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Marcos Martial Law rights victims to get reparation on or before May

Along with other former youth activists, now also in their senior years, SELDA members trooped last Wednesday, January 17, to the office of the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board for a meeting with its chairperson, Lina Sarmiento. The post Marcos Martial Law rights victims to get reparation on or before May appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Human rights abuses recorded in the first 2 weeks of 2018

Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay revealed the rising statistics and intensifying attacks on people’s civil and political rights under President Duterte’s administration. The post Human rights abuses recorded in the first 2 weeks of 2018 appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Youth groups call to 'LiftMartialLaw and fight for human rights

“Let's remember the historical significance of the FQS and tightly hold on to its lesson that there is no other way to preserve our rights but to unite and fight against all forms of fascism and dictatorship.” The post Youth groups call to #LiftMartialLaw and fight for human rights appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH

  Instead of recollecting wonderful memories from Christmases pasts, exchanging gifts and preparing for holiday dinners with relatives and friends, the Phinney family in Boston, Massachusetts, were comforting each other telling and stories about the life well lived by Jesse Phinney, which ended tragically in Cebu City on December 5 last year.   Phinney died while in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), suspected of human trafficking and child abuse under Republic Act 7610.   Who was Jesse Phinney? Why was he in Cebu City? Why does his death raise more questions than answers?   Documentary filmmaker   Jesse Phin...Keep on reading: US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH.....»»

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Market gains 1.08%

  The local stock barometer yesterday rallied on selective buying of large cap-stocks, led by a rebound in share prices of big banks. Tracking mostly upbeat regional markets, the main-share Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) racked up 95.18 points or 1.08 percent to close at 8,915.92. The index was led by BPI, which surged by 7.39 percent and was the day's most actively traded company. Metrobank also rose by 2.04 percent while its parent conglomerate GT Capital Holdings rose by 6.34 percent. Both BPI and Metrobank recently announced massive stock rights offering plans, respectively amounting to P50 billion and P60 billion. BDO, SM Investments and AGI all ad...Keep on reading: Market gains 1.08%.....»»

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PSE readies P3.16-B stock rights offering

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is set to launch a stock rights offering worth as much as P3.16 billion by February, raising fresh funds to unify the country's capital market infrastructure while diluting the shares held by stock brokers. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved the PSE's plan to sell as much as 11.5 million new common shares to existing "eligible" investors at an offer price of up to P275 per share. The target is to launch this offering by February, a top PSE official said yesterday. Net proceeds from this offering will be used to repay debt to be incurred in connection with its plan to acquire Philippine Dealing Systems Holdings Corp....Keep on reading: PSE readies P3.16-B stock rights offering.....»»

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& apos;Duterte plunged PH into worst human rights crisis since Marcos& apos;–HRW -

'Duterte plunged PH into worst human rights crisis since Marcos'–HRW -»»

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UP journalism professor dares Duterte spokesman to resign

MANILA, Philippines – Amid mounting attacks against press freedom, University of the Philippines (UP) professor Danilo Arao dared Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, a former human rights lawyer, to resign. “Hinahamon kita, Harry, kung hindi mo na masikmura ang ginagawa mo ngayon bilang tagapagsalita ng isang mapanupil na pangulo, you should ........»»

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Globe Telecom Looks at Global Best Practices in Fight vs. Illegal Sites, Child Pornography

Globe Telecom looks at global best practices in Singapore and other countries in its fight against illegal sites and child pornography in order to protect the rights of young Filipino boys and girls who are most susceptible to exploitation and abuse. The island-state currently regulates the presence of objectionable content and conduct online through its […].....»»

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LP says SEC, like Marcos, resorted to ‘unacceptable legalism’ to justify Rappler shutdown

The Liberal Party called the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to cancel news site Rappler’s registration “unacceptable legalism to justify its closure,” and likened this to what the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos did “to justify his trampling of our people's civil and political rights.”.....»»

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Castro says proposal to amend Consti guarantee of free press, speech came from Palace; Pimentel says no need to amend

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews /18 January) — The proposal to amend the Bill of Rights’ guarantee of freedom of speech, expression, press and right to peaceably assemble did not come from his committee but from Malacanang, House Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro told ANC’s Early Edition on Thursday. “It came from an extrinsic source,” Castro said, adding […].....»»

