has si...Keep on reading: Man eats pizza every day for more than 30 years.....»»

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Children drowning in digital diet of pizza and sweets

CANNES, France – Children are being swamped by the visual equivalent of "pizza and sweets" in "a digital Wild Wild West", some of the world's top kids television program makers have warned.  With YouTube replacing Disney as the most-loved brand among young children in the US, and streaming giants encouraging binge ........»»

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The flow in our stars: Yoga for the Libra season

This isn’t another horoscope, but a wellness guide. It aim is to use the stars as a foundation instead of a specific diet or workout. There are endless ways to stay healthy and feel good. Fortunately, contemporary focus is shifting towards a more holistic wellness. Wellness is not just the body ........»»

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PBA: Terrence Romeo cites breath of fresh air as TNT wins third straight

It seems that the TNT KaTropa had found their niche, or so at least according to Terrence Romeo, as his team won their third straight at the expense of the winless NorthPort Batang Pier. Romeo scored 25 points including nine in the fourth quarter, as his team came back from 23 points down in the second quarter, 60-37, and trailed 95-77 in the last eight minutes of the game before stealing the win, 104-102. It is the second game of the new-look coaching staff, which includes head coach Bong Ravena, team consultant Mark Dickel, and returning coach Tab Baldwin. The spitfire point guard says the revamp has helped the team into a renewed sense of purpose. The former FEU standout noted that players had already grown accustomed to their roles and their willingness under a new direction played a key role in their comeback effort, led by Dickel himself. "Talagang simula pagpasok [ni Mark] sa dugout ng first pa lang... first pasok niya sa dugout, talagang sobrang positive na siya hanggang kahit na lamang na yung kalaban, pagpasok niya sa first half, wala siyang pinagalitan, wala siyang sinabing kahit ano," Romeo said of the consultant. Even though the three-time scoring leader looked to have steered the ship to the comeback win, he deflected it to his veteran teammates, who were very vocal along with the coaching staff. Also noticeable is the 5-foot-10 guard's leaner physique, a product of the team's no-carbohydrate diet for the past two weeks. He added that he lost some 15 pounds in two weeks, though he admitted to cheating the system. "No carbs eh sabi, pero syempre minsan, di mo naman.. Kahit ako, di mo na mapipigilan. Sa sobrang hirap ng practice mo, talagang mapapakain ka pa rin ng carbs pag-uwi mo." Romeo also credited the New Zealander's robust practice routine that should help him get in shape for the next season, the 2019 PBA Philippine Cup. "So tinetake advantage ko yun para mag-lose ng weight para mas maging in shape kasi nung early part ng conference nga, kahit nung first conference ko sa All Filipino ba yun.. .All Filipino, wala talaga ako sa shape eh. Tsaka yung practice namin, credit sa coach namin, kay coach Mark. Grabe yung practice namin."   __   Follow this writer on Twitter, @philipptionary.  .....»»

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Plant-rich diets may help prevent depression – new evidence

Being depressed can negatively affect your appetite and what you eat, but can bad eating habits bring your mood down? Our latest study, a systematic review of the best available evidence , found a clear link between the quality of a person’s diet and their risk of depression. And it goes beyond the effect of ........»»

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Saudis shift own oil diet to supply buyers who are shunning Iran

By Bloomberg As impending U.S. sanctions squeeze Iranian oil supplies, top OPEC member Saudi Arabia is changing its own crude diet to meet customer demand for alternative cargoes. The trading arm of state-run producer Saudi Aramco is said to be offering an ultra-light oil known as Khuff condensate, a rarely traded grade that’s typically processed in […].....»»

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Federalism Will Allow the Regions to Progress: ConCom

“The proposed draft Federal Constitution encourages the national government to go on a diet and the regions to go on a muscle-building regimen,” this is the contention of ConCom Member Dr. Julio Tehankee during the Conference on Comparative Practices in Fiscal Federalism organized by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in partnership with […].....»»

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Why ketogenic diets have long-term complications

In search of a more sustainable and lasting approach to reversing, or at least delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes, I have returned recently to a vegetarian diet. This had me listening to a webinar, "Reverse Diabetes with a High-Carb Diet," broadcast by the Forks over Knives community. The resource speaker, Cyrus Khambatta, received his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He started Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness in 2013 to teach people suffering from diabetes how to measure, track and reverse insulin resistance through plant-based nutrition and strategic exercise. Through nutrition education, exercise coaching and his experience with...Keep on reading: Why ketogenic diets have long-term complications.....»»

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Heart Evangelista stained her Hermés Birkin with cheese fries from Chili’s

Since Heart Evangelista is a celebrity, we might think we know so much about her. But apparently,unexpected stories can come out from featureslikeHarper's Bazaarand the realCrazy Rich Asians. We finally found out why Heart and author Kevin Kwanspent some time togetherand discovered that the gorgeous woman is just like you and me---she loves junk food just as much as the next person. She revealed that the reason she started painting on her expensive Herms bags was because she stained one of them while eating fries with cheese at Chili's. Yes, girl we totally understand that bit, we love fries too. It was such an amusing story that even Diet Prada gave Heart a shoutout ontheirInstag...Keep on reading: Heart Evangelista stained her Hermés Birkin with cheese fries from Chili’s.....»»

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Stay Fit and Prevent Cancer: The Easy Way of Increasing Alkalinity in Your Diet

Is your diet ‘acidic’ or ‘alkaline’? These words tend to be thrown around quite heavily in the health industry. Simply put, the acidity or alkalinity of one’s blood has a great impact on the health. The higher the intake of alkaline foods, the less chances for you to acquire diseases – simply because your body […].....»»

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The Slow-Carb Diet – Infographic»»

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Cauliflower fried rice–my daily diet

People open restaurants because the owners feel they can offer dishes that will draw diners in. A dish's popularity is credited mostly to its creator, but many times determined by diners. A native-fare restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, has long been known for kare-kare and crispy pata (still the best today). The menu of our restaurant in the '70s, Au Bon Vivant, was created by French chefs and my mom. The French onion soup, Poulet Grand-Mere, Chateaubriand Bearnaise, and almond mousse became bestsellers. When I was writing the menu of Wooden Spoon and, later, Casa Daza, I had no idea how diners would receive it. I just included what I love to eat. What became bestsellers were the cr...Keep on reading: Cauliflower fried rice–my daily diet.....»»

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NNC, agri office head, cite benefits of food gardening

FOOD gardens are intended to grow and produce food items for family and community consumption, but they can also be diversified to produce outputs with multiple benefits. Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Nona Tad-y of the National Nutrition Council-6, said that food gardens supplement a staple-based diet, providing significant portions of proteins, vitamins, and minerals for […] The post NNC, agri office head, cite benefits of food gardening appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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