‘Fortnite’ makes its next season pass free

Feeling the pressure from "Apex Legends", or just making up for a delay? Either way, "Fortnite" is offering its season 8 Battle Pass for free to those who complete a set of challenges over the next two weeks. With season 8 of the incredibly popular action game "Fortnite" put back until Feb. 27, Epic Games is giving away Battle Passes for free to players that can complete a set of Overtime Challenges between now and then. "Fortnite" seasons usually last 10 weeks (season 7 will wind up after 12) and the purchase of an associated seasonal Battle Pass provides owners with unlocked and unlockable virtual character costumes, plus a range of other items, perks and in-game dances. P...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ makes its next season pass free.....»»

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‘Fortnite’ heads to major tournament, ‘PUBG’ to share revenue

After testing the waters in 2018, both "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" are unveiling bigger esports plans for 2019. "Fortnite" will be part of major esports tournament IEM Katowice this March, while "PUBG" is intending to funnel a portion of league revenue towards its pro-tier teams. The Poland-based esports event has been running since 2007 and serves as a major destination for a number of big money world series. As well as the $500,000 "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and $412,000 "Starcraft 2" World Championships, this year's edition will feature hugely popular 100-player console and computer game "Fortnite" on two separate occasions. A $100,000 (P5.2 ...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ heads to major tournament, ‘PUBG’ to share revenue.....»»

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US video game industry scored $43.4B record sales in 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, United States --- From "Fortnite" to "Pokemon Go," play in the US drove video-game industry revenue to a record-setting $43.4 billion last year, according to data released Tuesday. Spending on games in the US in 2018 climbed 18 percent from the previous year, according to figures from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and market tracker NPD Group. "Whether it was playing on the go on a mobile device or at home on a PC or console, consumers of all ages and interests found compelling content that delighted in 2018," NPD video games analyst Mat Piscatella said in a statement. Play on all types of devices grew significantly last year, while momentum in subscrip...Keep on reading: US video game industry scored $43.4B record sales in 2018.....»»

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‘Fortnite’ update introduces giant floating ice ball

"Fortnite" season 7's emerging event leans into a wintry theme, as players have noticed a giant, floating ball of ice that appears to contain a powerful enemy. As of update 7.20, "Fortnite: Battle Royale" features the mystery orb above map location Polar Peak. The Ice King has already been introduced via a themed costume, his appearance an unlockable outfit for players that reach Level 100 between early December and, it is thought, late February. Now it looks like he's at the center of the Peak's strange ice ball, a new feature not announced as part of 7.20's official patch notes. One "Fortnite" player was able to peer inside the floating orb in order to discover its cont...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ update introduces giant floating ice ball.....»»

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‘Fortnite’ celebrates the season with 14-day event

  Old favorites and new takes on the "Fortnite: Battle Royale" Limited Time Mode are rotating in and out of a Holiday season event that lasts 14 days, a fortnight. Starting at 9 a.m. ET (2 p.m. UTC) on Dec. 19, 2019, the 14 Days of Fortnite event will therefore run into the new year, its final full day being on January 1, 2019. The wintry theme of the game's seventh season, which commenced in early December, continues to manifest through Snowball Launchers and Legendary Bush disguises. There'll be new and returning Limited Time Modes each day, with large team modes staying in play for 48 hours while small team modes get switched out after a 24-hour period. Game de...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ celebrates the season with 14-day event.....»»

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Fortnite, K-pop, royal wedding make this year’s 'YouTubeRewind

The much awaited summary of everything we enjoyed on video sharing platform YouTube all year is out and has gained more than 20 million views in under 15 hours since posting. The eight minute-long “YouTube Rewind” stars actor Will Smith and some of the most visible real and fictional YouTube creators. At the start of […] The post Fortnite, K-pop, royal wedding make this year’s #YouTubeRewind appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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Epic Games launching digital store to rival Steam

MANILA, Philippines – Fortnite developer Epic Games announced Tuesday, December 4, it was coming out with its own digital games storefront to rival that of industry leader Steam.  The Epic Games Store's biggest draw towards getting game companies on board: a generous revenue sharing proposition where 88% of ........»»

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PlayStation targets ‘PUBG’ date

After debuting on PC, making its mark on mobile, and spending a year on Xbox, "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is coming to PlayStation 4 on Dec. 7. When "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" arrives on PlayStation 4, it'll be contending with over a year's worth of fandom for free competitor "Fortnite", as well as the more recent releases of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4", "Red Dead Redemption 2", "Fallout 4" and more. Perhaps that's why PlayStation is teaming up with PUBG Corp to offer a physical Blu-Ray release and not one but three digital editions, plus pre-order bonuses that let players sport clothes and backpacks from hit PlayStation franchises "Uncharted" and "The Last of Us". ...Keep on reading: PlayStation targets ‘PUBG’ date.....»»

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‘Fortnite’ teaming up with Monopoly, Nerf

Special editions of board game Monopoly and Nerf toy guns will be themed after popular video game "Fortnite". A premature retail listing has revealed the existence of "Fortnite Monopoly" which adapts breakout video game "Fortnite" in line with the rules of classic property-dealing board game "Monopoly". Board spaces are named after different areas of the "Fortnite" island, while some "Monopoly" rules have been altered to reflect "Fortnite" and its status as an action game in which players manage both movement, health and special moves. And in keeping with the last-person-standing status of "Fortnite" and its fellows in the Battle Royale genre, players can eliminate each othe...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ teaming up with Monopoly, Nerf.....»»

