Sucking up soup with a straw

THREE WORDS come to mind when you’re eating xiao long bao, the Chinese steamed soup dumplings:.....»»

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5 nabbed for selling pawikan soup in Cebu City

5 nabbed for selling pawikan soup in Cebu City.....»»

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Taho ice cream, abalone soup in Xi Jinping s state dinner

MANILA, Philippines – The warm welcome of the first day of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the Philippines  ended with a trademark of Filipino hospitality – a sumptuous dinner. For the Chinese leader’s visit, a 4-course meal was prepared for the state banquet on Tuesday, November 20. President Rodrigo Duterte, Xi, ........»»

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‘Walking Dead’ loses viewers, stars—and has no endgame in sight

  Early last month, "The Walking Dead" returned for its ninth season---but not everyone cared. In the United States, it lost nearly half its viewers, down to 6.1 million, when it had a strong season debut last year---over 11 million viewers, according to Nielsen.   Some speculate that losing some of its stars has caused the significant decrease in viewership, the final straw in a season that was unevenly executed.   Chandler Riggs, the teen who played Carl, the ex-cop Rick Grimes' combat-ready son, was ejected from the show, his character killed off unexpectedly. He was supposed to figure heavily in more arcs, but as a major deviation from its source mat...Keep on reading: ‘Walking Dead’ loses viewers, stars—and has no endgame in sight.....»»

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The Last (Plastic) Straw

Plastics accumulating in our oceans is one of the greatest environmental challenges that the world faces today. Every year, millions of pounds of plastic waste flow into the oceans from the coastal region......»»

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Ilonggos support proposed Plastic Straw Ordinance

By: Adrian S. Camposagrado ESTABLISHMENT owners, student councils, and organizations agree to the proposed prohibition of plastic drinking straws. John Michael Suelo, Central Philippine University Republic president said, “This policy is important. As much as we want to eliminate, or somehow reduce our solid waste, banning plastic straws is one way to help save the environment.” […] The post Ilonggos support proposed Plastic Straw Ordinance appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Taking back carbon ‘imperative’ to stop planet overheating, backers say

LONDON — With climate-changing emissions still inching higher – and resulting threats from extreme weather surging – sucking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere must become an urgent priority, backers of “carbon removal” efforts say. “The math is quite simple,” Manish Bapna, executive vice president of the Washington-based World Resources Institute, told a panel discussion […].....»»

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Enjoy unlimited rice and soup at this barbecue place

Number 1 Barbecues, has opened its second branch and is celebrating with a free, unlimited rice, soup and one drink promo until 30 September. Only a year after the successful opening of their first branch in SM City East Ortigas, Number 1 Barbecues has become popular as “the barbecues specialist,” a favorite go-to place for […].....»»

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The country’s 1st truffle festival at Newport Mall

  It's a truffles feast for the senses at Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila (RWM) as it showcases heavenly truffle creations by talented chefs from select restaurants.   For the entire month, truffles are featured in all their magnificent aromatic and tasty forms---as soup, appetizer, salad and main course.   "It's the Philippines' first truffles festival and the first to be held at Newport Mall," said Joee Guilas, RWM corporate communications director.   RWM has been holding food festivals for four years now, highlighting familiar ingredients, such as chocolates in 2015, matcha in 2016 and coconuts in 2017.     "This...Keep on reading: The country’s 1st truffle festival at Newport Mall.....»»

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Chinese restaurant shut down after pregnant woman finds rat in hotpot soup stock photo Turns out a family got more than what they ordered when they recently found a dead rat in their hotpot soup. One man, surnamed Ma, said it was his pregnant wife who discove.....»»

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82-year-old Japanese on death row roams Tokyo freely while awaiting retrial

  Shuffling down the street sporting shorts, jacket and straw hat, 82-year-old Iwao Hakamada could be mistaken for any Japanese octogenarian going about his daily chores. But the former boxer has had anything but an ordinary life: he has been living under a death sentence for half a century, thought to be the longest-serving condemned man. The accused murderer finds himself in the extraordinary position of being sentenced to death but free awaiting a possible retrial. Supporters say nearly 50 years of detention, mostly in solitary confinement with the ever-present threat of execution looming over him, have taken a heavy toll on Hakamada's mental health. He now wal...Keep on reading: 82-year-old Japanese on death row roams Tokyo freely while awaiting retrial.....»»

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Seafood hot pot–what’s not to like?

I was ecstatic when a friend gifted me with a tabletop induction cooker. It came with a cooking pot of its own, curved upward at the edges to accommodate ladles and ladles of bubbling hot soup. What this meant was that I could now cook my own hot pot, at my own dinner table, in my own home. My family and I love hot pot cooking. What's not to like? With a flavorful broth, lots of vegetables and fresh seafood, it's the ideal meal---low fat, wholesome and delicious. When you order it in a restaurant, it doesn't take long to serve since it requires no cooking in the kitchen. You basically cook your own meal---in hot broth, with ingredients you yourself pick from the menu. The ing...Keep on reading: Seafood hot pot–what’s not to like?.....»»

