Impact of MSCI China inclusion watched

INCLUSION of mainland Chinese shares in Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) influential global benchmark equity index may trigger fund outflows from emerging markets like the Philippines once the rebalancing starts, but impact on local equities can be expected to be limited, stock market analysts said yesterday......»»

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Front Page: Impact of MSCI China inclusion watched

INCLUSION of mainland Chinese shares in Morgan Stanley Capital International's (MSCI) influential global benchmark equity index may trigger fund outflows from emerging markets like the Philippines once the rebalancing starts, but impact on local equities can be expected to be limited, stock market analysts said yesterday......»»

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‘Train and Fetish for Coke’ by Jun Ledesma

Letters From Davao: FINANCE Secretary Sonny Dominguez took the personal initiative to explain the impact of the landmark Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion. This after some artists attempted to tweak the real and equitable benefits that Filipinos will derive from TRAIN. It is rather sad that some quarters are muddling up the positive impacts of the new tax reform law but funny enough to make the increase of the price of Coca-Cola as their principal issue as though it is the national fetish of Filipinos. Truth is, imposing higher tax on the sweet drink is a panacea to what seems to be an incurable proclivity of Pinoys for coke. The Cola, just like cigarettes, is among the top causes of affliction and death of us Pinoys – diabetes. By the way those who are now dependent on drugs for their diabetes the news is the prescribe drugs will be tax free and therefore expect the price to plummet. In summary and in sum, those who earn P250,000 keeps their P50,000 tax which they use to pay.Those in the upper bracket enjoy tax benefits too. We have to emphasize this as this is where the largest population of wage earners belong. The thousands of public school teachers will celebrate once the get hold of their take home pay. The burden now is actually transferred to the rich and they better not dodge paying the right tax otherwise life will be a little bit more difficult for them under the Duterte regime and while the Department of Finance is under the watch of Secretary Dominguez. Why make an issue about the luxury cars being taxed a little less. Just how many luxury cars can one have in his garage. But think about the other incentives if you are really hunting for a car. An environment friendly vehicle like an electric car is even tax free and a hybrid variety with so little tax. Incentive is the key word. In short when the team of Secretary Dominguez crafted TRAIN, they are not only looking for money to fund the massive infrastructures that we are so in dire need of, they are also looking after the health of the nation. Those who find fault in TRAIN will not just stop with Coke which they had raised to underscore the negative impact of the tax reform law on the poorest of the poor. It is actually belaboring the issue but to answer the idiotic question DSWD actually has funds for them and their will be corresponding adjustments that is provided for by TRAIN. What maybe they would raise next are the beggars in the streets. These poor and the mendicants are not in the radar screen of TRAIN when it comes to tax but just the same they are part of the inclusion. The revenues that TRAIN will raise is primarily for infrastructures. Railways, roads and bridges, airports, seaports and irrigation among others. In addition to the billions of pesos that TRAIN will raise are cheap loans from Japan and China. Never in our history do we have this availment of cheap money which comes with an incredible terms that give the country a holiday of over ten years before we start paying the loans. That is why under the BUILD, BUILD, BUILD program the momentum of development could be much faster that our usual expectation. Even with the implementation of the projects, expect shortages in skilled personnel especially in the railway projects. Secretary Arthur Tugade of the Department of Transporation had advanced the idea of setting up a Railway institute while construction is ongoing because managing and maintaining railways are something strange to Filipinos. Other infrastructures, like roads, bridges and building would be needing thousands of workers. With network of infrastructures expect productivity to rise above normal levels. These will generate if not motivate people to produce more as access to the markets will now be cheaper and their profits doubled. The entire nation is celebrating the prospects and the dawning of the new era. The surveys say it all. An overwhelming number of Filipinos look up to 2018 and beyond with unprecedented optimism. This is only shadowed by the results of the surveys which show an all time high in the TRUST and SATISFACTION ratings which are pegged in the grade of “Excellence”. No matter how and what the opposition and critics will do no amount of demonizing and rallies can diminish that trust and satisfaction or derail the programs of the Duterte administration. The President is focused on his agenda, and his Cabinet members are on track. Even the players in telecom industry which had been so laggard and so inept for decades and have become a national shame are now uneasy with the mere announcement of the entry of the 3rd Telecom player. The duopoly suddenly came out with series of announcement that they are pouring in billions of dollars to address the sluggish internet speed, drop calls and inadequate availability of telecom service in the country. Oh well, these duopoly thought they have the monopoly of and knowledge of the telecom technology and how to run it. Early in the Presidency of Duterte, one of them had the temerity of telling the President to leave telecom alone as this is an area where the duopoly has the sole expertise. To there surprise this President, whom they thought is so […].....»»

