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Behold, the most expensive cushion foundation yet

  What does a P14,000 compact cushion foundation have that makes it a cut above the rest? Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie has unveiled its new Skin Caviar Essence-In-Foundation compact cushion, and it's infused with the brand's proprietary Caviar Water. It's the same ingredient that goes into its best-selling Skin Caviar line, which is claimed to aid cell renewal. While cushion foundations are a Korean invention, every beauty brand of note has come up with their own version. La Prairie is the latest among them---and, like its other products, possibly the one with the heftiest price tag. (Average price is about P3,000 from top-tier European brands.)   ...Keep on reading: Behold, the most expensive cushion foundation yet.....»»

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Kiehl’s reintroduces serum line for targeted skin concerns

Kiehl’s, the premium skincare brand known for its no-frills packaging and natural ingredients, is reintroducing its power serums line for people who may have just started creating their own, personalized skin care routines. “In the Philippines, we built the brand around serums. Everyone knows Kiehl’s for either Midnight Recovery Concentrate or the Clearly Corrective Dark […] The post Kiehl’s reintroduces serum line for targeted skin concerns appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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'ChalkLovesKiana: Kiana Valenciano Shares Her Morena Skincare Secrets

From her sun-kissed skin tips to her favorite destinations, Kiana talks all things summer!.....»»

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Céleteque relaunches its anti-aging skincare line

IN TAKING control of yourself, you begin to control the world, so perhaps, in controlling the appearance of your skin, you can begin to control the ravages of time. Céleteque relaunched it’s anti-aging skincare line during a party in Pasig last month, during which guests were invited to get to know their skin a little […] The post Céleteque relaunches its anti-aging skincare line appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Céleteque relaunches anti-aging line

CÉLETEQUE relaunched it’s anti-aging skincare line during a party in Pasig City last week, where guests were invited to get to know their skin a little bit more. The line consists of five products, lead by the Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel (P779, 50ml) which contains hydrolyzed collagen that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, […] The post Céleteque relaunches anti-aging line appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Beauty Inspo: Sofia Andres Freshest Selfie Moments Are All The Skincare Inspo You Need

If her flawlessly fresh face does not encourage you to take care of your skin, we don't know what will!.....»»

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Happy Skin enters the skincare arena

By Zsarlene B. Chua Reporter HAPPY SKIN, the Filipino brand known for its color cosmetics, has finally branched out into skin care — a plan that has been in the works for a couple of years, said Jacque Yuengtian-Guttierez, one of its founders during its launch, as one of the brand’s ideals is to promote […] The post Happy Skin enters the skincare arena appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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In Focus: This Is The Best Kept Secret For Healthy, Glowing Skin!

We call this the holy grail for skincare solutions......»»

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John Mayer’s Skincare Routine May Have a Hint of Heartbreak to It

John Mayer’s Skincare Routine May Have a Hint of Heartbreak to It.....»»

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Preen Picks: The Hair Products We Use For Cleaning and Styling

Just like skin types, there are also different hair types. Some of us have frizzy locks while others get oily throughout the day. Depending on what our hair is like will dictate the kinds of products we use to combat our hair concerns. At the Preen HQ, we have wavy, frizzy, and dyed hair. To give you a peek into our haircare routine, we listed our must-have products for cleaning and styling. Check out the list below and you might find something you can use too. Jacque De Borja - Managing Editor I cannot live without dry shampoo, not because i sport a second day blowout, but because my hair tends to go flat and oily by the end of the day. So dry shampoo helps bring back volu...Keep on reading: Preen Picks: The Hair Products We Use For Cleaning and Styling.....»»

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Dermatologist Debunks Top 5 Skincare Misconceptions

(BPT) – Figuring out what’s best for your skin can feel like solving a difficult mystery — everyone’s condition is unique, there are countless treatment options and people will do almost anything for a clear complexion. “When it comes to your skin, there are many elements to consider,” says Dr. David Lortscher, board-certified dermatologist, CEO […].....»»

