Chinese TV pulls Arsenal game coverage after Ozil criticism

By Rob Harris, Associated Press LONDON (AP) — Chinese television pulled coverage of Arsenal's Premier League match against Manchester City on Sunday after Mesut Ozil, a forward for the London club, criticized Beijing's brutal mass crackdown on ethnic Muslims in the country. China is the Premier League's most lucrative overseas broadcast market, with the rights sold for $700 million in a three-year deal that runs through 2022. But instead of the sports channel of Chinese state television showing Ozil featuring in Arsenal's 3-0 loss to City, it scheduled a delayed recording of Tottenham's 2-1 victory over Wolverhampton from earlier Sunday, according to information from the network. Streaming service also also canceled a feed of Arsenal's match which featured Ozil for almost an hour before he was substituted amid cheers and some jeers from his own fans. Ozil reacted by kicking his gloves on the touchline. “How he reacts is up to him and I'll deal with it,” interim Arsenal manager Freddie Ljungberg said. “We'll see what it means for the future but of course we want players to behave the right way.” Ljungberg would not discuss the specifics of Ozil's social media post from Friday which embroiled Arsenal in controversy in China. “The China thing is political," Ljungberg said, “and I’ll leave that to the club.” Arsenal used a post on Chinese social media network Weibo to dissociate itself from Ozil's action. “The content he expressed is entirely Ozil's personal opinion,” the north London club said. “As a football club, Arsenal always adheres to the principle of not being involved in politics.” Ozil added to condemnation of the detention of more than 1 million Uighurs and other minorities in so-called reeducation camps in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang, where they are subjected to political indoctrination, torture, beatings, and food deprivation, as well as denial of religious and linguistic freedom. A social media post from Ozil on Friday denounced China for burning Qurans, closing mosques and the killing of religious scholars. The Arsenal player complained that “Muslims stay quiet.” The Chinese Football Association expressed "great indignation and disappointment" at Ozil's comments, according to the Global Times newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party. China's government increasingly uses the threat of loss of access to the country's growing market as leverage to try to control what companies, universities and others say or do abroad about political issues. Arsenal will be hoping to avoid the backlash faced by the Houston Rockets earlier this year after the NBA team's general manager, Daryl Morey, tweeted support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, angering fans and officials in China. The tweet was deleted soon after it was posted, and Rockets owner and billionaire casino and restaurant owner Tilman Fertitta quickly rebuked his GM with a tweet saying that Morey does not speak for the team. The tweet caused some Chinese corporations to suspend relationships with the NBA. There is a growing a backlash in China against Ozil, who is Muslim of Turkish descent. “I think he is very wrong," lawyer Chen Wangshu said in Beijing. “As a sportsman, his most important responsibility is to do his job well, or to play good football.” In 2018, Ozil quit Germany’s national team following criticism over his decision to pose for a picture with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “He should be responsible for his career and refrain from making any comment raising and inciting anger in other nations," Chen said......»»

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Clashes break out in Hong Kong malls

Masked activists had also trashed restaurants run by Maxim's. #HongKongProtests The post Clashes break out in Hong Kong malls appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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MVP: We will work with government

Manuel V. Pangilinan, or simply “MVP”, was doing extremely well in Hong Kong where he was based and very successful in managing the First Pacific Company in partnership with the Salim Group, growing a small investment company into a major regional conglomerate......»»

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Fighting climate change, protecting nature go hand in hand

BY Laure FILLON MADRID: The preservation of Earth’s pristine wildernesses and oceans, long treated as a separate issue to curbing climate change, is taking on more importance as scientists say they really need to go hand in hand. The year 2020 will be crucial as nations submit their commitments to the fight to curb global […].....»»

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Patients in over 20 countries trust Shin Kong Hospital s tech

Thousands of patients in over 20 countries travel all the way to Taipei, Taiwan to visit Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for its advanced technology and world-class facilities. .....»»

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Tempo 15 December 2019, Sunday issue

Tempo 15 December 2019, Sunday issue.....»»

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Juday na-challenge sa ‘Mindanao’: Ang dami kong natutunan bilang Muslim                     

HANGGANG ngayon ay hindi pa rin makapaniwala si Judy Ann Santos na siya ang nanalong Best Actress sa katatapos lang na 2019 Cairo International Film Festival para sa pelikulang “Mindanao”, isa sa official entry sa nalalapit na 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival.  Nakachikahan namin si Juday kamakailan at inamin niyang natupad na ang dati’y pinapangarap […] The post Juday na-challenge sa ‘Mindanao’: Ang dami kong natutunan bilang Muslim                      appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Tempo 14 December 2019, Saturday issue

Tempo 14 December 2019, Saturday issue.....»»

