Unionists press for TRAIN’s revocation and living wages

Militant labor groups Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) and Socialista held protest actions at Mendiola Monday and demanded the scrapping of the recently signed into law Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)......»»

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Labor groups propose P500 monthly subsidy for minimum wage earners

President Rodrigo Duterte appeared receptive to the proposal raised by labor groups to provide a subsidy or voucher for minimum wage earners to help them cope with rising cost of living, according to Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP). The subsidy proposal was among the issues brought up by labor leaders during their meeting with Duterte in Malacaang last Wednesdaythat focused on the issues of contractualization and wages. The ALU-TUCP is proposing to Duterte a P500 monthly cash voucher subsidy for an initial four million minimum wage earners. Alan Tanjusay, ALU-TUCP spokesperson, said Duterte ordered the creation of a study group to l...Keep on reading: Labor groups propose P500 monthly subsidy for minimum wage earners.....»»

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AP fact checks Trump SOTU claims

WASHINGTON--- The Associated Press fact-checked remarks from President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech. Here's a look at some of the claims we've examined (quotations from the speech as delivered or as released by the White House before delivery):   WAGE GAINS   TRUMP: "After years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages."   THE FACTS: Actually, they are not rising any faster than they have before. Average hourly pay rose 2.5 percent in 2017, slightly slower than the 2.9 percent increase recorded in 2016. Most economists say wages should increase at a faster rate as the unemployment rate drops. The unemployment rat...Keep on reading: AP fact checks Trump SOTU claims.....»»

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Zamboanga Peninsula wage board to hold consultations for daily pay hike

THE ZAMBOANGA Peninsula Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB-9) will conduct a series of consultations for the possible increase in minimum wage rates in light of the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law beginning this year. Department of Labor and Employment Regional Director Ofelia B. Domingo, also the chair […] The post Zamboanga Peninsula wage board to hold consultations for daily pay hike appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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‘Freedom and Crime’ by Jun Ledesma

Letters From Davao:  AM NOT SURPRISED when some quarters are exploiting to the hilt the order of the Securities and Exchange Commission to shut down the operations of Rappler.The bannered story warns of the muzzling of the press. Rappler itself, quoting Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, wrote that if Duterte wants to close the media establishment they could have just sent the military. Of course it is the usual Rappler’s furtive way of saying it which is very characteristic of this media outfit.  But this is not about press freedom. It is about media ownership which, under Philippine laws, should be 100% owned by Filipinos. For years since the inception of Rappler, the impression was that it is fully owned by Pinoys. There are Filipinos  with extra money to spare who invested money in Rappler in the hope that they can support an independent media outfit. As every body knew, the big media establishments are tools used by the wealthy and famous to protect their interest from political predators but they end up using the muscle of the press to either promote or destroy politicians and their adversaries.  Not until SEC ordered the closure of Rappler that it came out in the open that  the notorious ON OMIDYAR had wormed its way in and into the heart and brain of Rappler. The characters behind these outfits are shrewd but not wise enough their own disclosures in their PDRs gave them away. The Philippine Deposit Receipts which Rappler through its holding company issued explicitly granted ON OMIDYAR to have a say in the operations and business of Rappler.  Ma. Ressa’s attention was called by SEC on this critical item but it appears that she was not paying attention or might have thought she can deal with the problem anyway.  Looks like she sat on the problem that even the  members of the 5-man Commission who, except for one,  are all appointees of ex-Pres. Noynoy Aquino have reach a point of decision.  As the story unravels, again it showed that there was an attempt to correct the provisions in the PDRs by submitting ON OMIDYAR’s waiver on its right to intrude into the conduct of business of Rappler. Again Rappler showed its cavalier attitude, it submitted the waiver document which was not even notarized.  Obviously even the Aquino-controlled SEC cannot take the lackadaisical attention of Ma. Ressa. It revoked the SEC registration of Rappler.  Even as it had been axed, Ressa and Pia Ranada fought back, the later calling Pres. Rodrigo Duterte names as if they reign supreme and they alone know what freedom of the press means. To add to her dramatics Pia intoned  that she is prepared to go to prison for exercising her rights of free expression. She forgot that It was Duterte who, early in his presidency signed an EO on Freedom of Information.  Ressa and Ranada wailed their press freedom had been curtailed. But such is not the case. Every word that they say saw print and broadcasted in nearly 2,000 media outlets in the Philippines and not counting the social media. The revocation of Rappler’s permit is not about freedom of the press but its violation of the constitution which succinctly underlines that media establishment must be 100% Filipino owned.   In hindsight the Duterte government was even too kind to Rappler even as it was the leading media organization that demonize Duterte in every turn. I had seriously doubted its overtures that brag it stands for truth and fairness. During the senate hearing on extra-judicial killing allegedly carried out by the Davao Death Squad which Sen. Leila De Lima and Sen. Antonio Trillanes claimed was organized by Duterte, Rappler simply swallowed what witnesses Matobato and Lascanas said.  In 2009 when as CHR Chair De Lima conducted a probe on EJK the number of victims she alleged then was less than 300. The probe lasted for months with nary a piece of evidence was found to indict Mayor Duterte. She pursued her quest to pin Digong when she became Justice Secretary but again she failed. When she became senator she became even more aggressive she placed a bungling Matobato in the witness stand. But Matobato was flawless in his delivery when he was interviewed by Time Magazine. It was unmistakable he was reading from an idiot’s card. He proudly state that as member of DDS he killed and buried more than 200 persons in an abandoned quarry. Yet he cannot find the grave of his victims.     When it was the turn of Lascanas to testify in the senate inquiry, he casually said that they buried more than 2,000 EJK victims in the same quarry.  Between the two perjured witness they  confessed to the  killing of over 2,200 victims of EJK which they buried, they said, in the abandoned quarry. It is simply a classic fantasy. A manslaughter of such magnitude cannot escape notice especially when that narrow piece of land is just about four kilometers from city hall and so adjacent to a number of housing subdivisions. Nevertheless, if they were so sure then why cannot they find a single piece of viable evidence.   In all these occasions Rappler gave the hearings liberal space and took the testimonies of the witnesses as the biblical truths. Both Rappler and Time Magazine adopted exactly the same flawed statistics which in their recent count had reached 13,000 EJK victims. I am based in Davao and frankly I am amazed […].....»»

