On Duterte s orders, NFA Council speeds up rice procurement

MANILA, Philippines – Upon the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte, the National Food Authority (NFA) Council authorized the start of procurement of 250,000 metric tons of rice, targeting arrivals by mid-May.  Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr told Rappler on Thursday, March 22, that Duterte ordered the ........»»

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Duterte orders NFA to import 250,000 tons of rice

By Arjay L. Balinbin President Rodrigo R. Duterte has ordered the National Food Authority (NFA) Council to pursue the procurement of 250,000 metric tons of rice amid supply shortage reports. “There is a verbal instruction from the President to activate the 250,000 metric tons of rice on standby,” said Cabinet secretary and NFA council chairman  Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. in a phone patch […] The post Duterte orders NFA to import 250,000 tons of rice appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Rody OKs rice imports to augment NFA buffer

By Ted Tuvera and Angie M. Rosales President Duterte has allowed the National Food Authority (NFA) to import 250,000 metric tons of rice amid reports of a shortage in government stock of the staple grain.Inter-agency NFA Council chairman Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco said Mr. Duterte has allowed the importation aside from an expected shipment of 325,000 MT of rice in February.“We have no option but to follow the President to activate the 250,000 MT on standby that will be on top of the 325,000 MT that will arrive anytime this month,” Evasco said.It turns out, however, that Presidential spokesman Harry Roque missed the President’s instruction to Evasco.Talking to reporters at Palace briefing, Roque said there is no need to import rice yet. “The point is, there’s already rice on its way, no need to authorize the standby order of 250,000 MT because there’s more than enough rice on its way to beef up the NFA stock,” Roque said. Claiming that there is no rice shortage, NFA administrator Jason Aquino said he plans to import rice to replenish the buffer stock.Notably, Evasco and Aquino had been at odds with each other on what mode of rice importation should be done.Evasco cited elements inside the NFA that manipulate importation processes to make money from it.Roque said that Evasco has nonetheless the trust of Mr. Duterte.“If he [Evasco] sees that there are rumblings because somebody wants to make money, so be it, but I’m happy that Secretary Evasco is on top of the situation,” Roque said. “He enjoys full trust and confidence of the President, that’s why until now the President has not commented on this issue because he trusts that Secretary Evasco will do what is best,” he added.Binay: ‘Get your acts together’Sen. Nancy Binay, however, urged agriculture officials to get their acts together on the reported shortage in rice supply of the NFA.Binay took note of the conflicting claims of NFA and Department of Agriculture (DA) officials on the status of NFA rice supply in the market.“My call is for them to hopefully talk. They should stop talking behind the back or blaming each other. It’s high time that they talk and settle the forecasting on the country’s rice stock,” she said.“I hope that DA (Department of Agriculture) Secretary (Manny) Piñol, the NFA Council, and the NFA leadership would sit down and discuss this matter. They should give priority to the need of the nation more than the internal issues among the different agencies,” Binay said.NFA spokesman Rebecca Olarte, last week, said that NFA-accredited rice retailers will not be able to sell NFA rice for the time being and confirmed that it has decided to temporarily discontinue issuing NFA rice to accredited retailers due to low supply.Piñol and Evasco belied the rice shortage, insisting that there is no shortfall on the rice supply in the country and they even said that there are enough stocks for consumption for the next 96 days.“My only concern is that we do not need to reach the stage when the poor can’t buy NFA rice. I guess it is a wakeup call for everybody,” said Binay.The senator herself attested the apparent lack in supply of NFA rice as she tried to purchase some for distribution as relief goods and was told that the price increased from P1,400 to P1,600 per sack.Binay supported the move taken by Sen. Cynthia Villar in conducting an investigation on whether there’s “artificial” rice supply shortage to effect an increase in the price of NFA rice in the market.Meanwhile, the government is expecting palay or paddy rice harvest of 3 million metric tons in the first quarter, which will augment the 2.8 million metric ton surplus from 2017, Agriculture Secretary Emanuel Piñol told DZMM.Piñol said there was no shortage in subsidized rice sold by the NFA, adding raising prices due to an alleged lack in supply amounted to “daylight robbery. Jason Faustino.....»»

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Panel hopes to end US NCAA one-and-dones

