Brazil president sacks close aide amid political scandal

BRASILIA, Brazil – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday, February 18, sacked a close aide who helped get him elected after a storm within his party over suspected improper campaign financing. The allegations are the latest scandal to hit the party of the far-right president, who comfortably won elections last October ........»»

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Mercedes Wolff fears no-deal Brexit s effect on Formula One

By Joseph Wilson, Associated Press MONTMELO, Spain (AP) — Politics, not engines or aerodynamics, is what really worries Mercedes boss Toto Wolff as his team heads into the new Formula One season seeking a sixth consecutive title. It's the looming possibility of a chaotic rupture of the United Kingdom from the European Union that would be most problematic. "That is a nightmare scenario that I don't want to even envisage," Wolff said on Monday, the opening day of preseason testing near Barcelona. "If a no-deal Brexit would happen like has been discussed, I think we would have a major impact in terms of our operations going to the races and getting our cars developed and ready." Last month, the British Parliament voted down the deal Prime Minister Theresa May had initially reached with the other 27 members of the EU. The clock is ticking toward March 29, when the U.K. is due to leave the bloc with or without a deal. That will come with F1 teams preparing for the second grand prix of the season in Bahrain on March 31. What a divorce would mean without negotiated terms to handle the legal and commercial implication is hard to predict, but most agree there would be a risk for considerable disruption to trade and the legal status of foreigners. Besides Mercedes, which has its factory 70 miles northwest of London, the Red Bull, Renault, Williams, McLaren and Racing Point teams also have facilities in the U.K. Wolff fears that an ugly Brexit will give an advantage to those teams based on the European continent. That would mean Ferrari, Mercedes' biggest challenger in recent years, but it also includes the other Italian team, Toro Rosso; Haas, based in the United States; and Switzerland-based Alfa Romeo. "Brexit is a major concern for us, and it should be a major concern for all of us who live in the U.K. and operate out of the U.K.," Wolff said. He fears the disruption affecting not just the movement of teams, but also the shipping and delivering of car parts and Mercedes' staff, which has 26 different nationalities represented. "The way we are getting parts and services is just in time, at the last minute, into the U.K., and any major disruption in borders and taxes would massively damage the Formula 1 industry in the U.K.," Wolff said. "We have a fantastic access to talent today in the U.K. Formula One has grown. What Silicon Valley is to the U.S., Formula One is to the U.K., and at the moment, there is a risk whether the U.K. can stay as a competitive location as it is today." Red Bull team principal Chris Horner is also concerned, but believes that the industry will adjust. "You can paint a doomsday scenario of Brexit or you can actually maybe see how much it will affect our daily life," Horner said. "Whether there is no deal, any deal, we will have to deal with it.".....»»

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Heavy smoking could damage your vision, says new study

New research has found that smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day could damage your vision and color perception. Carried out by researchers at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, United States, and the Perception, Neuroscience and Behavior Laboratory, Brazil, the new small-scale study looked at 71 participants who had smoked less than 15 cigarettes ever in their life time and 63 who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day. The participants were between the ages of 25 and 45 and all classed as healthy with normal or corrected-to-normal vision. However, they had been diagnosed with tobacco addiction and reported that they had made no attempts to stop smoking. During the st...Keep on reading: Heavy smoking could damage your vision, says new study.....»»

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Letting Venezuela chair world disarmament body would be travesty – U.S.

GENEVA, Switzerland – The United States urged countries Friday, February 15, to block Venezuela's upcoming chairmanship of the Conference on Disarmament, insisting that having a representative of President Nicolas Maduro preside over the body would be "a travesty". US Ambassador Robert Wood addressed the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament (CD) to "record ........»»

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Hackers flock to hunt for cracks in Swiss e-voting system

GENEVA --- Swiss authorities are trumpeting the fact that more than 2,000 would-be hackers from around the world have taken up an invitation to try to find holes in Switzerland's groundbreaking online voting system --- and potentially earn tens of thousands of francs (dollars) if they succeed. The Federal Chancellery and Swiss regions, known as cantons, expressed satisfaction at the high response barely a week after launching a registration for IT experts to help crack a planned update to Switzerland's 15-year-old e-voting system. Among countries in Europe, only Estonia has a similar online voting program, a Swiss official said. As of Friday morning, more than 2,000 had been re...Keep on reading: Hackers flock to hunt for cracks in Swiss e-voting system.....»»

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WHO warns of backsliding in measles fight as cases soar worldwide

GENEVA, Switzerland – The World Health Organization warned Thursday, February 14, that efforts to halt the spread of measles were "backsliding", with case numbers worldwide surging around 50 percent last year. The UN health agency pointed to preliminary data showing that the disturbing trend of resurgent measles cases was happening at a global level , including in wealthy ........»»

