SPENDING, EATING SPREE AT CAPITOL – DAP funds spending: *P22.265M in dole outs during 2013 campaign period *P207,500 for catering services in just one day

SPENDING, EATING SPREE AT CAPITOL – DAP funds spending: *P22.265M in dole outs during 2013 campaign period *P207,500 for catering services in just one day.....»»

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A child of the streets turns hero in Cebu

IN 1981 13-year-old Egmedio 'Bill' Felisan was apprehended for eating food left unattended at a stall. He had thought they were someone's leftovers. He was turned over to a facility.....»»

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Inflation storm brewing

FILIPINOS queuing for hours to buy cheap rice from the government. Families eating fewer meals a day to save money. Locals venting their anger against President Rodrigo R. Duterte on social media. The post Inflation storm brewing appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Vietnam’s capital urges residents to stop eating dog meat

HANOI, Vietnam --- Authorities in Vietnam's capital are urging residents to stop eating dog meat because it hurts the city's image and improper raising and slaughtering of the animals could spread rabies. For many Vietnamese, dog meat is a delicacy that is thought to increase stamina. Hanoi Vice Mayor Nguyen Van Suu said in a message published Tuesday on the city's website that slaughtering and consuming dog and cat meat are disturbing to foreigners and "negatively impact the image of a civilized and modern capital." Suu instructed local governments to raise awareness of the risk of rabies when raising dog and cat meat. The move is part of a national program to stamp out ...Keep on reading: Vietnam’s capital urges residents to stop eating dog meat.....»»

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Insane luxury experience at the Raffles Manila 😱 – Manila Video

Our last night in Manila together with Trina & Pierre spent in a beautiful restaurant atop the stunning Raffles Hotel Manila. This time we got to have a luxury fine dining experience in contrast to the amazing filipino food and the filipino street we have been eating over the past few weeks. Trina & Pierre’s… link: Insane luxury experience at the Raffles Manila 😱 – Manila Video.....»»

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Camille Co celebrated her engagement in a Family Mart and a ramen place

The couple was vacationing in Tokyo--exploring the fashion shops, eating ramen, the usual tourist stuff. On their second day, they went to Rikugien Garden which is known for........»»

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Guamuchil Tree Fruit Like CANDY Edible Guamuchile Camachile (Pithecellobium Dulce) Manila Tamarind – Manila Video

How to Grow Guamuchiles Tree, Monkeypod, Guama Americano, Pinzan, Chiminango, Gina, Payande, Yacure, Bean Family. Flowers anti-inflammatory, Leaves contain anti-oxidants, fruit anti-diabetic and anti-ulcer properties…Miracle Tree. This Guamuchil Exotic tree (Pithecellobium Dulce) Manila Tamarind tree grew big in 2 years, full of fruit pods, like eating candy, so many names all over the world, Guamuchiles… link: Guamuchil Tree Fruit Like CANDY Edible Guamuchile Camachile (Pithecellobium Dulce) Manila Tamarind – Manila Video.....»»

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Global warming could spur more and hungrier crop-eating bugs

  WASHINGTON --- A warmer world likely means more and hungrier insects chomping on crops and less food on dinner plates, a new study suggests. Insects now consume about 10 percent of the globe's food, but that will increase to 15 to 20 percent by the end of the century if climate change isn't stopped, said study lead author Curtis Deutsch, a University of Washington climate scientist. The study looked at the damage bugs like the European corn borer and the Asiatic rice borer could do as temperatures rise. It found that many of them will increase in number at key times for crops. The hotter weather will also speed up their metabolism so they'll eat more, the researchers ...Keep on reading: Global warming could spur more and hungrier crop-eating bugs.....»»

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Galunggong, Duterte vs ICC, Manu Ginobili | Evening wRap

  Today on Rappler: Senate agriculture committee chairperson Cynthia Villar says the public should play safe and stop eating galunggong or round scad for now. Families left behind by people killed in the Philippine government's bloody anti-drug campaign takes their quest for justice to the International Criminal Court. Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol dismisses fears ........»»