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Colgate moves into skincare with new brand acquisition

Colgate-Palmolive is making a foray into the beauty industry with the acquisition of two skincare brands. The group, whose personal hygiene brands include Colgate, Palmolive Naturals, Sanex and Softsoap, has announced plans to purchase PCA Skin and EltaMD. PCA Skin specializes in medical-grade in-office and take-home skin care products, while EltaMD offers sun care products for broad-spectrum, everyday use, dispensed by physicians. Both brands are primarily sold through professional skin care channels and online in the US and China, as well as in additional international markets. "PCA Skin and EltaMD form an exciting combination for Colgate's entry into the professional skin ca...Keep on reading: Colgate moves into skincare with new brand acquisition.....»»

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The audacity of beauty: La Prairie’s Skin Caviar line turns 30

  In the fast-moving and competitive skincare industry, it's not unusual for beauty brands to completely overhaul or pull out certain products entirely to be replaced with whatever is hot at the moment. What's rarer is to see concoctions that stand the test of time, trends and market demands. La Prairie's Skin Caviar Collection belongs to the latter. This year, the Swiss luxury skincare company's flagship product line marks its 30th anniversary---a rare feat in the beauty industry. It's even more remarkable, since a 50-ml jar of its face moisturizer (Luxe Cream) alone costs about P25,000. The luxury Skin Caviar line was an anti-aging pioneer when it was created in 1987....Keep on reading: The audacity of beauty: La Prairie’s Skin Caviar line turns 30.....»»

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Cheat Sheet: Skincare Tips From Your Favorite Young Stars

Find out how Julia Barretto, Sofia Andres, Jane Oineza, Kristel Fulgar, and Kiray Celis take care of their skin!.....»»

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Alyssa Valdez invites future champions to join Milo sports camps this summer

    Alyssa Valdez's volleyball journey all started with a risk, a leap of faith. As a scrawny kid from San Juan, Batangas, Valdez was initially prohibited by her father to try out sports, as an act of protecting his only daughter. But her mother, a teacher by profession, knew the kind of life lessons Alyssa can learn through sports.  It took some convincing, but Alyssa was eventually given the green light to pursue what she loved.  Now, she's one of the most iconic and beloved volleyball players in the country as a star from Ateneo de Manila and the Creamline Cool Smashers. With the help of her relentless drive, Alyssa Valdez became a testament to sports' power to transform lives. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS When she was younger, Alyssa says she was already active in different kinds of sports. But the young Phenom was held back by her shy nature.  "Isa sa mga nadevelop ko talaga, through playing volleyball is self-confidence," she bared. "I can imagine myself when I was a kid na, wala hindi talaga ako makakausap ng tao. I'm too shy to always interact with other people. So the challenge of pursuing her love for sports awakened something in Alyssa. "There was this turning point na, wala eh, it challenges me. If I don't push myself, paano pa 'yung ibang challenges?" Valdez reflected. Taking up volleyball gave her a sense of self-confidence and self-fulfillment that stemmed from the series of small victories she had garnered throughout her early playing days. By small victories, she meant gradually getting better, and slowly learning the value of hard work. But Alyssa wasn't always the superstar she is today. In her younger years, she says wasn't even part of her team's starting six.  "Noong bata ako, hindi ko talaga natutunan lahat in just a snap. You have to work hard, you have to sacrifice a lot of things," she said. "Per sa lahat ng sinasakripisyo natin, may babalik at babalik din diyan." True enough, with her dedication to help her team, and to continuously improve her play, she eventually got her break. ROUGH START It's hard to imagine Alyssa Valdez as anything short of a phenomenal volleyball player. But like anything great, it took some time for Alyssa to become an athlete of her stature.  As a bench player, she adapted a team-first identity, accepting a role that may not always call for her presence on the court, but was still important to the team's success. Alyssa had to learn to accept the small responsibilities she was entrusted with, like setting up the nets for practice, handing out water bottles for her teammates, as well as cheering from the bench to hype up her squad. Slowly, though, Alyssa was rewarded, not just with wins, but with different life lessons as well.   A LIFETIME'S WORTH OF LESSONS  Looking back now, Alyssa fondly remembers those memories as instrumental in helping her adjust to any situation, on and off the court. She gained confidence from accomplishing all those small tasks, and began trusting herself more.  Beyond accolades and fame, what keeps Alyssa's hunger in sports is its ability to teach lifelong wisdom. As she shares, "It's not about how you perform and be at your best, but, yung after na lessons na nabibigay sakin ng sport. The little things really matter." Alyssa has been carrying all those lessons, even after her success, like the friendships she has garnered through out her career. "In my experience, dahil sa sports, nakilala ko yung mga taong mag-s-stay kahit anong mangyari," Valdez shared. "Alam mo 'yung mga moments na patalo na kayo, 'yung mga moments na hindi mo na alam 'yung gagawin mo... Pero at the end of the day, iiyak at iiyak sila, tatawa at tatawa sila kasama mo."   INSPIRING THE CHAMPIONS OF TOMORROW Now a successful athlete, Alyssa hopes to inspire a new generation of youth to take up sports. Like the kid from San Juan, Batangas, Alyssa believes every child needs to take that risk, that leap of faith, for an opportunity to realize their potential to be someone great, as part of a nation of champions. That's why the Phenom has teamed up with Milo to invite kids of all ages to try any of the 18 different sports clinics the energy drink brand will offer summer, from April 2 to June 3, to get set for a lifetime's worth of lessons and values, on and off the court. "Parehas kami na really wanna pay it forward. Through camps, a lot of camps all over the Philippines," she said. "Ako, yun lang din yung gusto ko as an athlete, gusto ko ma-share 'yung knowledge ko." With Alyssa and her wealth of experience on board, indeed, this summer sounds like the perfect time for children to pursue sports......»»

