Tiaras but few tantrums at NY’s Heavenly Bodies

New York — Think embroidered papal mantles inspiring a John Galliano masterpiece for Dior, Joan of Arc armor refashioned as sexualized corsetry by Jean Paul Gaultier or the monk habit re-styled as eveningwear by Valentino. There are plenty of tiaras, but few tantrums at New York’s hottest museum ticket this spring, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and […] The post Tiaras but few tantrums at NY’s Heavenly Bodies appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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TURNING POINT: Freedom of Spit: On a Perfect- Intelligent God and a Stupid God

NAAWAN, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews / 2 July) – President Duterte’s concept of a perfect and intelligent God who created the cosmos and holds the heavenly bodies together is a concept  that doesn’t come from empty space but apparently originate from his exposure to the Bible and, perhaps, with the Quran’s account of creation, the two […].....»»

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You May Have Overlooked This One Detail About the Met Gala 2018

Recently, the Costume Institute caused an uproar as they announced that the next year's theme will focus on Catholicism. Entitled "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," the fashion exhibit will feature pieces like a Chanel wedding gown inspired by a communion dress and a Valentino gowns inspired by paintings of monk's robes. They will also feature holy garments which will be separate from the designer pieces. That alone would create a debate among the liberal and conservative Catholics. However, another issue came to light regarding the designers featured. According toThe New York Times, majority of them were raised Catholic and Western descent. It will include b...Keep on reading: You May Have Overlooked This One Detail About the Met Gala 2018.....»»

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6,000 warm bodies to secure Dinagyang

MORE than 6,000 security personnel will be deployed starting Jan. 24 around the metropolis to ensure the safety of revelers of Iloilo Dinagyang Festival. They include 2,347 police officers, and the rest are from Armed Forces of the Philippines, volunteers, colleges and universities, and non-government organizations. Backpacks, big luggage, bladed weapons, pointed sticks, buckled knives, […] The post 6,000 warm bodies to secure Dinagyang appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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DENR requires integrated efforts for Manila Bay cleanup – Manila Bulletin

DENR requires integrated efforts for Manila Bay cleanup  Manila Bulletin The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will require a coordinated and integrated effort in the cleanup of all water bodies draining into … Source link link: DENR requires integrated efforts for Manila Bay cleanup – Manila Bulletin.....»»

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DFA to shoulder repatriation of drowned newlyweds’ bodies

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will shoulder the expenses for the repatriation of the remains of the newlywed couple who drowned while on their honeymoon in Maldives......»»

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Patrick Beverley s trademark defense getting new test

