No state-sanctioned killings? Supt Marcos is 'damning proof'

No state-sanctioned killings? Supt Marcos is 'damning proof'.....»»

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No state-sanctioned killings? Supt Marcos is 'damning proof' - Rappler

No state-sanctioned killings? Supt Marcos is 'damning proof' - Rappler.....»»

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No state-sanctioned EJK – Senate report

MANILA, Philippines - After six hearings, the Senate committee on justice and human rights found no proof that the drug-related killings in the country were.....»»

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Weekly Reflections: When killings are sanctioned by the State

Extra-judicial killing (EJK) is now becoming a hot issue in our country today. Thanks to the social media for opening the eyes of people, including the President, to the inhuman and brutal nature of the “war on drugs” that the Duterte government declared from the very start......»»

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Marcos’ victims remind Duterte that Martial Law was never good

MANILA — “How can martial law be ‘very good,’ Pres. Duterte? Are the arrests, detention, torture, killings during martial law good? The mindset of the military from Marcos and up to now remains the same, that anybody who they consider an enemy of the state may be targetted. What is good with that?”.....»»

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EDITORIAL - Rewarding murder

This is why drug-related killings are being described as state-sanctioned summary executions......»»

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Lascañas is first cop to admit police involvement in Davao Death Squad

DAVAO  CITY (MindaNews / 08 March) &'8212; Retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas is the first policeman to testify before a government investigating body that there were state-sanctioned killings here under the rule of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (now President), that the Davao Death Squad (DDS) is real and not a &'8220;media hype&'8221; as he claimed under oath [&'].....»»

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Palace: Extrajudicial killings not state-sanctioned

MANILA, Philippines — Disputing the report of an international human rights watchdog on President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, Malacañang stressed that ex.....»»

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Nation: Senate report on EJKs clears government role

A REPORT on the Senate investigation into extrajudicial killings (EJKs) said it found no proof of state-sponsored murders, but noted the culture of impunity amid the thousands of reported killings "in the last two decades at least.".....»»

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Palace: No state-sanctioned killings

Palace: No state-sanctioned killings.....»»

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No proof of state-sponsored drug killings, Gordon says -

No proof of state-sponsored drug killings, Gordon says -»»

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US senators reconsider assistance to Philippines amid drug war

MANILA, Philippines — An American senator warned that the United States government may take action if the extrajudicial killings and state-sanctioned violenc.....»»

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State university teachers urge gov’t to stop killings

State university teachers urge gov’t to stop killings.....»»

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Acosta denies pattern in killings, then Risa quotes her

MANILA, Philippines — Tears were shed as the Senate hearing into the deaths in drug war turned emotional after a senator slammed what is perceived as state s.....»»

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Baguio progressives call for justice, end to state fascism

BAGUIO CITY — Progressive groups and leaders here gathered to express their common call for justice for all victims of extrajudicial killings and an end to state facism on the wake of Kian Loyd delos Santos burial on August 16......»»

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Snack Time in MSU

Fish balls are a favorite snack items among female students at Mindanao State University in Marawi City, where classes resumed last August 22 amid the ongoing clashes in the city between government forces and the Islamic State-inspired Maute group. Photo taken on August 29, 2017. MindaNews photo by H. MARCOS C. MORDENO.....»»

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Day 99

Fire again engulfs downtown Marawi City as the military continues to pound suspected positions of the Islamic State-inspired Maute group with aerial and artillery bombardment on Tuesday, 29 August 2017, Day 99 of the Marawi siege. MindaNews photo by H. MARCOS C. MORDENO.....»»

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Mag-aaral sa Ilocos Norte para sa libreng edukasyon

BATAC, Ilocos Norte — Mahigit 2,000 na estudyante ng Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) ang tumindig para sa libreng edukasyon sa magkakahiwalay na forum sa mga MMSU campus sa Batac, Laoag at Currimao noong Agosto 22-24, 2017......»»

