Term deposit rates up

MANILA, Philippines — Term deposit rates rose yesterday, bringing the seven-day term deposits to 3.3484 percent from last week’s 3.3334 percent with accepted.....»»

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Term deposit rates steady

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposit rates moved sideways yesterday as banks anticipate a higher demand for cash ahead of the long weekend as well as higher le.....»»

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Term deposit rates ease

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposit rates eased yesterday as excess funds of banks continue to flock back to the facilities of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.....»»

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Term deposit rates increase

MANILA, Philippines -  Investors snubbed both short and longer-dated term deposits, resulting in undersubscription of the term deposit facility (TDF) auction.....»»

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Finance: TDF rates end mixed as demand drops slightly

RATES for the central bank's term deposit auction posted mixed movements yesterday, with the week-long yield hitting a two-month high while the month-long tenor dropped anew amid ample money supply in the system......»»

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Term deposit rates mixed

MANILA, Philippines -  The yield of the seven-day term deposits fell below three percent while that of the 28-day term deposits inched up as yesterday’s auct.....»»

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Term deposits yield mixed

MANILA, Philippines -  Term deposit rates showed mixed results during yesterday’s auction as trust entities continued to wind up their holdings in the overni.....»»

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Term deposit rates ease further

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposit rates continued to decline as investors ignore the political risk brought about by the decision of President Duterte to de.....»»

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Term deposit rates inch up

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposits yesterday fetched slightly higher yields ahead of the meeting of the US Federal Reserve this week, the results of the auc.....»»

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Term deposit rates ease

MANILA, Philippines -  The yield on term deposits slipped yesterday amid the strong liquidity in the financial system, results of the auction at the Bangko S.....»»

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Finance: TDF rates rise as undersubscription continues

RATES fetched under the central bank's term deposit facility (TDF) trended higher yesterday, with yields for the month-long tenor peaking to nearly 3.5% while tenders remained below offer on the back of seasonal tightening in money supply......»»

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Term deposit rates rise on low demand

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposits fetched higher rates yesterday, with the auction still undersubscribed as funds shifted to retail treasury bonds (RTBs) b.....»»

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Term deposits fetch higher rates

MANILA, Philippines -  Term deposit continued to fetch higher yield as investors expect the US Federal Reserve to further raise interest rates this year......»»

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Term deposit auction shows mixed results

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposit rates were mixed in yesterday’s auction as the longer-dated debt instrument was undersubscribed ahead of the rate-setting.....»»

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Term deposit rates slip further

MANILA, Philippines -  Term deposit rates slipped further ahead in anticipation of another rate hike by the US Federal Reserve during the meeting of the Fede.....»»

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Term deposits fetch lower rates

MANILA, Philippines - The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) sees no need to recalibrate the term deposit facility (TDF) as term deposits continued to fetch l.....»»

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Term deposit rates ease further

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposits continued to fetch lower rates amid the uncertainties brought about by the impending interest rate increases in the US, t.....»»

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Term deposit rates ease further

MANILA, Philippines - Term deposit rates eased further as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) continued to maintain the volume of the term deposit facility.....»»

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Term deposit rates hold steady

MANILA, Philippines -  Term deposits fetched steady rates yesterday ahead of the first meeting of the US Federal Reserve this year......»»

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Finance: Term deposit offerings oversubscribed

THE CENTRAL BANK'S offer of term deposits again went oversubscribed yesterday as rates for the week-long tenor continued to drop, signalling preference for the shorter-termed deposits amid sustained market uncertainty......»»

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Term deposit auction yields mixed results

MANILA, Philippines - Seven-day term deposits fetched lower rates while the 28-day term deposit rates rose in the auction conducted by the Bangko Sentral ng.....»»

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