By Shaun Powell, There was a foul, followed by a stoppage in play, a scene replayed dozens of times in NBA arenas. Except in this case, the victim was former two-time Kia MVP Stephen Curry and the punisher was the notorious Patrick Beverley. And so the situation (of course) turned snippy. Beverley has fought against better players his entire basketball life and carries an underdog gene that tends to flare in these situations. That explains why he tried to slap the ball from the Warriors guard after the whistle. Curry wasn’t having it, and so there was a gentle shove. And then a shove was returned. Then a staredown with noses just inches from each other. Then a separation of bodies. This was Beverley doing what he does by reputation: namely, irritate and push his defensive aggression and agenda to the very limit … and then some. His “crime” was restricting Curry’s movement with a forearm. Sometimes Beverley gets away with it, but in today’s NBA, no longer with any regularity. Such is the new normal. He’s a defensive-minded player with the LA Clippers and works in a league that suddenly favors scoring and shooters. He’s quite possibly, in his estimation and that of others, someone who’s forced to evolve or perish. For him, there’s no other option. “It would be very hard,” Beverley said, “to come into the league today and try to play defense like we did years ago.” Before this season, the NBA's Points of Emphasis centered in part on freedom of movement. The goal is to help players move without barriers, which creates high-scoring games, which makes games more entertaining for fans. Halfway through the season, the evidence is convincing: Scores are up, stops are down. To date, 11 teams have an offensive rating greater than 110 and 18 teams are scoring more than 110 points per game. Last season, those numbers were six and six, respectively. For players born with height, wingspan and leaping ability, these defensive rules don’t handcuff them much. But Beverley buys his clothes off the rack, so to speak. He’s a shade over six feet and is therefore a normal man trying to make a living in a big man’s world. At 30, Beverley deals with players who are often taller and even quicker. It’s his job to make their life tougher -- but here in the new age of barely-contested shots and 120-point games, the opposite is ringing true. He’s averaging a career-high 3.6 fouls per game and can’t get away with much. As Draymond Green, a defensive demon himself and teammate of Curry’s said recently: “Defense is not allowed. You can’t really play defense in this league. I guess that’s not what they want.” ‘We’re forced to adjust’ Green's words are perhaps an extreme assessment and a touch of exaggeration. Fifteen teams averaged at least 106 ppg last season; now it’s 26. Calls are less forgiving, as only 13 teams are averaging 24 free throw attempts per game (it was five last season). The ball moves and there’s less restriction, which was the intention. And there appears to be little blowback in the basketball universe from those who observe and play. It’s just … accepted. For the most part. Even Beverley offers a shoulder shrug. “Guys who make a living off defense, we’re forced to adjust,” he said. This evolution of shifting away from certain defensive tactics is decades in the making. The NBA once allowed defenders to shove a forearm into the back of a post-up player, and subtle jersey grabs were often excused. And there was the hand-check, too. All have been outlawed. The game is far less physical, which means the “Bad Boys”-era Detroit Pistons would have little chance of winning one championship today (let alone two). The NBA has sought to distance itself from that brand of ball, from Pat Riley’s New York Knicks (and their “no free layups” mentality) and from the 85-80 scores that often stifled the creativity of the game. The result is a game that sees open lanes and quicker whistles, and less of what helped players like Beverley overcome tremendous odds to reach the NBA. “There is where we’re at,” he said. “They want to see more scoring, more up-and-down, more points and all that, which is understandable. Of course, it makes it hard for me.” Relishing his ‘instigator’ role This is Beverley’s sixth year in the NBA, but his 10th in professional basketball. His journey curved through various stops overseas before he became rooted with the Houston Rockets, his first true NBA home. It speaks to Beverley’s doggedness and his value, at least initially, as a defensive specialist assigned to the grunt work. With the rise in scoring point guards across the NBA landscape, Beverley’s role became more important, and difficult as well. In a typical week, Beverley could guard Curry, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard and opposing shooting guards, too. He brings an edge to the job that he learned from growing up on the West Side of Chicago to a single mother as well as a grandmother who adopted a dozen kids. Daily life was a chore. He was one of the main characters in the documentary “Hoop Reality,” the sequel to the acclaimed “Hoop Dreams.” Beverley was friendly rivals with former Kia MVP winner Derrick Rose since grade school and was actually a scorer in high school, averaging a state-best 37 points as a senior. After getting kicked out of Arkansas in 2008 after two years for academic issues -- a tutor wrote a paper for him -- he played three years in Russia and Greece before filling the point guard void on the 2012-13 Rockets caused by Kyle Lowry’s trade to Toronto the summer before. “I wouldn’t change one thing about how I got here,” he said. “Sometimes you don’t get in through the front door. Sometimes you don’t get in through the back. Sometimes you got to climb through the window. That doesn’t mean the opportunity wasn’t there. There’s a way; you’ve just got to find it.” He immediately became singled out for eyeball-to-eyeball defense that teetered on the edge. The moment that earned him a name was in the first round of the 2013 playoffs against Oklahoma City. He went for a steal on Westbrook in Game 2 while Westbrook signaled for a timeout, causing his knee injury five years ago. He still answers for that, even to this day; not that the play on the ball was reckless, but was it necessary? “I don’t go out there to hurt people, I don’t even know how to attempt to hurt somebody,” Beverley said. “I play hard, bring the edge. I’m an instigator. That gets me going. I like to bump people, to feel me getting into somebody’s jersey. I’m just different. I like contact, like physical play, like pushing and holding. But I’m not dirty.” Beverley hasn’t spoken with Westbrook -- their on-court relationship is clearly frosty -- and with the exception of Rose, he doesn’t encourage any friendships beyond his teammates. “I don’t talk to anybody,” he said. “I don’t want personal battles that take away from the team. I’m trying to win games. When I come to San Francisco or Oklahoma City or Portland, I know I’m going straight to my room because there’s people I got to be ready to play the next day. And I know they do the same. There’s respect that’s not being said. When it comes to Steph, Dame, Westbrook, I make sure I get my rest. But they get their rest, too. They know what I bring to the table.” A game that won’t change Beverley was an All-Defensive first teamer two seasons ago, both a career highlight and confirmation of his devotion to studying film and learning opponents’ tendencies. He has also overcome microfracture knee injury in 2017-18 that limited him to 11 games in his debut season with the Clippers. “I worked my ass off and I’m still working,” he said. “If it’s not one thing it’s another. Me getting hurt, coming back faster and stronger. Got kicked out of school, had to go overseas, knew I was going to the NBA anyway. I didn’t know how. But I knew. “This is bigger than me. It’s for my mom, grandmom, seeing how hard the women in my life worked to raise me. It’s not easy being a single mother raising a kid in the inner city but she made it happen. She taught me to stand on my own two feet and get the best out of hard work, which becomes part of your mindset, especially when you see two women doing it every day.” And now comes another challenge for Beverley and those like him. How do you thrive in a league that’s suddenly married to offense? “Maybe after the All-Star break they’ll stop calling ticky-tack fouls,” he said. “The better defender you are, the more you’re singled out. But I’m going to go out there and be Pat. Don’t care. Won’t change.” Beverley estimates that “70 percent” of the players he guards are rattled by him, to different degrees. He said “only a few don’t,” which he refused to name (for strategic reasons). The game may not be designed to help the underdog, average-sized player who brings intensity and defense. But there’s no sense waiting for Beverley to make excuses. He’s come too far for that. “When you’re done with this game, you don’t want to go around saying, ‘Man I wish I could’ve done this, put more time into that.’” Beverley said. “Every year I go out like a person fighting for my spot, fighting for my contract. That’s the way I train. That’s how I prepare. That’s why I’m still in the league.” Veteran NBA writer Shaun Powell has worked for newspapers and other publications for more than 25 years. You can e-mail him here or follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting. .....»»

