US swimmers made up Rio robbery, vandalized gas station — police

US swimmer Ryan Lochte and three Olympic teammates were not robbed in Rio as they claimed but were detained after drunkenly vandalizing a gas station bathroom, police said Thursday......»»

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Abduction of Cebu Coed a Hoax

The claims of a female college student that she was kidnapped on Monday was all made up. Carbon Police Station chief Jacinto Mandal, whose jurisdiction included the vicinity of the Cebu Eastern College (CEC) where the alleged abduction occurred, on Tuesday said the 21-year-old working student of a local university made up the story because […].....»»

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College girl admits fabricating her own abduction

CEBU CITY --- It turned to be all fabricated. The police found out that the young woman only made up the story that she was abducted by five men to avoid paying the money given to her by school officials to buy books. Chief Insp.Jacinto Mandal, Carbon police station chief, said they were mulling filing charges against Kristel Jade Wety, 21, just to teach her a lesson. Wety, in the meantime, was in the custody of her mother after she claimed she was released by her abductorson Mondaynight, hours after the supposed abduction. Wety sent a barrage of text messages to her sister, asking for help because she had been abductedabout8 a.m.on Mondayby five men -- three foreigners and t...Keep on reading: College girl admits fabricating her own abduction.....»»

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Heads to roll if ‘holdapan sa gotohan’ unsolved tomorrow

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, Director Oscar D. Albayalde on Friday hinted that heads will roll if the Parañaque City Police Station fails to solve by tomorrow the holdup incident at a local ‘gotohan’ which he described as “not an ordinary robbery.” The official said he was irked….....»»

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‘Agaton’ forces Chinese ship to make emergency docking in Northern Samar

  CATARMAN, Northern Samar --- A Chinese-registered cargo vessel with nine foreigners aboard made an emergency docking near the shoreline off Barangay Poblacion 2, Pambujan town in Northern Samar, on Tuesday, due to rough seas caused by Tropical Depression "Agaton." The distress call was received by the Pambujan Municipal Police Station at 12:30 p.m., according to Supt. Felix Diloy, chief of the Northern Samar Provincial Police Office. The ship, carrying a Chinese flag, was later seen about 300 meters from the town's shorelines. It bore the name Jin Ming No. 16, with nine people aboard. Diloy identified eight of the nine crew members based on their identification ...Keep on reading: ‘Agaton’ forces Chinese ship to make emergency docking in Northern Samar.....»»

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Palace decries Reuters ‘one-sided’ drugs story

MALACAÑANG yesterday cried foul over the Reuters special report on the involvement of so-called Davao Boys in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs. The report said that QCPD Station 6’s anti-drug unit was made up of police officers from Davao City “That was a foul report,” Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque….....»»

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Bulacan cops kill robber in shootout

AN armed robbery-holdup suspect was killed in a gunbattle with policemen in Bocaue, Bulacan shortly before midnight Tuesday, Bulacan police director Senior Supt. Romeo M. Caramat Jr. said yesterday. Caramat said the suspect, who remained unidentified exchanged fire with officers from the Bocaue Municipal Police Station and the Bulacan Police….....»»

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Baron Geisler shares jail photos of inmate getting a tattoo of actor’s name

While he can get into fights and make enemies outside, troubled actor Baron Geisler seems to have made friends inside jail. So much so that an inmate had the actor's name tattooed on his arm. In a recent series of photos posted on Geisler's Facebook account, a jail inmate is seen sporting the name "Baron G" on his arm. Geisler is currently detained at the Kamuning Police Station in Quezon City. The particular post below is captioned, "Willing Wildon. Ako ay isang biktima" (...I am a victim). It carried the hashtag "#kasoatbuboganginabotko." The exact same photo can also be seen on Geisler's Instagram account. The actual inking of the tattoo, which involved a few more ...Keep on reading: Baron Geisler shares jail photos of inmate getting a tattoo of actor’s name.....»»