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Increase in SSS contribution ‘the last thing SSS should be doing’ — Bayan Muna

"This (supposed increase in income) is misleading because not all workers would have increased take home pay because of the TRAIN. In fact majority of workers would still have the same wages but will have added expenses due to the TRAIN." The post Increase in SSS contribution ‘the last thing SSS should be doing’ — Bayan Muna appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Statements: Revocation of Rappler’s SEC registration, a case of silencing gov’t critics

We, collegiate press in Cagayan Valley, worry on the recent revocation of the registration of an online media entity Rappler to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). This action by the Duterte administration shows its distress to decrease government criticisms......»»

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EXPLAINER: How SEC s Rappler decision is a test case for press freedom

MANILA, Philippines – Can the revocation of Rappler’s license on grounds of alleged corporate foreign control be a test case for press freedom? Rappler may use circumstances and the prevailing political climate to argue that the government violated the Constitution in curtailing press freedom, two independent legal ........»»

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Press freedom aside, Rappler must comply with the law

IT is wearisome to watch the continuing battle of statements, of claims and counter-claims, between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Rappler, Inc. concerning the revocation of the company’s registration and license to operate by the corporate regulator. The decision of the SEC to annul Rappler’s registration is the exercise of its legitimate authority… link: Press freedom aside, Rappler must comply with the law.....»»

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Press freedom aside, Rappler must comply with the law

IT is wearisome to watch the continuing battle of statements, of claims and counter-claims, between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Rappler, Inc. concerning the revocation of the company’s registration and license to operate by the corporate regulator. The decision of the SEC to annul Rappler’s registration is the exercise of its legitimate authority [...] The post Press freedom aside, Rappler must comply with the law appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Suppressing media is suppressing people s demands – progressive groups, advocates

MANILA, Philippines – Several groups saw the revocation of Rappler's registration as a move by the Duterte regime to supress people's issues and demands. On Friday, January 19, members of the media, campus journalists, progressive groups, and advocates gathered at Boy Scout Circe in Quezon City to stand in solidarity in defending press freedom. ........»»

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Zubiri calls for probe vs illegal profiteers of TRAIN Law

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri said he is poised to file a resolution asking to conduct an inquiry into the reported illegal price increase and profiteering made by some unscrupulous businesses after the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) Law took effect last Jan. 1.   In a press briefing on Thursday, Zubiri, who chairs the Senate trade, commerce and entrepreneurship panel, said he was alarmed over the reported price increases even without the advise of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Department of Finance (DOF), and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).   "Naalarma nga ako na nagkaroon ng price increases na wala pang utos ang BIR, DOF, wala p...Keep on reading: Zubiri calls for probe vs illegal profiteers of TRAIN Law.....»»

