More Sino tourists coming -

More Sino tourists coming -»»

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Tourists still coming despite 'hiccups'–Abella -

Tourists still coming despite 'hiccups'–Abella -»»

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Elmo on brother Frank: He has my support

"At the end of the day, he's my brother and I love him. He has my support. I'm here for him if he needs me." That was actor Elmo Magalona's measured response when asked to comment on his elder brother Frank Magalona's predicament. Frank was arrested and charged with unjust vexation by the Taguig City police last Monday, after being accused of touching a woman's butt at a bar. Frank was released after being briefly detained, according to Elmo admitted that he was saddened by the news. "Of course, we don't want something like that happening," the 24-year-old actor told reporters at a recent press conference for his coming movie "Walwal Boys." "If he needs words of...Keep on reading: Elmo on brother Frank: He has my support.....»»

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Hajji bares biggest challenge veteran singers face when doing a show

A singer about to go onstage is, in a way, Hajji Alejandro said, similar to a boxer about to enter the ring---both need to be in tip-top condition. And at age 63---45 years into his career---the performer dubbed in the 1970s as "Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala" is proud that he's still as vigorous as ever, both physically and vocally. "Doing a show is like going into an important fight. You have to manage your health and keep track of everything you do," he told the Inquirer at a recent press conference for his coming anniversary concert, "Hajji: Ako at ang Aking Musika," which will be held on June 23 at The Theatre at Solaire. "I believe in doing things in moderation. I watch wha...Keep on reading: Hajji bares biggest challenge veteran singers face when doing a show.....»»

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‘Fun Taiwan’ culture-friendly for TV tilt winners

Malaysian siblings Zahra and Yusuf, who were chosen to appear in the travel series "Fun Taiwan First Timer," are elated to have toured their dream destination for free. In the process, they were able to get an informative glimpse of the hit cable reality show's creation. "Fun Taiwan First Timer," airing on TLC (Tuesdays, 8:05 p.m.), will feature the brother-sister duo in a coming episode this season. 'Dream come true' "This is a dream come true and was beyond my imagination," Zahra told the Inquirer via e-mail. "I still cannot believe we had this opportunity," said Yusuf, who was thankful for the "fun and enjoyable" visit. "The experience helped me see the world from a new p...Keep on reading: ‘Fun Taiwan’ culture-friendly for TV tilt winners.....»»

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Jake Zyrus: Size of concert venue no longer matters to me

  Jake Zyrus will celebrate his 26th birthday during his coming 10th anniversary concert, "Music & Me," on May 25 at the SM Skydome---a considerably smaller venue than the ones where he held court in the past, during the peak of his popularity as Charice. But it's a sensible choice for Jake, who---in a way---sees himself these days as someone just starting out again after deciding to become a trans man. "Real talk lang. Of course, we will go for something more realistic," the singer told the Inquirer at a recent press conference. "The size of a venue doesn't matter to me as much anymore," Jake insisted. "To be honest, singing at bigger places actually makes me more...Keep on reading: Jake Zyrus: Size of concert venue no longer matters to me.....»»

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Guevarra out to form own DOJ strike force

The grip of President Rodrigo Duterte's fraternity brothers on the Department of Justice (DOJ) may be coming to an end. Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Monday confirmed that he had directed all assistant secretaries and undersecretaries at the DOJ --- including four members of the Lex Talionis fraternity, which counts the President and former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II among its alumni --- to hand in "unqualified courtesy resignations." "All sitting DOJ undersecretaries and assistant secretaries have [already] tendered their courtesy resignations," Guevarra said in a text message to the Inquirer. Asked if he would reappoint some of them, he said: "I can onl...Keep on reading: Guevarra out to form own DOJ strike force.....»»

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Russian tourists vow to return once Boracay reopens

BORACAY ISLAND, Aklan -- "We're coming back in November!" Jane, a visitor from Russia, made the promise before she and her partner James boarded the boat to leave Boracay as local officials implemented the shut down of the island-resort at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday. "We're a little sad to go," she said. "But if it's needed for the environment and the government decided like this, it's okay." Jane and James caught the pump boat going to Caticlan at midnight that capped their "awesome" stay on Boracay Island. The world-famous Boracay, known for it's powdery white sand and azure waters, attracted millions of tourists annually. But the island closed to all tourism-related act...Keep on reading: Russian tourists vow to return once Boracay reopens.....»»

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Keep the tourists coming, GMA tells Fil-Chinese community

Former president, Pampanga 2nd district Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has called on the Filipino-Chinese community to help in the efforts of the Duterte administration to avert the ill-effects of the six-month closure of Boracay. Keep the tourists coming, GMA tells Fil-Chinese community Former president, Pampanga 2nd district Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has called on the Filipino-Chinese community… link: Keep the tourists coming, GMA tells Fil-Chinese community.....»»

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MBTF will ensure Boracay safe all the time

THE Metro Boracay Task Force (MBTF) will ensure that Boracay Island will be safe when it is officially closed to tourists and other non-residents this coming April 26 to give way to its 6-month rehabilitation as ordered by President Duterte, the Journal Group learned yesterday. Police Regional Office 3 director,….....»»

