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Cheat Sheet: Skincare Tips From Your Favorite Young Stars

Find out how Julia Barretto, Sofia Andres, Jane Oineza, Kristel Fulgar, and Kiray Celis take care of their skin!.....»»

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How to make that Thanksgiving turkey

  During the holiday season, the turkey from Nic's restaurant and gourmet dessert place is in demand. It strikes the balance between perfectly done white and red meat. Glazed with lots of olive oil, the fowl is set on a hot and dry oven for crusty skin, resulting in a taste that is juicy, fatty, savory yet sweet. It comes with the traditional accoutrements of cranberry jelly, buttered corn and gravy. "Preparing for a Thanksgiving gathering is always exciting," says fashion designer-turned-restaurateur Rina Go. "Everyone looks forward to it, even the leftovers. Turkey is a treat compared to the usual roasts or carvings in a buffet table. Not everyone can make a perfect turk...Keep on reading: How to make that Thanksgiving turkey.....»»

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‘Faithful’ Detroit priest beatified by Catholic church

DETROIT (AP) --- A priest who wasn't allowed to preach instead turned his ears and heart to the needy. Now, decades after his death, Solanus Casey is on a path to sainthood, celebrated as an incredibly humble man who brought people to God. Father Solanus, as he was known, was beatified Saturday at a Mass attended by more than 60,000 people at a stadium in Detroit where he spent much of his ministry. Pope Francis said he met the requirements to earn the title of "blessed," especially after a woman from Panama was instantly cured of a chronic skin disease while she prayed at his tomb in 2012. The woman, Paula Medina Zarate, had a formal role at the Mass, placing a cross in front ...Keep on reading: ‘Faithful’ Detroit priest beatified by Catholic church.....»»

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Get under the skin of Ferrari at the London Design Museum

A painstakingly curated exhibition featuring one of the biggest collection of Ferraris and Ferrari memorabilia ever bought together under one roof outside of Maranello, Italy, opened its doors this week. To mark the marque's 70th anniversary, "Ferrari: Under the Skin," which opens to the public this weekend, will feature a collection of 70 classic and contemporary Ferraris with a combined value of 140 million including an exact replica of the very first Ferrari ever made, the 1947 125 S, alongside original sketches and correspondence. There are collections of handwritten letters from Enzo Ferrari himself, plus his driving licence, as well as a collection of trophies w...Keep on reading: Get under the skin of Ferrari at the London Design Museum.....»»

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Nissan execs taking pay cuts over bogus vehicle inspections

        TOKYO --- Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa and other executives of the Japanese automaker are returning a part of their salaries to show remorse over illegal vehicle inspections at the automaker's plants in Japan. Saikawa did not say how big the pay cuts would be or who else would take them. He said "voluntary return of a part of his pay" started last month and will continue through March 2018, the end of the fiscal year. Earlier Friday, Nissan submitted to the government a report on its investigation into the scandal. It said the investigation found workers in training, not authorized to carry out inspections, were routine...Keep on reading: Nissan execs taking pay cuts over bogus vehicle inspections.....»»

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Spain’s best ham—available all day at Chef Jessie this November

  There are hams and there are hams, but the one that you should never pass up is the jamon Iberico---the jewel in Spain's culinary crown. This exquisite ham starts its life as black-footed pigs roaming around in merry abandon while grazing on acorns that fall from the cork and oak trees, somewhere in Spain's ecologically balanced Dehesa region. While there are different grades of Iberico ham, the best is said to be Cinco Jotas, or 5J. Its ham comes only from 100-percent purebred Iberico pigs, says maestro cortador Michael Lopez Teves, the first Filipino master carver of jamon Iberico. Characterized by their dark skin, sharp snout, floppy ears and long, lean muscular...Keep on reading: Spain’s best ham—available all day at Chef Jessie this November.....»»

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‘HELLHOLE’ | ASEAN Music Festival canceled after concertgoers faint, others throw chairs

The festival's performers included Parokya ni Edgar, Franco, Silent Sanctuary, Sandwich, and Ben&Ben......»»

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Boy with rare disease gets brand new skin with gene therapy

LONDON --- Doctors treating a critically ill boy with a devastating skin disease used experimental gene therapy to create an entirely new skin for most of his body in a desperate attempt to save his life. Two years later, the doctors report the boy is doing so well that he doesn't need any medication, is back in school and even playing soccer. "We were forced to do something dramatic because this kid was dying," said Dr. Michele De Luca of the University of Modena in Italy, who got a call for help from the German doctors treating the boy. The boy, then 7, was hospitalized in June 2015 with blisters on his limbs, back and elsewhere. He quickly lost about 60 percent of the outer layer...Keep on reading: Boy with rare disease gets brand new skin with gene therapy.....»»

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Ikeda clinches LPGT playoff win over Thai

ANTIPOLO, Philippines — Chihiro Ikeda survived a bogey duel with Wannasiri Sirisampant at the end of regulation then nipped the Thai with a routine par in su.....»»