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Humans fight back against robots mining personal finance data

REGULATORS are beginning to teach robots who’s the boss. After spending billions of dollars on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, Europe’s banks and insurers face tougher scrutiny of the tools they use to help root out fraud, check borrowers’ creditworthiness and automate claims decisions. European Union rules starting this week will stress human oversight and consumer […] The post Humans fight back against robots mining personal finance data appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Debunking common myths about gum care and overall dental hygiene

MANILA, Philippines — What's your oral hygiene routine like? In partnership with LISTERINE®, Rappler launched a survey which aimed to gather insights about the oral hygiene habits of young Filipino professionals. It was found that they feel most confident with good oral hygiene. However, a lot of them tend ........»»

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Semirara denies collapse of mining pit wall caused death of worker

ILOILO CITY -- The Semirara Mining Power Corp. (SMPC) refuted reports that a slippage or collapse in the walls of its its mining pit caused the death of a worker Sunday evening on Semirara Island in Antique. READ:Landslide claims life of Semirara worker in Antique In a company statement released by Angeline Gardon, SMPC administrative officer, the company said safety aide Lpath Felipe died after he "accidentally slipped and fell onto one of the benches of Molave pit while conducting a routine walk-around inspection in the area." A bench is a narrow strip of land created along the walls of an open-pit mine to help support the walls and for easier access. It said there was no "bar ...Keep on reading: Semirara denies collapse of mining pit wall caused death of worker.....»»

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Houston teams; athletes offer support after school shooting

By Kristie Rieken, Associated Press HOUSTON (AP) — Rockets star Chris Paul is among many in the Houston sports world offering condolences to the families affected by an area school shooting that left 10 people dead. Paul says: "It's tough, man. It's scary that that's become the norm here. We've got to do something about it." The shooting in Santa Fe, which is about 30 miles from downtown Houston, comes after 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in February. Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch, who has two school-aged daughters and was with the Astros at training camp in Florida at the time of the Marjory Stoneman shooting, expressed anger that these shootings continue to occur. He says: "It's heartbreaking, another senseless act of violence in our schools. We'll copy/paste this answer for the next time something happens because we feel like there's something happening on a routine basis that's idiotic and terrible and miserable. I hope we can somehow find a way to get past it for one, offer our condolences to the people affected and more importantly figure out a way to stop this madness." The Astros issued a statement Friday offering prayers to those affected by the shooting. They added that they'd hold a moment of silence in their honor before Friday night's game against Cleveland and that the Texas flags at Minute Maid Park would be flown at half-staff. Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, who said he is working on a plan to help a student who was among the 10 people wounded in the attack, says something has to change to stop this from happening again. He says: "I just feel like there's got to be some sort of solution. My heart goes out to the families and the kids who shouldn't even have to worry about something like that." The Houston Texans also issued a statement sending condolences to the victims and thanking first responders and law enforcement who helped in the wake of the attack......»»

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