New NegOr PNP Chief Hopes to Adopt ‘Bohol Model’ in the Province

New NegOr PNP Chief Hopes to Adopt ‘Bohol Model’ in the Province.....»»

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Bohol’s Open Governance model took center stage in this year’s ASIA PACIFIC LEADERS FORUM ON OPEN GOVERNMENT in Jakarta, Indonesia last December 14. The host country thru Indonesia’s Ministry of Planning invited Bohol Governor Edgar M. Chatto to speak on Sub National Open Governance and its impact to development taking the experience of Bohol province. […].....»»

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Neri-Chaves Clan: A Tale of Southern Nobility

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, the crown jewel of Mindanao, is the country’s newest boom town, experiencing an accelerated level of modernization and real estate investments. Infrastructures such as hotels, malls and condominium towers are vigorously constructed one after the other to accommodate the influx of new residents and visitors to the city. Proof that, Cagayan de Oro as it is fondly called, had long since shed its small-town roots, to become the mega melting pot of pioneering entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile young professionals that it is today. Apart from the perks and comforts of living in a highly urbanized city, people who call Cagayan de Oro home also bask in its rich and colorful history that dates back to pre-colonial times. One clan in particular has been a prominent figure in the city’s enduring saga and cultural evolution. The Neri-Chaves family are descendants of a strong-willed Rajah whose resoluteness drove him to seek out dominions beyond his stronghold’s fertile terrains in Lanao province. The Malay prince, whose name was Samporna, or Sanskrit for ‘perfect’, decided to invade Cagayan or Kalambagohan as it was then known. Excerpts from the writings of the Neri-Chaves family historian, Filomeno M. Bautista, recounted how a potential bloody struggle was averted, when the then chief of Kalambagohan, Datu Bagani, sent his beautiful daughter guarded by his bravest warriors to meet Rajah Samporna. She was to initiate the conditional surrender, so that their people would not be enslaved by the invaders. It was told that the Rajah, captivated by Datu Bagani’s daughter, ended up marrying her. The prince also built a fortress around their village in Kalambagohan to protect them from other conquistadores. Rajah Samporna later succeeded the Datu as ruler of Cagayan. He also converted from Islam to Christianity to solidify his devotion to his wife’s religion, and in 1779 was baptized by a Spanish priest with a peculiarly Italian name, Neri. It ushered an era of peace in Mindanao, when Muslims lived harmoniously with Christians. The Neris intermarrying with the Chaveses of Cagayan was perhaps providential as it produced one of the most enduring clans in the country. Today, the Neri-Chaves clan is many thousand strong. Well-known lawyer and congressman Rufus Bautista Rodriguez attributes the successes enjoyed by many family members throughout many generations to the tireless pursuit of life’s true purpose. “We are hardworking people. We are also fortunate to have had many individuals in the family who continue to inspire us, like Vice President Emmanuel Neri Pelaez and Ambassador Felino Neri”, Rodriguez said, adding in jest, “At mga gwapo, gwapa pa!” Most if not all of Cagayan de Oro’s earliest leaders, from Governors to Mayors, were members of the Neri-Chaves family. Some became pioneers in other fields like business, education and the arts, from Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan to musicologist and concert pianist Vilma May Chaves Cataylo. The clan has had three grand reunions, first in 1985, then in 1993, and the most recent one took place in August 2016 where hundreds of family members came together from all over the world to rekindle family ties. Jessica Dingcong, who spearheaded the recent reunion held at the Chaves family-owned Chali Beach and Mallberry Suites in Cagayan de Oro City, wants to inspire the next generation to carry on the legacy of benevolence and integrity of their forebears. “We should be proud that we are very family oriented,’ Dingcong said. In attendance at the grand reunion were the Neri-Cheves clan’s many young professionals and millennials. Sixth generation Neri-Chaves and journalist Alessandra Marie Chaves Jalandoni, who carries her nickname Apples professionally, admits feeling the pressure of belonging to a family of achievers. “We have some pretty big shoes to fill, so we soldier on, and never give up,,” Jalandoni said, adding that, “We have always been taught to do the right thing, and not just what looks good on paper.” Jalandoni’s maternal grandfather Engineer Camilo Vamenta Chaves was a World War II veteran and subsequently Dean at the family-owned Liceo de Cagayan University. Her mother Alma Marie Chaves Jalandoni is a pioneer in garments manufacturing and export in the Philippines. Current Social Security Services Commissioner Pompee La Viña will head the next Neri-Chaves grand reunion in 2018. La Viña is the son of Lourdes Chaves Maestrado La Viña who was the first woman elected to the City Council in Cagayan de Oro. His younger brother is former Ateneo School of Government dean and climate change lead negotiator Tony La Viña. Commissioner La Viña hopes to welcome many more family members to their tight-knit Mindanaon clan. “It roots us in Mindanao, the blood of Mindanao is running through us,” he said. La Viña also ponders on how leadership is ingrained in the members of the clan. After all they are descendants of a warrior prince. But the word is also taking on a new meaning as the Neris and Chaveses usher Mindanao to its most vibrant era. “We will always be leaders, we are simply inclined to lead,” La Viña maintained, “but to lead as serving the people rather than ruling them.” (By J. C. Bautista) &'160; 121&'160;total views, 121&'160;views today.....»»