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‘Duterte plunged PH into worst human rights crisis since Marcos’–HRW

  President Duterte has brought the Philippines into its "worst human rights crisis" since 1986, New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.   "President Rodrigo Duterte has plunged the Philippines into its worst human rights crisis since the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s and 1980s," HRW wrote in its World Report 2018 releasedThursday.   Duterte's crackdown against illegal drugs launched after he took office in June 2016 snuffed the lives out of about 4,000 drug suspects, according to Philippine National Police (PNP) data as of September 2017. However, human rights advocates said the number could be as high as 12,000.   HRW d...Keep on reading: ‘Duterte plunged PH into worst human rights crisis since Marcos’–HRW.....»»

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Palace belittles as ‘fiction’ HRW report on PH’s ‘worst’ rights situation

  Malacaanghas brushed aside as "fiction" a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, describing the human rights situation in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte as the "worst" since the lifting of Martial Lawby former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.   In its World Report 2018, HRW said Duterte has sunk the country into its worst human rights situation.   "President Rodrigo Duterte has plunged the Philippines into its worst human rights crisis since the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s and 1980s," the human rights watchdog said.   According to the HRW report, the Philippines, under Mr. Duterte, has made an "especially brazen an...Keep on reading: Palace belittles as ‘fiction’ HRW report on PH’s ‘worst’ rights situation.....»»

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Up close with The Art of Eight Limbs : My first experience of watching Muay Thai live

I’ve been a combat sports fan for nearly a decade now. I began watching MMA back in 2009, around the time that stars like Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn were at their peak, and immediately got hooked, and it’s actually that fandom that got me to where I am now today…a sportswriter. It’s also that appreciation for the sport that got me to try and get into combat sports, and I’ve been practicing on a regular basis since then. The first time I ever set foot inside a boxing gym and put on a pair of 16-ounce gloves was for my first ever Muay Thai class. I saw these fighters on TV throwing these beautiful kicks, knocking the bejeezus out of their opponents. I wanted to be able to do that too, I decided to try it out. That first session was really fun, but real tiring…and painful. I was sore for days after that, but I enjoyed it and decided to make it a regular part of my life. It wasn’t necessarily to be a pro-level practicioner, rather a way to keep fit and stay healthy. My first session was around eight years ago, and I’ve been going as regularly as I can ever since. Of course, my appreciation for the widely popular martial art grew, I started doing some research and watched some Muay Thai fights online, and eventually being able to try and train Muay Thai in Thailand and getting to watch a legit fight became parts of my ‘Bucket List’ so to say. Fortunately, I got to tick one of those things off my list late last year.   The Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Home of some of the world's best Muay Thai fighters. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 When I was sent to Bangkok (to cover ONE Championship MMA, fittingly enough), I was able to catch a big Muay Thai card at the most popular Muay Thai arena in Thailand, the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. A quick look at the Lumpinee Stadium schedule on their website shows that there’s usually a fight card thrice a week, every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, which gives you an idea of how popular it is to patrons, and how many competitors there are. It’s a 5,000 seater arena, no bigger than the San Juan Arena, but boy, the place was buzzing on that Friday night.   A look inside the Lumpinee Stadium. It's fight night Friday here in BKK. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 Unlike here in the Philippines, where boxing or MMA shows don’t get filled up until about midway through the card, the Lumpinee Stadium had a decent number of people after the first fight of the night, and amazingly, the fans were already into it, a testament of just how big Muay Thai is in the country. It is, after all, their national sport.   But before I go on any further, here’s a quick backgrounder on what Muay Thai is. A striking-based form of self-defense and combat sport that rose to prominence in Thailand during the 1900s, Muay Thai makes use of one’s hands and elbows, knees, and feet to inflict damage. It’s commonly known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” because practicioners can punch, kick, knee, and elbow their opponents. Names like Samart Payakaroon, Buakaw Banchamek, and Saenchai have made names for themselves in Muay Thai. In MMA, former champions such as Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke are known for their high-level Muay Thai.   So, going back… The card I went to that night was apparently a big one, with three championships up for grabs. The ticket cost me 1000 Baht, which is around 1500 PHP. A small price to pay, I believe, to get to see some honest-to-goodness Muay Thai action in the country’s most popular stadium. (I did, however, get into an argument with the ticket lady because I tried haggling for a lower price, to the point that she let out an exasperated 'OH MY GOD!' in the thickest Thai accent I've ever heard.) There was no reserved seating, at least for the ticket I paid for, so I had to find a spot that gave me a good view. Being that the stadium itself was small, my spot wasn’t too far away from the ring. Think lower box seats. It was close enough for me to see the action.   Also known as 'The Art of Eight Limbs" Muay Thai utilizes punching and kicking techniques, as well as knee strikes, elbow strikes and clinching. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 When I said that Thai fans were immediately in to the action, I meant it. When I got in, it was towards the end of the first fight of the night, but it felt like it was already the main event, as the fans were as rowdy as they could get.   While the 5000-seater stadium isn't particularly packed, the active crowd makes it feel as though it is. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 With every kick and with every punch, the people would go “EYYYYYY!!!” whether or not it connected or it missed, and with every knee, they’d yell out “KNEEEEEE!!!” Every fight had that ‘big fight feel.” The fights lasted for up to five three-minute rounds, and while much shorter than boxing bouts, there was definitely no shortage of action. Again, with the small stadium, you could hear every time that flesh hit flesh, which was both entertaining and at the same time unnerving.   All the fights have this "big fight feel" because the crowd roars with every hit. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 One thing that you’ll notice in Muay Thai fights is that the competitors do a little dance before the fight commences.   Before each fight, the fighters perform a ceremonial dance known as the Wai Khru. This is to give honor and pay respects to their teachers. — Santino Honasan🎈 (@honasantino) December 8, 2017 This ritual is called the “Wai Khru” and it’s done to pay their teachers respect and show their gratitude. Interesting note: the Wai Khru isn’t just limited to Muay Thai. Students in schools in Thailand participate in this ritual as well. I asked my trainer about this years ago, and he said that usually, the actions and gestures in the Wai Khru are thought of on the spot. The thing that struck me the most about this experience was that bets were being placed inside the arena as the fights were going on. After every round, a few people in the crowd, would yell out and call for bets, much like the ‘Cristo’ that you see in cockfighting arenas. I really hate the comparison, but it looked a lot like human cockfighting. Be that as it may, when you look past the gambling aspect of it, (which in reality, is prevalent anywhere anyway, just not as blatant), you’ll see that the martial art is very much a part of Thai culture. If you can fill up a 5,000 seater arena three times a week, I’d say that you’re doing something right. The experience was really something worth going through, especially if you enjoy combat sports in it’s purest form. I’ve gotten to watch boxing and mixed martial arts in bigger, sold out stadiums, but getting to watch Muay Thai in a tiny arena such as the Lumpinee Stadium was very different experience. The action and the atmosphere was unlike any I’ve ever seen before, and it’s something that I highly recommend to anyone who gets to visit Bangkok, whether or not you’re a fight fan. If you are a fight fan, it’s definitely something to experience. I’m really happy that I did. Now to check that other thing on the bucket list off........»»

