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Coronavirus updates: Death toll rises as WHO declares global emergency | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: DOH monitors 31 patients for novel coronavirus China virus death toll hits 212 – health officials Senate poised to acquit Trump as witness motion appears doomed No retirement plans for Federer: 'I can still win Slams' Big hit for Facebook as latest results show cracks in growth – Executive Producer / Writer Lilibeth Frondoso Associate Producer / Publisher Marga Deona Jaira Roxas Master Editor / Playback Emerald Hidalgo Jaene Zaplan Jaen Manegdeg Quita Chuatico.....»»

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Senate poised to acquit Trump as witness motion appears doomed

WASHINGTON, USA – President Donald Trump's hopes for a speedy acquittal by the Senate received a boost on Thursday, January 30 as Democrats suffered a setback in their efforts to introduce new witnesses at his impeachment trial. (READ:  Democrats warn of 'lawless' president in Trump impeachment arguments ) Democrats had sought to have Trump's former national security advisor John ........»»

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Charge ex-PNP chief with graft& mdash;DOJ

The Department of Justice has sufficient basis to indict former Philippine National Police chief Police General Oscar Albayalde and several police officers, in connection with the alleged irregular anti-drug operation in Pampanga in 2013......»»

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DoJ finds probable cause to charge Albayalde, 12 ‘ninja cops’ with graft over 2013 drug operation

By REY G. PANALIGAN Government prosecutors have found probable cause to charge in court former Philippine National Police chief Police Gen. Oscar Albayalde and 12 other police officers, called “ninja cops,” in connection with the drug operation conducted in Pampanga in 2013. A summary of the resolution issued by Department of Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete […].....»»

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Shooting inside suburban Denver mall kills 1; suspect sought

AURORA, Colorado: Gunfire broke out inside a mall in a Denver suburb on Friday, killing a 17-year-old boy and causing shoppers to scatter in search of hiding places, police officials and a witness said. Aurora Police Department spokesman Anthony Camacho said officers were looking for at least one suspect who wielded a handgun in the […].....»»

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LeBron James keeping Father Time at bay in LA

