PBEd flags need to strengthen link between education and job readiness

EDUCATION advocacy group Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) flagged the need for improved quality of learning to empower Filipinos joining the work force. The post PBEd flags need to strengthen link between education and job readiness appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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CHED top officials, employees undergo drug test

Top officials and employees of the CHED underwent drug test in support of the campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte for a drug-free workplace. CHED top officials, employees undergo drug test Top officials and employees of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) underwent drug test in support of the campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte for a… link: CHED top officials, employees undergo drug test.....»»

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PH gov’t signs AFoCO agreement

The Philippine government has signed a framework regional agreement that seeks to strengthen the cooperation for the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Asia. PH gov’t signs AFoCO agreement The Philippine government has signed a framework regional agreement that seeks to strengthen the cooperation for the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Asia.… link: PH gov’t signs AFoCO agreement.....»»

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QC pushes for anti-drugs education program in schools

The Quezon City Council has passed a resolution urging the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC) and the Quezon City Council Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs to conduct anti-illegal drugs education program for parents and teachers association in public elementary and high schools in Quezon City. A Resolution by Councilor Allan Butch Francisco states that… link: QC pushes for anti-drugs education program in schools.....»»

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Manila City Jail inmates graduate from high school – Manila Video

The Education Department’s alternative learning system was created to help Filipinos who have fallen off the formal education system. Aside from DepEd teachers, jail officers and some detainees also share their skills to help inmates. source link: Manila City Jail inmates graduate from high school – Manila Video.....»»

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LeBron s free agency decision could swing NBA s balance of power

