Pinoys in Netherlands to picket vs killings, rights violations under Duterte

MANILA, Philippines — A group of Filipinos in the Netherlands will hold a protest in The Hague to condemn the alleged extrajudicial killings and human rights.....»»

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Pinoys in Netherlands brave snow to protest killings in the Philippines

By BULATLAT Despite heavy snow, Filipinos in the Netherlands held a symbolic protest at the Philippine Embassy in The Hague on Dec. 11 to denounce “state-sponsored” killings under the Duterte administration. The broad network Filipinos Against Corruption and Tyranny (FACT) conducted an hour-long picket in front of the embassy before formally presenting their statement to… The post Pinoys in Netherlands brave snow to protest killings in the Philippines appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Lorenzana: RP can buy choppers elsewhere

The government is ready to look for other sources of utility helicopters if Canada chooses not to proceed with the P11.7 billion sale of 16 brand new Bell 412s to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said. Canadian papers have reported that the Canadian government has ordered a review of the deal amid concerns that the helicopters would be used in fighting rebels.Lorenzana, in a statement, stressed that the 16 brand new Bell412 combat utility helicopters would be used by the AFP to save lives.“Should the Canadian government choose to discontinue their sale of the aircraft to us, then we will procure them from another source,” said Lorenzana.The $233 million agreement was only signed last Wednesday.Immediately after, the Canadian government, through Trade Minister Francois Philippe Champagne reportedly ordered a review of the deal after learning that the helicopters would be used for internal security operations of the AFP.“When we saw that declaration ... we immediately launched a review with the relevant authorities. And we will obviously review the facts and take the right decision,” Champagne was quoted in the reports.But Lorenzana maintained that the helicopters would be used by the AFP “primarily for the transportation of personnel and supplies, ferrying wounded and injured soldiers, and the conduct of humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) operations.” “They are not attack or close support aircraft. While they may be used in support of Internal Security Operations or ISO, their role is limited to those that I mentioned,” he said.“As its designation ‘combat utility helicopter or CUH’ connotes, the Bell CUH 412 is a utility helicopter and, contrary to what some parties mistakenly believe, its mission is to save lives,” Lorenzana added.The Bell 412EPI helicopters were supposed to be delivered early next year.Canada cites HR strings on dealChampagne also mentioned human rights as key element in Canada’s foreign and trade policy.It will be recalled that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during last November’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Summit in Manila, raised questions on President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs which is being blamed for thousands of alleged extra judicial killings in the country.The Department of National Defense (DND), however, stressed that while it is the prerogative of the Canadian government to review the deal, human rights issue should not equate to the ISO of the AFP in general.“I think it is unfair to equate internal security operations in general with human rights violations first of all the alleged human rights violations are unverified there are still being investigated and have to be documented,” DND’s Public Affairs Service chief Arsenio Andolong said.“I think it’s premature to cast judgment on the armed forces in this regard so I think it would be to the best interests of both our countries to step back and reconsider what the Canadian government is thinking,” Andolong added.“If they don’t want to sell, well, we may consider the prospect of procuring them from other sources,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque said. Politicization raised“They must not politicize the acquisition,” said Major-General Restituto Padilla, the deputy chief of staff for plans and programmes of the Philippine armed forces.According to the Philippine defense department, the deal was signed with trade promotion outfit Canadian Commercial Corp last December, shortly after Trudeau clashed with Duterte during a Manila visit over alleged Philippine police murders of thousands of drug suspects.The Philippines employs attack helicopters and planes to support ground troops battling militants in the Muslim south, as well as against communist guerrillas in other parts of the mainly Catholic Asian nation.As well as in the drug war, the Philippine military has for years been saddled with allegations of human rights abuses in its counter-insurgency campaigns.“They are purely for utility purposes — ergo, transport purposes especially during HADR operations,” Padilla said, using a military term for disaster response.“We have separate and dedicated attack helicopters,” he added.Apart from armed insurgencies, the Philippines is also regularly battered by typhoons.“These will be used to transport personnel, supplies, humanitarian missions, ferrying of wounded and injured soldiers, and other forms of humanitarian assistance and disaster response,” Roque added.Bell Helicopter said the Philippine military would use the aircraft “for a variety of missions such as disaster relief, search and rescue, passenger transport and utility transport”. .....»»