By Shaun Powell, The bearded man in a robe who walks with a slight hunch and carries an hourglass always lurks in the shadows, almost out of view. Nobody is paying him much mind or cares what he has to say -- at least not initially. He’s not on anyone’s radar until he appears and applies a gentle tap on the shoulder (or a violent shove in the back) of the unsuspecting. And that’s when they realize they’ve been paid a visit by someone whom Charles Barkley always says is undefeated. Yes, it is “Father Time,” the mythical creation of the ancient Greeks whose clock is more pronounced than any made in Switzerland. He is, by every metric, always on time, although that seems to vary, depending on his mood. He is gracious and respectful in some cases, unforgiving in others. Ultimately, he and only he decides when your time in sports is up. And so, it’s a matter of when, not if, he’ll throw LeBron James in reverse. But where other stars became role players or transformed into shells of their former selves, LeBron is playing at a high level. He turns 35 later this month and because he’s delivering Kia MVP-quality results here in his 17th NBA season, he is winning against time, and therefore, he is … cheating time. He’s almost at 57,000 minutes played in the regular season and playoffs combined, which ranks fourth behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant. He should pass Kobe for No. 3 in career scoring (33,643 points) by the All-Star break. The all-time scoring mark and a high ranking on the all-time assists list are in sight, too. Ask him why and how he’s doing it and LeBron is playfully coy and quick to say “fine wine.” He’ll also often credit the extra motivation he acquired last summer, when he watched the playoffs from his sofa, not far removed from a groin injury and a dreadful first season with the Lakers. Those things caused him grief and fueled his desire to reclaim his place. "I put in the work and I trust everything that I’ve done, especially this offseason," James said. "I’ve come in with a great mindset, with a healthy mindset and a healthy body." Considering his middle age, LeBron is putting together a masterful season (25.6 ppg, 7.1 rpg) while excelling as a volume 3-point shooter. His 10.8 apg leads the NBA and his effort defensively -- which was laughable last season -- is laudable now. Nobody at 35 has assembled such numbers in league history. “He’s LeBron James,” said Clippers coach Doc Rivers. “Until he isn’t.” What’s age got to do with it? Well, nothing right now. LeBron is still capable of unleashing a facial dunk, as he did with a smirk against the Kings’ Nemanja Bjelica, who perhaps wisely never bothered to challenge it. He also covers all the court rather than, as some aging players are wont to do, play between the free throw lines. It’s true that soon enough he will wear longer shorts than anyone in the game -- not from faulty tailoring, but from constant pulling and tugging. And while the ball is in play, he will someday hear squeaking on the court and suddenly notice that sound is coming from his joints. “Nobody knows when it’ll happen to him because he’s still playing in the air,” said Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins. “And even when that goes, his basketball IQ will allow him to stay great on the ground. I mean, who gets triple doubles at his age? Only he knows when his time is up.” When that day arrives -- and assuming he doesn’t first quit while he’s ahead -- how big of a decline will it be for LeBron (and, by extension, for us) to witness? Will he fall prey to nagging injuries, get torched nightly by previously inferior players, or quit playing defense? Here’s how “Father Time” diminished six greats who came before LeBron: 1. Michael Jordan: When he retired for the second time, after his last season with the Bulls, Jordan was still very much a physical marvel and the reigning MVP and Finals MVP (he won five MVPs and six Finals MVPs). He was certifiably great for 13 of his 15 seasons and could’ve been longer if not for three years of college ball, an injury-shortened 1985-86 season and 1.5 missed seasons due to baseball. His body only began to betray him when he un-retired in 2001 to play for the Wizards. At 38, Jordan rarely dunked, wasn’t as sharp defensively and knee issues limited him to 60 games in 2001-02. 2. Jerry West: “The Logo” never had a down year in his 14-year career. He was First-Team All-Defense in 1972-73 as a 34-year-old and was solid in his final season (20.3 ppg, 6.6 apg, 2.6 spg). But he wasn’t at his peak of the late 1960s and opted to quit over pride (and money, when Lakers owner Jack Kent Cooke refused to renegotiate his contract). 3. Bill Russell: His career ended mainly because he ran out of psychological fuel. Russell lost his passion to play at 35, even after winning championship No. 11 in his final season (1968-69). That season, he played 46.1 mpg in the playoffs, averaging 10.8 ppg, 20.5 rpg and 5.4 apg. While those numbers are perhaps skewed by the way the game was played back then, they’re still remarkable. 4. Wilt Chamberlain: A man of astonishing stats, Chamberlain averaged a league-leading 18.6 rpg and shot 72.7% overall in his final season (1972-73). Knee issues had long forced Wilt into being a statue in the paint and a third option on offense. After that final NBA season, he jumped from the Lakers to the ABA for money. San Diego offered him $600,000 to be a player-coach, but his Lakers contract prevented him from playing. Wilt coached instead, doing so with disinterest, often not showing up for games or practice. He quit basketball completely after that season. 5. Kobe Bryant: Those roundtrip flights to Germany to get oil for his knees managed to delay the obvious for a few years, but a torn Achilles in 2013 at 35 was the killer. Kobe, much like Jordan and LeBron, was elite into his 30s. And he’ll always have that 60-point send-off. 6. Karl Malone: He won his final MVP at 35 and was built for durability, never suffering a serious injury. He averaged 20.6 ppg in his final season with Utah (2002-03) as he approached 40. By then, he had morphed into a jump shooter and lost his instincts for offensive rebounding. He bowed out as a ring-chasing role player with the Lakers in ‘03-04. Larry Bird was ruined by debilitating back issues at 32. Abdul-Jabbar often only jogged downcourt his last six seasons. Tim Duncan became a secondary option in his last four seasons while Dirk Nowitzki averaged more than 20 ppg once over his final five seasons. Vince Carter is 42 and proudly still playing, but clearly is 10 years beyond his prime. Allen Iverson was the last to know his quickness was gone. “For me, it was Year 12 when it hit me,” said Lakers great James Worthy, who had knee issues. “My patented move was taking off from somewhere inside the free throw line. I found myself halfway there once and I started to descend before I got close to the rim. I had to do a George Gervin flip instead of a dunk. “It’s different now, with this generation of players. I was eating Burger King before games and working out on Nautilus machines. I went to college with Lawrence Taylor and I remember him telling me, ‘I don’t wanna get hit anymore.’ And he’s a reckless guy. LeBron will wake up one day and he won’t have that drive. He’ll be tired and while physically he’s in such great shape, something will go away, either a move or speed.” LeBron seems determined to be the outlier. He spends, by various estimations, more than $1 million on his body for round the clock therapy and a personal trainer. Last summer, he refused to allow the shooting schedule for the movie “Space Jam 2” to interfere with his schedule, rising at 3:30 a.m. to train before heading to the set. He has more than once fantasized about staying in the league long enough to possibly play against or alongside his son, Bronny (now a high school freshman). “LeBron is not only a great player but a physical marvel,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “Probably the best athlete to ever walk this planet. I’ve never seen anybody in my lifetime in any sport whom I would consider a better athlete. It’s one of his best attributes and the one that goes the least noticed. You just take it for granted that he’s out there every night and still doing his things.” LeBron exchanged playful tweets with Tom Brady last month, with LeBron saying the two are “one in the same.” Brady is a tame comparison to LeBron. Brady doesn’t run 94 feet and back for nine months (playoffs included) and when tired can simply hand off to the running back. Same for NFL legend Joe Montana, who made the Pro Bowl at 37. MLB legend Nolan Ryan threw once every four or five days. Maybe tennis star Roger Federer, who won Wimbledon at 36 and still reaches finals at 38, comes closest. “It wouldn’t shock me if LeBron played until he was 40,” West said. “He’s such a great athlete and knows enough about his body that he’ll probably leave before he declines.” After watching Robert Parish waste away on the Bulls’ bench, Jordan said he’d never allow himself to stay in the game that long. His pride and unwillingness to be seen as hanging on meant he’d walk away first. LeBron doesn’t think of the twilight and given how he’s playing now, that doesn’t appear to be in the future, anyway. “I was with the Nuggets late in my career and the funny thing is I was leading the league in assists,” said Mark Jackson, fourth on the all-time assists list. “There was a loose ball, a deflection, and it’s right here, and I can go get it. I made the move to go get it, and before I could get anywhere near it, a kid out of nowhere, and in a blur, snatched it. Gets the ball, by the time I get to the spot where the ball is, he’d already dunked it. Young kid by the name of Allen Iverson. I knew it would never be the same.” Jackson says LeBron is so multi-gifted that he can endure decline in one area and still flourish in another. “He also has the knowledge, pace and understanding that he’ll still be able to be effective even when he slows down,” Jackson said. “I don’t think it’ll be drastic. He can average a triple-double for the next five years.” LeBron is taking great satisfaction in fighting age while tweaking skeptics, both real and imagined, who wondered if decline was imminent. He cites that “Washed King” nickname -- did somebody actually call him that? -- as motivation. “It’s the personal pressure I put on myself,” LeBron said. Eventually, like everyone, he’ll take the L from “Father Time.” Until then, LeBron is making us wonder if that mythical man exists. Shaun Powell has covered the NBA for more than 25 years. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here, and follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting. .....»»

