Truth has many layers

THERE’S an interesting episode in the gospel that tells us that truth indeed has many layers and we just have to be careful with our assertions especially when done as if we already know everything. It’s in the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 7. “Some in the crowd who heard these words of Jesus said, […] The post Truth has many layers appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Kavanaugh faces moment of truth

The US Senate girded Friday for a critical, too- close-to-call vote on moving ahead with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, as Republicans brushed aside complaints by Democrats that a new FBI probe of sexual assault allegations against him was rushed and incomplete. A final vote could come Saturday on President Donald […].....»»

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A truth that’s told with bad intent …

Once again, the President just disappeared. And, as before, we didn’t have a clue......»»

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No evidence to even suggest recruitment for ouster plot in Ateneo

"We will persist in encouraging our faculty and students to think critically, exercise academic freedom in search of truth, and speak truth to power," university president Jose Ramon Villarin SJ said......»»

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Jake Zyrus talks about complicated relationship with mother

Jake Zyrus has opened up about his love-hate relationship with his mother following the release of his book "I am Jake." Zyrus elaborated how his relationship with his mother, Raquel Pempengco, is complicated when asked on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" about the book's chapter that focused on the subject. The singer revealed that he kept the real status of the familial relationship under wraps with the hope that it would get better over time. "Because you love them. You love them... but I also realized na when you say the truth it doesn't mean that I don't love them," said Zyrus. Zyrus continued his side of the story by saying how surprised he was to be called the favorite gr...Keep on reading: Jake Zyrus talks about complicated relationship with mother.....»»

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Filipinos barely know if there are libraries near their homes

MANILA, Philippines – The  2017 National Book Development Board (NBDB) readership survey  showed that majority of Filipinos are not aware if there is a library near their residence – only 1 out of 10 does. The sad truth is you hardly see a library in your barangay (village). Dr Dennis Mapa, dean of the School of Statistics of University of ........»»

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Warriors secure now, but face questions on Cousins, Durant

