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UN Security Council decries Davao blast; China's Xi condemns attack -

UN Security Council decries Davao blast; China's Xi condemns attack -»»

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UN Condemns Nice Attack

The UN Security Council strongly condemns the “barbaric and cowardly terrorist attack” in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebration wherein a man drove a truck through a crowd, killing at least 80 people. The council...The post UN Condemn.....»»

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South Sudan claims mandate has expired for more UN troops

KAMPALA — South Sudan's government is claiming that the UN Security Council mandate to send a new contingent of 4,000 peacekeepers to boost the existing forc.....»»

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UN Security Council condemns N.Korea failed missile launch

The UN Security Council on Monday denounced North Korea's latest test of a powerful missile that one leading US expert warned could be put into operational service as early as next year......»»

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UN Security Council condemns NKorea failed missile launch

UN Security Council condemns NKorea failed missile launch.....»»

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PH condemns powerful NKorea nuclear warhead test launch

MANILA on Friday joined the international community in condemning North Korea’s test launch of its most powerful nuclear warhead yet, saying it was a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions. The nuke launch “further rai.....»»

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UN condemns NKorea missile tests

UNITED NATIONS, United States: The UN Security Council on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) issued a strong condemnation of North Korea’s latest missile tests and threatened to take “further significant measures” against Pyongyang. North Ko.....»»

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UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile tests

UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council on yesterday strongly condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile launches and threatened "further significant.....»»

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UN slams deadly terrorist attack in Philippines

UNITED NATIONS -- The UN Security Council and UN Secretary-Generl Ban Ki-moon on Sunday condemned a deadly terrorist attack on a Philippine night market that killed at least 14 people, stressing the need to bring perpetrators to justice......»»

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ARMM government condemns Davao bombing

COTABATO CITY, Philippines - The security council of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) on Saturday condemned the deadly bombing Saturday night.....»»

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UN condemns 4 North Korean ballistic missile launches

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council strongly condemned four North Korean ballistic missile launches in July and August on Friday night, calling them "grave violations" of a ban on all ballistic missile activity......»»

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New UN chief to make first address to Security Council

New UN chief to make first address to Security Council.....»»

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Merkel pledges quick security action after Berlin attack

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel promised yesterday that Germany's government would tackle security issues raised by the Christmas market truck attack and r.....»»

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Neri-Chaves Clan: A Tale of Southern Nobility

