OPINION: Sensing the Sacred by L.P. Enad

IT HAS BEEN rather alarming that in recent years, if I’m not mistaken, there seems to be unhealthy practices connected […].....»»

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Sensing the Sacred

By: Lance Patrick Enad IT has been rather alarming that in recent years, if I’m not mistaken, there seems to be unhealthy practices connected to the solemnity of all Saints and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. I have noticed, at least in the cemetery my relatives rest, that there are some families who have been […] The post Sensing the Sacred appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Sensing the Sacred

It has been rather alarming that in recent years, there seems to be unhealthy practices connected to the solemnity of all Saints and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed......»»

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[OPINION] Sex and the DDS

As a sociologist, I have always been fascinated by social movements, especially right-wing ones where people regress to the state of collective behavior before humans evolved into a community.  Now, people have always told me that my fascination with right-wing movements could get me into trouble, since my informants, sensing ........»»

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Anger grows in South Korea over US anti-missile system – ABC News

The anger is palpable on a narrow road that cuts through a South Korean village where about 170 people live between green hills dotted with cottages and melon fields. It's an unlikely trouble spot in the world's last Cold War standoff. Aging farmers in this corner of Seongju county, more than 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of the capital Seoul, spend the day sitting by the asphalt in tents or on plastic stools, watching vehicles coming and going from a former golf course where military workers are setting up an advanced U.S. missile-defense system. &'8220;Just suddenly one day, Seongju has become the frontline,&'8221; said a tearful Park Soo-gyu, a 54-year-old strawberry farmer. &'8220;Wars today aren't just fought with guns. Missiles will be flying and where would they aim first? Right here, where the THAAD radar is.&'8221; THAAD is shorthand for Terminal High Altitude Defense, which the South Korean and U.S. governments say is critical to cope with a growing missile threat from North Korea. When completed, the battery will consist of six truck-mounted launchers that can fire up to 48 interceptors at incoming missiles detected by the system's x-band radar. Anger has boiled over in Seosongri village since last week when U.S. and South Korean military workers used the early-morning hours to rush key parts of THAAD into place. The system had been scheduled to enter operation by the end of the year, but South Korea's Defense Ministry said Tuesday that it is already capable of defending against North Korean missiles. The ministry didn't say when the deployment would be completed. Hundreds of banners hang on trees and fences along a kilometer (half-mile) stretch of the road up to where police have cut off access. They say &'8220;Withdraw the illegal THAAD immediately&'8221; and &'8220;Stop US militarism,&'8221; slogans that would feel familiar in a leftist rally but are unusual in the country's traditionally conservative southeast. &'8220;Yankee, go home!&'8221; a man yelled as he banged his fist on a car apparently carrying American soldiers, before dozens of police officers peeled him and other protesters away from the vehicle. The local anger highlights what has arguably become the most explosive issue ahead of a presidential election next week. The May 9 vote will likely end a decadelong conservative rule that maintained a hard line against North Korea and agreed to the THAAD installation. Front-runner Moon Jae-in, who calls for engagement with the North, has said the deployment of THAAD should be reconsidered. Some media have questioned whether the United States and a caretaker government that took over for ousted former President Park Geun-hye are rushing to complete THAAD before the election. Earlier polls had showed overwhelming public support for THAAD following North Korean nuclear tests and a long-range rocket launch last year. But public opinion has become more divided amid the corruption scandal that led to Park's downfall and criticism that the government was pushing ahead without seeking the consent of Seongju residents. Opposition was further inflamed after President Donald Trump said he would make South Korea pay $1 billion for THAAD. Seongju residents say comments by Trump show the United States may be preparing for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea. They worry that if the North retaliates, THAAD would make their county a main target. There's also frustration about an increasingly heavy police and military presence in an area where outsiders had been mostly limited to small groups of weekend golfers. Residents are also concerned about the rumored harmful effects the electromagnetic waves from THAAD's radar might have on them and their crops. Seoul's Defense Ministry calls such worries groundless. &'8220;We have been living very peacefully as farmers, but our daily lives have been shattered after the arrival of this weapon; we can't rest comfortably for a day and can't work without worrying,&'8221; said Kim Yoon&''seong, a 60-year-old melon farmer. He says many younger residents with children are considering leaving Seongju. Residents say at least 13 people were treated at hospitals for injuries including broken bones and teeth after a violent clash last week between dozens of villagers and supporters and some 8,000 police officers who were mobilized to remove them from the road. Three days later, more than a hundred police officers ended an hourslong standoff by swarming a handful of people who had been blocking a mountain path with a tractor to prevent construction equipment from entering the THAAD site. Police detained a man and drove away the tractor as villagers showered them with insults, including &'8220;dogs&'8221; and &'8220;Americans' slaves.&'8221; &'8220;We won't allow any U.S. military and construction vehicles to pass through the two roads,&'8221; said Rev. Kang Hyun-wook, a minister of Won Buddhism, an indigenous form of the religion. The grounds include a site Won Buddhists consider as sacred and are no longer allowed to visit. &'8220;If they fly in (the THAAD parts) with helicopters, then fine, it's their money to spend and we can't do anything about that.&'8221; Several people were hurt in another clash on Sunday as police tried to remove protesters blocking two U.S. military oil trucks from entering the THAAD site. Residents said the trucks turned away because cars protesters had parked to block the road couldn't be towed. Moon, the presidential front-runner, says THAAD's security benefits would be offset by deteriorating relations with China, which sees THAAD's powerful radar as a threat to its own defense. South Korea's largest trade partner, China has [&'].....»»