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Libyan-Canadian cleric linked to Manchester bomber plans return to Canada to clear his name – CBC News

A Libyan-Canadian cleric linked in U.S. and British media reports to Manchester bomber Salman Abedi says he will return to Canada in weeks with the intention of clearing his name. Abdul Baset Egwilla was an Ottawa-based imam until his return to Libya in 2007. In an exclusive interview with CBC News over Skype, Egwilla denied any connection to Abedi. &'8220;I challenge whoever accuses me of such a connection to produce evidence, such as a time, date and place where I met with the suicide bomber,&'8221; Egwilla said. CBC News has agreed not to disclose Egwilla's current location due to concerns for his safety, as he is the subject of death threats in Libya. Salman Abedi, 22, was identified on May 23 as the suicide bomber who killed 22 people and wounded more than 60 others, including children, at a pop concert in Manchester. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The bomber's father, Ramadan Abedi, who denies his son was a member of ISIS, has since been arrested by Libyan counter-terrorism officers. U.S. and British media reports, citing anonymous sources, have claimed a link between Salman, his father and Libyan-Canadian cleric Egwilla. A senior American official told the New York Times on May 24 that Salman Abedi &'8220;had links to a radical preacher in Libya&'8221; identified as Abdul Baset Egwilla, and that Egwilla's son had died fighting for ISIS. Egwilla's son did die in 2016, but Libyan news reports and a martyrdom notice at the time said he was killed fighting for the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, a Libyan Islamist militia that is not a listed terrorist organization. The Times newspaper in the U.K. reported May 27 that Ramadan Abedi was an associate of &'8220;extremist Canadian-Libyan preacher&'8221; Egwilla, and that the Libyan-Canadian is believed to have radicalized Ramadan's son, Salman Abedi. The father would regularly meet with Egwilla at Friday prayers in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in 2015, added the Times, citing a resident of the city who asked not to be named. The Greater Manchester Police Force would neither confirm nor deny to CBC News that Egwilla is under investigation for possible involvement in the Manchester bombing. Egwilla, who has been absent from Libya for several months since fleeing a plot to assassinate him, said he has never, to his knowledge, met either Salman or Ramadan Abedi. &'8220;I am a public figure, I appear in the media. I show up in mosques and preach to a multitude of people. People know me, but I do not know them,&'8221; Egwilla said. &'8220;And if I met him once or twice before, it could be that he changed his beliefs later on, but I never met him in the first place,&'8221; Egwilla said of the Manchester bomber. Declassified documents released by Canada's Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre in 2014 flagged a YouTube video in which Egwilla is seen &'8220;promoting violent jihad in Libya.&'8221; &'8220;In the video, Egwilla urged an audience of Libyan Islamist fighters to take part in jihad, stating that 'jihad is simply and easily accessible, and does not require moving as in the past, as it was for Afghanistan and Iraq,'&'8221; the report said. Egwilla says that call to jihad was made to recruit people to fight specifically against a militia led by a former general in Moammar Gadhafi's regime, and not a call to support the global jihadi movement. &'8220;I spoke about jihad only through Fajr Libya Dawn (a rebel militia alliance) and only when [Moammar Gadhafi] suppressed peaceful demonstrators and bombed them with anti-aircraft weaponry,&'8221; said Egwilla. &'8220;This was unjust and an act of tyranny.&'8221; Egwilla said people claiming to be with the government of Canada have attempted to reach out to him using the app Viber, though he says he has never agreed to an interview. Egwilla said he intends to speak to authorities to clear his name when he returns to Canada. After seven years in Ottawa, Egwilla left Canada for Libya in 2007, when Gadhafi's regime began sending signals that it would not persecute returning dissidents. ​ He began working at a Tripoli religious radio station and associated with a group of clerics that included Sadiq al-Ghariani, who today is the country's Grand Mufti, the top religious leader, and a strong supporter of Islamist militias. When rebellion broke out in 2011, Egwilla was a prominent supporter, and after the fall of Gadhafi's regime, was promoted to be the administrative director for the mosques in Tripoli. He said he became a prominent imam and broadcaster. In 2014, as splits emerged between liberals and Islamists over the direction post-Gadhafi Libya should take, Egwilla identified with the &'8220;Libya Dawn&'8221; coalition of Islamist militias that seized Tripoli from the UN-backed government. Libya Dawn soon found itself involved in a war with the secular forces of Gadhafi-era general Khalifa Haftar, and Egwilla's Ottawa-raised son Owais joined one of the Islamist militias battling Haftar. Owais died in combat in March last year. It was reported in some quarters that Owais Egwilla had died fighting for Islamic State. In fact, martyrdom notices posted at the time of his death show him as a member of the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, an Islamist militia that was part of the coalition that fought Islamic State and drove it out of its Libyan stronghold in Sirte. Egwilla says he fled Libya eight months ago following the kidnapping and murder of fellow cleric Nadir al-Omrani by assassins of the Madkhali sect of Sunni Islam. Madkhalis, followers of a school of thought founded by a Saudi cleric, have become increasingly active in Libya. Like Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Madkhalis in Libya have destroyed ancient shrines and manuscripts they deem un-Islamic and they consider voting to be heresy. In a videotaped confession seen by CBC News, one of [&'].....»»

