Titanic is 20 years old

There is a story going around about how Celine Dion recorded My Heart Will Go On, the theme from the motion picture Titanic composed by James Horner with lyr.....»»

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Last supper from the Titanic to be recreated by luxury hotel

History buffs of the Titanic, along with cinematic fans of Jack and Rose, may be interested in an extravagant dinner that will recreate the last supper served aboard the ocean liner. But rest assured, the meal will be served on terra firma. On April 14, the eve of the ship's sinking 106 years ago, chefs at the Restaurant Petrus at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong will whip up the same 10-course meal which was served to the ship's First Class guests on the evening of its ill-fated sinking. Though the menu will be inspired by the original meal, chef Ricardo Chaneton will take a few creative liberties with modernized updates to dishes like Fillet Mignon Lili, roast guinea fowl, lamb w...Keep on reading: Last supper from the Titanic to be recreated by luxury hotel.....»»

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The captain of the Greenpeace ship is a woman

Films and literature tell us one thing about ship captains: The captain is almost always a man. The captain in "Titanic" was a man. Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" is male; Captain Hook, too, menacing with a mean mustache at that.   Reality, however, can opt otherwise.   Hettie Geenen, captain of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior, is a woman. She leads a team of 16 dedicated crew members, sailing around the world and fighting for climate justice.   Hettie has been sailing since she was 13 years old. She joined Greenpeace in 1999 as Third Mate, and her first voyage on the Rainbow Warrior brought her to Manila. She recalls a distinct but sad mem...Keep on reading: The captain of the Greenpeace ship is a woman.....»»

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Titanic talents at Marvel Creative Day Out

Twenty years ago, the only chance for you to show Marvel your work was for you to have it mailed to New York, or go to San Diego Comic-Con and actually line up," Marvel penciller Leinil Yu says.   "But now you get to meet C.B. (Cebulski) right here in Manila. How cool is that? There's no position in Marvel Comics higher than his and he gets to see your portfolio firsthand," Yu adds.   Marvel reveals that there are a lot of Filipinos working as pencillers, inkers and colorists in their team. In fact, the Philippines ranks third among the comic giant's pool of artists in terms of number, following the United States and Italy.   It may be a chance for po...Keep on reading: Titanic talents at Marvel Creative Day Out.....»»

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‘Titanic’ keeps that sinking feeling alive, 20 years on

LOS ANGELES, United States --- Part saturnine elegy to doomed youth, part exaltation of the transcendent power of love, blockbuster disaster movie "Titanic" is delivering that sinking feeling to a whole new generation of fans. Tuesday marks two decades since Rose vowed to Jack she'd "never let go" -- before spectacularly reneging on her promise, sending her frozen-to-death paramour to a watery grave and leaving "Titaniacs" worldwide sobbing into their popcorn. The anniversary has been celebrated with screenings across the United States, and audiences are still swooning over the young lovers played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet -- now both Oscar winners and Hollywood A-l...Keep on reading: ‘Titanic’ keeps that sinking feeling alive, 20 years on.....»»

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Titanic is 20 years old

There is a story going around about how Celine Dion recorded My Heart Will Go On, the theme from the motion picture Titanic composed by James Horner with lyr.....»»

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Timeless stories, passionate stars feted at 9th Inquirer Indie Bravo!

For producing work worthy of our praise, bravo!" Inquirer president and CEO Sandy Prieto-Romualdez told the 27 honorees in this year's edition of the Inquirer Indie Bravo! Awards held on Thursday night.   Romualdez, who presented the trophies to the awardees, also urged them to "continue inspiring the future generation with stories we'd love to go back to over and over again. Carry on the fire, the passion that drives you to do whatever you love to do."   For nine years now, the Inquirer has been paying tribute to Filipino artists who bring home recognition and honor from international film festivals.   "The [Inquirer] Entertainment team has journeyed...Keep on reading: Timeless stories, passionate stars feted at 9th Inquirer Indie Bravo!.....»»