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PBA: Asi Taulava hints at retirement as he enters 20th season

It's been a wild ride for 45-year old Asi Taulava. From being a PBA standout, a direct hire by the then-Mobiline Phone Pals, the Fil-Tongan center has blossomed to being one of the most dominant players in the history of the first pro hoops league in Asia. But, it seems his 20th season in the PBA may be his last, as he said that he is seriously contemplating hanging his sneakers up for good after the 2019-20 campaign. "I'm thinking that this may be my last year. I wanted to get to 20 [seasons] and see where it goes from here. Let's see after everything if this will be my final year, if it's meant to be, this may be my final year, my swan song. I just want to enjoy it," the NLEX center shared at the PBA Media Day at the Solaire Resort and Casino. .@agelessasi88, who is entering his 20th season in the PBA, is seriously contemplating retirement at the end of the season. #PBA2019 • @abscbnsports — Philip Martin Matel (@philipptionary) January 10, 2019 In his illustrious career, he had won a title with a rookie Jimmy Alapag, won the season MVP, Finals MVP, and the Best Player of the Conference in the 2003 All-Filipino Cup, his only title.  The hulking 6'9 center has also been named to the Mythical Team eight times, four each in the first and the second teams, aside from being a 16-time All-Star and being named the MVP of the exhibition game twice. In his sabbatical from the PBA, he represented the country in the ABL as member of coach Leo Austria's San Miguel Beermen, where he won the league's MVP plum at age 40, and won his second pro title. From being a young and spry center, banging bodies with the likes of EJ Feihl and Dennis Espino to becoming one of the elder statesmen of the league, he said that he had seen the style of play change drastically. "When I first entered the PBA, it was slow, deliberate basketball. Nowadays, guys are getting younger, they're playing Warriors type of basketball," Taulava quipped. "Before, everybody had to post up. Now, the first three seconds, five seconds, a three will go up. The game has evolved so much. It's been great to be around during my whole career, playing and seeing how much basketball has grown." As he enters a crossroads in his decorated career as one of the 40 Greatest in the league's history, the slotman says he will just enjoy as he rides into the sunset of professional basketball. "I've enjoyed this ride. Not too many players. I think only four players in the PBA have lasted for 20 years. I can't believe I got here. Especially with my lifestyle in the past." Now a mentor to newly-acquired Poy Erram, he hopes to becoming the Road Warriors' rock in the middle and continue to help coach Yeng Guiao's team into contention, a team which made the semifinals in the opening tournament a year ago.  "Seeing him grow. I'm happy for him and everything what he's got right now, he's earned it. He has worked so hard." __   Follow this writer on Twitter, @philipptionary......»»

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Indonesia landslide death toll reaches 32 – official

JAKARTA, Indonesia – At least 32 people were killed by a landslide in Indonesia on New Year's Eve, authorities said Monday, January 7, as they ended a week-long search for missing victims. Rescuers who have been pulling bodies from mountains of mud called off the search with one person still unaccounted ........»»

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Have ’one voice’ on common tower policy for telco providers — Poe

  MANILA, Philippines --- Government bodies working on the proposed set of rules for telco service providers must coordinate and "get their acts together" to avoid confusing the public, Senator Grace Poe said on Saturday.   "We urge the government bodies on board to get their acts together. There should only be one voice on this matter, otherwise, it would send confusion to the telcos and the public," Poe said in a statement.   This was after Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) acting Secretary Eliseo Rio Jr. questioned the draft common tower policy of presidential adviser Ramon "RJ" Jacinto.   Rio questioned Jacinto's p...Keep on reading: Have ’one voice’ on common tower policy for telco providers — Poe.....»»

