Still no plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea - Rappler

Still no plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea - Rappler.....»»

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Duterte adviser bares plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea

Duterte adviser bares plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea.....»»

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Still no plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea

Still no plan to fix PH runway in West PH Sea.....»»

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Marines facing ‘discouraging’ challenges in Afghanistan – CNN News

The plume of smoke and dust rose over the runway, high above the now-deserted but once costly and vital control towers. Then a second rocket slammed into the tarmac just feet away from where a C130 cargo plane would imminently land to ferry us out. The Marines with us at first appeared unfazed. Some were perhaps young and new to it all, while the older ones stood tall, not flinching. I crouched behind a wheel until those tires were used to race us back toward a shelter. Seven years ago, it would have been mere minutes before that Taliban rocket team was bombed in retaliation by US forces protecting a thousands-strong base. But in 2017, the US Marines here &'8212; all 300 of them &'8212; seem oddly vulnerable. They don't leave the wire much, mostly just to train and advise, leaving the fighting to the Afghans. Yet all the same, three separate rocket attacks hit their bases in three days &'8212; two near us &'8212; one injuring 10 Afghan soldiers, and another an 8-year-old boy. This is the painful reality of Afghanistan 2017. The country is in one of the most violent periods of its recent history, and its challenges are deepening. But the sense of exhaustion, of solutions long having lost their sparkle, pervades. And as President Trump weighs his first move in America's longest war, its 15 years make it absolutely nothing new to many of the Marines currently at its sharp end. Here's how one hardened, normally optimistic Marine commander, Col. Matthew Reid, talked about lost friends. &'8220;I don't think I've ever bothered to count. Too many, between here and Iraq,&'8221; he said. &'8220;A lot of blood in the ground.&'8221; Born on September 11, Reid is back in Afghanistan's Helmand Province for the second time. He quips that the 300 Marines he works with now are the number that &'8220;ran the chow hall&'8221; when he was last there in 2010. I asked: How does it feel to have to go at it all over again? &'8220;Discouraging,&'8221; he said. &'8220;There is a definite feeling of a sense of obligation to get this right because of those who have gone before us.&'8221; The Helmand district of Nawa was retaken last week by Afghan National Security Forces, yet at about the same time nearby Gereshk district was attacked by the Taliban, with multiple checkpoints hit, and at one point six overrun. Things are better, but not good. Helmand will probably never be good any time soon, but the Marines' presence and massive aerial firepower have arguably stopped the entire opium-rich region from being swallowed by the Taliban But the Marines are only one part of the picture in a country where, according to the US government's own auditors, the Taliban influence or control about half the land. ISIS too, intermittently rises, and then, after coalition airstrikes, falls &'8212; competing to be the most extreme actor in a crowded marketplace. The government in Kabul is weak, ridden by conflict and rivalry between senior players. And the West's ideas for stabilizing the country are running out But really it is the mood in the capital which tells you things are still slipping, yet again. Long-term Afghan friends discussing for the first time how they might leave. A top executive saying his employees are leaving their large, high-profile Afghan company to protect themselves from possible attack at their central offices. This is not a time for optimism. There is no sign the Taliban are weakened, even though one Afghan official told me hundreds of mid-level leaders have been taken out in raids over the past year. Their leadership is more radical than ever, and they are likely to see handsome funds from a productive opium harvest, possibly boosted by a new poppy seed that blooms more quickly, massively increasing production. Afghanistan's bleed is slow, and perhaps hidden or ignored by much of the world, but happening all the same. Take this final anecdote from our visit to Helmand, when the Marines took us to a remote outpost where they were advising the Afghan army. We were there to see them pull out, removing themselves from a flat stretch of what Colonel Matthew Grosz called &'8220;Taliban country&'8221; &'8212; a main thoroughfare between insurgent strongholds. But their advisory mission seemed to have run into one issue: There weren't many Afghans to advise. A US Marine stands at the back of a Chinook helicopter en route to Shorsharak. On paper there were 500 Afghan troops, and 45 US marines. But as Grosz told me: &'8220;There's 200 assigned right now.&'8221; By &'8220;assigned,&'8221; he meant that there were 200 who had existed, physically at the base. But even that was optimistic, as another hundred had never shown up while the Marines were there. In fact, of the hundred they had seen, some were on operations or on patrol. So really there were fifty to a hundred Afghan soldiers at the base, almost enabling one-to-one Marine mentoring sessions. As we sat in the Helmand runway bomb shelter, waiting for the &'8220;all clear&'8221; after the rocket attack, I overheard two young Marines chatter about 9/11 as though it was a moment of historical import rather than something they had seen live on TV. That's because for them, it is something their parents mourned when they were probably five or six. Fifteen years of war sounds exhausting until you remember that for Afghans, [&'].....»»