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China accused US of damaging bilateral trust

China’s foreign minister on Friday accused the United States of “seriously” damaging trust between the two countries amid tensions over human rights in Xinjiang and protests in Hong Kong. The two countries have been locked in a trade dispute for almost two years, while rights issues in China’s northwest region of Xinjiang and Hong Kong […] The post China accused US of damaging bilateral trust appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Tempo 13 December 2019, Friday issue

Tempo 13 December 2019, Friday issue.....»»

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LeBron James, Anthony Davis bring new Heat to L.A.

By Shaun Powell, The relationship they formed, nurtured and maximized to the championship fullest was captured in all its glory nine years ago this month on a sensational play that took maybe six seconds. Dwyane Wade grabbed a loose ball and ran up court, leading a rather routine fast break and then, chemistry happened. He gently tossed a short, no-look bounce pass that for a microsecond went to a ghost, at least until LeBron James, trailing the play in full sprint, appeared and scooped the ball. Wade didn’t see LeBron behind him … he just knew. LeBron didn’t call for the ball … he just knew. As LeBron elevated and cupped the ball for a tomahawk dunk, Wade kept running forward and spread his arms before the crowd, as if to say: This is how we do it. That finish was immortalized by an Associated Press photographer seated underneath the rim named Morry Gash. The image instantly went viral, causing witnesses to gasp at the image’s snarky, arrogant and amazing glory. Mostly, though, that sequence symbolized the blossoming bond between LeBron and Wade early in their time together with the Miami Heat. 9 years ago today. #L3GENDARY — Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) December 6, 2019 And, it suggests what’s currently percolating in Los Angeles with the Lakers. LeBron has a new basketball boo, and the process with Anthony Davis is starting to look strikingly familiar. Theirs is an already devastating combo that has the Lakers scorching through the early NBA season with the best record in the West. ‘Bron and The Brow are both entertaining and effective, a combination that certainly works in L.A. (which expects both). This is more of the peanut butter-and-jelly variety than fingernail meets blackboard in terms of two forces blending in beautifully. They share the same ideas about how to play the game as one, when to defer (and when take over) and why there’s no need for ego or one-upmanship. It’s a tag-team, your-turn-my-turn type of existence, sprinkled with an ability to recognize each other’s tendencies. Oh, and it helps that they like each other as people. Longtime Laker witnesses might feel the urge to compare this to Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, but a more apt linkage is LeBron and Wade, whose on-court kinship spilled over into their personal lives, and to this day they still refer to each other as brothers from other mothers. “We had something special,” James said. And now, with Davis? “Everything’s coming along great, maybe even quicker than we thought.” As the Lakers prepare to play Friday in Miami (Saturday, PHL time) -- the site of so many LeBron-Wade connections -- the NBA’s new combo is just getting ramped up. No All-Star duo in the league is generating more wins, sizzle and per-game production than LeBron and Davis, who average a combined 53.6 points, 15.8 rebounds and 14.1 assists per game. They’re durable, too: LeBron has played in every game while Davis has missed only one. Much of this was expected when the Lakers traded for Davis and gave LeBron someone who was arguably his equal in terms of talent. The pairing seemed ideal because Davis is a low-maintenance star who doesn’t always demand the ball and keeps his ego hidden -- necessary tools when one plays in LeBron’s orbit. They also tend to cover each other’s weaknesses. For example, Davis is a superior defender while LeBron, who turns 35 in a few weeks, picks his spots defensively. Davis took the Pelicans to the semifinals once, while LeBron has played in eight of the last nine Finals. One other critical element worth noting is this: LeBron is anxious to grab at least another title here with his third team, which would be unprecedented. Davis is hungry for his first. They share the same quest, then, but approach it from different angles. Given where they are in their careers, there was a hunch they were made for each other. After 25 games, this notion has proven correct. “They hit the ground running right from the start of training camp,” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. “Both on and off the basketball court, their chemistry has been seamless.” LeBron seemed determined to make this work after his first season in L.A. lacked a true co-star and was slowed by a groin injury. His basketball relationship with Kyrie Irving in Cleveland took a sharp turn three years ago when Irving demanded a trade, mainly to escape LeBron’s enormity and strike out on his own. LeBron, like almost everyone else, was stunned as to why someone was so willing to bail on an all-time great. That raised this issue: while LeBron is one of the most accommodating superstars in NBA history, other stars in their prime would rather be the lead singer on another team. Davis seems cut from another cloth, however. And besides, when LeBron eventually retires (he has two seasons left on his contract), Davis will become a solo king if he so desires. This process was months in the making as LeBron made a point to align himself with Davis off the court since last summer. He welcomed him into his home, inviting him to events and generally magnetizing himself to Davis, who in turn did the same. This same approach worked for LeBron and Wade in 2010, but back then, LeBron was joining Wade’s team and was careful not to overstep any boundaries. “What I’m seeing here is how much time they spent together away from the court last summer and how that has impacted what’s going on right now,” Vogel said. “Even in film sessions the two are always together. They’re just building that friendship that LeBron and Dwyane had. LeBron has done everything in his power to make sure he’s going out of his way to make Anthony comfortable.” Wade and LeBron became fast friends because their personalities were similar and therefore clicked. Wade admitted that, at times, it was difficult to ride shotgun that first season together. But he respected LeBron’s talents too much to make that an issue. It all worked as they won two championships and made four Finals together. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra recognizes what’s developing in L.A. and says about LeBron: “He’s able to morph into whatever he needs to be to bring out the best from other players. This just fits like a glove with LeBron and AD, the way they work well together. Their skill sets compliment each other.” The Bron-Brow combo is causing defensive hell for teams: Which one gets a double team? Do you put a big player on LeBron and a shorter one on Davis or vice versa? Last Sunday (Monday, PHL time), the two combined for 82 points against the Timberwolves, which came two nights after they dropped 70 on the Blazers. Scoring only tells so much, but the way they compliment each other is nearly perfect. LeBron handles the ball, Davis impacts the rebounding and defense. They can almost sense where the other is without looking. Together, their sneaker prints are all over the floor. “The more time you spend together, if you have the same goals in mind and you have the same drive, then organically it happens,” LeBron said. Much of this is new to Davis, who only got a half-season’s worth of playing time with an All-Star (DeMarcus Cousins) his six seasons with New Orleans. He welcomes the change of synergy because playing next to LeBron ups his championship odds. “I mean, he’s a tremendous teammate, great talent and takes a lot of pressure off not only me, but everyone else,” Davis said. “It’s fun to be on the floor with him.” That’s evident from everyone who has watched this relationship take root and grow. “It’s there, and I think it’s genuine, too, from what I can see,” said former Lakers great and James Worthy, now a TV analyst for the club. “They’ve known each other for a while now, and they have that same drive and vision about the game and how it’s played. I think they know how to monitor each other and the team constructively to where the cohesiveness remains tight.” What’s frightening is the process hasn’t even reached a half-season. The wavelength LeBron and Wade once enjoyed can be matched with Davis, and it’s on pace to be fully maximized by the playoffs. The better it gets for Bron and Brow, the better it is for their supporting cast. “For me and AD, it starts with us,” LeBron said. “If we’re on the same page it makes it easier for the rest of the ball club.” There’s an important duplication taking place in Los Angeles, from LeBron-Wade to LeBron-Davis. The initial results are decisively promising. If this all keeps up, might multiple championships also follow? Shaun Powell has covered the NBA for more than 25 years. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here, and follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting. .....»»

