The surprise? Jover Laurio’s boyfriend is a Duterte supporter

  Jover Laurio said she was in Makati and could spare a few hours, so we gladly suggested to meet up at Wokby, a bar in Poblacion, with a friend, Teddy Montelibano. Jover is the unassuming lady behind the popular Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB), who single-handedly takes on the social media propagandists. Recently the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) interviewed her regarding the online bullying she suffered at the hands of Dutertards. One of those fanatics went to the extent of accosting BBC Southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan Head during the Asean Summit in Manila, berating the reporter for giving importance to "a very minor blogger" like Jover. Raucous laughter filled the ...Keep on reading: The surprise? Jover Laurio’s boyfriend is a Duterte supporter.....»»

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Duterte supporter readies libel case vs Pinoy Ako Blog writer

MANILA, Philippines — Newspaper columnist Sass Rogando Sasot has gathered donations for a libel case she plans to file against Jover Laurio, the government c.....»»

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Edsa fake news? Asec Mocha Uson chided for online post

Was the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolt the product of fake news? Assistant Presidential Communications Secretary Mocha Uson had the audacity to ask her followers on social media this question on Sunday. Recognizing the Edsa Revolution, President Duterte called it the "symbol of our determination to fight for what is right." A law even declared its anniversary a holiday and created a commission to propagate its spirit. Posted at 2:24 a.m. on Feb. 25 --- the 32nd anniversary of the uprising that was hailed worldwide for its peaceful nature --- Uson's poll quickly drew a pushback from netizens, including Jover Laurio's Pinoy Ako Blog, and from Malacaang. Presidential spokespe...Keep on reading: Edsa fake news? Asec Mocha Uson chided for online post.....»»

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Anti-Duterte blogger publishes book of ‘resibo’

MANILA, Philippines – One of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s staunchest critics online, Jover Laurio , launched on Saturday, January 6, a book compiling her top blogs in 2017. Laurio, who is behind the controversial Pinoy Ako Blog, wrote a book entitled, Resibo, which includes her top 100 blogs from her 850 ........»»

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Lone woman in JBC interviews says Duterte ‘not an enemy of women’

The sole woman in the pool of six applicants who were interviewed for a Supreme Court (SC) post on Thursday said President Rodrigo Duterte was “not an enemy of women” but a supporter and defender of women. Source link link: Lone woman in JBC interviews says Duterte ‘not an enemy of women’.....»»

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Duterte, Bong Go’s ‘surprise appearance’ at Toycon

Leaders Rodrigo Duterte, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as well as Duterte's trusty aide, Bong Go, make an appearance at Toy Conference......»»

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Total revamp needed at OGCC, OSG

The decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to fire Rudolf Philip Jurado as chief of the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) did not come as a surprise to many. It appears that Jurado was fired for allegedly issuing a legal opinion allowing a 75-year lease agreement to a casino operator within the Aurora Pacific […].....»»

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ICC to inquire on raps vs Rody