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OPINION: Dirty tricks on Cusi, et al.  won’t  wash by Jun Ledesma

NOT TOO long ago a wrote a piece about the headline of a  Manila-based tabloid  “Abante” and its website which […].....»»

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[OPINION | NEWSPOINT] Where numbers lie

As a matter of course, truth is conceded in the adage "Numbers don't lie." Well, not the numbers served up by our pollsters these days.  The fact is, any polled number, no matter if arrived at by simple counting or some complex scientific ........»»

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[OPINION] Yes or No: BOL plebiscite

Going into the plebiscite, there is an imperative need to answer the why behind the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL). It’s easy to understand what that raison d’ etre is. ........»»

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ONE Championship: Surrounded by champions, Edward Kelly looking to get gold of his own

Filipino featherweight Edward "The Ferocious" Kelly is looking to begin his own path to gold this 2019.  After all, the 34-year old striker was witness to four of his Team Lakay teammates winning ONE World Championship gold in 2018, and he says that it's been nothing but a source of inspiration and motivation.  More so that at featherweight, Kelly is the lone warrior representing the La Trinidad, Benguet-based stable.  "Talagang nasa akin yun, kasi pine-pressure na nila ako na [featherweight na lang yung kulang]," Kelly shared with a chuckle.  "Tine-take ko as inspiration yun, talagang well-motivated ako na sige, ipapakita ko, gusto kong patunayan sa sarili ko, hoping na maipapakita ko lahat sa laban ko sa Sabado," he added.  Kelly's first challenge on the journey is none other than former title contender Christian Lee, who's hungry to get a win over Kelly after getting disqualified in their first encounter back in 2018. The Filipino believes that a win over Lee, one of the division's top contenders, would definitely put him in the conversation as well.  Adding even more motivation will be the fact that reigning ONE Strawweight World Champion Martin "The Situ-Asian" Nguyen is expected to be at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta to catch the Kelly-Lee rematch in person.  "Sumagi na rin yun sa isip ko, kasi pagkaka-alam ko, manonood si Martin Nguyen ng live sa laban namin, and if i win over Christian Lee, alam naman natin na siya yung bini-build up para lumaban sa championship," Kelly explained. "Kung matalo ko [siya], andun na rin ako, mga one to two fights, si Nguyen na." Before thinking about a title shot however, Kelly will need to get past Lee first, and it won't be an easy task.  While Lee has stated publicly that he's gunning for a knockout in the first round, Kelly maintains that it won't be as simple as the 20-year old Singaporean makes it out to be.  "Siyempre yun yung opinion niya as a fighter, pero siyempre hindi naman yun basta-basta. Tayo rin naman nag-ensayo, and willing akong ipakita kung ano yung pinag-ensayuhan ko." Kelly adds that he sees the fight going the distance, unless he can find a way to finish it earlier.  "Basa ko, aabot ng three rounds, kung hindi ko siya ma-knockout, kung hindi ko siya ma-tiempohan," he stated.    Edward Kelly and Christian Lee face off in a highly-anticipated rematch at ONE: Eternal Glory on Saturday, January 19th, 11:00 PM LIVE on ABS-CBN S+A channel 23! .....»»

