Trump lashes out over ‘phony’ dossier claims

Trump lashes out over ‘phony’ dossier claims.....»»

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Trump lashes out over 'phony' Russia dossier claims

Trump lashes out over 'phony' Russia dossier claims.....»»

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Trump lashes out over ‘phony’ Russia dossier claims

Trump lashes out over ‘phony’ Russia dossier claims.....»»

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‘Trump asked to drop investigation of Flynn’

‘Trump asked to drop investigation of Flynn’.....»»

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Media warn of ‘Trump risk’

Media warn of ‘Trump risk’.....»»

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‘Do not test Trump’s resolve’

‘Do not test Trump’s resolve’.....»»

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Trump hails EU for ‘good job’ in uniting

Trump hails EU for ‘good job’ in uniting.....»»

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Trump hikes pressure on global trade ‘cheats’

Trump hikes pressure on global trade ‘cheats’.....»»

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‘Trump is not my president’

‘Trump is not my president’.....»»

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All-Star Weekend Q&A: Stephen Curry joined several other international journalists in an online teleconference, powered by Cisco. Here was our conversation with Golden State Warrior, two-time MVP, and Western Conference All-Star Stephen Curry em>(some portions of the interview have been edited for clarity)  /em> strong>Q: /strong> You got four guys [Warriors] in the All-Star lineup this year. How do you think that’s going to work in terms of chemistry during the game?  strong>A: /strong> Oh it definitely helps to have that many familiar faces. And also our coaching staff, I’m sure our coach [Steve Kerr, will run] the same plays we run during the year. Myself, Klay [Thompson], Draymond [Green] and KD [Kevin Durant] will know exactly where to be on the floor. It just allows us to have a little bit more fun. We have four guys representing our team and our teammates so we’re going to enjoy it to the fullest. Hopefully all four of us get out on the floor at the same time.  strong>Q: /strong> With the Golden State Warriors and KD, you guys are definitely one of the favorites to win the title. Is there a lot of pressure? Also, you’ve been very vocal, speaking out about [US President] Donald Trump. Do you encourage others to do the same? strong>A: /strong> First question, there’s no added pressure for us since we’ve been on this championship run two straight years. Each year is different. First year, we had the best record in the NBA as we were going into the Playoffs, I dunno if we were favored or not, but we had the best record, [so] you’re expected to win, and we obviously did. Last year, after 73 wins, things didn’t go our way. We felt a bit of pressure and expectations from outside the locker room, which was a new thing for us to deal with. This year, everything’s brand new, but with the same goal in mind. I like where we are mentally. I can focus on doing everything we can to win the championship. Second question, I encourage basketball players, my family, staff, anybody in any walk of life, to speak their minds, use whatever platform they have to evoke change and just say what you believe in. Whether people believe in me or not, that’s the beauty of the conversation. I think everybody asks us players what we think because I think they value what we think. There’s going to be people that fall in line and don’t, but that comes with the territory, but I definitely encourage everybody to not be afraid to speak what they believe and what’s on their mind.  strong>Q: /strong> Can you tell us the adjustments you had to make, playing with KD? strong>A: /strong> Early in the year it was more, as a point guard, I was worried about everyone getting their shots, understanding the flow of the game. And that distracted a little bit from just being myself and playing my game. There was a certain point where I understood if I’m just aggressive and I play the way I play and have energy, the team will feed off of that. KD and Klay and Draymond and all the other guys can still have a big impact on the game.  It’s a learning process when you add a super talented scorer like KD, but I think we’re figuring it out. strong>Q: /strong>We were talking about you adjusting to KD. Where do you think you guys are as a team in terms of chemistry. Would you say you are 60-70 percent of your potential? strong>A: /strong> If you look at the eye test, where we were game one against San Antonio, to the Christmas Day game versus Cleveland, to the game in OKC, for example, I think we’re obviously a much better team. We’re playing with a much better flow and rhythm and consistency. The biggest test for us and as we finish out the regular season, we want to continue to get better with each game. The beauty of it is we don’t have to worry about chasing 73 [wins]. We can really have players focus on getting better as we go into the Playoffs.  strong>Q: /strong> Besides adding KD to the lineup, what have you done differently this season? strong>A: /strong>Our identity is the same. So all the things that we do day-in and day-out, practice habits, our attitude in the locker room, all that’s the same. We have the same teamwork, the same leadership. The biggest thing, like what I was talking about before, is when you’re not taking about 73 wins and chasing that record, there’s more of an emphasis on how you’re playing as opposed to just winning games.  Because you don’t want to create bad habits, you don’t want to just sweep things under the rug, just because you’re winning. If we’re holding ourselves to a championship mentality, that’s the real difference this season. It’s all about how we’re playing. Each game, whether we can say we got better tonight, versus did we win or not, because we’re chasing that 73 number. strong>Q: /strong>How do you make sure Draymond’s temperament doesn’t harm the team? And who do you think is the biggest threat out in the West?  strong>A: /strong>I’m not worried about Draymond at all. To even say that sounds negative. His passion for the game and what he brings to our team from a leadership standpoint and as a consistent presence on the floor, he wouldn’t be the player he is without that kind of stuff. You might see, you know, ‘conversations’ I call them, on the floor during games where we’re trying to get better and challenge each other. All that’s what winning teams do. He’s a part of that culture. We love everything about Draymond and what he brings to us. And whether I gotta get in front of him while he’s yelling at the refs, we’ll take that every once in a while. You name the top teams in the Western Conference standings behind us, San Antonio, Houston, the Clippers, Memphis, all the way down the list. We’re going to have to beat three really good teams to get to the Finals. We understand that, but we have to focus on ourselves each step of the way so that you’re ready for the moment.  .....»»

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‘Big C’ claims 56K Pinoys each year

‘Big C’ claims 56K Pinoys each year.....»»

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‘Dump Trump,’ say Filipino protesters

‘Dump Trump,’ say Filipino protesters.....»»

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Why Trump can t just say ‘you’re fired’ to this official

Why Trump can t just say ‘you’re fired’ to this official.....»»

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Trump lashes out at ‘phony’ dossier

Trump lashes out at ‘phony’ dossier.....»»

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Trump’s nominee lashes out at Beijing

Trump’s nominee lashes out at Beijing.....»»

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Trump says Russia dossier was phony stuff from his opponents

Trump says Russia dossier was phony stuff from his opponents.....»»

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‘Donald Trump facing risks’

‘Donald Trump facing risks’.....»»

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Malacañang: Duterte’s phone conversation with Trump was ‘very engaging’

Malacañang: Duterte’s phone conversation with Trump was ‘very engaging’.....»»

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‘Trust Trump’s judgment’

‘Trust Trump’s judgment’.....»»

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LBJ to US: Trump ‘isn’t the end’

LBJ to US: Trump ‘isn’t the end’.....»»

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Trump rushed offstage after ‘gun’ commotion

Trump rushed offstage after ‘gun’ commotion.....»»

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