UK warns government agencies not to use Kaspersky software

LONDON — Britain's cybersecurity agency has told government departments not to use antivirus software from Moscow-based firm Kaspersky Lab amid concerns abou.....»»

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China used tiny chips on US computers to steal secrets: report

WASHINGTON, United States--- Tiny chips inserted in US computer equipment manufactured in China were used as part of a vast effort by Beijing to steal US technology secrets, a published report said Thursday. The Bloomberg News report said the chips, the size of a grain of rice, were used on equipment made for Amazon, which first alerted US authorities, and Apple, and possibly for other companies and government agencies. Bloomberg said a three-year secret investigation, which remains open, enabled spies to create a "stealth doorway" into computer equipment, a hardware-based entry that would be more effective and harder to detect than a software hack. Citing unnamed US officials, ...Keep on reading: China used tiny chips on US computers to steal secrets: report.....»»

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Ex-NSA hacker sentenced to jail over Kaspersky leak

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – A former National Security Agency hacker whose leak of extremely top secret online spying materials led to the US government ban on Kaspersky software was sentenced to 66 months in prison on Tuesday, September 25. Nghia Hoang Pho, 68, a 10-year veteran of the NSA's elite ........»»

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DSWD warns public of social media accounts posing as gov’t agencies

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has warned the public against the spread of fake social media accounts bearing the agency's name that may be used to deceive Filipinos. "The circulation of these accounts is alarming since they can be used to deceive the public to support or donate money for fake initiatives of the government that will allegedly help poor Filipinos," DSWD Secretary Virginia "Gee" N. Orogo said in a statement. The agency said that one of the said discovered fake accounts under the profile name, "DSWD PH" uses the official social media logo of the DSWD Field Office (FO) in Central Luzon. At present, the DSWD said it only maintains one officia...Keep on reading: DSWD warns public of social media accounts posing as gov’t agencies.....»»

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NGO warns DOH-accredited clinics, recruitment agencies vs online medical registration scheme victimizing OFWs

A non-government organization that specializes in labor migration warned medical clinics and recruitment agencies catering to OFWs not to fall for a dubious scheme hatched allegedly by the GCC Ministry of Health, which imposes a $10-fee online registration fee for every Middle East-bound OFW applicant......»»

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Russian cyberfirm Kaspersky appeals ban in US court

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Embattled cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab said on Monday, December 18, that it is asking a federal court to overturn a ban on its products being used by US agencies. Allegations that Moscow-based Kaspersky, which sold more than $600 million of anti-virus software globally in 2015, knowingly or unknowingly ........»»

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An alert researcher, teamwork helped stem huge cyberattack

LONDON — The cyberattack that spread malicious software around the world, shutting down networks at hospitals, banks and government agencies, was thwarted by.....»»

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RCMP reveals use of secretive cellphone surveillance technology for the first time – CBC News

The RCMP for the first time is publicly confirming it uses cellphone surveillance devices in investigations across Canada — but at the same time says the potential of unauthorized snooping in Ottawa, as reported by CBC News, poses a threat to national security. &'8220;Absolutely,&'8221; RCMP Chief Supt. Jeff Adam, who is in charge of technical investigations services, said in an unprecedented technical briefing Wednesday with reporters from CBC News, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. The RCMP held the briefing in the wake of a CBC News investigation that found evidence that devices known as IMSI catchers may be in use near government buildings in Ottawa for the purpose of illegal spying. &'8220;Not everyone uses the equipment in the way the RCMP does,&'8221; Adam said. &'8220;It is publicly known there is equipment out there that is not limited in its capturing of communications between devices. And so it's a security risk when it is used in proximity to government and/or any other commercial enterprises.&'8221; Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Tuesday the devices detected did not belong to any Canadian police or intelligence agency. Adam told reporters that while he isn't &'8220;personally aware&'8221; of foreign agencies using the technology in Canada, &'8220;I can't rule that out.&'8221; But on Wednesday, after shrouding their own use of the technology in secrecy for years, the RCMP took the unprecedented step of speaking publicly about the devices — also known as Stingrays or Mobile Device Identifiers (MDIs) — to address public concern amidst mounting questions about their use The RCMP says that MDIs — of which it owns 10 — have become &'8220;vital tools&'8221; deployed scores of times to identify and track mobile devices in 19 criminal investigations last year and another 24 in 2015. He says in all cases but one in 2016, police got warrants. The one exception was an exigent circumstance — in other words, an emergency scenario &'8220;such as a kidnapping,&'8221; said Adam, whose office tracks every instance where an MDI has been used by the RCMP. &'8220;This technology is a vital tool in providing valuable assistance to criminal investigations,&'8221; Adam said, adding some recent media reporting has misstated how police use MDIs and what the technology can actually do. He says using an MDI requires senior police approval as well as getting a judge's order. And he says the technology provides only a first step in an investigation allowing officers to identify a device. He says only then can police apply for additional warrants to obtain a user's &'8220;basic subscriber information&'8221; such as name and address connected to the phone. Then, he says, only if the phone and suspect are targets of the investigation can police seek additional warrants to track the device or conduct a wiretap to capture communications. Adam says the RCMP currently has 24 technicians trained and authorized to deploy the devices across Canada. He knows other police forces own and use them too, but declined to name them. He said the RCMP's devices are restricted in their use, with software that only allows them to identify a mobile device and to potentially track the location of that phone. &'8220;What the RCMP technology does not do is collect private communication,&'8221; Adam said. &'8220;In other words, it does not collect voice and audio communications, email messages, text messages, contact lists, images, encryption keys or basic subscriber information.&'8221; There do exist interception tools that allow eavesdropping on phone calls and direct interception of digital messages but Adam said the RCMP does not own them or use them. He said anyone operating in Canada without a proper licence or judge's authorization would be breaking section 191.1 of the Criminal Code that prohibits possession of these kinds of interception devices. He also said it would be a violation of the Radiocommunications Act. Adam conceded that until two months ago the RCMP itself failed to get express approval to use MDIs from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED, formerly Industry Canada), the government body responsible for regulating technology that might interfere with wireless communications. He said the RCMP believed at one point that an exemption introduced in early 2015 to the Radiocommunications Act allowing the use of cellular &'8220;jammers&'8221; might also exempt the use of MDIs — but ISED ultimately disagreed. Otherwise, he said police have almost always sought a warrant, though he noted a few exceptions. He said in recent years the law has changed to catch up with emerging technologies. Police used to apply for a general warrant to use the technology. In 2015, Adam said there was a period of at least six months — between March and October — when the RCMP didn't seek a warrant at all, acting on advice from the Department of Justice and government prosecutors. RCMP say that in the past five years — including this period — police used the devices without a warrant in 11 investigations. IMSI catchers have been highly controversial for fear that hundreds of innocent device users can be swept up in the collection of cellular data. Adam said all data collected is strictly protected, isolated and reported to judges, preserved until it is no longer needed and then destroyed. &'8220;The data, once it is seized lawfully to the judge, will be secured and locked up for criminal court purposes. It will not be accessed other than the target information,&'8221; Adam said. He said the RCMP has been fully co-operating with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, which has been investigating police use of cellphone-tracking equipment in Canada. He also said police are very aware that cell MDIs can potentially [&'].....»»