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ISIS militants, hostages escape Marawi mosque

MARAWI CITY – Dozens of local ISIS militants and their hostages managed to escape undetected from a mosque they used to attack security forces in the besieged city of Marawi.  The daring escape was only discovered after troops managed to advance and eventually recaptured the mosque from militants on Thursday hours before President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Marawi. The military trumpeted the “liberation” of the mosque, but it did not say how ISIS fighters and their captives managed to escape from thousands of troops who surrounded Marawi, and spy planes and drones monitoring the siege since May 23.  The fate of the hostages, including a Catholic priest and church workers, remains unknown.  Duterte, wearing a Kevlar helmet and a bullet-proof vest, inspected troops in the battlefront and spoke to them. “The President also congratulated the troops for defending Marawi from terror elements and for successfully retaking the Islamic Center yesterday, a structure that was maintained as the Daesh-inspired terrorist group's command and control for the longest time before it was retaken,” said Army Captain Jo-ann Petinglay, a spokeswoman for the Western Mindanao Command.  It was his 3rd visit to Marawi since the fighting began when militants occupied the city in an effort to put up an Islamic province in the restive region. Security officials also briefed Duterte on the progress of the military operations against the militants.  In his talk with the soldiers, Duterte assured his full support to the military and police forces fighting ISIS. “I would like to reiterate this, I will never abandon you as long as you are doing the right thing. This would include fighting against the terrorists groups, the drug lords or the common criminals as long as you are doing your sworn duty to enforce the law and protect the republic. Let me emphasize however that you must do your job in accordance with the law,” he said.  Duterte was accompanied by National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Defense Undersecretary Cesar Yano, Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Eduardo Ano and Army Chief Lieutenant General Glorioso Miranda.  Oust Duterte  His visit to the battlefield came days after disgruntled soldiers and policemen who are members of a shadowy group called Patriotic and Democratic Movement or PADEM called for the ouster of Duterte. They accused Duterte of treating the military and police as his private armies and for betraying and violating public trust and cited 10 reasons to call for his ouster. The group also urged Filipinos to join PADEM in condemning and fighting Duterte and his administration and to stage mass actions and demand the President’s ouster. In a manifesto, Antonio Bonifacio, who claimed to be PADEM’s spokesman, called on members of the military and police to also join the people in demanding Duterte’s resignation and also his administration. It said the group is working for the withdrawal military and police support for Duterte.  “We urge all Filipinos as individuals and as groups in whatever social sector, field, institution or organization to exercise their right of assembly and expression to undertake mass actions demanding the ouster of Duterte and his administration. We call on our fellow officers and members of the AFP and the PNP to join the people in demanding the resignation or ouster of Duterte and his administration.” “We pledge to work for the withdrawal of military and police support for Duterte and his administration in conjunction with mass mobilization of the Filipino people in millions to manifest their demand for the resignation or ouster of Duterte and his administration. Upon the change of administration, we pledge to follow the principle of civilian supremacy and support a new civilian administration, in accordance with the 1987 Constitution and the rule of law,” the manifesto, released by Bonifacio – believed to be a nom de guerre – said. PADEM also condemned and holds accountable for gross crimes in betrayal of public trust and in violation of national sovereignty and democratic rights of the Filipino people. It cited the following reasons as alleged crimes of Duterte:   Treating the AFP and the PNP as these were his private armies and practising favoritism and violating professional and service standards in the promotion and assignment of officers; Corrupting the PNP and the AFP with a system of monetary awards for the extrajudicial killing of alleged illegal drug users and of NPA suspects; Condoning and protecting top-level illegal drug lords; Emboldening/inciting police officers to engage in extrajudicial killings of poor suspected illegal drug users and pushers by publicly telling officers to plant evidence and by guaranteeing their pardon and promotion in case of conviction; Aggravating corruption in government and criminality through the collusion of Duterte trustees and crime syndicates; Allowing China to occupy maritime features in the West Philippine Sea and to violate Philippine sovereign rights upheld by decision of the Arbitral Tribunal in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea; Bungling the operations in Marawi City and indiscriminately destroying lives and property through aerial bombings, artillery and mortar; Favoring certain Chinese businessmen and Duterte relatives and cronies in the award of projected infrastructure projects using loans from China; Betraying the sovereign rights of the Filipino people by making the Philippines a debt vassal of China and offering to China the oil and gas resources under the West Philippine Sea as collateral for Chinese loans; and Seeking to replace the partnership with the United States in matters [&'].....»»

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View police killings in light of state monopoly of violence - The Manila Times

View police killings in light of state monopoly of violence - The Manila Times.....»»

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View police killings in light of state monopoly of violence

View police killings in light of state monopoly of violence.....»»

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