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Villar for rice price control

SENATOR Cynthia Villar yesterday proposed price control for rice even as she challenged the officials of the National Food Authority (NFA) to prove that the rice imported from Thailand and Vietnam are safe by eating the weevil infested rice before the public. Villar said that she is flabbergasted with the….....»»

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No meat or eggs —but not ‘vegan’?

NEW YORK---It's not vegan, it's "plant-based." So will carnivores bite? As companies try to cater to Americans' interest in lighter eating, the term "plant-based" is replacing "vegan" and "vegetarian" on some foods. The worry is that the v-words might have unappetizing or polarizing associations. Impossible Foods, which makes a meatless patty that's supposed to taste like meat, even warns restaurants not to use those words when describing its burger on menus. "For many people, their notion of a vegan is someone who's wagging a finger at them if they eat any animal products. I'm vegan. But for a lot of people that term---it's almost like a cult," says Pat Brown, CEO of Imposs...Keep on reading: No meat or eggs —but not ‘vegan’?.....»»

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Wild dogs, not Balbal, behind slaughter

Military and police snipers were deployed yesterday in key areas of Cagayan de Oro City in preparation for the Feast of Señor San Agustin on Tuesday, 28 August, which coincides with the full moon. The deployment of snipers, however, was not carried out to allay the fear of the superstitious about the folkloric flesh-eating creature […].....»»

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This time, I love eating my words

In my column last week, I said it very clearly that the boxing world should not count on Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder squaring off any time soon, citing many reasons like boxing promoters biding time to inflate the purse for the megafight. Guess what? The two heavyweight giants are set to clash, and this [...] The post This time, I love eating my words appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Happy birds, happy life

IF IT’S really true that you become what you absorb from this world, will eating a happy bird make you happy as well? The post Happy birds, happy life appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Hidilyn Diaz: ‘I miss cheesecake!’

Triumphant weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz has her sights set firmly on Olympic gold, inspired by her new Chinese coach, but first she might just indulge in a guilty passion -- cheesecake and bubble tea. "The sacrifices you make are so hard when you're training every day," she told AFP after winning the Philippines' first gold medal of the 2018 Asian Games on Tuesday. "I can't eat sugar and sweets. I miss eating cheesecake and drinking bubble tea with friends. It's hard," said the sweet-toothed 27-year-old from the southern Philippines island of Mindanao. Diaz was already assured a place in her country's sporting folklore, alongside the likes of Manny Pacquiao, as the only woman f...Keep on reading: Hidilyn Diaz: ‘I miss cheesecake!’.....»»

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ASIAN GAMES: Japanese basketball players kicked out after 'night out with women'

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Four Japanese basketball players were kicked off their Asian Games team and sent home Monday after delegation head Yasuhiro Yamashita said they "spent the night in a hotel with women." Yamashita told a news conference that the four players hooked up with the women after eating and drinking in an entertainment district and were easily identified by wearing Japan-emblazoned shirts. "I met with the athletes and they deeply regret what they did," Yamashita said. "I apologize from the bottom of my heart as the head of the delegation." The incident took place after Japan's 82-71 win over Qatar in a group-stage game last Thursday. Japanese Olympic officials said they learned of the incident after a newspaper published photographs of the players out on the town. The JOC identified the four as Takuya Hashimoto, Keita Imamura, Yuya Nagayoshi, and Takuma Sato, and said the players had to pay for their own flights home from Jakarta. The JOC described the players' behavior as a "clear breach of the team's conduct code, which specifies athletes are to be role models." The eight remaining players in the Japan squad have a game against Hong Kong on Wednesday......»»

