Wide waist with ‘normal weight’ bigger risk than obesity — study

People of "normal" weight who sport a wide waist are more at risk of heart problems than obese people, said researchers Friday, urging a rethink of healthy weight guidelines. How fat is distributed on a person's frame determined disease risk as much as how much fat they had overall, according to an investigation of nearly 1,700 people aged 45 and over. Even people who are not classified overweight on the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale, should be concerned if they had an "apple" shape with a waist wider than their hips, said research leader Jose Medina-Inojosa of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Such excess fat around the middle is called "central obesity". "Current gu...Keep on reading: Wide waist with ‘normal weight’ bigger risk than obesity — study.....»»

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New fight needed against resurgent malaria, warns Bill Gates

Bill Gates warned Wednesday that malaria was back on the rise again and would continue to claim more lives worldwide unless governments reinvigorated their push to eradicate the disease. Malaria death rates have been in steady decline since 2000 but rose in 2016 as progress towards eliminating the mosquito-borne preventable disease stalled. Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist Gates said innovation would be crucial to maintain progress in tackling the disease ahead of its ability to develop resistance to drugs and insecticides. "This setback where the 2016 cases went up is a real signal to us," Gates, the second richest person in the world, told the 2018 Lond...Keep on reading: New fight needed against resurgent malaria, warns Bill Gates.....»»

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Researchers warn Ebola for plants hitting Africa s cassava crop

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast – A new disease infecting cassava – dubbed "Ebola for plants" – could spell a looming food crisis for Africa, researchers have warned, fearful that the emerging blight could decimate one of the continent's most vital food crops. Africa is the world's largest producer of cassava ........»»

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Image from page 76 of “Plague; its cause and the manner of its extension, its menace, its control and suppression, its diagnosis and treatment” (1916) – Manila Picture

Identifier: plagueitscausema00jack Title: Plague; its cause and the manner of its extension, its menace, its control and suppression, its diagnosis and treatment Year: 1916 (1910s) Authors: Jackson, Thomas W. (Thomas Wright), 1870-1925 Schöbl, Otto Subjects: Plague Rats as carriers of disease Publisher: [Philadelphia] J. B. Lippincott company Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries Digitizing Sponsor: Open… link: Image from page 76 of “Plague; its cause and the manner of its extension, its menace, its control and suppression, its diagnosis and treatment” (1916) – Manila Picture.....»»

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Police investigate reports of ‘zombie’ raccoons

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) --- Police are investigating reports of "zombie-like" raccoons in northeast Ohio. WKBN-TV reports Youngstown police have received more than a dozen calls in the past three weeks about raccoons acting strangely in the daytime. Photographer Robert Coggeshall says he was playing with his dogs outside his home last week when one such raccoon approached them. Coggeshall says the animal would stand on its hind legs, show its teeth and fall over backward. The raccoon Coggeshall saw and 14 others police responded to were euthanized. The state Department of Natural Resources says the animals were likely suffering from distemper, not rabies. The viral disease ...Keep on reading: Police investigate reports of ‘zombie’ raccoons.....»»

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Taxes key in war on lifestyle disease – health experts

PARIS, France – Global health leaders declared war on lifestyle diseases Thursday, April 5, decrying the impact of tobacco , alcohol and soft drinks on the world's poor, while calling for taxes to curb consumption and finance healthcare. In half-a-dozen studies in The Lancet, a leading health journal, ........»»

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Measles outbreak

A mother in Cotabato City shows rashes from measles that hit her 3-year old daughter. The city health office has initiated massive vaccination in 25 barangays where some 130 children have been hit by the disease. Parents, however, were hesitant to submit their children to vaccination due to the Dengvaxia controversy. Photo taken on April […] The post Measles outbreak appeared first on MindaNews......»»

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Let your food be your medicine

It's not about counting calories or eliminating an entire food group. It's about healing the body to drive the metabolism. Eat more to lose weight, and eat more to live more. But learn how to eat to feed the body, not the tummy. Sports nutritionist Harvie de Baron, creator of a sustainable, healthy eating lifestyle called the Baron Method, has experienced the healing power of food. For years he endured a bad case of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease that left him defecating blood 30 times a day. That was in 2000. He was then in his 20s, a whole life supposedly ahead of him. Instead, he was stuck in the toilet most of the day, suffering a disease that ...Keep on reading: Let your food be your medicine.....»»

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Three cups of coffee a day lowers risk of clogged arteries, says study

Are you one of those who love to drink coffee, taking it three or more times a day? Well, this research may benefit you. Scientists from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil have found that drinking three cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of having clogged arteries and combat heart disease. Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association last Saturday, the study was done to evaluate the links between coffee intake and coronary artery calcium (CAC). Around 4,400 residents of Sao Paulo participated in the study, answering a food frequency questionnaire and having their CAC readings through computed tomography. Based on the gathered data, the researchers found...Keep on reading: Three cups of coffee a day lowers risk of clogged arteries, says study.....»»

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What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the root of Stephen Hawking’s death?

Stephen Hawking was probably the most famous man to have ALS, and I sort of understand what it is. But what does ALS stand for? ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It is also called Lou Gehrig's disease, after the famous American baseball player who had it. It is a type of motor neuron disease that is progressive, and slowly destroys nerve cells and causes disability. What is motor neuron disease? Actually, what is a motor neuron in the first place? A motor neuron is a nerve cell that has a cell body located in either the spinal cord, brainstem or motor cortex of the brain. The word "motor" here denotes action. Motor neurons control the organs and muscles that ...Keep on reading: What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the root of Stephen Hawking’s death?.....»»

