The overvalued dollar

The overvalued dollar.....»»

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December 2018 surplus trims Philippines’ full-year net dollar outflows

More dollars flowed into the domestic economy last December, helping pare the country’s balance of payments deficit for the whole 2018, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reported Friday......»»

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Expat Filipinos dollar remittances continued tepid growth in Nov 2018 |

Expat Filipinos dollar remittances continued tepid growth in Nov 2018 MANILA, Philippines - Dollars sent home by expatriate Filipinos increased only slightly in November of last year, th.....»»

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NAIA janitor returns envelope containing US dollar bills

Another honest janitor at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport returned yesterday an envelope containing US dollar bills......»»

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Hanjin default to ‘hurt’ but won’t hamper banks

Local banks with loan exposures to a bankrupt Korean-owned shipbuilder will be working together to address the potential impact of a looming multimillion-dollar default, a Cabinet official said. “It’s going…READ The post Hanjin default to ‘hurt’ but won’t hamper banks appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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One Championship looks to make MMA splash in States

By Dan Gelston, Associated Press How many casual American sports fans about a year ago had heard of One? Try none. OK, maybe that's a bit of a reach. But the Singapore-based mixed martial arts organization was an afterthought at best in the United States among the hodgepodge of companies trying to put a dent in UFC's heavyweight share of the combat sports marketplace. Try ignoring One Championship now. After staging shows for seven years across Asia from Myanmar to China, One has come out swinging in the U.S. — throwing millions at big-name free agents, signing a major cable TV deal and raising capital needed to not only keep its grip as the dominant MMA promotion of the East, but perhaps use global expansion to eventually rival UFC as the champ of the West. "They're making a serious push," One fighter Eddie Alvarez said. "I don't think it's going to be long before you can crown them one of the top promotions in the world. They've done everything possible in their favor to become that." Alvarez, a Philadelphia native, should know as well as any fighter about One's commitment to becoming a major player in the U.S. fight game. "The Underground King" has fought for several MMA promotions and made his name in Bellator as a two-time lightweight champion and in UFC where he won the same title in 2016 and headlined the promotion's first card in Madison Square Garden against Conor McGregor. The 34-year-old Alvarez became a free agent after his last fight in July 2018 and decided to explore his options outside UFC. He traveled to Singapore and met One founder and CEO Chatri Sityodtong and learned U.S. expansion plans and acquiring other name fighters were on the horizon, as well as ongoing talks that would broadcast fights in America. Alvarez was impressed, not just by One's outline for the future, but in a multimillion dollar contract offer that he says makes him one of the highest-paid fighters in the sport. "Our deal is more in the lines of a real pro sport deal, like football or baseball," Alvarez said. "The package deal is an eight-figure deal. When we brought that to the UFC to match it, they declined matching it and I had to move forward. I'm happy I did because One Championship is the only major promotion that I have not won and conquered the world title in. It's history and legacy for me." Alvarez was part of a flurry of transactions that put MMA fans on notice that One was intent on becoming a singular sensation. One obtained Demetrious Johnson, the long-reigning UFC flyweight champion better known as "Mighty Mouse," in a trade with UFC — yes, a trade — for Ben Askren. Sage Northcutt, once hailed as a future UFC star, also signed with One. Meisha Tate, a former 135-pound champion in UFC and Strikeforce, has signed on as One's vice president and was set to move to Singapore. One strengthened its roster with notable U.S.-based talent ahead of a North American television deal with Turner Sports. The three-year deal will see One content broadcast on Turner's platforms including TNT, which is received by more than 90 million households in the United States, as well as streaming platform Bleacher Report Live and other Turner properties. Turner, which also broadcasts the NBA and the NCAA Tournament, is set to air 24 events in 2019 on its various outlets. B/R Live will stream One: Eternal Glory on Jan. 19 from Jakarta, Indonesia. That date is already familiar to MMA fans — UFC is running its debut show on ESPN-plus the same night (yet in different time zones). Johnson and Alvarez will make their One Championship debuts on March 31 in Japan in tournament competition. "I'm not the smallest guy in the organization anymore," the 5-foot-3 Johnson said. "In America, everybody always looked at me as a child. I won't have that issue when I'm in Asia competing." More elite fighters could be on their way to One. Alvarez, who said he left on good terms with UFC and President Dana White, has suddenly become quite popular among his MMA peers. "Every fighter in town is sliding into my DMs. What's going on? What are you being offered?" Alvarez said, laughing. Sityodtong, raised in Thailand and a graduate of Harvard Business School, is the self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur behind One. He's made a name as the most powerful MMA executive in Asia and has trained and coached in martial arts. Alvarez was wowed — and wooed — by Sityodtong's approach toward building One into an American MMA juggernaut. "In three years, our goal is 100 million live viewers per event, making us as big as Super Bowl Sunday," Sityodtong said at the press conference to introduce Alvarez. One has been aggressive in establish a U.S. foothold in large part because of an influx of cash from some of the top venture capital firms in the world. Sequoia Capital and Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek helped One secure an additional $166 million in funding in October. One said at the time of the announcement it had exceeded $250 million in total capital base. One also recently announced an exclusive partnership in Japan with TV Tokyo, one of the country's largest national television broadcasters. One could quickly crush Bellator as the No. 2 promotion in the United States with a national TV deal and become a viable option for free-agent fighters — even with no scheduled events in America. Plenty of other promotions are also trying to compete or at least carve out a viable slice of the MMA pie, including the Professional Fighters League, which boasts Kevin Hart and Mark Burnett as celebrity investors, as well as Cage Fury Fighting Championship and numerous promotions that air fights in various disciplines under UFC's Fight Pass online subscription service. Alvarez has a stout belief that the MMA promotion made in Asia can make it in America. "The fans there get it," Alvarez said, "and it won't be long until the American fans here get it, as well.".....»»