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Lenin Moreno headed for victory amid opposition fraud claims – The Guardian

Ecuador’s ruling party candidate appeared to be heading for victory in a presidential run-off that would cement the country’s reputation as a bastion of the Latin American left and provide breathing space for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. However, the narrow 51% to 49% lead for Lenin Moreno was contested by the opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso, prompting fears for heightened political tension in the days ahead. With 96% of votes counted on Sunday night, Moreno, who was a former vice-president under outgoing president Rafael Correa, seemed to be on course to beat Lasso, a 61-year-old former banker. The head of Ecuador’s electoral council, Juan Pablo Pozo, called on the opposition candidate to recognise the results. “Ecuador deserves the ethical responsibility from its political actors to recognise the democratic decision made by the people at the ballot box,” Pozo said. However, Lasso, who earlier had claimed victory based on three exit polls that showed him leading by as much as six points, pointed to irregularities and demanded a recount. “This is very sickening. We’re not going to allow it,” he said, calling on supporters to protest the results peacefully but firmly. “They’ve crossed a line, which is pretending to abuse the people’s will” and install an “illegitimate” government, Lasso said. Several thousand of his supporters picketed the electoral council headquarters on Sunday night chanting: “We don’t want fraud, we want democracy.” Meanwhile, Moreno appeared on a stage flanked by outgoing president Rafael Correa and Jorge Glas, the vice-president, as thousands of supporters waved flags in the lime-green colours of the Alianza País coalition and cumbia music blasted into the night. Moreno called for dialogue with the opposition, saying: “We know how to hear the criticisms. Let’s work together in peace and harmony. Dancing in the crowd, Marisol Jaramillo, 34, an agricultural worker said “Now the revolution will continue, life has changed for us over the last 10 years and want the progress to carry on.” For the country’s 15 million population, at stake was whether to continue the redistributive policies of the ruling party, which won the previous three elections under Rafael Correa, including reduced poverty and improved access to education and healthcare. Correa’s administration had also been criticised for media censorship, corruption and abandoning many of its environmental promises. The alternative offered by Lasso was a pro-business, pro-austerity programme that promised tax cuts and more jobs, though Lasso was plagued with accusations of tax avoidance through dozens of offshore accounts. He also promised to ask Assange to leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London within a month of securing a mandate because he said the asylum granted to the WikiLeaks founder was posing a burden on the country’s taxpayers. Assange is reportedly sufficiently concerned to have instructed lawyers in Quito in case Lasso wins. The election will also have regional ramifications. Should a Moreno victory be confirmed, it would cement Ecuador’s reputation as a bastion of the left in Latin America. Should he lose, it will be taken as another sign of the region’s retreating “pink wave”, following defeats for the left in an Argentinian election and a Bolivian referendum, plus the impeachment and ousting of Workers’ party president Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. With the stakes high in Ecuador, there were accusations of vote-rigging and other dubious practices during the first round, which was delayed because the result was close, though independent observers from the Union of South American Nations said there was no evidence of fraud and praised the election process as transparent. The foreign minister, Guillaume Long, urged all involved not to discredit the process for political reasons. “It’s important that all sides accept the results that will be issued by the electoral authorities and show their democratic commitment without throwing around other false allegations or claiming that any defeat is due to irregularities,” he told the Guardian. Earlier in the day, Moreno voted at a polling station in the middle-class Rumipampa neighbourhood of Quito, while his supporters gathered outside chanting: “You can see it, you can feel it, Lenin president.” Moreno called for the election to be peaceful process. “Let the people make their decision,” he said. As police formed a cordon to hold back the throng, voters – many of them supporters of opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso – protested that they could not enter the polling station to vote, as Moreno sympathisers jeered. “I voted for Lasso, I voted for a change,” Maria Jose Maldonado, 33, a business administrator told the Guardian. “We don’t want a dictatorship we don’t want our freedom taken away, we don’t want to be like Venezuela,” she said, alluding to the move by the supreme court in Caracas to take over legislative powers in the opposition-controlled Venezuelan congress last week. Casting his vote in Ecuador’s port city of Guayaquil, Lasso said: “This is a crucial day, this isn’t any election, here there’s a path; there’s a path to Venezuela or a path to democracy and freedom.” At the polling station in Quito where Moreno voted, Nora Molina, 57, said she voted for him because “we have made a lot of progress in the last 10 years and we want it to continue”. Voting with her young children, Patricia Romero, 37, said she backed Moreno: “I would like him to continue with the revolution which has helped us and he is genuinely concerned for the people.” Carlos Muso, a 54-year-old taxi driver, said he [&'].....»»