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Are lonely hearts prone to cardiovascular disease?

PARIS: Feeling lonely contributes less to the risk of cardiovascular disease than recent research suggests, scientists said on Tuesday, but social isolation really does up the odds of dying after a heart attack or stroke. The alleged link between loneliness and heart disease essentially disappears once other well-known risk factors—smoking, drinking, poor diet, lack of [...] The post Are lonely hearts prone to cardiovascular disease? appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Spiritual program strengthens drug rehab residents

A strong faith is vital to one's recovery, said Joey Ibaez, cofounder of Total Care Institute (TCI) Village---a rehabilitation facility in Amadeo, Cavite, described as "a healing place for persons with addiction and behavioral issues." Ibaez and TCI program head/certified recovery specialist Duane Patrick Tan have both survived the harrowing disease of drug abuse and recovered from it thorough total surrender to spiritual faith. It's an experience that has inspired them to share their time and knowledge to TCI's patients who are referred to as residents. What was your spiritual life like as a kid in the family, and later as head of your own family? Joey Ibaez (JI):As a kid m...Keep on reading: Spiritual program strengthens drug rehab residents.....»»

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Statins protect against Alzheimer’s in most patients

Statins taken to reduce cholesterol also protect most patients against Alzheimer’s disease, but the decrease in risk varies across different statins and by t.....»»

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TADECO opens lab to help fight banana disease

By Carmelito Q. Francisco Correspondent CARMEN, DAVAO DEL NORTE — A modern laboratory, operated by Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. (TADECO), has been formally opened to help the banana industry improve the quality of its seedlings and resist Panama disease. TADECO President Alexander N. Valoria said the facility, which is part of the TADECO AgroTechnical […] The post TADECO opens lab to help fight banana disease appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Study challenges healthy but obese theory

PARIS, France – Being overweight or obese does pose a risk of heart disease, despite claims to the contrary, a study of nearly 300,000 British adults suggested Friday, March 16. While it is generally accepted that being overweight increases a person's disease risk , some researchers have recently suggested that ........»»

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Nigeria struggles to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever

IRRUA, Nigeria: Nigeria is battling on two fronts against an unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever, a cousin of Ebola, that has already killed 110 people this year. Even as doctors are grappling to contain the threat, health watchdogs are struggling to understand why the deadly virus has spread so dramatically. The Nigeria Center for Disease [...] The post Nigeria struggles to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Measles cases triple; outbreak hits Davao, Zamboanga cities

The Department of Health (DOH) has reported a three-fold increase in the number of suspected measles cases nationwide during the first month of the year. "A total of 877 [suspected] measles cases were reported nationwide from Jan. 1 to Feb. 3, 2018. This is almost triple the number of cases reported during the same period last year, with 293 cases," according to the DOH Measles Disease Surveillance Report. It said there were 12 deaths reported during the period. The deaths came from Region 11 (50 percent), Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) (41.67 percent) and Region 12 (8.33 percent). Mindanao most affected Most of the 877 cases were from ARMM, Region 9, Region 1...Keep on reading: Measles cases triple; outbreak hits Davao, Zamboanga cities.....»»

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Teen athlete eats slug on dare, left disabled for life and in debt

It was a party trick that turned into something life-threatening---and now, a battle against the government. At 19, Australian Sam Ballard ingested a slug during a friend's party. He was then a strapping rugby athlete in Sydney who his mom described as "invincible," reports Now 28, Ballard is a quadriplegic---all his four limbs are paralyzed---and requires round-the-clock care. Unknowingly, the slug was infected with rat lungworm, a parasite in rats that is passed through their feces, usually ingested by snails or slugs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of those infected with the parasite "recover fully without treatment." Initially, B...Keep on reading: Teen athlete eats slug on dare, left disabled for life and in debt.....»»

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International Women’s Day 2018: 5 ways women can protect their health

Thursday, March 8, marks International Women's Day, and with women at a greater risk of certain conditions than men, now is a good time for females around the world to take charge of their own health. Here are some ways women can reduce their risk of conditions like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Maintain a healthy weight A European study published earlier this year found that although being overweight or obese increases the chance of suffering from heart disease or cancer for both sexes, the risk is even greater for women. When compared to women of normal weight, obese women were five times more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease, and 12 times ...Keep on reading: International Women’s Day 2018: 5 ways women can protect their health.....»»

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Jury’s In: Opioids not better than other meds for chronic pain

A few years ago, Renea Molden's doctors told her they wanted to take her off her opioid pills. It did not sound like good idea to her. "I was mad, I'll be honest. I was mad. I was frustrated," said Molden, 40, of Kansas City, Mo. She struggles with fibromyalgia, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease. Her doctors were concerned about her potentially taking hydrocodone for the rest of her life, but to her, the three pills she took each day seemed to be the only way she could make it through work, go shopping or even fix dinner. "It felt like they were taking a part of my life away from me," she said. For many people with chronic pain, opioids can seem like the difference...Keep on reading: Jury’s In: Opioids not better than other meds for chronic pain.....»»

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