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Astros put shortstop Correa on 10-day DL with thumb injury

em>By Kristie Rieken, Associated Press /em> HOUSTON (AP) — All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa of the AL West-leading Houston Astros is expected to miss six to eight weeks because of a torn ligament in his left thumb. The Astros put Correa on the 10-day disabled list Tuesday, a day after he hurt himself taking a swing against Seattle. They expect to have him back in the lineup for the stretch run in September. The Astros opened the day with a 15.5-game lead over Seattle. Infielder Colin Moran was recalled from Triple-A Fresno in time for the game against the Mariners. 'It's obviously disappointing, but at the same time I have to focus on what I can control and that's hopefully having successful surgery and finishing my rehab and hopefully coming back late September or so and being able to play in the playoffs,' Correa said. Correa is batting .320 with 18 doubles and 20 home runs, and his 67 RBIs are second in the American League. The Astros plan to play Moran at third base and split time at shortstop between Alex Bregman, who has played third base all season, and Marwin Gonzalez, the team's super-utility man. 'We'll move some guys around,' manager A.J. Hinch said. 'It's going to take an adjustment for a lot of us. We're so used to putting Correa out there every, single day and having the middle infield be set and moving the pieces on the corners and in the outfield. But things change quickly.' The 22-year-old Correa, who was the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, has been a mainstay in Houston's lineup since being called up in June of 2015. He played 153 games last season and has appeared in 84 of the team's 93 games this season. 'He's a big presence in our lineup, on our team,' Hinch said. 'To see someone go down like that this tough for everybody. We'll absorb it and we'll have the next man up continue to play. We'll get him better, welcome him back sometime in September and move on. But there's no doubt that it's a punch in the gut when one of your best players is down for a while.' The good news for the Astros is that Gonzalez is having the best season of his six-year career. He's hitting .311 with 17 homers and 55 RBIs, which are both career-highs. Moran, a left-handed hitting corner infielder, was batting .308 with 15 doubles, 18 home runs and 63 RBIs in 79 games at Fresno. Bregman was primarily a shortstop in the minors, but moved to third base in Houston because of Correa. Bregman, who was the second overall pick in the 2015 draft, is hitting .257 with eight homers, 22 doubles and 28 RBIs in 88 games this season. All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve is prepared to do whatever he can to help the team deal with Correa's absence. 'It's hard to fill that space,' he said. 'I don't think there's one player in the league that can fill Carlos' spot, but we're going to try to help the guy that's going to play shortstop.' .....»»

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BLOGTABLE: How will Chris Paul trade affect rest of Western Conference?