By Ralph D. Russo, Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The most difficult part of the NCAA’s attempt to clean up college basketball begins now. Hours after former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice presented the Commission on College Basketball’s sweeping recommendations for reforming a sport weighed down by corruption, NCAA leaders set in motion the process for turning those ideas into reality. The NCAA Board of Governors, a group of 16 university presidents and the association’s highest ranking body, unanimously endorsed all the commission’s recommendations Wednesday. Now it’s up to various subcommittees, working groups and college administrators to dig into a mountain of work over the next three months as the NCAA attempts to change NBA draft rules, create a new enforcement body, toughen penalties for rules violations, revamp summer recruiting and certify agents. All while trying to get buy-in from organizations that might not be motivated to help. “It’s going to be a challenge to say the least,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said. “This is a pace of decision making that the association’s really never done on this kind of scale before.” The Division I Council, comprised mostly of athletic directors and headed by Miami AD Blake James, has the job of turning the recommendations into rules. That requires feedback from schools, then council votes with some conference votes counting more heavily than others. Each proposal then goes to the Board of Directors, where a majority vote is needed to send it to the Board of Governors for final approval. It’s a winding path — crossing 351 Division I schools with varied priorities and concerns — and requiring consensus building and compromise for measures to pass. NCAA rule changes can sometimes take a full calendar year to sort out. “We’ve got to make sure we don’t let the good fall victim to the perfect here,” Emmert said. “Nobody believes we’re going to get everything perfect the first time through.” The independent commission Rice led released a much-anticipated and detailed 60-page report , seven months after the group was formed in response to a federal corruption investigation that rocked college basketball. Ten people, including some assistant coaches, have been charged in a bribery and kickback scheme , and high-profile programs such as Arizona, Louisville and Kansas have been tied to possible NCAA violations. “They believe the college basketball enterprise is worth saving,” Rice told the AP of commission members in an interview before addressing NCAA leaders. “We believe there’s a lot of work to do in that regard. That the state of the game is not very strong. We had to be bold in our recommendations.” The proposals were wide-ranging, falling mostly into five categories: NBA draft rules, specifically the league’s 19-year-old age limit that has led to so-called one-and-done college players; non-scholastic basketball such as AAU leagues and summer recruiting events; the relationship between players and agents; relationships with apparel companies; and NCAA enforcement. “Some people like some of (the recommendations) more than others, which is human nature, but as a board we’re unanimous in the endorsement and the acceptance of these recommendations for the NCAA,” said Minnesota President Eric Kaler, chairman of the Division I Board of Directors. It’s not yet clear how the governing body would pay for some of the proposals, though the NCAA reported revenues of more than $1 billion dollars for fiscal year 2017 in its most recent financial disclosures. The commission offered harsh assessments of toothless NCAA enforcement, as well as the shady summer basketball circuit that brings together agents, apparel companies and coaches looking to profit on teenage prodigies. It called the environment surrounding hoops “a toxic mix of perverse incentives to cheat,” and said responsibility for the current mess goes all the way up to university presidents. It also defended the NCAA’s amateurism model, saying paying players a salary isn’t the answer. “The goal should not be to turn college basketball into another professional league,” the commission wrote in its report. The commission did leave open the possibility that college athletes could earn money off their names, images and likenesses, but decided not to commit on the subject while the courts are still weighing in. Rice called the crisis in college basketball “first and foremost a problem of failed accountability and lax responsibility.” ONE-AND-DONE The commission emphasized the need for elite players to have more options when choosing between college and professional basketball, and to separate the two tracks. The commission called for the NBA and its players association to change rules requiring players to be at least 19 years old and a year removed from graduating high school to be draft eligible. The one-and-done rule was implemented in 2006, despite the success of straight-from-high-school stars such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. “I’m confident they are going to be very supportive,” Emmert said of the NBA and NBAPA. The NBA and players union praised the recommendations on enforcement and expressed concerns about youth basketball. On draft eligibility rules, however, there was no commitment. “The NBA and NBPA will continue to assess them in order to promote the best interests of players and the game,” they said. The commission did, however, say if the NBA and NBPA refuse to change their rules in time for the next basketball season, it would reconvene and consider other options for the NCAA, such as making freshmen ineligible or locking a scholarship for three or four years if the recipient leaves a program after a single year. “One-and-done has to go one way or another,” Rice told the AP. ENFORCEMENT The commission recommended harsher penalties for rule-breakers and that the NCAA outsource the investigation and adjudication of the most serious infractions cases. Level I violations would be punishable with up to a five-year postseason ban and the forfeiture of all postseason revenue for the time of the ban. That could be worth tens of millions to major conference schools. By comparison, recent Level I infractions cases involving Louisville and Syracuse basketball resulted in postseason bans of one year. Instead of show cause orders, which are meant to limit a coach’s ability to work in college sports after breaking NCAA rules, the report called for lifetime bans. “The rewards of success, athletic success, have become very great. The deterrents sometimes aren’t as effective as they need to be. What we want are deterrents that really impact an institution,” said Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, who was a member of the Rice commission. AGENTS The commission proposed the NCAA create a program for certifying agents , and make them accessible to players from high school through their college careers. AAU AND SUMMER LEAGUES The NCAA, with support from the NBA and USA Basketball, should run its own recruiting events for prospects during the summer , the commission said, and take a more serious approach to certifying events it does not control. APPAREL COMPANIES The commission also called for greater financial transparency from shoe and apparel companies such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. These companies have extensive financial relationships with colleges and coaches worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and Adidas had two former executives charged by federal prosecutors in New York in the corruption case......»»