By Steve Aschburner, CLEVELAND -- These combo coronation-funerals can be tricky. Imagine the crowning of a new monarch where the royal subjects couldn’t stop chattering about the freshly deposed or deceased predecessor. Where the traditional cry of continuity and succession, “The king is dead! Long live the king!” got flipped, with what was overshadowing what is. That’s pretty much how it went Friday night (Saturday, PHL time) at Quicken Loans Arena, with the Golden State Warriors’ latest NBA championship having to share the stage with speculation, instantly revved up, about LeBron James and the choice he’ll soon make about his next employer. The Warriors are the kings, claiming pro basketball’s throne yet again by completing a sweep of James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 Finals. But of course, James is the King, and as so many of us learned in sophomore English – thanks, CliffsNotes! – “Uneasy lies the head (of those who fret and obsess about the future whereabouts of the NBA superstar) that wears a crown.” Long live the kings! The King is ... gone? There was so much energy before, during and after Game 4 Friday (Saturday, PHL time) poured into the last game/next game conjecture about James, the Cavaliers and seismic shifts in the league’s 2018-19 landscape that even the player’s surprise reveal near the end of the night – a bruised and bandaged right hand – couldn’t derail it. Turns out, as James ‘fessed up, the sore shooting paw was an injury he had been playing with ever since Game 1 in Oakland eight days earlier. He had “self-inflicted” it in a fit of pique when he smacked a whiteboard in the visitors’ dressing room at Oracle Arena after Cleveland’s overtime loss in the series-setter, an outcome driven at least in part by some teammates’ mistakes and an arcane wrinkle in the NBA’s replay rules regarding block/charge fouls. Despite the hordes of media people chronicling every waking detail of the Finals, James had kept the injury on the down-low (along with the possibility that J.R. Smith’s nickname amongst his Cavs teammates might be “whiteboard”). The cameras zoomed in and clicked in a paparazzi frenzy of motor drives every time James raised the hand, wrapped in black tape, above the table during his postgame podium remarks. Whether a legit Page-2-the-rest-of-the-story factor in the championship series or a too-late alibi, the contused hand wound up as a sidebar to where James plans to be using it when training camps open in a few months. As of Friday (Saturday, PHL time), it had been 95 months since “The Decision,” the 2010 announcement that James made in a tone-deaf vanity TV production that he was taking his talents from Cleveland to South Beach. Nearly 47 months had passed since he broke the news of his return in a Sports Illustrated ghost-written essay, envisioning much of what actually has unfolded in the four years since. Now savvy insiders and casual observers alike presume James will be on the move again, pushed to leave the franchise he has defined in an urgent search for more and better talent with which he can compete. As in, y’know, some horses, some horses, his kingdom for some horses. James’ free-agency process next month (he can opt out of a $35.6 million deal in the final season of his current contract) is expected to dictate the market of player movement this summer like an oversized domino. It easily could swing the balance of power, if not quite at Golden State’s lofty level then immediately below it. The monster he helped create Dr. Frankenstein eventually was done in by his macabre creation, and it can similarly be argued that James has no one but himself to blame for the predicament in which he again finds himself. He set in motion the machinery of the super team, after all, when he chose to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami eight years ago. Oh sure, the Boston Celtics in 2007-08 got there first by luring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to join Paul Pierce, but that was about knitting together three stars, all age 30 or older, for what would be their last best chance to win in an extremely limited run. That group won one title, went to two Finals in three seasons and was done, Allen leaving to join James & Co. with the Heat while Garnett and Pierce morphed into trade chips for Boston POBO Danny Ainge. When James, Wade and Bosh teamed up, they were in their basketball primes and their initial giddy boasts of “not four, not five, not six” championships turned off fans league-wide as much for its portent as its pretension. That crew went 4-for-4 in Finals, winning two rings before James, nudged by staleness and chafing as well as his grand plan for northeast Ohio, went home. From there, a line can be drawn through the ill-conceived 2012-13 L.A. Lakers of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol all the way to this season’s Houston Rockets of James Harden and Chris Paul and the talent-gorged Golden State roster. James was the centerpiece as Cleveland replicated the Big Three concept around him with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, two younger, playoff-stymied All-Stars. The new-look Cavaliers went to the Finals in their first season together and clambered atop the basketball world to win the franchise’s first NBA title by the end of the second, becoming the first team in league history to do so after digging a 1-3 hole in the best-of-seven series. In that moment, regardless of the two Finals trips that followed, James’ bill was stamped: Paid In Full. Misguided fans might burn his jersey if he leaves again, but James burned the mortgage after that Game 7 in Oakland in 2016 as far as any remaining obligation to fulfill. “I came back because I felt like I had some unfinished business,” he said after elimination Friday (Saturday, PHL time). “To be able to be a part of a championship team two years ago with the team that we had and in the fashion that we had is something I will always remember. Honestly, I think we'll all remember that. It ended a drought for Cleveland of 50-plus years, so I think we'll all remember that in sports history.” James added: “When you have a goal and you're able to accomplish that goal, it actually – for me personally – made me even more hungry to continue to try to win championships. And I still want to be in championship mode. I think I've shown this year why I will still continue to be in championship mode.” In other words, James intends to sustain his high level of performance. He expects to win. And he presumably will do whatever – and go wherever – is necessary to achieve that. There’s no perfect fit So what does that mean for the NBA’s best player (never mind what the annual MVP balloting says in any given season)? It means this: compromise. There is no ideal situation, certainly no easy answer to the guesswork surrounding James’ looming free agency. He could transform any of the 30 teams, but not without some trade-offs for him, for them or for both. Most of them won’t be in play. Teams in markets such as Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Portland, Sacramento, the Twin Cities and so on can’t scratch James’ itches for either championship-worthy depth chart or spotlight. New York and Chicago, among the biggies, are out of synch with his timeline. Toronto? No way James is resettling his brand north of the border, and given his stated desire for teammates who have not just sufficient basketball skills but also mental toughness, well, the Raptors teams he and the Cavs have dominated do not qualify. The Boston club that stretched Cleveland to seven games in the Eastern Conference finals is built for the long haul and would have to surrender much of that to adjust to James’ career calendar. There’s a little Kyrie problem lurking there and, truth be told, the Celtics look