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Akbayan Youth leaders to speak in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two national leaders of Akbayan Youth,visiting from the Philippines, will hold a dialogue with Filipino Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area on human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, impunity in public office, and threats to democracy under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.   Shamah Silvosa Bulangis and Justine Balane will speak to Filipino American human right advocates, on March 7, Wednesday night, 6:00 -- 8:00 p.m., at the Bayanihan Community Center, at 1010 Mission Street, Suite B, San Francisco.   Shamah Silvosa Bulangis, National Secretary General of Akbayan Youth, undergraduate student of Silliman University,...Keep on reading: Akbayan Youth leaders to speak in San Francisco.....»»

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Church finds ‘her voice’ in 2017 to oppose spate of killings, rights abuses

  It was in 2017 or a year into the Duterte presidency that the Catholic Church found "her voice" to oppose the spate of killings, the disregard for due process and human right violations.   It began with the massive "Walk for Life" prayer rally in February, followed by a 40-day mourning period beginning in September and a 33-day healing period which started in November.   "The Church found her voice to oppose the seeming disregard for human rights and legal processes. What is important is that the Church was finally able to voice its opinions," Fr. Jerome Secillano said.   Secillano, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of ...Keep on reading: Church finds ‘her voice’ in 2017 to oppose spate of killings, rights abuses.....»»

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LOOK: Groups gather at Bonifacio Shrine on Human Rights Day

Undeterred by the inclement weather, multi-sectoral groups start to gather at the Bonifacio Shrine in Manila on Sunday to celebrate the International Human Rights Day and to decry the alleged deterioration of human rights under President Rodrigo Duterte's watch. In a joint statement released on Saturday, the Movement Against Tyranny (MAT), comprised of incumbent and former legislators, lawyers and doctors, artists and members of the media, academics and religious leaders, representatives of (nongovernment organizations) NGOs and peoples organizations, and prominent individuals, warned of a "new and wider wave of killings and human rights violations in the country" under the Duterte gove...Keep on reading: LOOK: Groups gather at Bonifacio Shrine on Human Rights Day.....»»

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AI urges Trump to tell Duterte to end ‘unlawful’ killings

As US President Donald Trump is set to meet top world leaders during the 31st Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN) Summit this week, human rights group Amnesty International (AI) Philippines called on the American chief executive to raise alleged human rights violations and extrajudicial killings under President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs. Source link link: AI urges Trump to tell Duterte to end ‘unlawful’ killings.....»»

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Palace on Amnesty report: Pinoys satisfied with Duterte

MANILA, Philippines - The special concern aired by human rights watchdog Amnesty International (AI) on reports of extrajudicial killings under President Dute.....»»

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Duterte urged to continue peace talks with rebels