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‘Grand Deception’ by Jun Ledesma

Letters From Davao: WHEN RAPPLER through its President, Maria Ressa, was caught trifling with an important tenet in the Philippine constitution that mandates that Philippine media should be 100% owned by Filipinos the Securities and Exchange Commission ordered it closed. Rappler was parading like it is wholly owned by Filipinos but turned out it accepted investment from Omidyar Network (ON) which is known for its notoriety in destabilizing heads of state that are not docile to America. It tried deception by claiming that the Philippine Deposit Receipts it issued to ON money was for philanthropic contribution. The attempt dragged them deeper in shit as PDRs are actually commercial instruments. When this trick did not work, Ressa again tried another act this time claiming that Omidyar signed a waiver on its veto power. Again this did not pass scrutiny of the SEC because the said waiver was discovered to be just a scrap of paper as the document was not notarized.  Running out of deceptive tricks Ma. Ressa went berserk when she was served the closure order and went about town crying her freedom is being curtailed by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte no less. Her partner Pia Ranada did the same screaming she will be jailed by Duterte’s military. The grandstanding, it was obvious, was to stonewall the criminal violation they committed and to paint Rappler and its staff headed by Ressa as victims of oppression and dictatorial regime of Duterte. Contrary to its claim that they have lost their freedom of expression, more than ever Rappler had increased the crescendo of its unfettered attack on no less than the President Duterte himself. Ressa spearheaded a Black Friday movement supported by a handful of students from where else by the University of the Philippines campus and the usual garrulous but moribund Liberal Party stalwarts headed by VP Leni Robredo. They were joined in by UN Rapporteur Agnes Callamard and her local counterpart Chito Gascon in denouncing the Duterte government for curtailing the freedom of the press. Other foreign-funded media outfits joined the fray for obvious reason.  Theirs is a cacophony of ridiculous chants. Robredo warned that the closure of Rappler is a symptom of a dark future of the country. The juvenile delinquents in the UP campus joined pipsqueak assemblies with screaming placards denouncing Pres. Duterte and his “malignant forces that continue to peddle lies to justify their tyranny and dictatorship”.  They cut classes to face the TV cameras and klieg lights unmindful of yet another spectacular grade the survey firms Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia showing an “excellent” grade on the sustained trust and popularity of the nation on Duterte which they had been flagellating no end.  No one seems to mind their issue about tyranny and dictatorship as the World Bank grudgingly declared that “DDS killed democracy in the Philippines but they haven’t killed the country’s vibrant economy”.  Forbes, an international business magazine, likewise quoted WB on its Global Economic Prospects, which asserts that “Duterte Philippines is the 10th fastest growing economy in the world”.  The statistics is a slap on the face of VP Robredo who remains to be an incurable pessimist despite the figures that cannot lie. She continues to see the future of the Philippines in dark glasses forgetting that she is a Vice President and therefore should have celebrated with the rest for the gains that the country achieved. For her part, Maria Ressa simply ignored what Forbes and WB declared.  Maybe out of outrage that the Robredo seemed to be out of sync and blinded by sheer politicking and negativism, UP Political Science professor and political analyst, Clarita Carlos,  made a five-worded message to The Vice President thus: “President Duterte moves the Philippines forward”. To those who denigrate Duterte from cutting the country’s umbilical cord to America, Professor Carlos had this to say. “Duterte has moved the Philippines away from the usual foreign policy and in turn ‘defined national interest’ by tracking his own way of foreign policy”. She admired Duterte for his political guts and courage.  It is indeed pathetic that while the Philippines rise several notches higher in political and economic arena the opposition and the foreign-aided media outfits shamelessly continue to belittle these achievements. It is no small feat that Philippines came out stronger in economic growth than China in the 3rd quarter of 2017. On the 4th quarter moreover China rallied (6.9%) and landed on top of Asian countries followed by Vietnam (6.8) and Philippines 6.7%. The Philippines however has been growing more than 6% for nine consecutive quarters and that sustained growth is best among Asean nations. Any which way you look at it, that spells economic stability and investment grade for investors service firms like Moody’s and other international credit rating institutions. Cause and effect is a simple gauge to measure the impact of the tyranny and dictatorial regime that Rappler and its sympathizers have been accusing the Duterte regime. But as I always say, no one can quarrel with success especially when institutions of unquestionable stature put the positive figures across. Expect the economy to grow even faster in 2018 when infrastructure spending commences under the Duterte’s Build, Build, Build program. As we all know, the government had earmarked P8.4-trillion to achieve the mega infrastructure projects comprising of railways, highways and bridges, irrigation’s, airports and seaports to name a few. The job opportunities that these programs will generate are equally mind-boggling. […].....»»