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Trump pushes wall plan

McAllen — President Donald Trump warned of murderers and gangsters spreading across the country during a visit to the US-Mexican border Thursday to push his demand for a multibillion-dollar wall. Opposition Democrats are refusing to approve $5.7 billion in wall funding Trump used the backdrop of the Rio Grande border river at McAllen, Texas, to […].....»»

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Trump pushes wall plan in US-Mexico border visit

MCALLEN: President Donald Trump warned of murderers and gangsters spreading across the country during a visit to the US-Mexican border Thursday to push his demand for a multi-billion dollar wall….READ The post Trump pushes wall plan in US-Mexico border visit appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Fitch unit still bearish on peso

The Philippine peso will continue to lose ground against the dollar in 2019, a Fitch Group unit said, with factors such as country’s trade and current account deficits and still…READ The post Fitch unit still bearish on peso appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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The Million Dollar Question: Should I Rent or Buy A House?

How to buy a house? A question that not many people probably know how to answer off the top of their head. And in fact, the thought of trying to figure it out could be really overwhelming. On top of figuring out the whole process, there is also the question of 'should I rent or buy a house?', and that's a question that could, in all reality, cost you thousands if not more to answer. And the most realistic answer? It 100% depends on your circumstances. There are a couple factors that can drive the decision to rent vs buy. And most of them are monetary. Renting is often seen as a more temporary or cheaper option with buying being a significantly larger commitment. Additionally, the rental ...Keep on reading: The Million Dollar Question: Should I Rent or Buy A House?.....»»

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Peso seen weakening to 54.13:$1 by end-2019

The Philippine peso may continue its weakening trend against the US dollar over the coming months to end 2019 above the P54-per-dollar level, a Fitch unit said Wednesday......»»

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Investors swamp Philippine’s $1.5-B global bond sale

The Philippines raised $1.5 billion in new money from the sale of 10-year dollar-denominated global bonds, marking the country’s successful return to the international debt market this year, the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) reported yesterday......»»

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Gov’t sells $1.5 billion in global bonds

THE PHILIPPINES sold $1.5 billion in 10-year offshore dollar bonds -- priced 110 basis points (bps) above benchmark US treasuries and tighter than an initial 130 bps guidance -- in an exercise which Finance officials said reflected investor confidence in the country......»»

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Strong demand for Philippine global bond issue signals confidence

The Philippine government became the first in Asia to tap the global debt market in the new year, raising $1.5 billion in 10-year U.S. dollar bonds to help fund its 2019 spending plan......»»

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Governement launches dollar bond issuance

The Bureau of the Treasury is starting the year with the launch of the Philippines’ long-term US dollar-denominated bonds issuance on Monday night......»»

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Peso strength helped arrest BSPs dollar reserve slide as 2018 ended |

Positive market sentiment toward the peso helped central bank rebuild its war chest of US dollars in 2018, latest data showed. The post Peso strength helped arrest BSPs dollar reserve slide as 2018 en.....»»

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Philippines launches 10-year US dollar bonds

THE PHILIPPINES launched a 10-year US dollar bond issue on Monday, making it the first country in Asia to tap the global debt market this year, according to capital markets publication Refinitiv IFR......»»

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Gov’t eyes global bond sale with longer tenors

THE GOVERNMENT is readying the offer of dollar-denominated offshore bonds, looking at longer tenors as US treasury yield spreads tighten in the face of uncertainty in the world’s biggest economy......»»

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Panama leads ranking of top places in the world to retire

Its proximity to the United States, the use of American currency, large English-speaking population and tropical climate make Panama the world's best place to retire. It's the 10th time the country in Central America has topped International Living's annual Global Retirement Index, which aims to help retirees settle down in destinations where their dollar stretches further and which offer the best quality of life. For the first time, Thailand also cracked the top 10 list while Sri Lanka made its first-ever debut. To compile the list of top retirement destinations, editors consider 13 criteria: buying and investing, renting, benefits and seniors discounts, visas and residence...Keep on reading: Panama leads ranking of top places in the world to retire.....»»

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Hot Take: It’s Time To Buy Emerging Market Stocks — And Our Top Considerations

Emerging market stocks has had new enemies following the decline in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, which fell 20%. However, it is very likely that this decline has neared its end.   If you're one of those people that have been putting off the idea of purchasing U.S. stocks, as a result of correction which has been projected to happen soon, then you should explore the opportunities in emerging markets (EM). They have already undergone their correction. Therefore, they are not so expensive at the moment. Also, a catalyst ahead, lies just around the corner, mainly in the form of a decline in fears about a trade war, which will weaken the dollar, and consequently make emerging...Keep on reading: Hot Take: It’s Time To Buy Emerging Market Stocks — And Our Top Considerations.....»»

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Peso may weaken further versus dollar this year as imports surge

THE PESO is seen to weaken further against the dollar this year as the surge of capital goods to support the infrastructure push of the government is expected to widen the trade deficit......»»

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