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Boholanos climb mountain to show devotion to Black Nazarene

GARCIA HERNANDEZ, Bohol --- Devotion to the Black Nazarene is not only confined to those who flock to Quiapo in Manila every Jan. 9. Hundreds of pilgrims and devotees in Bohol province climbed the mountain in this town to ask to be healed and give thanks on the feast of the Black Nazarene on Tuesday. Rosalinda Huertas, 66, walked at least 3 km to visit the chapel and offer prayers. Huertas, who suffered from pneumonia last week, believed that the Black Nazarene played a big role in healing her sickness. Edward Guyano, 43, was also emotional when he visited the place. He visited the mountain two years ago before he had a stroke last year. Guyano said the Black Nazare...Keep on reading: Boholanos climb mountain to show devotion to Black Nazarene.....»»

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Seoul: North Korea to send delegation to Olympics in South

By Hyung-Jin Kim, Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea agreed Tuesday to send a delegation to next month's Winter Olympics in South Korea, Seoul officials said, as the bitter rivals sat for rare talks at the border to discuss how to cooperate in the Olympics and improve their long-strained ties. The Koreas' first talks in two years were arranged after North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un recently made an abrupt push for improved ties with South Korea after a year of elevated tensions with the outside world over his expanding nuclear and missile programs. Critics say Kim may be trying to divide Seoul and Washington in a bid to weaken international pressure and sanctions on the North. During the talks, the North Korean delegation said it would send an Olympic delegation, which includes officials, athletes, cheerleaders, journalists and others, South Korea's Vice Unification Minister Chun Hae-sung told reporters, according to media footage from the border village of Panmunjom, the venue for the talks. The South Korean delegation, for its part, proposed North Korea send a big delegation and conduct a joint march during the Feb. 9-25 Game's opening and closing ceremonies, Chun, one of the five South Korean negotiators, said. He said South Korea also suggested resuming temporary reunions of families separated by war and offering military talks designed to reduce animosities in frontline areas. South Korea also stressed the need to achieve denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Chun said. North Korea responded by saying the two Koreas must try to promote peace and reconciliation through dialogue, he said. The two sides were to continue their negotiations later Tuesday at Panmunjom, the only place on the tense border where North and South Korean soldiers are just feet away from each other. A North Korean soldier late last year defected to the South across Panmunjom amid a hail of bullets fired by his comrades. He was hit five times but survived. The meeting began with an amicable atmosphere Tuesday morning, with chief North Korean delegate Ri Son Gwon saying he hopes the talks would give "a New Year's first gift — precious results (of the talks) to the Korean nation." Ri's South Korean counterpart, Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, said he also hopes they would come up with a "good gift" for people in both Koreas. The overall prospect for the negotiations was still unclear. The two Koreas have a long history of ending key talks without any agreement and failing to follow through with rapprochement accords. An agreement on the North's Olympic participation had been widely expected before the talks began, but the Koreas remain sharply at odds over how to improve their overall ties. North Korea is expected to demand rewards in return for South Korea's offer for family reunions and military talks, like Seoul halting propaganda broadcasts and scaling back or halting military drills with the U.S., observers say. Suspension of the military drills would be unacceptable for Seoul because that would seriously undermine the alliance with its chief ally the United States, which wants to put more pressures on Pyongyang. The North views the drills as a rehearsal for a northward invasion. President Donald Trump on Saturday expressed hope for some progress from the talks and said he was open to