DAVAO CITY – Farmers fighting for genuine land reform have appealed on Sunday to President Rodrigo Duterte to continue the peace talks with communist rebels after he scrapped the negotiations following the spate of deadly attacks by insurgents in southern Philippines. Duterte’s decision to abandon the negotiations with communist leaders came on Saturday barely a day after he terminated the government’s unilateral ceasefire with New People’s Army rebels who also ended earlier its own truce. Since then, at least 4 soldiers had been killed by rebels in separate attacks and three more are being held prisoners in the troubled region. The rebels demanded the release of some 400 political prisoners &'' mostly NPA fighters and their leaders – languishing in jails across the country, but Duterte flatly rejected the demand, saying, a peace accord must be signed first before he could grant amnesty to political prisoners, although he had ordered the release from prison at least 21 senior rebel leaders to join the peace talks. Duterte said he cannot free all political prisoners and claimed that such action may trigger unrest in the police and military. Peace talks and land reform  But Joseph Canlas, chairman of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, one of the biggest farmers’ organizations in the country, said the continuation of peace negotiations is in the best interest of farmers, who are pressing for genuine land reform, land distribution and real change under the Duterte administration. “Farmers want the peace negotiations to continue. We want the peace talks to help address the problem of land monopoly, landlessness of farmers, unemployment and to realize the equitable distribution of social wealth,” Canlas said. “The peace negotiation is a separate and distinct track of struggle to press for significant pro-people reforms. While the New People’s Army and President Duterte announced the termination of the unilateral interim ceasefires, it should not hinder the continuation of the talks that is gaining relevant developments with regard to discussions on the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms, particularly agrarian reform and rural development,” he added. Canlas said based on the reported outcome of third round of the peace talks in Rome recently, the government, in principle, acquiesced to free land distribution to farmers and farm workers and that alone is a milestone with regard to pushing for socio-economic reforms and enough grounds to continue the talks. Pedro Arnado, leader of the farmers’ group in southern Mindanao, also urged Duterte not to abandon the peace talks, saying, the resumption of war with rebels may spark a series of illegal arrest and human rights violations, and even extrajudicial killings of civilians by government soldiers. “We call for the continuation of the peace talks and compliance to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Law to avoid rights violations of civilians,” said Arnado, who noted that at least 20 farmers and national minorities were killed during the ceasefire period. “For us farmers, a just peace means food for our families, education for our children and recognition of our right to the land we till.” Arnado said while the ultimate goal of the peace talks is to resolve the armed conflict and achieve cessation of hostilities, that wouldn’t be possible at this period when there are conflicting social classes and interests. “Big land estates, haciendas and landholdings remain intact and under the control of a few landlord families. That is in contrast with the situation of millions of tillers,” Arnado said, adding, Duterte should realize that people in the countryside are supporting and even joining the armed revolution because of the systemic and chronic crisis that is worsened by the government’s failure to address the most basic problems in rural areas. “Historically, it is the peasant masses that have made the ultimate sacrifices to achieve peace. Buhay na ang ibinuwis ng mga magsasaka para sa lupa at kapayapaan. The cost of peace is too expensive, farmers have paid it with their lives,” Arnado said. Cancel passport of communist negotiators Duterte also threatened to cancel the passports of the representatives National Democratic Front of the Philippines &'' the political wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA &'' who make up the peace panel negotiating with the government, saying, “they are in the wanted list, so I will alert the International Police to arrest them where they are because they are in wanted list. I'll cancel their passports.” “They can return, all of them. For those released by the government, they should, on their own volition, return here and go back to prison. Or else I will be forced to, I am alerting all the intelligence community to keep track of where they are now,” Duterte said. “Iyon na-release temporarily to talk with us in Oslo, they should come back and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the government because they are still in prison. Walang pardon, walang amnesty, wala lahat.” Blame Duterte, AFP The NPA blamed Duterte for the breakdown of the talks and accused the military of sabotaging the peace negotiations, saying, security forces encroached and attacked rebel territories in Mindanao, and murdered innocent civilians suspected of supporting the communist group. “To conceal their own ceasefire violation, the spin doctors of the Armed Forces of the Philippines concocted yet another storyline of an anti-criminality operation to assist the Philippine National Police in going after lawless elements such as their botched combat operations in Makilala and Matalam [&'].....»»

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“We have long ceased to be a colony of the US” – Duterte

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 05 Sept) &'8212; President Rodrigo Duterte said US President Barrack Obama cannot confront him on issues of alleged extrajudicial killings and human rights violations because the Philippines is “no valsal state” and has.....»»

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IN PHOTOS: Filipinos urged to resist dictatorship, tyranny on Human Rights Day

MANILA, Philippines – To mark the International Human Rights Day, various groups on Monday, December 10, joined protests to condemn the creeping tyranny under President Rodrigo Duterte.  Human rights groups call for accountability and justice for the thousands of victims of violations – particularly related to Duterte's bloody anti-illegal drugs ........»»