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Global unemployment down, but too many working poor – U.N.

GENEVA, Switzerland – The global unemployment rate inched down last year, the UN said Wednesday, February 13, warning though that jobs often failed to guarantee decent living, with some 700 million workers wallowing in poverty. Unemployment around the world fell in 2018 to 5.0% – from 5.1% in 2017 – ........»»

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Brazil s president leaves hospital after 17-day power vacuum

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro left hospital Wednesday, February 13, ending a 17-day hiatus at the helm of Latin America's biggest economy during which several high-profile political issues were put on the backburner. Bolsonaro, 63, underwent surgery on January 28 to remove a ........»»

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One Korea 2032 bid

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea has picked its capital Seoul for its bid for the 2032 summer Olympics, which it aims to jointly host with North Korea. The Koreas will officially inform the International Olympic Committee of their decision to bid at an event in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Friday. North Korea is expected to […].....»»

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BERN, Switzerland (MindaNews / 12 February) -- While waiting for our host while newly arrived on a recent trip to Nice, we had an encounter in the street with a local Frenchman. A car screeched to a halt and reversed a bit, the driver rolled down his side window and shouted out, “Ni Hao!” Then he drove away with a grin and another screech......»»

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Seoul picked for joint Korean bid to host 2032 Olympics

  SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea has picked its capital Seoul for its bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics, which it aims to jointly host with North Korea. The Koreas will officially inform the International Olympic Committee of their decision to bid at an event in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Friday, February ........»»

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Geneva to ban religious symbols on public employees

GENEVA, Switzerland – Geneva residents on Sunday, February 10, voted for a controversial new "secularism law," which will among other things ban elected officials and public employees from wearing visible religious symbols. More than 55% of voters in the Swiss canton backed the law, final results showed, despite warnings that it ........»»

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Brazil police operation in Rio favela leaves 13 dead

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – An operation by Brazilian military police in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, February 8, left at least 13 people dead in a number of city center favelas, authorities said. They were among 14 people who sustained gunshot wounds in the operation close to the Santa Teresa ........»»

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Toll in Brazil dam disaster rises to 157 dead, 182 missing

SAO PAULO, Brazil – The toll from a dam collapse at a mine in southeast Brazil's Minas Gerais state has risen to 157 deaths after nearly two weeks of searches, with 182 missing, authorities said Thurday. Those listed as missing are presumed dead, but not yet located under the layers of muddy mining waste released when the tailings dam ........»»

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Brazil& rsquo;s cool sizzles at Solaire

Brazil& rsquo;s cool sizzles at Solaire.....»»

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Bursting of a dam in Brazil

By: Edgar Mana-ay AS HEADLINED worldwide last January 25, 2019, the mine dam of Vale Mining in the town of Brumadinho, Brazil breached, resulting in 60 deaths with 292 people still missing as of this writing. The collapsed dam at Corrego De Feijao IRON MINES was jointly owned by Valle Mining and BHP Group Ltd. of […] The post Bursting of a dam in Brazil appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Facebook: Key Facts About the Social Network Leader

Key facts: Facebook had some 2.3 billion monthly active users around the world at the end of December, the key metric for the company. Of the total, 947 million users were in the Asia-Pacific region, 381 million in Europe and 242 million in North America. The company offers no country-by-country breakdown but private analysts estimate that India has the largest number followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Facebook is blocked or restricted in a handful of countries including China and North Korea. An estimated 2.7 billion people use Facebook's "family" of services including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and its core social network, based on the latest update. Fi...Keep on reading: Facebook: Key Facts About the Social Network Leader.....»»

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Toll in Brazil dam disaster rises to 121 dead, 226 missing

BRUMADINHO, Brazil – The toll from a dam collapse last week at a mine in southeast Brazil has risen to 121 dead and 226 missing, according to officials Saturday, February 2. The emergency service for the state of Minas Gerais, where the January 25 disaster occurred near the town of Brumadinho , ........»»

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Filipino speed skater bags spot in 2020 Winter Youth Olympics

By June Navarro/ – Speed skater Julian Macaraeg has made history as the country’s first participant in the Winter Youth Olympic Games. The 14-year-old from New York secured a spot in the 2020 Winter YOG in Lausanne, Switzerland with a performance to remember in the ISU Junior World Short Read more ».....»»

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Brazil dam collapse toll rises to 84, mining firm s output to be hit

BRUMADINHO, Brazil – The death toll from the collapse of a Brazilian dam rose to 84 on Tuesday, January 29, as mining giant Vale announced that moves to dismantle similar structures would hit production. Brazilian authorities are stepping up their probe of Vale, with 5 engineers involved in the operating licenses ........»»

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