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4 carnap-robbery suspects gunned down

Manaoag, Pangasinan — Four gunmen who allegedly robbed a gasoline station were intercepted by police in their carnapped Mitsubishi L-300 van,.....»»

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Rio police: Scant evidence so far in Lochte robbery probe

Police investigating reports that American swimmer Ryan Lochte and three of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in a taxi so far have found little evidence supporting the account, and say the swimmers were unable to provide key details in police intervi.....»»

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Sinulog 2018 Draws 1.4-M Crowd

More than 1.4 million revelers crowded the streets of Cebu City for this year’s Sinulog Grand Parade on Sunday. Newly-installed Police Regional Office-7 Director, Chief Supt. Robert Quenery, made the crowd estimate around 3 p.m. when the people’s turnout was at its peak. Communication again became a problem as the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) re-implemented […].....»»

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Retired US Army soldier shot dead while jogging in Bohol

The body of retired US Army soldier Lonnie Simon Weig lies on a path where he was shot while jogging on Sunday morning, Jan. 21, 2018. (Photo courtesy of the Baclayon Municipal Police Station) BACLAYO.....»»

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Maid steals from employer, nabbed

A HOUSEMAID was nabbed the other night while her alleged cohort, also a helper in the same household, escaped after they allegedly stole from their employer in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Suspect Myla Gallos, 22, a native of Romblon, is now at the Manila Police District-Station 8 while her accomplice,….....»»

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Monreal: Airport cops to watch baggage movement at terminal

TO ensure the safety of passenger baggage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal said that airport police personnel will now be assigned to monitor the movement of baggage from the aircraft to the build-up station and vice versa. Monreal….....»»

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7 Fil-Am doctors, nurses killed in Cebu road crash

CEBU, Philippines – Seven Filipino American doctors and nurses visiting tourist destinations in Cebu were killed when their van rammed into a  tree in Barangay Legaspi, Alegria town at noon on Saturday, January 20.  In a spot report, the Alegria Police Station identified the fatalities as Aurora M. Gagni, Joseph Huang, Juvelia Huang, Nunilo ........»»

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14 rifle grenades surrendered for cash

FOURTEEN rifle grenades were turned over to Jaro Police Station in Iloilo City on Jan 19, 2018 as part of the ongoing campaign to curb deadly weapons and explosives. Three owners, whose identities were withheld for security reasons, voluntarily surrendered the explosives to the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO)’s “May Kwarta sa Granada” program. Senior […] The post 14 rifle grenades surrendered for cash appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Lake Sebu police vow to get NPA suspects in store robbery

Lake Sebu police vow to get NPA suspects in store robbery.....»»

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Duterte Wants Gov’t Workers Strictly Banned from Entering Casinos

In line with his call to all government workers to avoid lavish lifestyles, President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the strict implementation of a law prohibiting public servants from entering gambling casinos. During the launch of the Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) last Thursday, President Duterte said he made his directive to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief […].....»»

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1 dead, 1 hurt in bus-motorcycle collision in Quezon

LUCENA CITY---A motorcyclist died while his backrider was injured in a road accident in Calaug town in Quezon provinceThursdaymidnight, police said.   A report from Calauag police station said Expedito Soreda, 45, and his back-rider, Ralph Lexter Par, 17, were traversing the Maharlika Highway in Barangay (village) Sto. Domingo when a Manila-bound Amihan Bus being driven by Arnold Libot occupied the opposite lane and collided head-on with the incoming motorcycle.   Police said Soreda died on the spot while Par suffered injuries. Investigation was going on to determine the cause of the accident.# Delfin T. Mallari Jr., @dtmallarijrINQ, Inquirer Southern Luzon ...Keep on reading: 1 dead, 1 hurt in bus-motorcycle collision in Quezon.....»»

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