to be on their way and are doing just fine without the 33-year-old heading, one of these years, toward decline. At some point in each of the 2018 Finals’ final three days, James spoke admiringly of the Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs title teams that blocked his path whether in Miami or Cleveland. He was at it again even as the Warriors were dousing the opponent’s locker room at The Q with Moet champagne. “I made the move in 2010 to be able to play with talented players, cerebral players that you could see things that happen before they happened on the floor,” James said. “When you feel like you're really good at your craft, I think it's always great to be able to be around other great minds as well and other great ballplayers. “That's never changed. Even when I came here in '14, I wanted to try to surround myself and surround this franchise with great minds and guys that actually think outside the box of the game and not just go out and play it.” Where might James find that now or recruit that swiftly? Hard to say. There are asterisks and “buts” everywhere: * If he were to sign with the Houston Rockets, James would be hitching his star to Chris Paul, a buddy with an injury history that’s about the mirror opposite of his own. He would be teaming up with an elite coach in Mike D’Antoni, something he’s never had (though Miami’s Erik Spoelstra was just young and unproven, on his way to big things). But it also would require another big ask of James Harden, who had to adapt last summer to Paul’s arrival and need for the ball. * If James chooses the Lakers, he has the chance to hit reset with the league’s glitziest franchise, in a market that can meet his every off-court wish and where he and his family already own one or more ultra-comfortable homes. The Lakers have young talent to help James transition into a lower-usage veteran’s role, favored status as a destination team for other top free agents and the salary-cap space to get it done this summer with the likes of Paul George or his pal Paul. But that roster might not be capable of insta-contending, which could burn a season or two when James’ clock most definitely is clicking. * If it’s San Antonio, James could link up with the elite coach in Gregg Popovich, where the winning culture is in the DNA rather than some acquired taste. The Spurs have talent, particularly if Kawhi Leonard finds happiness again there. But they might not have enough to rattle the Warriors’ cage. And for all their professed admiration, James and Popovich might both fare better by keeping their relationship long-distance vs. the 82-game grind. * If it’s Golden State? Perish the thought. The NBA might have to board up itself if competitive balance were capsized to that extent. And as Draymond Green shrewdly noted on Thursday (Friday, PHL time), if James climbed aboard, it likely would require him and several other Golden State teammates to be dispatched to parts unknown. * If James prefers to stay East, where the winning comes easier, he could pick Philadelphia. The Sixers have two foundational young stars at positions that matter most, center Joel Embiid and point guard Ben Simmons. But Simmons is a non-shooter at the moment, the antithesis of what makes a great complementary LeBron teammate. As for Embiid, James never has had to play off of and service a top center. And Philly might feel like a basketball-only move, with the hungriest and most demanding of any new fan base he would embrace. * If it’s Miami – wait, could it be Miami? Could he go second-home again? The Heat always strive to be competitive and offer a talent base deep enough for the East and lots of familiarity. But they also have players such as Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters whose mental approaches don’t seem to fit the model James was cooing about in Golden State and with the Tim Duncan-era Spurs. * That brings us to Cleveland, where it’s possible James might choose to remain. Staying with the Cavaliers, after leading them to four Finals and that heady 2016 title, would be the easiest choice as far as pressure to win. He owes these fans nothing anymore – in fact, had the bargain been offered to them in 2010 (“LeBron will leave and win elsewhere for four years, but will come back and deliver a championship and four Finals trips”), most would have grabbed it. Here, James and the fans who have watched him even through the interruption develop from ridiculously touted high schooler to one of the world’s most famous athletes could grow older together. Then he could partner up and buy the team from owner Dan Gilbert for a long-term future. Certainly, staying has a certain place in his and the rest of the James clan’s hearts. “The one thing that I've always done is considered, obviously, my family,” he said at series end Friday (Saturday, PHL time). “Understanding especially where my boys are at this point in their age. They were a lot younger the last time I made a decision like this four years ago. I've got a teenage boy, a pre-teen and a little girl that wasn't around as well. So sitting down and considering everything, my family is a huge part of whatever I'll decide to do in my career, and it will continue to be that.” It’s worth noting that as James contemplates his options as a modern pursuer of championship excellence, the prospect of him moving again qualifies at some level as a failure. Not just by the support system in Cleveland, where he and Gilbert have their friction and James gets snidely mentioned as the team’s unofficial GM and head coach, but by him too. He’s the one who went off to seek his “college education” in south Florida in what it takes to win, whether on the court, in the front office or in and around the seams 365 days a year, straight out of the Pat Riley handbook. The teams about which James talks so glowingly in Oakland now and in San Antonio then have cultures he covets, stability up and down the flowchart he craves. In Cleveland, for a variety of reasons, his team has been incapable of establishing and maintaining that to a lasting degree. He is part of that missed opportunity and he has to own it, no matter if he goes or stays. James is inseparable from the dynamic of the Cavaliers’ ever-changing and often melodramatic roster maneuvers. Spending big, swapping out draft picks to import current stars and supporting players, and overvaluing secondary guys like Smith and Tristan Thompson are risks the Warriors and the Spurs largely avoided thanks to shrew drafting and laudable continuity. The Cavs’ scrap heap, by contrast, is high with traded picks, scuttled plans, panic deals, short-term patches and folks such as former coach David Blatt and former GM David Griffin. And maybe James could have nurtured a little better relationship with All-Star point guard and 2016 title sidekick Kyrie Irving, enough to have kept Irving from bailing on them all with his trade demand last summer. Now he’s on the verge of casting about again, prioritizing what matters most for however long he continues to play. James is more at peace with it than he was before, particularly in 2010, and surely can enjoy the leverage he wields and the riches it delivers. But there is a burden there as well, one that could be seen as completing a circle. So many of the NBA’s greatest stars have been stuck playing and living in the Age of LeBron, right? Their paths to the Finals blocked, on one whole side of the league, by him and his? Well, LeBron James is stuck now in the Era of the Warriors, freshly swept and anxious to close the gap. What goes around comes around, though the key more pressing of the big W’s now is, where? Steve Aschburner has written about the NBA since 1980. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here and follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting......»»