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Human Rights Watch hails resistance to Trump-style populism

PARIS, France — The policies of US President Donald Trump and.....»»

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Problem is politicos, not the Bill of Rights

The aim of any Constitution is to make government serve, not stifle, the people......»»

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Police to allow media in revived ‘Tokhang’

MEMBERS of the media, human rights groups, and other entities will be invited to observe the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) revived “Tokhang” anti-drug operations for transparency, said its spokesman, Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos. “You’re welcome to join. We won’t let you be in harm’s way if the police know there’s a likelihood that you would [...] The post Police to allow media in revived ‘Tokhang’ appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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GT Capital fully subscribing to Metrobank stock rights

MANILA, Philippines — GT Capital Holdings Inc. plans to fully participate in  Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.’s stock rights offer......»»

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To Rappler’s young and courageous journalists

In the wake of the Duterte government's move to silence Rappler, my friend, the academic Vicente Rafael, said in a Facebook post: "Looking at a recent photo of the Rappler staff, it struck me that their faces showed another compelling reason to support the paper: all youthful, the great hope, if one can pardon the clich, of the nation." And they also have courage. One of Rappler's senior reporters, Pia Ranada, proved this just days after the Duterte administration revoked the multimedia news organization's SEC license. On a video that's gone viral, there's the leader who inspired a bloodbath and who openly belittles the importance of human and civil rights berating, cursing, a j...Keep on reading: To Rappler’s young and courageous journalists.....»»

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