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Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia mark International Human Rights Day

Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia mark International Human Rights Day Yahoo News.....»»

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UK election: Will the remainers prevail this time?

Fed up with incessant pressure from the anti-European Union wing of his party—the Euroskeptics—Conservative Party leader David Cameron called in 2016 a national referendum on the issue of continued United Kingdom membership in the 28-nation group......»»

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Tempo 12 December 2019, Thursday issue

Tempo 12 December 2019, Thursday issue.....»»

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Asian markets mostly up

Hong Kong, China (AFP) — Asian markets mostly rose Wednesday but investors are growing nervous at the lack of news on China-US trade talks, with Washington yet to cancel tariffs on a swathe of Chinese goods planned for the weekend. Negotiators are still trying to hammer out a mini agreement and the mood on trading […] The post Asian markets mostly up appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Capitol mulls use of tap cards at Cebu South Bus Terminal

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Will prepaid “tap cards” address the issue of long lines at the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT)? Instead of lining up to purchase bus tickets, CSBT passengers may soon use tap cards to enter the bus terminal which recently implemented the “no ticket, no entry” policy. The “no ticket, no entry” policy […] The post Capitol mulls use of tap cards at Cebu South Bus Terminal appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Experts quit Hong Kong police probe

Hong Kong---An international panel of experts hired to advise Hong Kong on the police response to huge pro-democracy protests announced Wednesday they were quitting, saying the watchdog was not fit for purpose “in a society that values freedoms and rights”......»»

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Sinulog Street Parties Allowed, But…

People from all over the world will visit Cebu to witness the amazing activities of Sinulog Festival, especially the Sinulog Grand Parade. Sinulog 2020 is on January 19, 2020. Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella revealed that he will allow street parties during the said event. Even before, the issue on “street parties” have become a […].....»»

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NAGLABAS na ng kanyang panig ang actor at councilor ng Parañaque na si Jomari Yllana sa mga akusasyong ibinanato sa kanya ng dating live-in partner na si Joy Reyes. Kapag ‘di tumigil si Joy sa paglabas sa social media ng mga maling paratang kay Jomari, posibleng dumaan na sa legal na proseso si Jom. “Kung […] The post JOMARI AYAW KAUSAPIN NI ANDREI: GUSTO KONG MAGKITA KAMI, USAPANG-LALAKI… appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Tempo 11 December 2019, Wednesday issue

Tempo 11 December 2019, Wednesday issue.....»»

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