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On Human Rights Day, groups call for accountability vs violations under Duterte

MANILA, Philippines – Various groups marked Human Rights Day on Monday, December 10, by calling for accountability and justice for the thousands of victims of violations – particularly related to President Duterte's bloody anti-illegal drugs campaign. In a statement, Karapatan secretary general Tinay Palabay called the Duterte administration“not a government for ........»»

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Rights group slams Duterte marijuana joke

International group Human Rights Watch (HRW) yesterday slammed President Duterte for “joking” about his use of marijuana amid the rising number of victims of extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in connection with his administration’s war on drugs......»»

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HRW calls for independent probe into police s role in extrajudicial killings

MANILA, Philippines – Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday, November 6, urged the government to create an indepent commission to investigate the reported involvement of Philippine National Police (PNP) officers in extrajudicial killings under President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. The New York-based organization's call for an independent probe comes ........»»

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De Lima ‘disappointed’ over senators’ rejection of IPU’s recommendations

"I view with disappointment the harsh reactions of my colleagues." This was Sen. Leila de Lima's reply to Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Sen. Panfilo Lacson's dismissal of the call of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) for the Senate to probe political persecutions in the country. The IPU's Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians asked the Senate to investigate the human rights violations of the Duterte administration against Senators De Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV. Lacson said the IPU must show respect for the country's legislative and judicial processes. READ: Palace, admin allies denounce IPU 'meddling' Meanwhile, Sotto questioned the IPU's request,...Keep on reading: De Lima ‘disappointed’ over senators’ rejection of IPU’s recommendations.....»»

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PH gov’t election to UN rights body does not absolve Duterte of accountability for rights abuses

A human rights organization said the recent election of the Philippine government to the United Nations Human Rights Council does not in any way absolve President Rodrigo Duterte of gross human rights violations amid claims that it goes to show how human rights is respected here......»»

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Rights victims file raps vs. Duterte at international tribunal

Various people's organizations announced at a press conference that victims of rights violations will testify before the International Peoples' Tribunal (IPT2018) on September 18-19 in Brussels, Belgium to indict Presidents Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump......»»

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‘PH gov’t election to UN rights body does not absolve Duterte of accountability for rights abuses’

A human rights organization said the recent election of the Philippine government to the United Nations Human Rights Council does not in any way absolve President Rodrigo Duterte of gross human rights violations amid claims that it goes to show how human rights is respected here......»»

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PH election to UN rights committee draws praise, flak

The Philippines has been elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) despite rights groups' complaints that a government widely condemned internationally for a brutal war on drugs doesn't belong in a group meant to call out abuses. The country's election on Friday through an uncontested balloting in the UN General Assembly "puts pressure" on the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to "address numerous allegations of rights violations," the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said. Fierce lobbying ahead of the vote by Iceland against Manila's inclusion fell short with the Philippines making it to the 47-member council along with 17 other new members. Malac...Keep on reading: PH election to UN rights committee draws praise, flak.....»»

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CHR tells gov’t to tackle EJKs after PH gets into UN Human Rights Council

The Commission on Human Rights reiterated on Saturday its call for the government to address human rights violations following the country's election to the United Nations Human Rights Council. "Earning a seat in the said Council, however, puts pressure on the Philippine government to address numerous allegations of human rights violations, starting with the growing cases of extrajudicial killings purportedly linked to the government's campaign against illegal drugs," the commission said in a statement. The commission said the country must fulfill its mandate to promote and protect human rights for its citizens. "The Philippines' credibility to be part of this body rests on its ...Keep on reading: CHR tells gov’t to tackle EJKs after PH gets into UN Human Rights Council.....»»

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Philippines Stays in Rights Council, Despite Deadly Drug Crackdown

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - The Philippines has been elected to the U.N. Human Rights Council, boosting President Rodrigo Duterte's reputation after two years of criticism of hitman-style killings in his coun.....»»

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