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Spike and Serve camp in Iloilo City

A UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Lady Maroon and Perlas-BanKo Lady Spiker will hold the Spike and Serve volleyball camp on Dec 16, 2017 in Iloilo City. Nicole Tiamzon will lead the one-day camp which will teach the basics of volleyball to less-fortunate Ilonggo kids. Ilonggo sportsman Ruding Villaruz said the activity will serve as a […] The post Spike and Serve camp in Iloilo City appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Nighttime injuries heal more slowly — study

MIAMI, United States --- People who are injured at night heal far more slowly because the body's internal clock regulates the pace of healing and performs better during the day, researchers said Wednesday. The report in the journal Science Translational Medicine found that cuts and burns healed about 60 percent faster if the injury happened during the day compared to at night. Researchers say the body's clock, or circadian rhythm, is the reason for the difference, because it regulates crucial body processes including sleeping, metabolism and hormone secretion. "This is the first time that the circadian clock within individual skin cells has been shown to determine how effect...Keep on reading: Nighttime injuries heal more slowly — study.....»»

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Roque wants Mocha under his tutelage

When Harry meets Mocha, can the blogger, who has been criticized for spreading fake news, learn from the law professor about the role of mainstream media? Hopefully, she does. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque on Monday said that he wanted to put Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) under his "tutelage" and teach her one subject --- the importance of mainstream media. Vital role Roque said he wanted to convince Uson and other supporters of President Duterte about the mainstream media's vital role in exposing the failures of the previous Aquino administration. "You know, I like her; she likes me. I will forever be a ...Keep on reading: Roque wants Mocha under his tutelage.....»»

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Turkey leads cultural diplomacy movement

Culture put in the service of diplomacy so as to ease conflicts that arise out of ethnic, religious and geopolitical rifts and rows is the focus of the Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDNet), a 10-member international group of semigovernment cultural centers and nonprofit institutes led by Turkey's Yunus Emre Enstits (YEE). The network held its third general assembly in Istanbul on Oct. 19-22. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), which has established Sentro Rizal in different Philippine diplomatic missions abroad mainly to teach children of migrant Filipino workers Philippine language and culture, is a founding member of GPDNet. During the Istanbul meeti...Keep on reading: Turkey leads cultural diplomacy movement.....»»

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No disrespect meant by late dunk from Blue Eagles rookie Mallilin

MANILA, Philippines – In what was otherwise a routine 102-83 win for the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Blue Eagles against University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers, Thirdy Ravena sent shockwaves throughout the Araneta Coliseum with a soul-crushing cock-back slam over Oliver Escalambre. This late into the season, ........»»

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Have you shed enough pounds for the coming season?

  In four weeks, it's going to be a month of merrymaking again. You know what that means: Lechon, cakes, drinks---everything that will help increase the wealth of cardiologists around the country. I have no idea how I will lose weight in time for my sister's wedding in a couple of months. In desperation, I have started lobbying for a "fat wedding," i.e., no one under 150 pounds will be invited. No one seems to be taking this idea seriously. My designer, the charming and chic Carla Guiao-Yuson, wants me to look less frumpy and bare more skin, that I have started to panic. Dreading to hear my Tito Jessie's comments of "Wow, legs!" when he sees my bare arms, I've hired ...Keep on reading: Have you shed enough pounds for the coming season?.....»»

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Starbucks jumpstarts the Christmas season

  It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas.   Starbucks is serving the Christmas Tree, a peppermint dark mocha drink with green-tea whipped cream topped with red and green sprinkles. It is a rich a drink that ushers the holiday mood, along with the French Vanilla Nougat and the classic Toffee Nut Crunch lattes.   Pair these drinks with the Christmas ham croissant with egg white and Edam cheese, or the roasted rosemary turkey and chicken cranberry sandwich with bacon.   For something warm and festive, have some ham and egg on a brioche bun, or a spicy chicken fajita roll.   "Christmas is a special season for Starbucks," marketing...Keep on reading: Starbucks jumpstarts the Christmas season.....»»

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Listening to the bamboo whispers

MANILA, Philippines — The Hanunuo Mangyans of Mindoro teach their children how to engage with people in the community and handle life’s troubles indirectly,.....»»

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Country’s largest teaching institution joins the Globe PRISM program

Globe Telecom, in partnership with the Philippine Normal University, the largest training institution for teachers in the country, recently held the culminating activity for PRISM, a digital literacy training program designed to equip school teachers with technological expertise for effective classroom learning experience. As a strong advocate of education and digital learning, Globe designed PRISM, a professional development program to help Filipino educators teach for 21st century learning. This is in line with Globe Telecom's sustainability commitment to empower every Filipino with world-class learning through technology in response to United Nations Sustainable Development...Keep on reading: Country’s largest teaching institution joins the Globe PRISM program.....»»

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'Yourmove with Swatch Skin: Connecting with confidence, living by one’s own rules

Following the successful launch of its Skin collection earlier this year, Swatch introduces new models in two case sizes for men and women. These subtle additions achieve simple, easy-to-wear elegance, featuring Skin's innovative double injection case with a special two-tone wave shape. Known for its distinctive style, Skin brings three elements---lightness, freedom and self-expression---to the forefront of fashion. In this new collection, two of the line's most popular models now boast sassy counterparts. The eye-catching Skinnoir has given rise to Skinsuit, whose black model complements the original "big" model's black-and-white color scheme. Skinsnow, with its simp...Keep on reading: #Yourmove with Swatch Skin: Connecting with confidence, living by one’s own rules.....»»

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