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Albayalde retires, will spend ‘quality time’ with family

Former Philippine National Police chief Oscar Albayalde quietly retired from the service yesterday, weeks after he stepped down from his post over allegations he was a protector of “ninja cops,” the term for police officers engaged in reselling of narcotics seized in raids......»»

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Philippines police chief and Duterte drug war enforcer resigns in meth scandal

Oscar Albayalde denies allegations he profits from drug deals arranged by corrupt officers in 2013 The chief of police in the Philippines has stepped down after facing historical accusations in the Se.....»»

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  SAID a former NBI officer, “What General Albayalde had to go through, facing his men and bidding them farewell, it’s a cause for manly tears.” The mood was somber, the po­licemen in uniform marching before their chief for the last time. Their spirits were down, the atmosphere funereal. Remembering the state­ments of officers aired […].....»»

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PNP chief: It seems everybody’s ganging up on me

Philippine National Police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde maintained his innocence over allegations that he benefited from a questionable drug raid by his men in Pampanga in November 2013......»»

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Albayalde on issue of ninja cops: Let’s move on

Stressing that there is no concrete proof linking him to the illegal drug trade, Philippine National Police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde yesterday urged the public to move on from the issue of “ninja cops” or police officers recycling and selling seized drugs......»»

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762 policemen on drug list

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has placed under tight monitoring 762 police officers suspected to be involved in illegal drug activities, according to PNP chief Oscar Albayalde. Albayalde confirmed on…READ.....»»

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Cops on Duterte s drug list urged to surrender

Philippine National Police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde is urging the nearly 400 PNP officers who are included in President Duterte’s drug watchlist to surrender and submit themselves to the legal process, saying it would be better for the policemen to turn themselves in to the authorities and clear their names in a legal proceeding......»»

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Valle sues police, Army officials for June 9 illegal arrest

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 07 July) – Davao Today columnist Fidelina Margarita “Gingging” Valle who was arrested at the Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental on June 9 and held incommunicado for at least eight hours, has filed criminal and administrative charges against officers of the Philippine National Police led by PNP chief Oscar Albayalde, and […].....»»

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Report abusive police officials – Albayalde

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde yesterday urged police officers who may have suffered maltreatment from their superiors to come out and file a complaint......»»

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PNP chief orders crackdown on goons, loose guns

Ten Days ahead of the May 13, 2019 midterm elections, Philippine National Police chief General Oscar Albayalde asked police officers to “sacrifice a little.” Albayalde made the call despite citing the police for doing good in their preparations for the midterms polls. “Pagtyagaan na natin ito. This happens every three years. Konting sakrispisyo, konting sipag […] The post PNP chief orders crackdown on goons, loose guns appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Cops beat up man in viral video, PNP confirms

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde confirmed yesterday that the armed men shown in a viral video beating up a man in Talamban, Cebu are police officers......»»

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Cops, soldiers urged: Best drills win prize

​President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday ordered the military and police officers to conduct daily drills that can be watched by the public, adding that he would ask his “rich” friends to donate cash prizes for those who will showcase the best moves......»»

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Japan and Princess Cruises Must be Held Accountable for Filipino Crewmembers with the Corona Virus

The Filipino crew of the Diamond Princes received significant levels of exposures to the COVID-19 coronavirus while onboard that quarantined ship. Unlike passengers and the ship's officers, Filipinos—who worked mostly at the staff level—had to interact with passengers regularly. They delivered meals throughout the vessel and responded to customer queries and requests even as the ship itself was already under quarantine conditions ........»»

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Duterte promotes PCG officials

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Tuesday announced that President Rodrigo Duterte approved the promotions of nine rear admirals and twelve commodores of the agency. In a statement, the PCG noted the promotions of its officers were based on the recommendations of the Department of Transportation (DoTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade. The PCG officials who were […] The post Duterte promotes PCG officials appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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