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Free press essential to democracy – Recto

"A noisy press is the soundtrack of democracy."   This was what Senator Ralph Recto had to say days after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ordered the revocation of online news site Rappler's license over alleged violation on ownership rules under the Constitution.   Recto saidon Wednesdaythat a free press is essential for democracy to thrive and putting a muzzle on independent reporting is "to limit the exchange of ideas essential to governance."   "We need an un-cowed media to tell truth to power, to hold rulers accountable, to right the wrongs, to ask the important questions, to improve policy, 'to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the com...Keep on reading: Free press essential to democracy – Recto.....»»

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TRAIN Law Has Minimal Impact on Prices of Goods: DTI

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez has dismissed fears of consumers on impact of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act to prices of basic goods. Lopez said in a press conference Thursday that the new tax law imposing excise tax on petroleum products has minimal effect on prices of […].....»»

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BLOGTABLE: Biggest challenges McCutchen faces in new role? blogtable The NBA recently pulled referee Monty McCutchen from the active pool of officials and made him the head of referee development and training. What do you see as the biggest challenges or issues facing McCutchen right now? * * * David Aldridge: That there aren't more Monty McCutchens in the pipeline to take his place as the NBA's best referee. This isn't the usual insipid conspiracy theory talk you hear from fans of every team around playoff time. I think the officiating in the NBA, on average, is pretty solid. And I certainly don't see the grudges and/or feuds that players had with refs back in the day, when it was clear a certain ref wasn't going to give a certain player a fair shake. But just about all of the top veteran guys have left in the last few years: Joey Crawford, Danny Crawford, Bob Delaney, Steve Javie and Bennett Salvatore. You weren't worried about a playoff or Finals game when they were out there (and, again, I know that there are fans who have beefs with each one of them for one reason or another). There are several good refs who've worked Finals in the last few years: Zach Zarba, Tony Brothers, Mike Callahan (and, yes, I know he and his fellow refs didn't have a great night in Game 4 of The Finals) and Derrick Stafford. But as the referee pool has gotten younger over the past few years -- a necessity, to be sure -- there are complaints from players and coaches that there's less flexibility among some of the younger refs, who won't let people question calls and/or let off steam, another necessity that veteran refs understood. It's not "showing up" a ref to think they got a call wrong, or at least ask them what they saw. The communication gap between some -- some -- refs and players and coaches needs to be closed. Steve Aschburner: Monty McCutchen’s biggest challenge, in my opinion, is thathe’s got a work force with a morale problem. Few workers in our society are as poked, prodded and second-guessed as NBA referees, who face heavy scrutiny long before and after the opening tap and the final horn. There are the in-game replays, the L2M reports the day after and all their individual performance reviews. A lack of trust with league HQ has been rattling around for years as management’s policing tactics and executive ranks have changed. The recent move by the players union, asking for a sit-down to complain about some refs’ alleged harshness and dismissiveness, felt like piling on an already beleaguered group, all because some players’ feelings were bruised. Yes, the refs are paid well. But they’ve been catching hell from all sides, and McCutchen might want to start there. Shaun Powell: The biggest issue is one that follows every head of officiating: How can you train referees to make accurate judgments on a fast-paced game that involves a degree of contact? There's no harder game to ref than the NBA and maybe McCutchen might want to press the league office on hiring a fourth ref. (My biggest pet peeve is referees refusing to call palming violations and also allowing players to take a step-and-a-half and then a hop before shooting or passing off. But that genie is out of the bottle.) John Schuhmann: As McCutchen improves the quality of NBA officiating as a whole, consistency should be a priority. Consistency from ref to ref, as well as consistency from player to player, from game to game, and from the first minute of the first quarter to the last minute of the fourth. And let's crack down on discontinued dribbles, too. Sekou Smith: The biggest issue these days isn't rules-related but relationship-related. Finding a way to cool off players and officials going at each other during the course of games has been the biggest officiating problem for years now. We've seen it again already this season with the rash of ejections, Shaun Livingston and Courtney Kirkland going head-to-head and plenty of other instances where the player-official relationship got out of hand. It's a bad look all around and sets the tone for the way players and officials react to each other all the way down to the grassroots level. Anyone charged with developing and training officials need to make repairing that relationship is a top priority......»»