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Fortnite fever may be cooling: Market tracker

The frenzy over the phenomenally popular video game 'Fortnite' may be easing, according to revenue estimates released Thursday by market tracker SuperData. Image: Epic Games via AFP........»»

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‘Fortnite’ gaming star defends not playing with women

“Fortnite” star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on Monday defended not streaming video game play with women, saying it was to guard against marriage-wrecking rumors. Blevins took to Twitter to address a furor that erupted online after his reasoning for not streaming live play with women was shared at gaming website Polygon. “While I understand some people… link: ‘Fortnite’ gaming star defends not playing with women.....»»

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Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store

Gamers and "Fortnite" fans are getting notifications from Google Play that the game is not available on the Play Store. The launch of beta access for "Fortnite's" Android version had fans excited to finally play the game on their Android devices. However, the title was initially limited to Samsung devices and will be rolled out gradually to other brands. Beta access required gamers to register on a waiting list where they would get an email with instructions on how to play. Gamers would later discover that looking up "Fortnite Battle Royale" on Google Play returned a specified message that the game was not available on the platform, as first reported by 9to5Google. One g...Keep on reading: Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store.....»»

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Fortnite beta now available on Samsung Galaxy S, Note phones

MANILA, Philippines – For gamers, the most exciting announcement at Samsung's Unpacked event on Thursday, August 9, may not have been the Note 9 . That accolade may have gone to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney's announcement that their beta for battle royale blockbuster, Fortnite, is now available on Samsung ........»»

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Nintendo reveals Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem, Fortnite for the Switch

MANILA, Philippines – NIntendo at its Nintendo Direct for E3 2018 on Tuesday, June 12 (June 13, Manila time) announced Super Mario Party, a Fire Emblem role-playing title for the Switch. Super Mario Party is a party game that lets multiple players go through minigames and compete ........»»

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Record-breaking $100 million in store for Fortnite players

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Epic Games on Monday, May 21, stoked the blazing popularity of its Fortnite death-match video game by putting up $100 million in prize money for esports competitions. The announcement of the rich prize money is a milestone for the emerging sector of esports, or video gaming ........»»

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Battle Royale bonus round: ‘Avengers’ in ‘Fortnite’, ‘PUBG’ names map, ‘Dota 2’ mode

"Avengers: Infinity War" villain Thanos enters "Fortnite" as a playable character, "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" welcomes Sanhok, and enormous tournament eSport "Dota 2" announces an Underhollow mode as of May 11, 2018. If the initial imagery for Season 4 of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" made obvious reference to superhero couture, we now know why that was. Not only did update v4.0 arrive shortly after "Avengers: Infinity War" started rolling up box office records, but developer Epic Games had an official "Fortnite x Avengers" crossover waiting in the wings. May 8 brought with it a new limited time mode called Infinity Gauntlet, named after an item central to the "Infinity War...Keep on reading: Battle Royale bonus round: ‘Avengers’ in ‘Fortnite’, ‘PUBG’ names map, ‘Dota 2’ mode.....»»

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Top iOS apps: ‘Rise Up’, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Impossible Bottle Flip’, ‘Hotstar’

The Hotstar TV streaming app is boosted by the launch of the 2018 Indian Premier League cricket season, and games "Rise Up", "Fortnite" and "Impossible Bottle Flip" enjoy continued popularity, among top free iPhone apps as of April 13, 2018. United States Rise Up (Games) Shepherd a balloon from obstacles on its upward flight. United Kingdom Impossible Bottle Flip (Games) Something of an endless runner split into level-based chunks, requiring players to navigate a flipping water bottle through a selection of unstable courses. China [~en. Identity 5] (Games) A 1v4 mystery-solving game with a Victorian aesthetic, in which one player is the detective and confronts a suspe...Keep on reading: Top iOS apps: ‘Rise Up’, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Impossible Bottle Flip’, ‘Hotstar’.....»»

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WATCH: ‘Fortnite’ player spans map with rocket-riding transport

A "Fortnite: Battle Royale" player recorded his successful airborne tour of the game's island map using a guided rocket weapon introduced towards the end of March. Across numerous action games, rocket jumps or grenade jumps have long been used to propel players to great, sometimes game-breaking heights. This new twist on the trope turns rockets into personal airborne transports. The March 28 update to "Fortnite: Battle Royale" introduced a powerful guided missile to the popular console, computer, and mobile phone game. "Skilled players can take advantage of its range and maneuverability to get around cover and land the final blow on their opponent," developer Epic wrote i...Keep on reading: WATCH: ‘Fortnite’ player spans map with rocket-riding transport.....»»

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Fortnite: Battle Royale launches on iOS

MANILA, Philippines – One of the major contenders for the king of the 'battle royale' subgenre of gaming is formally making its way out of invite-only access to a formal launch.  Epic Games announced late Tuesday, April 2, it was releasing Fortnite: Battle Royale for everyone with a supported ........»»

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Top iOS apps: ‘Fortnite’, ‘AliExpress Shopping’, ‘Ragnarok M’

Multiplayer action game "Fortnite" dominates North America and Europe in our regular round-up of top free iOS apps from around the world, while Alibaba's shopping app tops several charts in South East Asia, "PUBG" imitator "Knives Out" is back on top in Japan, and "Ragnarok Online Mobile" is king in its homeland of South Korea on March 16, 2018. United States Fortnite (Games) The hit console and computer sensation debuts on iOS as part of an invite-only public test phase. Players fight to be the last person standing, building and knocking down makeshift forts, and all in the company of pals on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and PC should they so choose. United Kingdom Fortnite...Keep on reading: Top iOS apps: ‘Fortnite’, ‘AliExpress Shopping’, ‘Ragnarok M’.....»»

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