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BSP sees faster Jan inflation due to Train

INFLATION may have accelerated to a range of 3.5 percent to 4 percent in January as the impact of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion [Train] Act kicked in, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said. “The increase in the prices of domestic petroleum products on account of higher global crude oil prices, along with [...] The post BSP sees faster Jan inflation due to Train appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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‘Ang TRAIN ug ang kahangol sa Coke’ ni Jun Ledesma

Mga Sulat Gikan Sa Davao:    ANG KALIHIM sa Panalapi Sonny Dominguez migahin gyud og panahon aron sa pag-esplikar sa hapak sa makasaysayanong Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion. Gihimo niya ni human ang pipila ka artista misulay sa pagtuis sa tinuud ug makiangayon nga ikahatag nga benepisyo sa TRAIN ngadto sa mga lungsoranong Pilipino. Gikasubo nato nga naay pipila nga miyembro sa atong katilingban nga nagalubog sa klaro ug positibong hapak sa bag-ong balaod nga nagareporma sa pagpamuhis.  Apan kataw-anan sab kay gihimo nila ang pagtubo sa presyo sa Coca Cola nga principal nga isyu. Mora na hinoon og ang Coke mao ang abnormal ug nasudnon nga debosyon sa mga Filipino. Sa tinuud lang, ang pag-imposar og mas taas nga buhis sa tam-is nga ilimnon pait nga himughat kontra sa halos di-matambalan nga pagtahirig sa mga Filipino ngadto sa Coke. Ang Cola, sama sa tabako, ang usa sa mga hinungdan sa nanag-unang sakit ug kamatayon natong mga Pinoy – Diabetes. Samtang ania ta sa maong tema, ibalita nako nga kadtong nagamintinar og medisina kontra sa diabetes makapalit na og tambal nga walay buhis, sa ato pa, kunhod ang presyo.   Kun atong sumadahon, ang nagakita og P250,000.00 dili na mobayad og P50,000.00 nga buhis nga kaniadto ilang obligasyon. Kadtong atoa sa ibabawng han-ay makatagamtam sab og mga benepisyo sa reporma sa pagpamuhis. Ato ning tagaan puntoha og importansya kay dinhi nahisakop ang pinakadaghan sa mga nanarbaho. Magmaya ang libo ka libo ka mga magtutudlo kun magunitan na nila ang ilang sweldo. Ang palas-anon gibalhin ngadto sa mga mga dato ug mas maayong dili sila molihaylihay og bayad sa tamang buwis, gawas lang og gusto nila nga ang ilang kinabuhi mohagip-ot og gamay ilawom sa administrasyong Duterte ug samtang ang Departamento sa Panalapi ginadumala ni Kalihim Dominguez. Nganong himoong negatibong isyu ang mga sakyanang maluho nga buhisan og mas mubo? Pila ra man gyud ka buuk ang sakyanang maluho nga masulod sa grahe? Hunahunaa sab ang ubang padani o insentiba kun nagapangita gyud ka og kotse. Ang mainamigohon sa kinaiyahan nga mga sakyanan sama sa kotseng electric walay buhis ug ang hybrid gamatoy ra og buhis. Just how many luxury cars can one have in his garage?   Sa laktod nga pagkasulti, ang koponan ni Kalihim Dominguez, sa ilang pagdraft sa TRAIN, wa lang maghunahuna sa kwartang makolekta para sa dagkong proyekto sa imprastruktura, kundili naglantaw sab sila sa maayong kahimtang sa nasud ug sa nasudnong ekonomiya.     