em> blogtable /em> What does a Chris Paul-James Harden backcourt in Houston mean for the rest of the Western Conference? * * * strong>David Aldridge: /strong>It means Houston is...slightly harder to guard? Don't get me wrong: Paul is still an elite point guard at 32, able to create whatever shot he wants and/or find open teammates and remains a defensive pest. He will help James Harden immensely, taking pressure off of 'The Beard' to make every decision with the ball. We all saw Harden on fumes mentally by the end of the San Antonio Spurs' series; his synapses fried after San Antonio took his best options away and made him shoot over size time and again. Regardless of whether Harden or Paul is the point guard, defenses will be on their heels as Paul curls or Harden cuts off the ball. But the Rockets were so lethal last year with Harden running the show, surrounding him with three shooters and a pick-and-roll diver in center Clint Capela. Houston's spacing made it so difficult to get two defenders to Harden, giving him room to drive and create off the dribble. With Paul, the Rockets won't be easier to guard, but the floor will shrink a little. He and Harden are smart enough to figure it out, but Paul does pound the rock. It's hard to see him morphing into a catch-and-shoot two at this stage of his career (that won't be his only role, of course, but he will have to adjust to it on occasion). Equally hard (but funny): watching the Rocket Boosters who said every 18-footer was a bad one and that Daryl Morey's vision of 40-50 three-pointers per game was the only possible future of basketball explain why bringing in Paul -- the king of the midrange jumper -- is a good thing. Bottom line: the Rockets got an All-Star without giving up a lot (though Houston will miss Patrick Beverley's orneriness on D). Obviously they still aren't on the Warriors' level. But I respect teams that are trying to do something to compete with Golden State rather than sitting in a corner, mewling about how unfair it is that the Warriors have all this talent. strong>Steve Aschburner: /strong> It means less competition, at the very least, with the Clippers dropping out of contention. But I’m not convinced it closes the gap between the Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. Having a reliable point guard and scorer on the floor at all times might address Houston’s drop-off when Harden sat down this season. And yet, this isn’t a combo that should strike fear into the hearts of the defending champs. More of an interesting experiment than a legitimate threat, though it’s possible the Rockets aren’t done maneuvering. strong>Fran Blinebury: /strong>It means that the mad scientist Mike D’Antoni has to go back into the laboratory and cook up another off-the-wall concoction for the league to swallow. Just one year after D’Antoni convinced the world that the best use of James Harden was with the ball in his hands as the Rockets’ point guard, now he’s got to blend with the best pure point guard in the game. In terms of raw talent, it's not a bad problem to have. But it's still one to work out before it makes them a real threat to the Warriors. They'll be a top three in the West again. strong>Scott Howard-Cooper: /strong> It means the Rockets are the new second-best team in the West. That’s just for the moment, of course, until the San Antonio Spurs make, or don’t make, their moves. But a Harden-Paul combo, in the Mike D’Antoni system that loves to put defenses in scramble mode, can be explosive. Yes, there will be an adjustment period for two players most effective with the ball in their hands. CP3 will do great playing off the ball, though, and may even welcome the chance to not have to carry the load as primary distributor any more. strong>Shaun Powell: /strong> I'm not sure what it means right now because we haven't seen it work, and I have somewhat serious reservations that it ever will. You're asking a pair of ball-dominant players to suddenly and drastically take turns playing off the ball, and doing it this late in their careers, and do it to win a title in one season since there's no guarantee Paul will be their next year. Sorry, but that's a lot to ask -- too much, really. Harden has never been a catch and shoot guard and seldom scores without dribbling at least 53 times. This 'dream' backcourt sounds good in June. Let's keep it at that for now. strong>John Schuhmann: /strong>Three or four games of trying to game plan for two of the three best off-the-dribble playmakers in the league. The Rockets will be, somehow, tougher to guard than they were last season, when they ranked second in offensive efficiency. Paul will have the bigger adjustment in regard to playing off the ball, but will also be an upgrade for what was a league-average defense. They're still a clear step behind the champs, but given the Spurs' relative instability, the Rockets should be the favorites to be the No. 2 seed and the team that Golden State must get through to reach The Finals for the fourth straight time. strong>Sekou Smith: /strong> It means some sleepless nights for the poor assistant coach assigned the Rockets scout in the first few weeks and months of the season. And just as many headaches for the players who will have to deal with the Rockets' new two-headed point guard monster. The notion of two playmakers of this caliber on the same team instantly vaults Paul and Harden (or is it Harden and Paul?) into that short conversation of the best backcourts in the league. I cannot wait to see the Warriors and Rockets match up next season to see how the 'Splash Brothers' and these guys go at each other or how the Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum rise to the challenge of dealing with these guys. It makes for more compelling matches within the games we'll see going forward. No one is happier, though, than Mike D'Antoni, who is very familiar with Paul and an absolute wizard designing a framework for a Hall of Fame point guard to operate within (check with Steve Nash). strong>Ian Thomsen: /strong>Depending upon other moves the Rockets make to fill out the roster -- even if it's only with role players -- they have become a contender to meet Golden State in the conference finals. More ominous could be their role in free agency next summer, if Chris Paul is intent on re-signing and acting as a recruiter for the Rockets. But for now second place looks to be their ceiling -- a high ceiling for sure, but not so high as they would like it to be. strong>Lang Whitaker: /strong>That perhaps the Warriors no longer have the best backcourt in the West? Teaming Paul and Harden doesn’t seem immediately logical -- each guy has historically needed the ball to be successful -- but if anyone deserves the benefit suspending our doubt until we see the product on the court, it’s newly crowned Coach of the Year Mike D’Antoni, who gets to figure out how to assimilate a second point guard into one of the league’s most high-powered offenses. I think adding Paul makes an already very good Houston team into a great team. Does it make them better than Golden State or a healthy San Antonio? They’ve got to some work to do to make me believe that. .....»»