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Boracay shutdown spooks businesses

  (Last of three parts)   BORACAY ISLAND, Aklan --- Chiquita Magbanua sits on the white sand under the shade of coconut trees near Boat Station 3 at the southern end of this island, waiting for customers. It's her favorite spot when selling bracelets, necklaces, anklets and other accessories made of shells.   When tourists come in droves during the peak months--- from January to May --- Magbanua sells her wares, earning P500 to P1,000 daily. During the rainy season and bad weather, she is penniless.   "If I do not sell anything for two days straight, I would need to borrow money from relatives or friends," she told the Inquirer.   M...Keep on reading: Boracay shutdown spooks businesses.....»»

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Business has mixed reactions on 6-month closure of Boracay

  The business community has mixed reactions about the temporary closure of Boracay, but some have said that it was about time the government did something to address the problem. In separate interviews with the Inquirer, business groups expressed varying views on the issue. Some were cautiously hopeful that a closure would be eventually good for the popular tourism spot. Others, however, have not yet come up with an official position on the divisive issue. This developed as top government officials signed a recommendation dated March 22 for the six-month closure of Boracay from both local and foreign tourists starting April 26. This is a shorter period compared t...Keep on reading: Business has mixed reactions on 6-month closure of Boracay.....»»

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Moira with Boyce Avenue at Big Dome

"I'm very grateful. They're one of the first people who inspired me to cover songs, do them my own way and do it consistently," singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre said of headlining a coming concert with the American pop band Boyce Avenue at the Araneta Coliseum on June 1. "They always have something new." "To be able to share the Big Dome with them is unreal," she told the Inquirer. Moira said she learned about the project immediately after her first solo concert. "I was very excited. It was so much to take in," she related. "I started out as a YouTube artist, too, and everyone on the site knew who they are."---ALLAN POLICARPIO...Keep on reading: Moira with Boyce Avenue at Big Dome.....»»

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How Cebu celebrated Chinese New Year

Consul General Shi Yong of the People's Republic of China hosted a large reception on Feb. 8 at the grand ballroom of the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. It was to usher in the spring festival, prelude to the observance of the Chinese Lunar New Year.   The event gathered many prominent guests from Cebu as well as Bacolod and Iloilo. In his words of welcome, Shi stressed the importance of the current friendly relations between his country and the Philippines. For one thing, there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists from China coming to Cebu.   Several weeks after the reception, there came to Cebu a cultural group of acrobats, singers and dancers tha...Keep on reading: How Cebu celebrated Chinese New Year.....»»

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Bangko Sentral okays peso-yuan spot market

Chinese tourists who travel to the Philippines will soon be able to change their renminbi into pesos at better exchange rates, while Filipino businessmen with dealings in the world's second-largest economy will soon be able to convert their pesos into yuan without having to rely on the US dollar as an intermediate peg. This will be made possible after local banks---led by the subsidiary of Bank of China---were given the green light by the central bank to develop a formal peso-renminbi spot market that will make foreign exchange transactions between both countries more efficient and cheaper. In an interview with the Inquirer, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Nestor Espenilla Jr....Keep on reading: Bangko Sentral okays peso-yuan spot market.....»»

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CHR deplores Duterte& apos;s & apos;virgins& apos; remark to lure tourists -

CHR deplores Duterte's 'virgins' remark to lure tourists -»»

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El Nido s balancing act: Managing nature and tourism

PALAWAN, Philippines – The El Nido local government finds managing its natural environment challenging due to the constant demands coming from its booming tourism industry. “It is very challenging because this is a developing municipality, and as tourists are coming in, we have to provide appropriate services to them,” town ........»»

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Influx of South Korean Investors for Cebu

Expect more South Korean investors and tourists in Cebu this year and in the coming years. This as the newly appointed Ambassador to the Philippines of South Korea, His Excellency Han Dong-Man assured Governor Hilario P. Davide III of continuous cooperation between their country and the Philippines, particularly Cebu. In a courtesy call to the […].....»»

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DOTr: Better MRT 3 service coming in February -

DOTr: Better MRT 3 service coming in February -»»

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James Reid given creative freedom in third album

Some time back, James Reid received an offer to go to New York for a music project and "sign with someone there." He turned it down. If he were to make a name for himself as a recording artist, he said he would rather grow his roots first in the Philippines. "I want my music to come out here---I want to represent the country. My goal is to contribute to our local industry by coming up with something we can be proud of," James told the Inquirer in a recent interview. The first step toward realizing that goal was releasing his third studio album, "Palm Dreams," which---for the first time---saw James taking the reins of the creative process. He penned the lyrics and melodies...Keep on reading: James Reid given creative freedom in third album.....»»

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Albay declares state of calamity under threat of Mayon eruption

[ventuno id='MCsxMDY4MDY2fHwyMzY4fHwxMDg2fHwxLDIsMQ=='][/ventuno] Published: 4:57 p.m., Jan. 16, 2018 | Updated: 11:07 p.m., Jan. 16, 2018 LEGAZPI CITY --- For several days now, most residents of Albay province have their eyes fixed at the glowing crater of Mount Mayon as it continues to spew ash, smoke and lava. But the volcano's "fireworks" have not only attracted the attention of locals. "Day tourists" have been coming to this capital to watch Mayon up close. "Most visitors are domestic tourists. There are fewer foreign tourists because of the canceled flights. But if the weather improves, we expect more tourists to come," said Dorothy Colle, head of provincial tourism off...Keep on reading: Albay declares state of calamity under threat of Mayon eruption.....»»

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