talking with Kim himself. But U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley later said the U.S. administration isn't changing its conditions regarding talks with North Korea, saying Kim would first need to stop weapons testing for a "significant amount of time." In his New Year's Day address, Kim said there is an urgent need to improve inter-Korean ties and that he is willing to send a delegation to the Pyeongchang Games. He urged Seoul to halt the military drills with the U.S. and said he has a "nuclear button" to launch missiles at any target in the United States. South Korean liberal President Moon Jae-in, who favors dialogue as a way to defuse the North Korean nuclear standoff, welcomed Kim's outreach and proposed talks at Panmunjom. Kim quickly accepted. "As President Moon has said, the improvement of relations between North and South Korea cannot advance separately from resolving North Korea's nuclear program," Brian Hook, a chief adviser to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, told reporters in a conference call late Monday Washington time. "And so, we remain focused on our global pressure campaign. That campaign is designed to bring Kim Jong Un to the table for meaningful negations." The Trump administration agreed last week to delay springtime military drills with South Korea until after the Games. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted the delay was a practical necessity to accommodate the Olympics, not a political gesture. Trump and Kim traded bellicose warlike rhetoric and even crude insults last year, as the North conducted it sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation and three tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The International Olympic Committee said Monday it has "kept the door open" for North Korea to take part in the Games. IOC spokesman Mark Adams said the registration deadline has been extended and that the Switzerland-based committee supports North Korean athletes in the qualification process, while respecting U.N. sanctions against North Korea......»»

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Flooding hits Albay due to heavy rain

MANILA, Philippines – Torrential rain brought by Tropical Storm Agaton, aggravated by the tail-end of the cold front, caused flooding in low-lying areas of Albay province.  Albay Public Safety Emergency and Management Office (Apsemo) Chief Cedric Daep ordered the local government units (LGUs) in 15 towns and 3 cities ........»»

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Residents evacuated as rivers overflow in Bohol towns

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol — Torrential rainfall triggered by Tropical Depression “Agaton” caused rivers to overflow in some towns of Bohol province on Monday night, triggering floods. Bitoy Guatno, a resident of Barangay Lagtangan in Sevilla town, was monitoring the Sevilla River since morning when the rains started. Guatno, 37, said the Sevilla River had overflowed… link: Residents evacuated as rivers overflow in Bohol towns.....»»

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Bohol on high alert ahead of Tropical Depression Agaton

BOHOL, Philippines – Continuous rains have triggered massive flooding in parts of Bohol, as the threat of Tropical Depression Agaton prompted the provincial government to place the entire province under high alert. The province of Bohol has been placed under "high red alert" due to potential flooding that could be ........»»

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Rice donation: Jailbirds join aid drive for storm survivors

Even with little food to spare, jail inmates in Cavite province chipped in to donate eight sacks of rice to the victims of Tropical Storms "Urduja" and "Vinta," which devastated parts of Eastern Visayas and Mindanao.   The charity shown by the detainees of the Dasmarias City Jail was complemented by personnel of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) who donated 300 cans of sardines and 360 packs of noodles.   According to Dasmarias City Jail warden Chief Insp. Rolando Badio, the inmates volunteered to contribute food to the typhoon victims.   It did not sit well with the detainees that they had food to eat three times a day while the victims w...Keep on reading: Rice donation: Jailbirds join aid drive for storm survivors.....»»