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Hundreds of drug cases, 2 islands and 1 brave judge closing gap

CEBU CITY --- For the past five years, Judge Mory Nueva has been crossing between the islands of Samar and Cebu to help reduce docket congestion and speed up the dispensation of justice in the trial courts.   The constant travel is not easy. After all, Samar is 217 kilometers northeast of Cebu City.   "It is tiresome," the 50-year-old judge conceded.   Nueva used to board a ferry in Samar once or twice a month for Cebu before he eventually decided to travel by plane to cut travel time and avoid risks to his personal safety.   And his is a job that entails a lot of risks.   Just a month ago, Nueva received an urgent appeal to exon...Keep on reading: Hundreds of drug cases, 2 islands and 1 brave judge closing gap.....»»

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After 117 years, bells ring again

Finally, the bells tolled seven times, sounding once again over the town that had paid dearly for its people’s courageous action 117 years ago......»»

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Five daily habits for a healthy life

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve physical, mental and emotional health. However, following them can be challenging, especially for those who have formed unhealthy habits over the years. The key to success is to slowly integrate changes into your life. Once you get into the habit of maintaining healthy practices and […].....»»

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Rain or Shine extends Yaps contract | The Manila Times Online

Rain or Shine agreed to extend the per month maximum contract of superstar James Yap to P420,000 for the duration of two to three years. Swingman Ed Daquioag and bigREAD The post Rain or Shine extends.....»»

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Martial Law is an admission of failure

By asking for another extension of emergency martial law in Mindanao, this time until the end of 2019, President Duterte was admitting his failure to curb lawlessness in his own backyard during the two years he has exercised his Commander-in-Chief powers......»»

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Two excellent Defense secretaries

The formal return of the Balangiga bells in Eastern Samar yesterday – 117 years after they were taken by American soldiers as war booty in the aftermath of the Balangiga attack on September 28, 1901 – fosters healing and brings closure to a dark chapter in our shared history with the United States......»»

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2018 PBA Draft Baller Breakdown: Javee Mocon

At the age of 23, Javee Mocon has one of the biggest collection of trophies among all draftees. In the last seven years, Mocon has won two Juniors titles and four Seniors titles. Why wouldn’t you pass up an opportunity to acquire a certified winner for your ball club?   STRENGTHS When you’re so used to winning, it becomes second nature. Mocon is the type of player who is easy to coach because he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. His attitude and work ethic is admirable. He will willingly take on any role given to him and make sure that no matter what it is, his presence will be felt. In his first two seasons with the Red Lions, he came off the bench to back up Art dela Cruz and provided much-needed energy and swagger to sustain the efforts of the first group. As a starter for San Beda in the last three years, Mocon became the premier power forward in the NCAA. At 6’4”, Mocon was at his best operating inside the arc. He possesses a reliable mid-range jumper and can finish in the paint effectively as well. In Game 2 of the Season 94 Finals, Mocon’s last collegiate game ever, he unveiled a new weapon that he will surely need in the next level: the three-point shot. Mocon shot four out of eight from beyond the arc, letting the world know that he has been working on his game in preparation for the PBA. AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT Although he looked confident taking threes in his final game for San Beda, will he still be that confident letting it fly in the pros? That remains to be seen. One thing we never saw from Mocon as a student-athlete was dribbling ability. Right now, his skill when it comes to handling the basketball is very basic. I have never seen Mocon dribble the ball coast-to-coast all the way to the basket. But, then again, he never had to because he was so obedient and strictly played within the boundaries of his position. Perhaps another thing he should work on his passing. Not that he didn’t pass the ball in college (2.3 assists per game), it’s just something he wasn’t known for and an aspect of his game he could unlock. Imagine Mocon pump-faking from the three-point line before making a move towards the basket with the option to kick the ball out to shooters or making a drop pass to the big men in the paint? That’s a tough cover.      .....»»