By Shaun Powell, OAKLAND, Calif. -- All is rather calm at the moment with the defending champs, who are idling until they reach two important checkpoints in their gold-bricked road: What happens when DeMarcus Cousins comes back, and what happens if Kevin Durant doesn’t? One carries implications for this season, the other impacts next season and beyond. It’s really that simple for the Warriors, the heavy NBA favorites who once again are threatening to burst everyone else’s balloon for the next seven months and then pop bottles in June. While his new teammates are busy breaking a sweat in Camp Kerr, Cousins is mostly off to the side of the court, on his own schedule, going through the next phase of his rehabilitation from a torn Achilles suffered last spring. There is no timetable on his debut. Still: He represents a bonus for the defending champs, an ace card that doesn’t need to be played until it’s time, perhaps around the All-Star break in February, before for the playoffs. It’s quite a luxury to have, for a team that has everything: A big man with skills who averaged 25 points, 13 rebounds and 1.6 blocks last season with the Pelicans and is only 28. Assuming a full recovery, which isn’t a slam dunk by any means, Cousins would still be in his prime once he suits up and makes life complicated for teams trying to game plan for Golden State. And then there’s the elephant in the gym. Durant remains on a year-to-year contract. Initially, this was done mainly to ensure the Warriors wiggle room under the salary cap to re-sign Andre Iguodala and keep the core of a three-time champion. Yet Durant chose the same financial strategy this summer during free agency and therefore will be back on the market in 2019. You ask, and he says only: “Just keeping my options open.” It’s a rather sound, if rare, strategy that’s afforded by only few, as in, just Durant and until this summer, LeBron James. For the superstar who has already banked in excess of $100 million on the court and pulls that much and perhaps more in endorsements, there’s no financial incentive or urgency to lock in long-term. LeBron did so with the Lakers last July only because it was finally the right time: He turns 34 this year. Going year-to-year allows Durant, 30, to stay unchained in case something happens that causes him to sour on the Warriors and/or fall in love with another team. He’s an MVP contender in his prime and so a long-term deal will always await, no matter if he stays or goes. The only risk is a career-threatening injury, and in such an unlikely yet worst-case scenario. Durant is already wealthy times ten. Flexibility, right now, is more valuable than long-term money. The bigger issue is how this hovers above the Warriors, and there’s no sign that it’s causing sleepless nights. For one: Durant is in the fold for this season and the Warriors remain loaded; therefore their sights are fixated on June, when the championship will be decided, not July, when free agent starts. And two: The organization seems secure in itself and believes at the moment of truth, Golden State will be his best option. The evidence is pretty compelling. Next season the Warriors move into a state-of-the-art arena in San Francisco; ownership is laughing at the luxury tax, which could approach over $150 million in two seasons depending on the payroll; and in case you haven’t noticed, the Warriors are on a championship roll. Finally: Durant enjoys his surroundings. “We’re selfless, care about each other, that’s what the Warriors do,” he said. “My cup is full here knowing that you can walk in here and be yourself, no judgment, just all love. The championship is just the cherry on top.” It’s hard to imagine Durant going to a more talented team. The Warriors are still in their prime, at least the core. Steph Curry is 30 and Durant joins him on Saturday. Cousins, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are 28. It’s rare for a professional sports team to have three titles in the bag with stars in their prime as they chase No. 4; usually, one or two of the main pieces are old and in decline. Extensions are due for Thompson and Cousins next summer along with Durant, and Green in two years. The conventional thinking is a team can’t pay everyone, and perhaps not. But the Warriors will generate millions in their new building, enough to keep a payroll approaching $300 million (and cope with high luxury taxes) if they chose to do so. The goal is to keep the championship train running, until it can’t, because dynasties are hard to build and trickier to maintain. The Warriors have the opportunity to see this through, and so they’ll try. “We’re not looking at this as the final dance,” said coach Steve Kerr. “Like I said, we want to have some fun and enjoy what we have this year and move on from there. Our focus is to really enjoy it while it lasts. And nothing lasts forever, so we know that. We want to go out this year and enjoy every step of the way." Thompson repeated Thursday how much he “loves” living in the Bay Area and “I’d be crazy not to” think about the amount of in-prime talent he’d leave behind if he signs elsewhere. Green said he imagines himself a Warrior “for a long time.” Durant? We’ll see. In the meantime, the Warriors, like Durant, will take it year-by-year. It’s the only way to do business in the modern NBA. This year promises big returns, once again, on the floor. The last team to reach the Finals five straight years was the Bill Russell Celtics. And the Warriors, who swept the Cavaliers last June, who bring Durant and Curry and Thompson and Green back, finally have a center-piece this time. When Cousins returns, this team will be built to make history. And then, come free agency next summer, when the bill comes due, we’ll find out if they’re built to last. Veteran NBA writer Shaun Powell has worked for newspapers and other publications for more than 25 years. You can e-mail him here or follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting. .....»»

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CHR hits Enrile’s ‘attempt at historical revisionism’

A lieis still a lie even if said a million times.   This was the remark ofCommission on Human Rights (CHR) chair Chito Gasconon Juan Ponce Enrile's claims about former President Ferdinand Marcos' martial law during a one-on-one interview with the late dictator's son and namesake, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. last week.   "Baka naniniwala sila na a lie said a thousand times or a million times becomes a truth, but that is not the case. A lie will remain a lie especially if the facts show otherwise," Gascon told reporters. Enrile, who served as defense minister chief and administrator of martial law during the Marcos regime, claimed that not one person was ar...Keep on reading: CHR hits Enrile’s ‘attempt at historical revisionism’.....»»

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Trillanes eyes President’s son as hostile witness in drug probe

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on Sunday said Paolo Duterte's filing libel charges against him had given him a chance to call the son of President Rodrigo Duterte as a hostile witness in a Senate drug smuggling inquiry. A hostile witness is someone who is called to an investigation but refuses to tell the truth. In a statement, Trillanes said Paolo Duterte's legal actions would enable him to pressure the resigned vice mayor of Davao City to open his bank accounts. Duterte has filed libel charges against Trillanes for linking him to the smuggling into the Philippines of "shabu" (crystal meth) worth P6.4 billion from China and for alleging that he and his brother-in-law, lawyer Manases...Keep on reading: Trillanes eyes President’s son as hostile witness in drug probe.....»»