ROQUE: MERE PROCESS TO DETERMINE BASIS President Duterte intends to defend himself, “if need be,” on the crimes against humanity charges that his opponents filed against him before The Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC), presidential spokesman Harry Roque said yesterday. Roque, an international law expert, explained that the ICC’s recognition was simply a proceeding to determine if the case has basis to proceed or not.Roque said Malacañang has received ICC’s notice for a “preliminary examination” on the complaints filed by the lawyer of self-confessed Davao Death Squad (DDS) assassin Edgar Matobato, who is under the care of Duterte’s chief critic Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.Roque said the 72-year-old Chief Executive is ready to submit himself before the proceedings once he is summoned to The Hague.“The President and I met about this extensively for two hours last night. The President welcomes the preliminary examination because he is sick and tired of being accused,” Roque told reporters. “Obviously, this is intended to embarrass the president. They will fail. The President said that if need be, he will argue his case before the ICC,” he added.Matobato’s counsel Jude Sabio, in April last year, submitted to the ICC a petition against Mr. Duterte on the basis of his apparent admission of “killing” suspected drug traffickers and criminals in Davao City when he was still its Mayor.By June, Trillanes and Magdalo Partylist Rep. Gary Alejano filed a supplemental complaint against the Chief Executive also at the ICC. The complaint is based on the series of extrajudicial killings attributed to the Duterte administration’s narcotics crackdown.Sabio, in a text message, claimed that the given development is already a victory on their end.“I feel so elated and vindicated. Finally, Mr. Duterte and his cohorts will face criminal investigation by the ICC prosecutor as a prelude to formal criminal investigation,” Sabio said. “It is a huge triumph toward justice. Duterte’s system of death squad killings that he continued in his war on drugs will be investigated and hopefully an arrest warrant will be issued against him and justice will be done,” he added.“I am confident that, based on my communication, as well as that of Sen. Trillanes’ and (Magdalo) Rep. (Gary) Alejano’s, we will hurdle this first big step, and hopefully a warrant of arrest will be issued soon by the ICC against Duterte and his cohorts,” he added. Critics overjoyedTrillanes, for his part, claimed that the ICC’s recognition of their complaint should remind Mr. Duterte that he is not above the law.“This development should jolt Duterte into realizing that he is not above the law. More importantly, this is the first step for the victims’ families’ quest for justice,” the senator said.But Roque said Trillanes and his group should not celebrate yet.“No one should claim victory… If they think the President has been indicted, they are so wrong,” he said.“There will be no formal investigation to be conducted in the country because at the level of the preliminary examination, where the Court does not include the budget for the prosecutor to come to the Philippines because it is not yet a preliminary investigation,” he said.“Now the objective is to determine if there is reasonable basis to proceed with the formal investigation,” he added.In Sabio’s complaint addressed to ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, he said that the international criminal court’s action “would... be the beginning of the end of this dark, obscene, murderous and evil era in the Philippines.”“Crimes against humanity are crimes of universal jurisdiction, but where a State like the Philippines fails to assume such universal jurisdiction for crimes against humanity continuously being committed in its very own territory, then the International Criminal Court will have to intervene into a situation that is grave by any human standard,” Sabio said.“The grim statistics of more than 7,000 drug-related killings cannot be anything but grave, especially if viewed in the context of just seven months since Rodrigo Duterte became the President, compared to only about 3,000 committed during the 20-year Marcos regime. These more than 7,000 drug-related killings translate to roughly 1,000 killings per month,” he added.Two other opposition senators urged Malacañang, instead of criticizing this development, to deal with the issues being hurled at the President.“That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the magnitude of deaths reaching thousands upon thousands in less than two years,” Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.“This is the chance for the government to answer the accusations raised against them. There is no reason to be afraid if the administration is not hiding anything,” Sen. Bam Aquino said.Aquino said this should be a welcome opportunity for the administration to make their case to an unbiased and globally respected tribunal. Villarin wants Roque charged, tooAkbayan Rep Tom Villarin said the entry of the ICC into the issues raised against Duterte gives hope to the thousands killed under the latter’s war on drugs. “It is a welcome development and gives hope to thousands of EJK (extra judicial killings) victims that finally justice will be served,” Villarin said.“This will also hold President Duterte and other top officials involved in the bloody war against drugs accountable as well as it gives us an opportunity to implead other enablers of EJKs, including possibly Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque,” Villarin added.While the Akbayan lawmaker said that the investigation may not lead to Duterte’s puster, he said that it will be damning and damaging to his administration in the eyes of our people and the international community.“I am hopeful that people will now realize the truth and demand accountability from him with all constitutional options available,” Villarin said.Alejano said that the preliminary examination will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation. “I hope that the preliminary examination will be allowed to carry on – unhindered and with full cooperation from concerned authorities, organizations, and personalities,” Alejano, one of those who brought the EJK issue before the ICC, said.“I am confident on the communication we sent to the ICC and strongly believe that President Duterte and those who perpetuate and defend this policy of killing should be held accountable before the law,” Alejano said. Angie M. Rosales, Gerry Baldo.....»»

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Facebook suspends account of Pinoy Ako Blog s Jover Laurio

MANILA, Philippines – Jover Laurio's latest pledge: #IWillNotBeSilent. The blogger behind the popular Pinoy Ako Blog turned to Twitter after her personal Facebook account was suspended on Thursday, May 24. She believes trolls triggered the suspension by creating a fake account under her name, then mass reporting her real account as ........»»