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Military knew as early as April the Marawi attack plan – Calida - Rappler

Military knew as early as April the Marawi attack plan – Calida - Rappler.....»»

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WATCH: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler

WATCH: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler.....»»

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WATCH: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler

WATCH: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler.....»»

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IN PHOTOS: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler

IN PHOTOS: On Independence Day, artists' group raises PH flag in West Philippine Sea - Rappler.....»»

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Ronaldo shines for Portugal, while Lloris dims French hopes

JEROME PUGMIRE, AP Sports Writer br /> While Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo continued his electric scoring form, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris dimmed the lights for France with an inexplicably poor error in contrasting fortunes during 2018 World Cup qualifiers on Friday. Less than one week after scoring twice in Real Madrid's 4-1 win against Juventus in the Champions League final, Ronaldo netted another two in Portugal's 3-0 win at Latvia in Group B. He has 73 goals in 139 appearances for his country. There was nothing impressive — or justifiable — about the error from Lloris that led to Sweden's winner against France in Group A. With the score level at 1-1 in a tight match, neither side would have felt aggrieved with a point. Indeed, a draw would have kept France atop the standings and there was clearly no cause for such late urgency from Lloris. Normally one of the most reliable goalies in European football, Lloris somehow took it upon himself to launch a speculative pass from his penalty area in the random hope of creating a winning goal with only seconds remaining. The ball landed at the feet of forward Ola Toivonen, who launched it back over Lloris from about 40 meters to move Sweden to the top of Group A, level with France on 13 points. Elsewhere, unheralded Andorra won its first World Cup qualifier in 13 years. ___ GROUP A A win at the Friends Arena in Solna would have moved European Championship runner-up France six points clear of Sweden. All was going to plan when Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud struck his sixth goal in his last four internationals with a superb swerving shot in the 37th minute. But Jimmy Durmaz equalized shortly before halftime and Toivonen stunned France at the end, thanks to Lloris' unusual sloppiness. At the De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam, the Dutch moved up to third place — three points behind co-leaders Sweden and France — by routing last-placed Luxembourg 5-0. Veterans Wesley Sneijder — on his national record 131st appearance — and Arjen Robben scored in the first half. Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum; Spartak Moscow forward Quincy Promes, and Tottenham striker Vincent Janssen got the other goals. There could well be a lot of nerves on show when the French host the Dutch at Stade de France on Aug. 31. In Belarus, Mikhail Sivakou's 33rd-minute penalty and fellow midfielder Pavel Savitski secured a 2-1 win for the hosts against Bulgaria. ___ GROUP B Andorra stunned Hungary 1-0 to win its first World Cup qualifier in 13 years, ending a 66-match winless streak in official competitions. It was only the second win for the small country in qualifying for either the World Cup or the European Championship, and the first since a 1-0 win over Macedonia in October 2004. Portugal won 3-0 at Latvia, with Ronaldo scoring twice, while Switzerland remained three points clear at the top with a 2-0 victory at the Faeroe Islands. Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored for Switzerland, which has 18 points from six matches. ___ GROUP H Dries Mertens led Belgium to a 2-0 victory over Estonia to give it a dominant position after closest challengers Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina played out a 0-0 draw that was marred by a brawl after the game. Napoli's Mertens scored in the first half and West Bromwich Albion midfielder Nacer Chadli scored. Estonia played with 10 men for the second half after Artjom Dmitrijev was sent off for a high tackle on Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini in the 44th minute. Belgium has 16 points from six games and holds a four-point lead over Greece, while third-place Bosnia has 11 points. In the other game, Cyprus beat Gibraltar 2-1. .....»»

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Bulk of Duterte's massive infra plan to be funded via local financing - Rappler

Bulk of Duterte's massive infra plan to be funded via local financing - Rappler.....»»