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Egypt unearths tomb of ancient high priest

CAIRO, Egypt – Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a priest dating back more than 4,400 years in the pyramid complex of Saqqara south of the capital Cairo, authorities said on Saturday, December 15. "Today we are announcing the last discovery of the year 2018, it's a new discovery, it's ........»»

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Historic church bells finally back home in Balangiga

BALANGIGA, Eastern Samar --- After 117 long years, the historic church bells of Balangiga in Eastern Samar were brought home to end one of the darkest chapters of history between the United States and the Philippines. US soldiers took three of church bells from Balangiga as war trophies in 1901 after razing the town and killing thousands of Filipinos, avenging a surprise attack that left 48 of their comrades dead. The Philippines has argued for decades that it was historically wrong and needed to be corrected. On Saturday, the bells were finally handed over to Balangiga officials and church leaders after delivery to the Philippines early this week. President Rodrigo Duter...Keep on reading: Historic church bells finally back home in Balangiga.....»»

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Duterte visits Balangiga battle memorial

BALANGIGA, Eastern Samar --- President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday offered a short prayer at the memorial of the American and Filipino soldiers who figured in the Balangiga massacre that took place on Sept. 28, 1901, during the Philippine-American War. After leading the handover ceremony of the Balangiga bells, Duterte proceeded to the memorial and prayed. The President then spent a moment to take pictures with the Balangiga residents. During the turnover rites, Duterte thanked the American and Filipino officials involved in the sucessful return of the church bells after 117 years. He reiterated that no government official could take sole credit for the return of the bell...Keep on reading: Duterte visits Balangiga battle memorial.....»»

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Generika-Ayala routs Cignal for PSL All-Filipino bronze

MANILA, Philippines---Generika-Ayala subdued Cignal in straight sets, 25-12, 30-28, 25-13, to claim the bronze medal in the Philippine Superliga All-Filipino Conference Saturday at Mall of Asia Arena. This is the best finish of the Lifesavers in four years or since they won the title in the 2014 All-Filipino Conference when they joined forces with Philippine Army. The Lifesavers held a slim 12-10 lead in the third but was able to quickly gain momentum going on an 8-2 run to take a 20-12 lead. Fiola Ceballos then, scored on back-to-back aces to finish off the HD Spikers. Generika-Ayala head coach Sherwin Meneses said his team has slowly turned itself around and gradually b...Keep on reading: Generika-Ayala routs Cignal for PSL All-Filipino bronze.....»»

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‘Inquirer Photo Exhibit’ on its last day on Dec. 16

For 33 years, the Philippine Daily Inquirer had been witness to some of the most crucial turning points and most compelling milestones in Philippine history. And the storyteller that it is, the Inquirer has proven to be more than adept in fearlessly penning stories that have toppled governments, exposed controversies, championed advocacies, and spread news of triumphs and achievements that have helped boost the Filipino morale. Alongside these stories are some powerful images --- snapshots of Philippine history, of which the Inquirer has unwittingly become a part. Inquirer has indeed chronicled some of the most tumultous and exciting times in history: from the time former Pr...Keep on reading: ‘Inquirer Photo Exhibit’ on its last day on Dec. 16.....»»

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Death of 7-year-old on U.S. border raises questions

WASHINGTON --- Just 7 years old, Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin was picked up by U.S. authorities with her father and other migrants this month in a remote stretch of New Mexico desert. Some seven hours later, she was put on a bus to the nearest Border Patrol station but soon began vomiting. By the end of the two-hour drive, she had stopped breathing. Jakelin hadn't had anything to eat or drink for days, her father later told U.S. officials. The death of the Guatemalan girl is the latest demonstration of the desperation of a growing number of Central American families and children showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border, often hoping to claim asylum, and it raises new questio...Keep on reading: Death of 7-year-old on U.S. border raises questions.....»»

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BPOs Still to Drive Office Space Demand in 2019

After seeing a few years of decline, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is expected to come back with a vengeance in 2019, so much so that it is expected to become a major driving force in office take-up next year, according to Leechiu Property Consultant (LPC). LPC chief executive officer David Leechiu said many […].....»»

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