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Duterte admin opts to ‘set aside’ critical issues on maritime row, avoid upsetting China

Malacaang has maintained its position not to antagonize China, as it chose to set aside contentious issues over Manila's maritime dispute with Beijing in the South China Sea.   "We will move on issues we can agree upon and set aside contentious issues for now," Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a Palace briefing.   Roque's statement came as China lands bomber planes in the South China Sea and deployed missiles in Philippine-claimed reefs in the West Philippines Sea.   Roque said recent developments in the South China Sea should not come as a surprise.   "Ang perspektibo ng Malacaang ay wala pong bago dito, lahat po 'yan nangyari na,...Keep on reading: Duterte admin opts to ‘set aside’ critical issues on maritime row, avoid upsetting China.....»»

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Duterte doubles prize for top teams in Philippine National Games 2018

CEBU CITY, Philippines – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte compensated for his much delayed arrival with a welcome surprise at the opening ceremonies of the Philippine National Games (PNG) held at the Cebu City Sports Center on Saturday, May 19. Duterte doubled the cash prize of the top performing teams, ........»»

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Duterte says Mahathir winning Malaysian polls is no surprise

Mahathir Mohamad. AP file photo DAVAO CITY - President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said the victory of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in the recently concluded elections in Malaysia was not surprising at all......»»

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Duterte to DOT chief: Don’t be corrupt

After accepting her surprise appointment as tourism secretary on Tuesday, Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said her first instruction from President Duterte was: “Just don’t be corrupt.”.....»»

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Duterte says ‘I am not rich’ but has fine taste in watches and bags

President Rodrigo Duterte proudly proclaimed that he is not rich and prefers the simple life but he does have an expensive taste in watches and bags. On May 5, people expressed their surprise on social media when a video surfaced online of him inside the Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre’s boutique in Greenbelt 5. Just saw […].....»»

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Arci Muñoz willing to propose to bf

Arci Muoz jested that, with her current boyfriend, businessman Anthony Ng, she finally "feels like a girl." "I'm very happy, because in my past relationships, I was usually doing the pampering. Now I feel like I'm taken care of," she told reporters at a recent press conference. Anthony is also supportive of her career. "He doesn't meddle with my work ... He even organizes surprise block screenings when I have a movie," she said. The actress seems so smitten with her boyfriend that it will probably be her who will end up proposing to him. "I'm very open about this [proposing] to him. I have a dream proposal---I want it to happen ... [in a] Disneyland park!" jested Arci, who h...Keep on reading: Arci Muñoz willing to propose to bf.....»»

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Erwin Tulfo pulls a surprise; Sara Duterte, Dela Rosa join Magic 12 in survey

MANILA, Philippines – They're not even in the administration's initial list of possible candidates , but 3 allies of President Rodrigo Duterte appear to have a winning shot at next year's senatorial race. Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, media personality Erwin Tulfo, and newly retired police chief Ronald dela Rosa made it to the "Magic ........»»

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Mocha, Freddie Aguilar and Bong Go: Here are PDP-Laban s possible Senate bets in 2019

The administration PDP-Laban party is considering folk singer Freddie Aguilar, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, as a senatorial candidate in the 2019 elections......»»

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Healing the wounds, finally

A few days after a public spontaneous declaration of his “love” for President Xi Jinping of China, President Rodrigo Duterte did another surprise act......»»

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Cancel Brillante Mendoza s Amo ? Netflix says viewers choose what to watch

MANILA, Philippines – Amid calls for the cancellation of the first Philippine series to stream on Netflix, the entertainment giant said it is ultimately up to viewers to "decide on what, where and when they want to watch." Amo is directed by acclaimed Filipino director Brillante Mendoza, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. ........»»

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Surprise! Kate Hudson and boyfriend expecting a girl for Baby No. 3

Surprise! Kate Hudson and boyfriend expecting a girl for Baby No. 3.....»»

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Mendoza: Netflix series shows President’s drug war is necessary

  The deadly drug war waged by President Duterte is to be dramatized in the first Netflix series by award-winning director Brillante Mendoza, who says the internationally condemned crackdown is "necessary."   "Amo," which premieres on April 9, is about a high school student who starts selling "shabu" (crystal meth) and ends up tangled in a nightmarish world populated by violent kingpins and corrupt officials.   It is the latest up-close examination of the dark side of Philippine life from Cannes-honored Mendoza, a Duterte supporter who has filmed two government advertisements promoting the President's deadly campaign against illegal drugs.   "...Keep on reading: Mendoza: Netflix series shows President’s drug war is necessary.....»»

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