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Robredo: Landslide survivors also need psychological therapy

NAGA CITY--- In a visit to landslide survivors in Iraya village on Wednesday, Vice President Leni Robredo said that those who survived the effects of Tropical Depression "Usman" also "need psychological therapy" alongside shelter, and any assistance to help them start over. Eighteen bodies of landslide victims from the indigenous group Mt. Iraya Agta have either been dug up from the mud or retrieved from other villages across Buhi Lake after floating for days. On Thursday, Urbanito Capiz, who was buried Wednesday at the Buhi Municipal Cemetery, was identified by his family through photographs, leaving just one missing in Buhi. "The one I talked to today looked like he was still ...Keep on reading: Robredo: Landslide survivors also need psychological therapy.....»»

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The Benefits of Steroids – Presenting The Facts

Evidence of the benefits of steroids is thought-provoking. This is because steroids in most cases offer a temporary advantage. They usually lead to various degrees of side effects which are the outcome of the much-debated benefits. Okay, let's reiterate the facts behind steroids. Steroids are important chemical compounds that have very significant roles in the functioning of our body. Just as the synthetic versions of anabolic hormones which are synthesized in the lab, anabolic hormones are also produced in our bodies. Three main hormones play a primary role in the development of muscle tissues, these are: Testosterone Growth hormone (GH) Insulin-like growth hormone factors ...Keep on reading: The Benefits of Steroids – Presenting The Facts.....»»

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Russia gas blast toll jumps

MOSCOW, Russia — The number of confirmed dead from a New Year’s Eve gas explosion in a Russian apartment block jumped to 37 on Thursday as rescuers recovered more bodies from the rubble of the partially collapsed building. Six children were among the dead, the emergency situations ministry said in a statement, and four people […].....»»

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Rescuers pull more bodies from rubble of Russian gas explosion

MOSCOW, Russia (3rd UPDATE) – Rescuers hunted for survivors on Wednesday, January 2, in the rubble of a Russian apartment building wrecked by a New Year's Eve gas explosion , but found only bodies as the number of confirmed dead rose to 22. Nineteen people were still missing following the explosion, which destroyed 35 apartments ........»»

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GMA& nbsp;Network hauls awards from international, local award-giving bodies

GMA& nbsp;Network hauls awards from international, local award-giving bodies.....»»

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14 confirmed dead in Russia high-rise blast

MOSCOW, Russia (UPDATED) – Fourteen people are confirmed dead from the New Year's Eve explosion at a high-rise in central Russia, local officials said Wednesday, January 2, as rescuers continued to pull bodies from the rubble.  The local governor's office said 14 bodies had been found and that 27 people were ........»»

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2 dead, 32 injured in Cotabato City New Year s Eve blast | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: A deadly explosion rocks a mall in Cotabato City killing two people and injuring 32 others. The Philippine Coast Guard in Bicol has recovered a total of 21 bodies in landslides in Albay and Camarines Sur. Cove Manila cancels the supposed record-breaking New Year’s Eve balloon dropping event. Liza Soberano bags a ........»»

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Coast Guard recovers 21 bodies in Albay, CamSur landslides

ALBAY, Philippines (UPDATED) – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Bicol has recovered a total of 21 bodies in landslides in Albay and Camarines Sur. PCG-Bicol said in a report Sunday night, December 30, that 11 bodies were recovered in Tiwi, Albay, and 10 in Nato, Camarines Sur. It added that ........»»

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‘Usman’ death toll rises to 50; search continues for 11 missing

      LEGAZPI CITY---As search and retrieval operations are being continued to locate the 11 missing individuals throughout Bicol, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) here has already recorded 50 fatalities, with most of the victims falling victims to landslides. In a consolidated report to the OCD, Albay recorded the highest number of fatalities after responders retrieved 11 bodies from retrieval operations in Tiwi's Maynonong, Bariis, Sugod, and Gajo (not Misibis as earlier reported) villages. Three landslide victims were also retrieved in Legazpi City. READ: 'Usman' death toll rises to 45 in Bicol region In Baao, Bicol's youngest casualty was one-yea...Keep on reading: ‘Usman’ death toll rises to 50; search continues for 11 missing.....»»

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7 out of 9 missing persons in Albay landslide found dead

TIWI, Philippines – Seven out of the 9 missing individuals in Barangay Sugod in this Albay town were found dead on Sunday, December 30, by search and rescue teams. The 7 bodies were retrieved today in an operation which began Saturday evening, December 29, after a landslide buried 6 homes ........»»

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