Kadtong mangita og sayop sa TRAIN dili lang mohunong sa Coke aron ipasundayag ang negatibo daw nga epekto sa pagreporma sa balaod sa pagpamuhis kundili ilang ipadayon ngadto sa dautang epekto kuno niini kontra sa pinakakabus nga han-ay sa katilingban. Dili na gyud unta angay nga patulan, apan aron lang matubag ang hangalhangal nila nga pangutana, ang DSWD adunay pondo para sa mga kabus ug adunay pinasibo nga pag-adjust alang kanila sa provision mismo sa TRAIN. Basin og ang sunod nga himoon nilang isyu mao ang mga makililimos sa kadalanan. Kining mga han-aya sa kabus ug sa mga nagpalimos wala sa radar sa TRAIN nga pabayron og buhis apan apil gihapon sila sa mobenepisyo.   Itutok sa imprastruktura ang makolekta sa TRAIN: rilis, makina ug bagon sa treyn, karsada ug mga tulay, tugpahanan sa mga ayroplano, pantalan, irigasyon ug uban pa. Dugangan ang bilyones nga makolekta sa TRAIN sa mga pondo gikan sa Japan ug China nga mubo ra og interes. Sukad masukad, wa pa gyud mahitabo, karon pa lang, nga nakahulam ta og kwarta nga mubo ra og interes ug nagahatag og halos dili katuhoan nga lugway sa pagsugod og bayad nga sobra og napulo ka tuig. Mao na nga ilawom sa programa sa BUILD, BUILD, BUILD, ang buylo sa kalamboan mas paspas pa kay sa atong naandan. Sa pag-implementar pa lang sa proyekto, paabota nga dunay mga kakulangan o shortages sa mga hanas nga personnel labi na sa mga proyekto sa railways. Si Kalihim Arthur Tugade sa DOTr ningsugyot na nga mag-establisar og Railway Institute bisan pa og nagatukod pa lang sa railways aron pag-andam sa mga Filipino sa pagdumala ug pagmintinar sa railways. Ang ubang imprastruktura sama sa karsada, tulay, dagko nga buildings, ug uban pa magkinahanglan sab og libo ka libo ka mga trabhante.    Tungod sa lawalawa ug kone-koneksyon sa mga imprastruktura, segurado ang atong pagkaproduktibo molampas pa sa normal ug naandan nga mga ang-ang. Moggama ni kun di man modasig sa katawhan sa paghimo pa og dugang produkto tungod kay ang pagsulod sa mga baligyaanan mas dali ra ug barato pa ug ang ganansya modoble.    Ang tibuuk nasud nagamaya sa palaaboton ug sa pagbanagbanag sa usa ka bag-ong tempo. Ang mga survey nagpakita niini. Ang pinakabagang duot sa katawhan Pilipino nagalantaw sa 2018 ug sa umaabot pa nga katuigan nga naghambin og nagdilaab nga paglaom. Gitumbasan kini sa mga resulta sa mga survey nga nagpakita og riting sa Pagsalig ug Katagbawan nga “Ekselente,” lisud hitupngan, mas lisud palabwan.   Bisag unsaon og tam-ok sa oposisyon ug kritiko og mga pagsaway nga hapit na itandi ang Pangulo ug ang iyang administrasyon sa demonyo, bisag gitam-okan na siya og mga rally, wala kini makatibhang sa pagsalig ug katagbawan sa katawhan o modiskaril sa programa sa Duterte administration. Nakatutok ang Pangulo sa iyang agenda, samtang ang Gabinete nagsubay sa iyang gilatid nga dalan ug takda nga panahon. Bisan ang mga nagmaneho sa industriya sa telecom deka-dekada na nga gidugayon ug lupig pa sa bao sa kahinay […].....»»

