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All-Syrian crew of cargo ship cleared, but questions raised re shipping agent, consignee

DAVAO CITY  (MindaNews / 21 January) &'8212; The docking at a private port here  of a cargo vessel manned by 23 Syrian nationals on Friday, June 13, alarmed the security sector as four of the names were reportedly similar to terrorists on the government's watch list but the Bureau of Immigrations and the National Bureau [&'].....»»

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All-Syrian crew of cargo ship cleared, but questions raised re  shipping agent, consignee

DAVAO CITY  (MindaNews / 21 January) &'8212; The docking at a private port here  of a cargo vessel manned by 23 Syrian nationals on Friday, June 13, alarmed the security sector as four of the names were reportedly similar to terrorists on the government's watch list but the Bureau of Immigrations and the National Bureau [&'].....»»

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WATCH: Duterte launches ASEAN 2017 in Davao City

WATCH: Duterte launches ASEAN 2017 in Davao City.....»»

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Jacky Woo, nagtayo ng branch ng Kusina Lokal sa Davao

PATULOY ang pagdating ng magandang kapalaran sa Japanese actor, director, producer na si Jacky Woo. Dahil ang kanyang first business venture na Pinoy restaurant na pinangalanan niyang Kusina Lokal ay nagkaroon na ng ikalawang branch. Matatagpuan ang bagong Kusina Lokal sa Davao City. Ayon kay katotong Joe Barrameda, dahil sa magandang kinalabasan ng Kusina Lokal ........»»

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105-year-old Frenchman sets cycling record

SAMUEL PETREQUIN, AP Sports Writer   SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES, France (AP) — Nearly a century ago, Robert Marchand was told by a coach that he should give up cycling because he would never achieve anything on a bike. He proved that prediction wrong again on Wednesday. In a skin-tight yellow and violet jersey, the 105-year-old Frenchman set a world record in the 105-plus age category -- created especially for the tireless veteran -- by riding 22.547 kilometers (14.010 miles) in one hour. 'I'm now waiting for a rival,' he said. Marchand had ridden faster in the past on the boards of the Velodrome National, a state of the art venue used to host the elite of track cycling. But he had warned before his latest attempt that his current form was not as good. 'I did not see the sign warning me I had 10 minutes left,' Marchand said after his effort. 'Otherwise I would have gone faster, I would have posted a better time. I'm not tired. I thought my legs would hurt, but they don't. My arms hurt, you have to hurt somewhere.' Three years ago at the same venue, Marchand covered 26.927 kilometers (16.731 miles) in one hour to better his own world record in the over-100s category. Still, impressed fans and chanted 'Robert, Robert' during the last minutes of his ride. Marchand received a standing ovation once he completed the last of his 92 laps and was then mobbed by dozens of cameramen and TV crews. 'He could have been faster but he made a big mistake. He has stopped eating meat over the past month after being shocked by recent reports on how animals are subjected to cruel treatment,' Marchand's physiologist, Veronique Billat, told The Associated Press. By way of comparison, the current overall world record for one hour is 54.526 kilometers (33.880 miles) set by British rider Bradley Wiggins in 2015. But Wiggins, who smashed the previous record using the world's leading track cycling equipment, is now retired. Marchand, who lives in a small flat in a Parisian suburb with a meager pension of about 900 euros ($940), keeps pedaling and stretching every day. As if time had no effect on him. 'He's got two essential qualities. A big heart that pumps a lot of blood, and he can reach high heart beat values that are exceptional for his age,' said Billat, a university professor. 'If he starts eating meat again and builds more muscle, he can better this mark.' Marchand, a former firefighter who was born in 1911 in the northern town of Amiens, has lived through two world wars. He led an eventful life that took him to Venezuela, where he worked as a truck driver near the end of the 1940s. He then moved to Canada and became a lumberjack for a while. Back in France in the 1960s, Marchand made a living through various jobs that left him with no time to practice sports. He finally took up his bike again when he was 68 years old and began a series of cycling feats. The diminutive Marchand — he is 1.52 meters (5-foot) tall and weighs 52 kilograms (115 pounds) — rode from Bordeaux to Paris, and Paris to Roubaix several times. He also cycled to Moscow from Paris in 1992 and set the record for someone over the age of 100 riding 100 kilometers (62 miles). 'If the president of his teenage club who told him he was not made for cycling because he was too small could see him today, he would kick himself,' Marchand's coach and good friend Gerard Mistler told the AP. According to Mistler, the secret behind Marchand's longevity relates to his healthy lifestyle: eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, no smoking, just the occasional glass of wine and exercising on a daily basis. 'He never pushed his limits, goes to bed at 9 p.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m., there's no other secret,' Mistler said. 'If had been doping, he would not be there anymore.' To stay fit, Marchand rides every day on his home trainer and puts himself through outdoor training sessions on the road when the weather is good enough. 'One needs to keep his muscles working,' said Marchand, a faithful reader of communist newspaper L'Humanite. 'Reading a lot keeps his mind alert,' Mistler said. 'He does not watch much TV, apart from the Tour de France stages.' At 105, Marchand is not making plans for the future. His coach would not be surprised to see him back on the boards, though. 'Setting goals for himself is part of his personality,' Mistler said. 'If he tells me he wants to improve his record, I'll be game. Robert is a great example for all of us.' .....»»