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Deadly Christmas on the road: 30 killed

  At least 30 people were killed and dozens injured in road accidents in the run-up to Christmas, putting a dampener to the Filipinos' celebration of the happiest season of all. In La Union province, 20 people, including seven children, were killed on Monday when a passenger bus collided head-on with the jeepney they were traveling in to Christmas Mass at Agoo town. Another 10 passengers, along with the jeepney driver, and 17 occupants of the bus were injured. Speeding while overtaking Chief Insp. Roy Villanueva, Agoo police chief, said the jeepney was speeding and was overtaking another vehicle when it crashed into the Partas bus on the northbound lane of the Man...Keep on reading: Deadly Christmas on the road: 30 killed.....»»

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This week’s milestones

(Dec. 24 to Dec. 30) Dec. 24, 1898 The last Spanish governor-general of the Philippines, Don Diego de los Rios, surrendered Iloilo City in Iloilo province to Visayan revolutionary forces led by Gen. Martin Delgado. The revolutionary government, called the Federal Republic of the Visayas, was based in Santa Barbara, Iloilo province. De los Rios signed the formal surrender documents before leaving for retirement in Spain. Dec. 30, 1941 Manuel L. Quezon was inaugurated on his second term as the second President of the Philippines outside Malinta Tunnel in Corregidor, Cavite province. Quezon and then Vice President Sergio Osmea took their oath of office before then Chief Justi...Keep on reading: This week’s milestones.....»»

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NPA rebel killed in Masbate clash hours before Christmas truce

LEGAZPI CITY---A suspected member of the New People's Army (NPA) was killed in an encounter with Army soldiers Saturday morning in Baleno town in Masbate province, just two days before Christmas and hours before the beginning of the separate holiday ceasefires announced by both the government and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Capt. Joash Pramis, chief of the 9th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office (9DPAO), said the soldiers surprised some 20 NPA rebels encamped not far from the center of Barangay (village) Ubungan Diot. Pramis said the government troops were conducting combat patrol after the Army received the information about the presence of an armed group in ...Keep on reading: NPA rebel killed in Masbate clash hours before Christmas truce.....»»

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Bohol braces for Vinta

BOHOL, Philippines – After the state weather bureau placed Bohol province under signal number one on Thursday, December 21, local ........»»

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KGOB Christmas Thanksgiving

THE MANAGER                                                 EDITOR Radio Stations                                                 Newspapers   BOHOL MEDIA Province of Bohol              The KITA UG ANG GOBERNADOR (KGOB) has been an effective avenue for information dissemination, […].....»»

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Amateur Brillo knocks out opponent in 14 seconds