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, the crown jewel of Mindanao, is the country’s newest boom town, experiencing an accelerated level of modernization and real estate investments. Infrastructures such as hotels, malls and condominium towers are vigorously constructed one after the other to accommodate the influx of new residents and visitors to the city. Proof that, Cagayan de Oro as it is fondly called, had long since shed its small-town roots, to become the mega melting pot of pioneering entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile young professionals that it is today. Apart from the perks and comforts of living in a highly urbanized city, people who call Cagayan de Oro home also bask in its rich and colorful history that dates back to pre-colonial times. One clan in particular has been a prominent figure in the city’s enduring saga and cultural evolution. The Neri-Chaves family are descendants of a strong-willed Rajah whose resoluteness drove him to seek out dominions beyond his stronghold’s fertile terrains in Lanao province. The Malay prince, whose name was Samporna, or Sanskrit for ‘perfect’, decided to invade Cagayan or Kalambagohan as it was then known. Excerpts from the writings of the Neri-Chaves family historian, Filomeno M. Bautista, recounted how a potential bloody struggle was averted, when the then chief of Kalambagohan, Datu Bagani, sent his beautiful daughter guarded by his bravest warriors to meet Rajah Samporna. She was to initiate the conditional surrender, so that their people would not be enslaved by the invaders. It was told that the Rajah, captivated by Datu Bagani’s daughter, ended up marrying her. The prince also built a fortress around their village in Kalambagohan to protect them from other conquistadores. Rajah Samporna later succeeded the Datu as ruler of Cagayan. He also converted from Islam to Christianity to solidify his devotion to his wife’s religion, and in 1779 was baptized by a Spanish priest with a peculiarly Italian name, Neri. It ushered an era of peace in Mindanao, when Muslims lived harmoniously with Christians. The Neris intermarrying with the Chaveses of Cagayan was perhaps providential as it produced one of the most enduring clans in the country. Today, the Neri-Chaves clan is many thousand strong. Well-known lawyer and congressman Rufus Bautista Rodriguez attributes the successes enjoyed by many family members throughout many generations to the tireless pursuit of life’s true purpose. “We are hardworking people. We are also fortunate to have had many individuals in the family who continue to inspire us, like Vice President Emmanuel Neri Pelaez and Ambassador Felino Neri”, Rodriguez said, adding in jest, “At mga gwapo, gwapa pa!” Most if not all of Cagayan de Oro’s earliest leaders, from Governors to Mayors, were members of the Neri-Chaves family. Some became pioneers in other fields like business, education and the arts, from Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan to musicologist and concert pianist Vilma May Chaves Cataylo. The clan has had three grand reunions, first in 1985, then in 1993, and the most recent one took place in August 2016 where hundreds of family members came together from all over the world to rekindle family ties. Jessica Dingcong, who spearheaded the recent reunion held at the Chaves family-owned Chali Beach and Mallberry Suites in Cagayan de Oro City, wants to inspire the next generation to carry on the legacy of benevolence and integrity of their forebears. “We should be proud that we are very family oriented,’ Dingcong said. In attendance at the grand reunion were the Neri-Cheves clan’s many young professionals and millennials. Sixth generation Neri-Chaves and journalist Alessandra Marie Chaves Jalandoni, who carries her nickname Apples professionally, admits feeling the pressure of belonging to a family of achievers. “We have some pretty big shoes to fill, so we soldier on, and never give up,,” Jalandoni said, adding that, “We have always been taught to do the right thing, and not just what looks good on paper.” Jalandoni’s maternal grandfather Engineer Camilo Vamenta Chaves was a World War II veteran and subsequently Dean at the family-owned Liceo de Cagayan University. Her mother Alma Marie Chaves Jalandoni is a pioneer in garments manufacturing and export in the Philippines. Current Social Security Services Commissioner Pompee La Viña will head the next Neri-Chaves grand reunion in 2018. La Viña is the son of Lourdes Chaves Maestrado La Viña who was the first woman elected to the City Council in Cagayan de Oro. His younger brother is former Ateneo School of Government dean and climate change lead negotiator Tony La Viña. Commissioner La Viña hopes to welcome many more family members to their tight-knit Mindanaon clan. “It roots us in Mindanao, the blood of Mindanao is running through us,” he said. La Viña also ponders on how leadership is ingrained in the members of the clan. After all they are descendants of a warrior prince. But the word is also taking on a new meaning as the Neris and Chaveses usher Mindanao to its most vibrant era. “We will always be leaders, we are simply inclined to lead,” La Viña maintained, “but to lead as serving the people rather than ruling them.” (By J. C. Bautista) &'160; 121&'160;total views, 121&'160;views today.....»»

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DOJ, Security Council probe LeniLeaks

DOJ, Security Council probe LeniLeaks.....»»

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Nation: 6,000 deployed for Nazarene devotees

SECURITY forces feel confident that their more than 6,000 men deployed to protect an expected more than a million Black Nazarene devotees are “sufficient,” as long as everyone taking part in the annual Catholic procession also remain vigilant against a possible terror attack, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said in a statement.....»»

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UN chief condemns attack

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Sunday condemned the “despicable terrorist attack” in a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey......»»

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UN extends Iraq compensation requirement

UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to postpone by six months a requirement that Iraq contribute a portion of petroleum export sal.....»»

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Bishop condemns Midsayap blast; police eye drug angle

NORTH COTABATO — Orlando Cardinal Quevedo on Monday condemned the grenade attack late Saturday in Midsayap town and called on Catholics to pray for the 16 pe.....»»

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UN set for showdown as US weighs abstention on Israel vote

UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council prepared yesterday for perhaps its biggest vote in recent history as the United States weighed abstaining from a res.....»»

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