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RUN OVER BY ‘TRAIN’ | Labor alliance prods govt to provide social protection for informal sector workers

Without fixed wages and not covered by social protection benefits, the country's informal sector workers are among those who stand to be worst hit with the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) bill,a labor federation said Monday......»»

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TAX BURDEN DISPLACEMENT | With TRAIN, individuals enjoy lower taxes, higher take-home pay, but have to put up with higher costs of living

MANILA, Philippines – With the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) bill on its way to becoming a law, income earners can expect additional take-home pay because of lower up-front individual income taxes, but will have to put up with higher prices of transport and cooking fuel, brand-new vehicles and sugar-sweetened beverages, such as […].....»»

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Inquirer employees urged to continue dreaming, keep the fire burning

Inquirer president and CEO Sandy Prieto-Romualdez has rallied employees of the country's leading newspaper to continue living by its tenets of responsible and truthful journalism amid the looming change in ownership. Her voice cracking at times, Romualdez delivered an emotional speech on Saturday night at the company's 32nd anniversary party held at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City. "I remember walking with many of you from the office to Ayala and we were met by tens of thousands of supporters of press freedom," Romualdez said, recalling the protests triggered by the ad boycott initiated against the Inquirer by then President Joseph Estrada. "To the advertisers that have n...Keep on reading: Inquirer employees urged to continue dreaming, keep the fire burning.....»»

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Hontiveros reminds PDEA of ethics in dealing with HIV-AIDS issue

November 29, 2017. Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros on Wednesday asked the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and other law-enforcement agencies to train themselves on the ethics and protocols in the proper handling of persons living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The Senator made this call in… Source link link: Hontiveros reminds PDEA of ethics in dealing with HIV-AIDS issue.....»»

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Gattuso looking to bring team spirit back to AC Milan

By Daniella Matar, Associated Press CARNAGO, Italy (AP) — Known for his intensity and relentlessness on the field, Gennaro Gattuso is hoping to bring that same attitude back to AC Milan as coach. Gattuso was a gritty midfielder who helped Milan to two Serie A titles and two Champions League trophies. He also won the World Cup with Italy in 2006. The 39-year-old Gattuso has replaced Vincenzo Montella as coach. Montella was fired on Monday after winning only six of Milan's 14 league matches despite spending more than 200 million euros (nearly $250 million) on new players in the offseason. "I think this team can do a lot more," Gattuso said Tuesday at Milanello, the club's training ground. "We need to become a team, we have to go onto the field as a group ... we need a battlefield spirit but there is talent." Gattuso had that spirit when he was a player, but he won't be playing now. "I think it's reductive to keep talking about Gattuso as a player," he said. "The spirit and never-say-die attitude has stayed with me. I never want to lose even playing table football against my son, that's always there. "But I studied to become a coach, they didn't gift me my license. You don't prepare for matches just with heart and determination ... you also need to work on the physical condition and technical and tactical preparation." Milan's first match under Gattuso will be on Sunday at Benevento, which has yet to earn a point this season. Milan is in seventh place in Serie A and 11 points behind fourth-place Roma, which occupies the last qualifying berth for the Champions League. "I have to think about Benevento as if it's the World Cup final," Gattuso said. Gattuso, who has never coached in the top division, previously coached at Sion, Palermo, OFI Crete and Pisa. He resigned from OFI — twice — with the club in financial difficulty and unable to pay wages. He also struggled with poor working conditions at Pisa. Milan is facing financial fair play inquiries from UEFA because of its spending spree, while there have been questions about the financial stability of the Chinese-led consortium that purchased the club from Silvio Berlusconi for $800 million in April. "I have heard it said that the club has problems but the wages for the players arrive punctually," Gattuso said. "I love my job, I do it with great passion. It gives me a lot of adrenaline. For me the dream continues. It's a privilege to coach a team like this.".....»»

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Jose wants his kids to make it on their own

Family life is admittedly a touchy topic for Jose Manalo. He doesn't want to discuss it at length until he has everything sorted out. "Hindi pa masyadong maayos lahat (not everything is sorted out)," said Jose, alluding to his relationship with his estranged wife, Anna Lyn Manalo, with whom he has five children. They parted ways in 2012, reportedly due to money issues. He did say, however, that although he's not living with his kids, they do have an open line of communication. "We're doing well ... we get in touch. And God willing, everything will eventually fall into place," he told reporters at a press conference for the comedy-horror flick "Trip Ubusan: The Lolas vs Zombies....Keep on reading: Jose wants his kids to make it on their own.....»»

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