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OPINION: De Lima’s glass detention cell by Jun Ledesma

SEN. LEILA De Lima is a marvel. Despite her being confined in a detention cell for charges involving drug-related issues […].....»»

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Ex-NBA star Metta World Peace sees more fights for Pacquiao

Contrary to the opinion of many boxing observers and fans, former NBA star Metta World Peace believes Manny Pacquiao is far from done......»»

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[OPINION | Data Matters] Learning from DFA s passport data fiasco

Since everybody including their mothers weighed in on Foreign Secretary Teddyboy Locsin's rather colorful statement that the past passport contractor has "made off" with our passport data, I could not help but join the fray myself to help make sense of the issue. I will focus on these points: (1) what we ........»»

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[OPINION | Dash of SAS] President Duterte molested his maid. He’s not the only Filipino man to do so

Novelita Palisoc remembers the girl who was probably 16 or 17 years old at the most. She cried as she recounted how her employer groped her. All she wanted to do was make some extra money to go to school but when it happened, all she could do was ........»»

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[OPINION] Constitutional reform in the Philippines is necessary

For many Filipinos, charter change is now a very serious political issue.  Recall that President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in July 2016 with the commitment to shepherd the transition of the Philippines to a federal form of government, an undertaking that requires a complete overhaul of the ........»»

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In photos: Millions of Filipinos celebrate transfer of the sacred Black Nazarene

On the ninth of every year, millions of Catholic faithful—from all walks of life and various ages—walk alongside the life-sized image of a suffering Jesus Christ as it makes it way to its home in Quiapo......»»

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PPA Siquijor clears issue on pedestrian pass

SIQUIJOR, Dec. 19 (PIA) -- Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Siquijor Acting Division Manager Nileto Opinion clarified the issue on temporary pedestrian pass raised by Rhuan Dogon, President of Vigi.....»»

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OPINION: Joma’s incurable phantasmagoria by Jun Ledesma

I DO not know why Jose Ma. Sison still makes it to the front pages despite the fact that his […].....»»

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[OPINION | NEWSPOINT] Who to blame: the pollsters or us?

  If there remains any doubt that our world has been turned upside down, the  latest Social Weather Stations survey  should dispel it decisively: 74% of us supposed adults not only don’t mind what Duterte has been doing to us, but actually approve of it. Some of those ........»»

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Best Emerging Market ETF: Our Top ETF Picks To Tap Emerging Markets

1. Investing in international companies can be simple. For a number of global stocks, it has been extremely hard in the period of business wars and increasing interest charges. Most experts are of the opinion that it is foolish to sit out emerging markets completely, considering the continuing growth possibilities in areas across South America and Asia. Also, a well-diversified portfolio capitalizes across all areas every time rather than just selecting the most promising. If investing in emerging markets appeals to you either as a bargain hunter or as part of continuing process at varied profits, listed below are nine easy ways to gain access to these regions with the use of exchange-t...Keep on reading: Best Emerging Market ETF: Our Top ETF Picks To Tap Emerging Markets.....»»

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Let Muslims govern Bangsamoro region | Inquirer Opinion

Let our Muslim brothers and sisters govern the Bangsamoro region, no one else......»»

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Oldest Catholic school in Lucena gutted by fire | The Manila Times Online

LUCENA CITY, Quezon: Sacred Heart College, the oldest Catholic school in this city, was gutted by fire around 9 a.m. on New Years Day. Residents living nearby were shocked byREAD The post Oldest Catho.....»»

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