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Bongbong says Pansol outing pushed him to ask Caguioa out of poll case

  Former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. said Friday he was initially against requesting Supreme Court (SC) Justice Alfredo Caguioa to inhibit from his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.   However, he also said, the outing of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) staff where one of Robredo's revisors joined was the last straw for him to move against Caguioa.   "It is something (motion for inhibition) that had been thought about for a very long time, but I was very hesitant and had always advised against it," Marcos said in a news forum.   "Kasi marami na talagang nangyari na nakikita namin na Justice Caguioa is ...Keep on reading: Bongbong says Pansol outing pushed him to ask Caguioa out of poll case.....»»

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Cauliflower fried rice–my daily diet

People open restaurants because the owners feel they can offer dishes that will draw diners in. A dish's popularity is credited mostly to its creator, but many times determined by diners. A native-fare restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, has long been known for kare-kare and crispy pata (still the best today). The menu of our restaurant in the '70s, Au Bon Vivant, was created by French chefs and my mom. The French onion soup, Poulet Grand-Mere, Chateaubriand Bearnaise, and almond mousse became bestsellers. When I was writing the menu of Wooden Spoon and, later, Casa Daza, I had no idea how diners would receive it. I just included what I love to eat. What became bestsellers were the cr...Keep on reading: Cauliflower fried rice–my daily diet.....»»

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House coup: ‘No-El’ proposal was the last straw, says Rep. Atienza

Davao del Norte 1st district Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez’ insistence to cancel the midterm elections next year was among the reasons for his ouster as House Speaker on Monday, shortly before President Rodrigo would deliver his third State of the Nation Address, Buhay Rep. Lito Atienza said. Majority of her colleagues voted former president and now […].....»»

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Be savvy with sushi

Eating a particular dish the proper way enhances the experience and shows appreciation to chefs who prepare them. One eats wings with their hands; slurping soup shows how much a diner enjoys the dish. In Japanese cuisine where sushi reigns supreme, there are dos and don’ts as to how to enjoy this delicacy the best […].....»»

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Makan a la Pinoy: Spicy Sujebi soup

Ti sujebi ket tradisional a sopas dagiti Koreano, hand-pulled dough soup wenno namasa nga arina ken naperpersay iti naingpis a malaokan iti nadumaduma a nateng. Kadawyan a maidasar iti matutudo ta nasamay a pampapudot iti bagi......»»

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Seattle bans plastic straws, utensils at restaurants, bars

  SEATTLE --- Looking for a plastic straw to sip your soda? It's no longer allowed in Seattle bars and restaurants.   Neither are plastic utensils in the latest push to reduce waste and prevent marine plastic pollution. Businesses that sell food or drinks won't be allowed to offer the plastic items under a rule that went into effect Sunday.   Seattle is believed to be the first major US city to ban single-use plastic straws and utensils in food service, according to Seattle Public Utilities. The eco-conscious city has been an environmental leader in the US, working to aggressively curb the amount of trash that goes into landfills by requiring more option...Keep on reading: Seattle bans plastic straws, utensils at restaurants, bars.....»»

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Last straw for McDonald s, Burger King as Mumbai bans single-use plastics

MUMBAI, India – Burger King, McDonald's and Starbucks are among dozens of companies fined for violating a new ban on single-use plastics in India's commercial capital Mumbai, an official said Tuesday, June 26. The rules, in force since Saturday, June 23, prohibit the use of disposable plastic items such as bags, ........»»

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Seychelles latest to look at banning plastic straws across their islands

Travelers bound for the Seychelles might have to edit their fantasy of sipping on an umbrella-embellished frozen cocktail while lounging on the beach, following calls to ban the use of plastic straws on the tropical island. After Taiwan, the European Union, Vancouver, McDonald's United Kingdom, and Alaska Airlines, the Seychelles tourism association is calling for the government to place a blanket ban on the importation of plastic straws, reports the Seychelles News Agency. For visitors, that may mean sipping their tropical beverage the old-fashioned way, by the glass rim, or being offered a biodegradable straw. The straw ban is the latest greening measure enacted by the loc...Keep on reading: Seychelles latest to look at banning plastic straws across their islands.....»»

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Are You Ready for Flea and Tick Season?

As temperatures rise, so does your dog’s chance of being affected by fleas and ticks. Peak season for fleas and ticks is just around the corner, but are you armed with the knowledge you need to protect your dog? Fleas are small insects that feed by sucking the blood of mammals and birds. They can […].....»»

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