Weekly Reflections: Mary and human liberation

September 8 is celebrated by the Roman Catholic world as the birthday of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Mary’s birthday is not mentioned in the Bible, but nevertheless this is part of the Roman Catholic traditions. Obviously, different religious traditions have varied perceptions about Mary......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Theological Education for Humanization

I would like to say at the outset that the basic aim of education in general, and theological education in particular, is not just to accumulate knowledge and information, but to make human beings more human. Education is one of the most powerful instruments for humanization, for enhancing what is truly human in us and among us. A truly educated person is a humane person......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Politics of Jesus’ death

Religious and political leaders alike had been advising everyone to refrain from engaging in any political activity during the Holy Week as if this celebration is purely religious and has nothing to do with politics. But the truth is that Jesus’ death on the cross is perhaps the most violent political death in human history......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Facing the challenges of 2018

A new year brings us new challenges in life. Facing these challenges, as the aforementioned Biblical text would imply, is first and foremost to remember the past. And as we look back to the past, we come to realize that it is real, indeed. For some it was a horrible year due to thousands of killings related to illegal drugs. Series of calamities, both natural and human-made, visited our country that rendered death and destruction to many......»»

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Weekly Reflections: A Christmas and year-end message 2017

Year 2018 has come! Whenever another year comes, we always consider it a new year. And so, we greet each other, “Happy New Year!” But as we end one year after another it seems that the word new remains an unfulfilled dream. Things remain the same or even worse. The lives of ordinary people are not getting better, despite claims to the contrary. Prices of basic commodities are going up, while the value of human life is going down......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Christmas and social rejection

Of all the Gospel writers, Luke is apparently the most down-to-earth in terms of describing the events and narrating the whole story of Jesus’ birth (cf. Luke 2:1-21). It begins with the journey of a poor couple, Mary and Joseph, who, according to the Biblical records, were not officially married at that time. They were on their way to Bethlehem from their own hometown of Nazareth to fulfill an imperial decree that all people should register not for election purposes (election at that time were not necessary), but for taxation purposes......»»

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Weekly Reflections: When will history come to an end

Our Australian partners in mission recently issued a statement condemning the brutal killing of Fr. Marcelito “Tito” Paez on December 4, 2017, holding President Duterte responsible for the human rights violations in our country. Fr. Paez is the first Roman Catholic priest killed under President Duterte. He was the coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) in Central Luzon at the time of his death. His pastoral duties were carried out alongside his abiding commitment to social justice and human rights......»»

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Weekly Reflections: When a blessing becomes a curse

It is significant to note that the worst typhoon in human history named Yolanda happened in our country in the month of November designated as Stewardship Month. In the light of Yolanda commemoration, let us focus our reflection on the stewardship of creation......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Doing God’s mission

August is designated mission month in my church. It is a time to affirm and celebrate the church’s basic nature and characteristics as God’s mission in the world. This is what makes the church different from any human institution for it has been set apart for a holy purpose of making God’s love known in the world......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Listening to people’s cry

The Marawi Crisis is still going on. Actually, armed conflict in Mindanao is not something new; it has been there through all these years, although sometimes it’s lying low. Perhaps, the cure applied to resolve it has been ineffective or no serious attempt to really put a stop to it. Now, we see once again human faces of fears and uncertainties, even as thousands of civilians flee from their homes in order not to be caught in the crossfire......»»

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Weekly Reflections: The transforming power of God’s word

The celebration of National Bible Week in the month of January is an affirmation of the power of God’s Word to renew human life and transform society. Prophet Isaiah declared that whenever God’s Word is spoken we would never be the same again......»»

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Weekly Reflections: Biblical and theological foundations of human rights

Weekly Reflections: Biblical and theological foundations of human rights.....»»

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Weekly Reflections: Meaning of being human (2/2)

Weekly Reflections: Meaning of being human (2/2).....»»

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Weekly Reflections: Meaning of being human

Weekly Reflections: Meaning of being human.....»»

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Weekly Reflections: Theology of Pentecost

We live today in a world of alienation and fragmentation. Globalization promises a global village wherein people all over the world will live together in unity and harmony. With all the advancement in science and technology, people all over the world can now easily communicate with one another and can efficiently move from one place to another. With the lifting of government restrictions, people all over the world can now effectively exchange with one another their goods and services, their culture, knowledge and technology......»»

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Reflections for the Working Soul

The human being, created by God in His image and likeness, has the power to think and discover what is true. In fact, the human person searches for what is true and once he 'sees' the tru.....»»

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Weekly Reflections: Theology of Fatherhood

The Third Sunday of June is celebrated in our country as Father’s Day. Other countries, however, celebrate Father’s Day on different dates, which would remind us that remembering our fathers should not be once a year only, but rather throughout the whole year, every moment of our lives......»»

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Rights group: Israeli lethal force in Gaza may be war crime

JERUSALEM --- Human Rights Watch said Wednesday that Israel's use of lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks may constitute war crimes. The statement was issued Wednesday ahead of an emergency UN General Assembly meeting to vote on a resolution condemning Israel's "excessive use of force." A similar Security Council resolution was vetoed earlier this month by the United States for being "fundamentally imbalanced" and "grossly one-sided," US Ambassador Nikki Haley said. Palestinians have held near-weekly protests since March 30, calling for a "right of return" to ancestral homes now in Israel. At least 120 Palestinians have been killed an...Keep on reading: Rights group: Israeli lethal force in Gaza may be war crime.....»»

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Weekly reflections: A theology of Freedom

By REV. LUNA DINGAYAN “I have seen the afflictions of people. I have heard their cries, and therefore, I have come down to deliver them from their slave drivers…I am sending you to the King of Egypt so that you can lead my people out of his country.” – ….....»»

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Weekly Reflections: Theology in action

Sometime in the early 70’s, the Summer Exposure Program was introduced as a new way of doing theological education as well as a new approach to doing theology. As a matter of fact, this particular approach was then regarded as a theological trend happening worldwide, which was known as Theology in Action......»»

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All That Fits: Lakay Amoy

Introducing the column and the author, Abigail Bengwayan – Anongos, a graduate of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, College of Human Technology where she majored in Social Technology, an Ibaloy indigenous people’s rights advocate, human rights defender, the mother of Chadlos who commits, “I will endeavor to write on a broad spectrum of issues, events, people, places and draw something out of these to leave something to think about for the readers of the Northern Dispatch Weekly,” which she once edited. Ed......»»

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