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How Fil-Am coach Leo Balayon is leading a small US university to greater heights

Last December 16, Bethesda University, a little-known college from Anaheim, California made U.S. collegiate basketball history when it defeated the Divsion One school Cal State University - Northridge. The Bethesda Flames, led by Filipino-American coach Leo Balayon, became the only member of the National Christian College Athletic Association to defeat a Division One school. Born and raised in Davao, coach Balayon has decades of basketball experience under his belt. He played for Ateneo de Davao's basketball team and eventually became University of the Philippines' assistant coach. He played semi-professionally in China before joining his family in the US, where the sport followed him, and he became the head coach of the men's basketball team and the athletic director of Bethesda University. But it looks like he's found home. Balayon is not just breathing life into a little-known school, he's also providing second chances to players who have had a rough past.   strong>BUCKET LIST /strong> With the win, Balayon not only made history, but he was also able to cross something off his bucket list. 'I want to win against a division one team as a small school coach, that was one of the items on my bucket list,' he said.  And to add to the grandeur of their accomplishment, the win came against a coach like Reggie Theus, a 13-year NBA veteran. 'Being able to accomplish it this past week was really amazing especially doing it against a coach I respect, Reggie Theus is an NBA coach, NCAA coach he's been to the tournament, he's been an NBA all star,' Balayon said. But he didn't do it alone.    strong>BIGGER THAN BASKETBALL /strong> Along with the challenge of coaching a small school, his team consists of players who've had problems in the past, or have come from difficult backgrounds. But they're in it together, nonetheless. 'I know it's a small school, really challenging situation, but it actually allows me to find kids that need help and sometimes the kids we help they come from hard backgrounds. We've had kids who's moms were murdered. We have guys who've lost loved ones,' said Balayon.  Further embracing the situation, Balayon  appreciates the second chance the sport has given to his players.  'We can't get the top 25 high school recruits but we can get these kids that are overlooked and maybe some coaches shy away them just because of where they're coming from or their past mistakes. For us I use this platform to help kids have a second chance.'   strong>TAKE IT FROM THEM /strong> Bethesda Flames guard Rob Bush is a prime example of the hardships some of the players have went through. 'I had to put basketball down for a minute. Because my dad unfortunately died and then my mom was murdered so I had to put it down for a second. I just had to come take care of myself,' Bush said. But Bush is also living proof of how Bethesda's sports program and coach Balayon's coaching have done wonders to rejuvinate players' outlook in life. 'It's a blessing any time you can get on the court. It's blessing that we can wake up and have camaraderie whether it's ups or downs.'  Another player, 34-year-old Buddha Boyd believes the Flames were destined to play together, and are on their way to do great things. 'I always believed in this team was going to do something special because I'm 34, years old playing college basketball, I'm here for a reason,' the 6'5 swingman said.  'After getting to know my teammates and knowing their stories. I just see all of us came together for a reason, something special and the D1 win was just the beginning.'   strong>With a report from Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News /strong> .....»»

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George Montgomery in Huk and Steel Claw

Hollywood actor George Montgomery starred in two action films shot in the Philippines, Huk! (1956) and The Steel Claw (1961)......»»

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WATCH | Duterte has surprise gift for Davao local chiefs; and barbs for Church, US

WATCH | Duterte has surprise gift for Davao local chiefs; and barbs for Church, US.....»»

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WATCH: Swoon over Kaye, Paul Jake s best friends turned lovers wedding video

MANILA, Philippines — Newlyweds Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo are living proof that best friends who turn lovers live happy endings......»»

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Spider-men invade Hollywood for ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ trailer launch

MANILA, Philippines — Actor Tom Holland and an army of Spider-Men recently invaded Hollywood to debut the first trailer of "Spider-Man: Homecoming.".....»»

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PAGDARO SA KALINAW: Will You Stand with Me?

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 08 December) &'8212; This week, I was in a dialogue group with people living in fear of police due to the War on Drugs, when a young artist from Tondo shared how police special forces entered his house in plain clothes, looking for.....»»

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Matt Damon says ‘Wall’ role never intended for Asian actor

Matt Damon said Tuesday that his role in the new China-Hollywood production “The Great Wall” was always intended to be European, responding to criticism that an Asian actor should have been picked for the part......»»

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People’s sexy men

Last year, People’s sexiest man alive was football superstar David Beckham of England. This year, the honor goes to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 44, Hollywood actor of Polynesian roots. “He’s sweet, smart – sculptured,.....»»

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Putin presents Russian passport to Hollywood actor Steven Seagal

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a Russian passport to US actor Steven Seagal on Friday (Nov 25) and said he hoped it would serve as a symbol of how the fractious ties between Moscow and Washington are starting to improve......»»

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Putin presents Russian passport to Hollywood actor Steven Seagal

Putin presents Russian passport to Hollywood actor Steven Seagal.....»»

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Moro filmmaker invites Duterte to watch “the greatest Marcos horror story never told”

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 19 November) – Multi-awarded Moro filmmaker Gutierrez “Teng” Manganskan is inviting President Rodrigo Duterte and the Marcos family to watch his film, “Forbidden Memory,” on the 1974 Malisbong Massacr.....»»

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LPA to dump rains in Davao, Caraga

MANILA, Philippines - Residents of Davao and Caraga regions should watch out for possible flashfloods and landslides as the low-pressure area east of Mindana.....»»

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Kilalang actor, ‘di drug user kundi isang drag queen

SUMUSUMPA ang isang female personality na malabong mapasali sa drug watch list ang isang kilalang aktor. Nagkaroon man daw sila ng falling-out nito ay kaya raw niyang patunayan na imposibleng kabilang ang aktor sa naturang listahang hawak na umano ng puli.....»»

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Hollywood honors Japanese samurai actor Toshiro Mifune

Hollywood honors Japanese samurai actor Toshiro Mifune.....»»

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BDA needs P136 billion for Bangsamoro Development Plan

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 9 Nov) – The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) will need some P136 billion to implement the two phases of the Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP) that seeks to uplift the lives of the people living in conflict areas. BDA cha.....»»

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