GENERAL SANTOS CITY—Reymar Brillo of Sultan Kudarat sent Zaldy Ricopuerto of Malungon, Saranggani to the canvas in just 14 seconds during the preliminary round of the Philippine Sports Commission-Pacquiao Amateur Boxing Cup at the Robinsons Place here. A veteran of almost a hundred bouts, the 18-year-old furiously chased his opponent and connected with left and right combinations to the head that instantly floored Ricopuerto and forced the referee to wave him out. ``Sabi ni coach kung makaya mo i-knockout, knockout mo na,’’ said Brillo, who progressed to the Mindanao quarterfinals in February in Kidapawan City with eight other boxers. Brillo has been fighting in the ring since he was nine and not a few offers to turn professional came his way. ``Pag-iisipan ko po ng husto. Sa ngayon, training po muna,’’ said Brillo. Coach Jimmy Cubay, who trains Brillo in the Sultan Kudarat team for the past two years, is confident his boxer can fight for flag and country in international competitions. ``Pag-isipan po namin itong kay Reymar. Wala akong masasabi sa batang ito. May lakas, tapang at mabait pa,’’ said Cubay, whose protege, Carolyn Calungsod, is now a member of the national women’s squad. The PSC-Pacquiao Cup is a joint undertaking between the government sports agency and Senator Manny Pacquiao that hopes to find talents that can be endorsed to the national pool. In coordination with the Philippine Sports Institute (PSI) and the Amateur Boxing Alliances in the Philippines (Abap), the qualifying rounds of the tournament will be held December 16-April 7 in different parts of the country. James Errol Gahaton (44-46kg youth boys) of Barangay Labangal, General Santos City also advanced to the quarterfinals along with Ben John Rey Yagahon of Malaybalay City and Jayson Brillo of Sultan Kudarat in the 48kg division. Also making it to the quarters were Ariel Almamento of General Santos, Jake Sone Saludar of Polomolok, South Cotabato in the 46-49kg; Acreboy Baranggan of Aglayan, General Santos, John Igancius Macas of Cagayan de Oro and Gen San’s Criz Sander Laurente in the 52kg division. The preliminary rounds for the national finals will kick off April 14-15 in Mandaluyong City followed by the quarterfinals on April 21-22 in Bohol. The semifinals will be held in Tagum City in Davao del Norte on April 28 while the finals will return to General Santos City on May 5.  .....»»

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Islamist bombers attack church in Pakistan, killing 9

QUETTA, Pakistan --- Two suicide bombers struck a church in Pakistan on Sunday, killing nine people and wounding more than 50 others, authorities said, in the first attack on a church claimed by the country's Islamic State (ISIS) group affiliate. Hundreds of worshippers were attending services ahead of Christmas when the bombers appeared in the city of Quetta and clashed with security forces. One assailant was killed at the church entrance. The other made it inside, said Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister for the southwestern Baluchistan province. Baluchistan Police Chief Moazzam Ansari praised the response of security forces guarding the church, saying the attacker who made it insi...Keep on reading: Islamist bombers attack church in Pakistan, killing 9.....»»

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Bato mulls strategy in dealing with imprisoned drug lords

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa vowed to adopt stronger measures in dealing with illega.....»»

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Suspected Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Quezon City

A suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who is wanted for murder in Basilan province was arrested by the Quezon City police on Friday. Abdulmuin Yahiya, 35, was nabbed in a joint operation of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Special Operations Unit, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency and the Naval Intelligence and Security Group of the Philippine Navy. Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, QCPD director, said the suspect, who also known as Mauhmin Yahya and Jayson, had been a resident at Basilan Street in Salaam Compound, Barangay Culiat, for the past three years. Around 10 a.m., authorities served Yahiya an arrest warrant issued by Judge Leo Jay Principe ...Keep on reading: Suspected Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Quezon City.....»»

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In Bohol, mayor suspended for hiring losing bets

TAGBILARAN CITY---The Office of the Ombudsman has ordered the three-month suspension of a town mayor for appointing four defeated candidates less than a year after losing in the elections.   Mayor Leonila Paredes-Montero of Panglao town in Bohol province was found guilty of simple misconduct in a decision released by the Ombudsman on Tuesday.     In July 2013, Montero appointed four losing candidates in that year's elections as consultants.     They were hired on a job order basis without executing any contract of service or issuance of any appointment paper duly reviewed and approved by the town council, the Ombudsman said. ---LEO UDTOHAN...Keep on reading: In Bohol, mayor suspended for hiring losing bets.....»»

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One of teacher’s exam topnotchers is ex-priest’s son

MANILA, Philippines — For 23-year-old Rey Aranas, growing up in his native province of Bohol was an ordeal where his family was misjudged......»»

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Laborer jailed for indiscriminate firing in Ifugao

A DRUNKEN 41-year-old laborer found himself in a police jail in Ifu-gao province after he fired a gun in the air at the height of their drinking session Thursday afternoon, Cordillera police director Chief Supt. Elmo Francis O. Sarona said. Suspect Armando Guinlwayan, of Sitio Bulyunan, Bgy. O-ong, Hingyon, Ifugao,….....»»

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