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Bhutan: No medals yet in the Asian Games, but still happy

By STEPHEN WADE,  AP Sports Writer JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan has never won a medal of any kind at the Asian Games, much less the Olympics. The country's fame, instead, comes from its billing as one of the happiest places on earth. In fact, the government promotes a concept it terms "Gross National Happiness" as a way to measure success. "People at home are not unhappy we have not won," Younten Tshedup, a reporter for the national newspaper Kuensel, told the Associated Press at the Asian Games. "Everyone is happy, even with no medals. But medals this time would be icing on the cake." By comparison, Bhutan's giant neighbor China has won more than 3,000 medals — about 1,500 gold — in Asian Games competitions. "We are hoping to change it this time," Younten added. Bhutan, with a population of only 750,000, has 24 athletes entered in sports including archery, taekwondo, boxing and — believe it or not — golf. Karma Karma, who competed two years ago at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, could break through in archery, which is Bhutan's national sport. She was also the flagbearer in Saturday's opening ceremony in Jakarta. Soccer and cricket are also popular in Bhutan, but competition is amateur. Archery has many participants, but the disciplines practiced at home are different than those on the Asian Games and Olympic sports programs. "We'd be happy with any medal," Nim Dorji, the head of the delegation, told The AP. Several athletes in taekwondo could break through. They talked up their chances — but were realistic, too — on Monday while seated around a table eating lunch and decked out in their distinctive red and yellow uniforms with the dragon crest on the chest. "Bhutan is a very small country," taekwondo athlete Tenzin Dorji explained. "We don't have the facilities. Maybe that's why we are not winning. In Bhutan we (athletes) are all students and we only practice for four hours. In other countries they are almost practicing for a whole day." Part of the challenge has been Bhutan's isolation, trapped between China and India in the Himalayas. It has just recently begun to open up with television and social media pushing quick change, and the natural beauty also is a lure that attracts outsiders. Nim, the head of the delegation, said the Bhutan government was getting more involved and offering incentives. "We are a small country known for our culture and traditions," taekwondo athlete Kinzang Choden said. "But sports are not our careers. Education is given more importance than sports by the government." Bhutan has sent athletes to every Asian Games since 1990, according the country's profile on the Asian Games website. The closest it has come to winning a medal was in 1998 in Bangkok, when its men's archery team lost a bronze-medal match against China. Bhutan is not alone in Asia in its medal struggles. East Timor, Indonesia's neighbor on the eastern border, is also yet to win a medal at the Asian Games, a quadrennial event that has attracted more than 11,000 athletes from 45 countries and territories competing in 40 sports. The website for the Olympic Council of Asia — the governing body of regional sports — shows six other nations that have won medals, but never a gold medal: Afghanistan, Brunei, Laos, Nepal, Palestine, and Yemen. "Everyone here is expecting a medal," Younten, the Bhutanese reporter said. "We are expecting a few, but we're not very sure about which disciplines."    .....»»

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Beko PHunveils 'EatLikeAPro advocacy

BEKO Philippines launched recently its Eat Like A Pro (ELAP) advocacy, an information dissemination campaign, which aims to help parents in ensuring that they give their child healthier food choices. The advocacy is in support of Beko’s current global initiative of eliminating unhealthy eating habits, which affects Filipino families, especially the young ones. “As the […] The post Beko PHunveils #EatLikeAPro advocacy appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Heart Evangelista stained her Hermés Birkin with cheese fries from Chili’s

Since Heart Evangelista is a celebrity, we might think we know so much about her. But apparently,unexpected stories can come out from featureslikeHarper's Bazaarand the realCrazy Rich Asians. We finally found out why Heart and author Kevin Kwanspent some time togetherand discovered that the gorgeous woman is just like you and me---she loves junk food just as much as the next person. She revealed that the reason she started painting on her expensive Herms bags was because she stained one of them while eating fries with cheese at Chili's. Yes, girl we totally understand that bit, we love fries too. It was such an amusing story that even Diet Prada gave Heart a shoutout ontheirInstag...Keep on reading: Heart Evangelista stained her Hermés Birkin with cheese fries from Chili’s.....»»

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