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Statements: Let ethics always be our guide

This week, media took a huge, self-inflicted hit at a time when the industry and individual journalists continue to be vilified and threatened by those who would seek to undermine the profession of truth to advance their nefarious agenda......»»

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Enrile tells & apos;truth& apos; on Martial Law, critics howl -

Enrile tells 'truth' on Martial Law, critics howl -»»

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Enrile tells & lsquo;truth& rsquo; on Martial Law, critics howl

Enrile tells & lsquo;truth& rsquo; on Martial Law, critics howl.....»»

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Enrile’s claims about Martial Law ‘revolting, insanely disgusting’ – lawmakers

MANILA, Philippines – Opposition lawmakers slammed Juan Ponce Enrile for bending the truth on Martial Law, of which he is the architect and implementer as ex-defense minister of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.  Akbayan Representative Tom Villarin said that Enrile’s one-on-one interview with the strongman’s only son and ........»»

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Itogon landslide, Nene Pimentel on Mocha Uson, Grab fares | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: Rescuers ordered to leave as fresh landslides threaten Itogon. 'Distortion of truth': Diokno family slams Bongbong Marcos, Enrile. Nene Pimentel says Mocha Uson should stick to entertainment. P2/min travel charge back but Grab lowers surge pricing cap. {module 3998}.....»»

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Top universities come out against revision of history, honor victims of Martial Law

THE top three universities in the Philippines marked the 46th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law by emphasizing the role of the academe in keeping guard over historical truth. The post Top universities come out against revision of history, honor victims of Martial Law appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Wala akong balak panoorin : Robredo on Bongbong, Enrile video

Vice President Leni Robredo slammed Friday the one-on-one interview of former senators Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and Juan Ponce Enrile for bending the truth on martial law. Source link link: 'Wala akong balak panoorin': Robredo on Bongbong, Enrile video.....»»

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Distortion of truth : Diokno family slams Bongbong Marcos, Enrile

MANILA, Philippines – The family of the late statesman Jose Diokno on Thursday, September 21, slammed the “distortion of history” of former senators Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr and Juan Ponce Enrile. In the first part of “JPE: A Witness to History” posted on Marcos' social media ........»»

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Aquino on Enrile: Old age not an excuse to bend truth about Martial Law

MANILA, Philippines – Former president Benigno Aquino III joined the many fact-checkers who sought to set the record straight about Marcos-era Martial Law , after the son of the late dictator aired an interview with his father’s defense minister  presenting a different version of the darkest chapter of Philippine history.   “Medyo may edad na si Senator Enrile, pero hindi naman siguro puwedeng gawing parang dahilan 'yon para maniwala tayo doon sa gusto ........»»

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China is hitting reality now on `impossible’ tax, deficit goals

By Bloomberg China’s government is grappling with an inconvenient truth: you can’t cut taxes, boost spending and reduce the budget deficit all at the same time. Having promised to do all three this year, a slowing economy coupled with the trade war with the U.S. is now underlining the contradiction in the government’s goals. Incomplete implementation […] The post China is hitting reality now on `impossible’ tax, deficit goals appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Cebu celebrates its 26th Press Freedom Week

It is the 26th celebration of Cebu’s Press Freedom Week, which kicked off with a holy mass officiated by Auxiliary Bishop Dennis Villarojo of the Cebu Archdiocese who challenged the Cebu media in his homily to use the power of truth to help people see beyond the lies manifested by those in authority......»»

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Senate to detain importer for lying in P6.8-B smuggled shabu hearing

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Richard Gordon, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, moved to detain the owner of SMYD Trading Marina Signapan, for lying during the hearing on the P6.8-billion worth of smuggled shabu .  Gordon accused Signapan of not telling the truth about who paid her to be a consignee of a shipment ........»»

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