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PSA enjoins all agencies to join 29th NSM Celebration

CEBU CITY, October 11 (PIA) -- The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) encourages all government agencies, local government units (LGUs), academic institutions, state universities and colleges, a.....»»

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PSA enjoins all agencies to join 29th NSM Celebration

CEBU CITY, October 11 (PIA) -- The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) encourages all government agencies, local government units (LGUs), academic institutions, state universities and colleges, a.....»»

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Villar, Poe justify TRAIN support; blame gov’t, traders for higher cost of goods

Some traders and executive agencies, and not the government’s tax reform program, should be blamed for the rising cost of living in the country, 2 re-electionist senators who helped pass the measure said Monday. Source link link: Villar, Poe justify TRAIN support; blame gov’t, traders for higher cost of goods.....»»

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Bong Go opens 3 new Malasakit Centers

Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go opened Malasakit Centers in the cities of Tagbilaran, Butuan and Cagayan de Oro City on Friday. The Malasakit Center is a one stop shop where patients can get financial assistance for medical services and medicines from different government agencies helping the sick such as the […].....»»

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FINEX warns tax reform uncertainty disrupting investment plans

MORE policy certainty, particularly regarding the government’s system of taxation and incentives, is required in order not to disrupt businesses planning to expand their activities, the top official of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (Finex) said. The post FINEX warns tax reform uncertainty disrupting investment plans appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Bets in narco list? Comelec stresses need for due process

MANILA, Philippines – Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sheriff Abas stressed the need for due process as two government agencies urged the poll body to disqualify bets in the so-called narco list. In a press conference on Friday, October 12, Abas said the Comelec has referred the issue to ........»»

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DTI organizes innovation conference

On October 23, the innovation conference Slingshot Cebu 2018 will gather start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, educational institutions and government agencies at the Cebu City Sports Club. According to the organizer Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the latest edition of Slingshot Cebu will have the theme of “Revving up your business in a Digital World”. Appropriate […].....»»

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Use frontline staff to orient tourists on do s, don ts in Boracay–Sen. Binay

October 10, 2018. With 17 days to go until Boracay’s soft opening, Sen. Nancy Binay today called on the government agencies in-charge of Boracay rehabilitation and the Local Government of Malay to conduct training for frontline staff of tourist establishments in the island. According to Binay, the trainings should… Source link link: Use frontline staff to orient tourists on do's, don'ts in Boracay–Sen. Binay.....»»

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CTA dismisses BIR’s P4.2 billion tax deficiency case vs. PSALM

In the CTA en banc decision promulgated October 1, 2018, the court said it does not have jurisdiction over disputes between government agencies. Source link link: CTA dismisses BIR’s P4.2 billion tax deficiency case vs. PSALM.....»»

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Dominguez warns: Economy to choke to death sans deficit-financed infra

The sustained growth of the Philippines demands that the government spend aggressively for key infrastructure projects that will remove 'chokepoints' preventing the country from operating.....»»

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Adjusted malls hours, halted road works to ease Metro Manila holiday traffic

MANILA, Philippines – Mall operators in Metro Manila have agreed to adjust their store and delivery hours to help ease traffic during the holiday season – from November 5, 2018, to January 14, 2019 – while government agencies and private companies will stop all road works and diggings ........»»

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Groups to government: E-cigarette a harm reduction tool

Government agencies involved in formulating policies on vaping should take note of a report urging the United Kingdom to relax regulations on e-cigarettes to reduce the harm associated with tobacco use and help more people quit smoking, local vaping groups said Friday......»»

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Crackdown on rice hoarders continue, smuggling too

POLICE SAID IT is continuously working with different government agencies in its campaign against suspected rice hoarders in the country. […].....»»

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