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Evasco out as head of NFA Council

Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. is out of the National Food Authority (NFA) Council, following a row with NFA Administrator Jason Aquino over rice importation. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said on Tuesday that Evasco would no longer head the NFA Council because President Rodrigo Duterte decided on Monday night to put the NFA under the Department of Agriculture, along with the Philippine Coconut Authority and the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piol is expected to head the new NFA Council. The council, the policymaking body of the NFA, will also no longer include the Development Bank of the Philippines, which will be replaced b...Keep on reading: Evasco out as head of NFA Council.....»»

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Duterte orders increase in NFA buying price for palay

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered an increase in the buying price of the National Food Authority (NFA) for paddy rice (palay) despite opposition from his economic managers. In a post on Facebook on Tuesday, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piol quoted the President as saying during the Cabinet meeting on Monday that the increase could boost the NFA's buffer stock, which was wiped out earlier this month. "He did not like a repeat of what happened recently when the country's rice agency went low on its buffer stocks whichever led to a spike in the price of commercial rice in the market," Piol said. Filipino farmers first "Buy from the Filipino farmers first and if you cou...Keep on reading: Duterte orders increase in NFA buying price for palay.....»»

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Shuffling NFA Council won’t solve rice loss

Secretary to the Cabinet Leoncio Evasco was removed Monday as National Food Authority chairman. He had just reported to President Rodrigo Duterte corruption at the NFA......»»

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Duterte orders Evasco’s removal from NFA Council

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday ordered the removal of Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. from the 18-member National Food Authority Council, as well as the return of the grains agency under the control of the Department of Agriculture......»»

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Duterte orders NFA to increase rice buffer stock

Duterte orders NFA to increase rice buffer stock.....»»

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We don’t need a rice council -- Alvarez

SPEAKER Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez backed yesterday the reported intention of President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte to abolish the National Food Authority Council to address the recurring problem with the country’s rice supply, particularly cheaper rice sold by the NFA. “Personally, I think we don’t need such council. We already have an….....»»

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Duterte to NFA: Ignore council, import rice

Duterte to NFA: Ignore council, import rice.....»»

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Roque disputes Piñol over NFA Council abolition

    Does President Duterte want to abolish the NFA Council, the policymaking body of the National Food Authority, to end the conflict between the two over the shortage in the supply of government-subsidized rice?   Yes, says Agriculture Secretary Manny Piol. No, says presidential spokesperson Harry Roque.   The confusion over what the President intended to do with the NFA Council followed a meeting between Mr. Duterte and rice traders on Thursday night.   "He has abolished the NFA Council and he will transfer the NFA and other agencies related to agriculture that were removed from the Department of Agriculture back to the DA," Piol said in...Keep on reading: Roque disputes Piñol over NFA Council abolition.....»»

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Duterte orders relief of LTO personnel in Nueva Vizcaya for extortion 

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the relief of all personnel of Land Transportation Office (LTO) assigned in the truck weighing station in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya following complaints of extortion activities in the area. Duterte issued the directives during his meeting with rice industry stakeholders in Malacañang on Thursday night, Palace spokesman Harry Roque said in… link: Duterte orders relief of LTO personnel in Nueva Vizcaya for extortion .....»»

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Duterte wants to abolish Evasco-led NFA Council

President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his intention to "abolish" the National Food Authority (NFA) Council being led by Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. According to sources, he mentioned this plan during his meeting with major rice traders on Thursday night, April 5. Duterte had also supposedly said he would transfer the ........»»

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Anti-political dynasty bill, Quo warranto petition vs Sereno, Evasco on rice importation | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: Thirteen of 23 senators sign the committee report approving the bill seeking to ban political dynasties.  Makabayan bloc lawmakers and other individuals separately ask the Supreme Court to junk the quo warranto petition against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.  Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco says President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the National Food Authority Council to begin ........»»

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Palace wants National Food Authority Council to speak solely on rice

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte has barred National Food Authority (NFA) administrator Jason Aquino from speaking about the Philippines’ rice supply,.....»»

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Duterte doesn t want NFA chief Jason Aquino speaking on rice supply

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte wants only the National Food Authoriy (NFA) Council to make announcements about rice supply in the country. This was among the major decisions made during the Cabinet meeting on Monday, March 5, Malacañang announced on Tuesday, March 6. "The President said that, henceforth, all information ........»»

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Why should NFA import rice instead of boosting its local palay procurement? 2 groups want to know

Two advocacy groups criticized the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to give the go-ahead to the National Food Administration (NFA) to import rice amid the reported shortage......»»

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Duterte orders rice importation for NFA

Duterte orders rice importation for NFA.....»»

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Businesses give Duterte SONA high marks

BUSINESS leaders on Tuesday cheered President Rodrigo Duterte’s state of the nation address (SONA) delivered the day before, describing the points he raised and policies he reiterated as “honest,” “direct to the point” and “refreshing.” “No pretensions and direct to the point. Frank appeal to end temporary restraining orders and change altogether our government procurement [...].....»»

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Duterte orders streamlining of gov't procurement process - Manila Bulletin

Duterte orders streamlining of gov't procurement process - Manila Bulletin.....»»

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