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Atlanta Hawks name Travis Schlenk as new GM

em>Atlanta Hawks press release /em> ATLANTA -– The Atlanta Hawks today announced the hiring of Travis Schlenk as General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations. He will start leading Hawks basketball operations on June 1 (June 2, PHL time). Schlenk, a veteran of more than 16 years in the NBA, joins the Hawks after 12 seasons with the Golden State Warriors, including the last five as Assistant General Manager, where he assisted 2015 NBA Executive of the Year Bob Myers in the management of all day-to-day basketball operations activities. He was previously the Warriors’ Director of Player Personnel for two years after five seasons as an assistant coach and video scout. During Schlenk’s time as part of Golden State’s basketball leadership, the Warriors hired 2016 NBA Coach of the Year Steve Kerr as head coach, drafted two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry, two-time All-NBA selection Klay Thompson, two-time All-Defensive First Team pick Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes; acquired 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut via trade; and signed 2014 MVP Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston. “After meeting with Travis, our search committee and I knew that he was the right choice to become the new general manager and head of basketball operations for the Atlanta Hawks. In addition to his significant experience with two organizations that have built championship cultures, he is ready to lead our basketball operations at a critical time for making big decisions as we prepare for the 2017-2018 season and beyond. We conducted a very thorough search process and believe Travis shares our vision for the team and the ability to implement it as we continue working hard to reach our commitment to bring a championship to Atlanta,” said Principal Owner Tony Ressler. “We appreciate the willingness of Joe Lacob and Bob Myers of Golden State for allowing Travis and his family to join the Hawks.” “I am humbled by the opportunity to join the Hawks and thankful to Tony Ressler and his ownership team for trusting me with this responsibility,” Schlenk said. “The passion of the ownership team was evident throughout the process, and the team’s high standard aligns with organizations I’ve been part of and plan to emulate in Atlanta. I am excited to get started and look forward to collaborating with the team to build a first-class, championship-level franchise with a goal of sustained success. I would also like to thank Joe Lacob, Bob Myers, Steve Kerr, Larry Riley and Jerry West for being great mentors, strong advocates and friends during my time with Golden State, and for helping me prepare to serve in this role.” The Warriors have reached the last three NBA Finals and won the championship in 2015, the franchise’s first since 1975. Over the last three regular seasons, Golden State has compiled a record of 207-39 (.841), the best three-year run in NBA history, also becoming the first club to win 65-or-more games in three consecutive seasons. “While it's hard to see Travis leave our organization, this is a terrific opportunity for him,” said Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers.  “He’s one of the bright, young executives in the league and someone who has played a major role in our success over the last several years.  His attention to detail, leadership ability and work ethic are traits that will serve him well in his new role with the Hawks.  They are fortunate to have him and will benefit greatly from his presence in the organization.”  He was a video coordinator for the Miami Heat from 2000-04 (where he worked alongside Hall-of-Famer Pat Riley, Stan Van Gundy and Erik Spoelstra), an assistant coach at the University of Georgia in 1998-99 and part of the Orlando Magic’s basketball operations staff in 1997-98, where he worked under Hall-of-Famer Chuck Daly. The Hawks conducted the search with the assistance of Len Perna of Turnkey Sports & Entertainment, the leading search firm in college and pro sports and entertainment. Schlenk earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Management & Human Ecology from Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, where he also played basketball. He owns a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Sports Administration from Wichita State University. A native of Selden, Kansas, Schlenk and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters, Morgan and Charlotte, and a son, Will. .....»»

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Top PH security officials visit disputed island in West PH Sea - Rappler

Top PH security officials visit disputed island in West PH Sea - Rappler.....»»

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PH security officials visit disputed island in West PH Sea - Rappler

PH security officials visit disputed island in West PH Sea - Rappler.....»»

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ASEAN Summit in Manila to tackle West PH Sea - Rappler

ASEAN Summit in Manila to tackle West PH Sea - Rappler.....»»

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Duterte administration details 'ambitious' infra plan - Rappler

Duterte administration details 'ambitious' infra plan - Rappler.....»»

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Duterte administration details 'ambitious' infra plan - Rappler

Duterte administration details 'ambitious' infra plan - Rappler.....»»

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Ex-DFA chief hits Duterte over 'selling' West PH Sea islands - Rappler

Ex-DFA chief hits Duterte over 'selling' West PH Sea islands - Rappler.....»»

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Barbers defends 'realistic' plan to appoint barangay officials - Rappler

Barbers defends 'realistic' plan to appoint barangay officials - Rappler.....»»

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Alejano wants Duterte impeached over Benham Rise, West PH Sea row - Rappler

Alejano wants Duterte impeached over Benham Rise, West PH Sea row - Rappler.....»»

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