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DepEd seeks meeting with PNP on planned police inspection of student lockers

The Department of Education is asking the Philippine National Police for a meeting regarding the police’s plan to conduct surprise inspections of student lockers as part of its anti-drug campaign. Source link link: DepEd seeks meeting with PNP on planned police inspection of student lockers.....»»

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Employment program for OSY launched

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the private-sector led Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), launched on June 1 a five-year program that seeks to provide employment to out-of-school youth in the country......»»

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DepEd chief Briones visits condemned school building as pupils ‘squat’ in nearby school

Education Secretary Leonor Briones visited Bagong Diwa Elementary School in Pandacan, Manila, which has been condemned because of cracks in the 50-year-old building. Source link link: DepEd chief Briones visits condemned school building as pupils ‘squat’ in nearby school.....»»

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New liquidity rule to strengthen banks

Monetary authorities have approved a new liquidity requirement aimed at bolstering a bank’s ability to withstand financial shocks, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced on Monday. Universal and commercial banks (UK/Bs), along with select subsidiaries, will have to comply with the Basel III requirement known as the net stable funding ratio (NSFR), adopted by… link: New liquidity rule to strengthen banks.....»»

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USAID and PBEd launch YouthWorks PH Project for Filipino Youth

MANILA – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) launched YouthWorks PH, a five-year, Php1.7 billion workforce development project that will connect out-of-school youth with training and employment opportunities. At the launch, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’AffairesMichael Klecheski said, “This partnership will boost the capacities of young people […] The post USAID and PBEd launch YouthWorks PH Project for Filipino Youth appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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DepEd opens Action Center ahead of start of classes

The Department of Education officially opened its Action Center on Sunday, a day before the start of classes for public elementary schools. Source link link: DepEd opens Action Center ahead of start of classes.....»»

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Lack of enrollees, teachers trigger closing down of private schools

Education Secretary Leonor Briones expressed concern on the growing phenomenon of small private schools closing down which is mostly attributed to lack of enrollees as well as teachers. Lack of enrollees, teachers trigger closing down of private schools Education Secretary Leonor Briones expressed concern on the growing phenomenon of small private schools closing down which… link: Lack of enrollees, teachers trigger closing down of private schools.....»»

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DepEd assures parents, pupils of readiness for start of classes

              The Department of Education (DepEd) has assured the parents of pupils and students that through different projects and programs, schools all over the nation are ready for the start of classes on Monday.   "Handang-handa na po kasi ang mga nilatag nating programa ay na-implement naman," DepEd Undersecretary Jesus Mateo said in an interview with Radyo Inquirer on Friday.   Mateo noted that this year would be different as DepEd has taken steps to lower the teacher to pupil and teacher to student ratio, and the classroom to student ratio.   "Makikita nila na slowly, 'yong ating teacher-...Keep on reading: DepEd assures parents, pupils of readiness for start of classes.....»»

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DepEd no idea yet on number of employed K-12 graduates early on

The Department of Education so far has no idea how many of the 1.3 million Senior High School graduates for the  School Year 2017-2018 have found employment, a DepEd official said Thursday, noting that it’s too early yet to know.   Source link link: DepEd no idea yet on number of employed K-12 graduates early on.....»»

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The Beauty of a Liberal Education

This, to me, is what the brand of liberal education at University of Asia and the Pacific aims to do give to the university’s students. It aims to help everyone realize the truth that we are meant to be good and the way it goes about making this a reality is by helping us enrich… link: The Beauty of a Liberal Education.....»»

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COTABATO City: The importance of education as a tool in preventing violent extremism was discussed during the one-day Mindanao Security Summit held at Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) gymnasium recently. The 6th Infantry Division (6th ID) and the CCSPC organized the summit to help increase awareness and create a culture of peace and non-violence for sustainable development. Defense Secretary… link: EDUCATION AS TOOL VS EXTREMISM.....»»

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Over 200 distressed Filipinos to return home from Kuwait

Meanwhile, Hans Leo Cacdac, administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, said the Philippine government was trying to strengthen the pre-departure education program for Filipinos b.....»»

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Dumaguete kicks off Brigada Eskwela

The DepEd is calling on all education stakeholders to participate in the National Schools Maintenance Week or “Brigada Eskwela” from May 28 to June 2. Dumaguete kicks off Brigada Eskwela Dumaguete City – The Department of Education (DepEd) is calling on all education stakeholders to participate in the National Schools Maintenance Week or “Brigada Eskwela”… link: Dumaguete kicks off Brigada Eskwela.....»»

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Briones ensures Marawi’s readiness for school opening

Destroyed schools, collapsed roofs and bullet-riddled walls greeted Education Secretary Leonor Briones yesterday as she visited for the first time the ground zero of the siege of Marawi City last year......»»

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HRW hits silence of proposed HIV/AIDS measure on condom use

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday criticized the lack of specific provisions on the promotion of condom use in the proposed measure to strengthen the country’s policy on preventing the spread of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Source link link: HRW hits silence of proposed HIV/AIDS measure on condom use.....»»

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