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Pangilinan: What will we gain by letting China do research at PH Rise?

Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan on Monday demanded "full transparency" after the "alarming' admission of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that it had allowed China to conduct maritime research in the Philippine Rise, formerly callede Benham Rise. "We are alarmed by the admission of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that it has allowed China to conduct maritime research in Benham Rise," Pangilinan said in a statement. "We demand full transparency of the deal." Pangilinan also questioned if the country could gain from the deal and what its impact would be.. "What will the country stand to gain from this marine scientific research? Why do we need to partner with Chi...Keep on reading: Pangilinan: What will we gain by letting China do research at PH Rise?.....»»

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China says Iranian oil tanker wreck located

BEIJING, China – The wreck of an Iranian oil tanker that collided with a cargo ship off China this month has been located, Beijing said Wednesday, January 17, but gave no new details about the environmental impact of the disaster. The Sanchi, which was carrying 136,000 tons of light crude oil ........»»

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Trade chief assures TRAIN won’t cause drastic rise in prices

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 12 January) – The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) will not significantly impact on the prices of basic commodities, Trade secretary Ramon M. Lopez said. Lopez led the price monitoring at supermarkets of Victoria Plaza and Gaisano Mall of Davao on Friday to see if TRAIN has any effect […].....»»

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THE government, through concerned offices and agencies, would do well to explain to the public the positive impact of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act on the people. To claims that it is anti-poor, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez was quoted as saying there’s no reason for the….....»»

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10M ‘poorest Filipinos’ to get cash aid

TEN million of the “poorest folks” will get cash assistance to cushion the impact of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) law, particularly a spike in the prices of basic commodities owing to the increase in the petroleum excise tax. Finance chief Sonny Dominguez said that the Department….....»»

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TRAIN Law Has Minimal Impact on Prices of Goods: DTI

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez has dismissed fears of consumers on impact of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act to prices of basic goods. Lopez said in a press conference Thursday that the new tax law imposing excise tax on petroleum products has minimal effect on prices of […].....»»

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GRAB files fare-hike petition with LTFRB, citing excise taxes under TRAIN law

Ridesharing firm Grab has petitioned the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) for a fare increase to mitigate the impact of higher excise taxes on petroleum products under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law.


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Filipinos to feel impact of higher fuel tax starting mid-January

MANILA, Philippines – Starting mid-January, Filipinos are expected to feel the impact of higher fuel excise tax rates at gasoline pumps. For now, the Department of Energy (DOE) said in a statement that the additional excise tax on fuel under the newly-enacted Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law should not affect the ........»»

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TRAIN prompts cries of P50 taxi flag-down rate, P12 minimum jeep fare from operators

Taxi operators should justify why a P50 taxi fare hike is necessary, the LTFRB said. #BeFullyInformed TRAIN prompts cries of P50 taxi flag-down rate, P12 minimum jeep fare from operators To mitigate the impact of a higher excise tax for oil products under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law on drivers and… link: TRAIN prompts cries of P50 taxi flag-down rate, P12 minimum jeep fare from operators.....»»

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Letters From Davao by Jun Ledesma

‘It was a good year’ We have seen the litany of achievements of Duterte administration. It dwarfed the entire six years of the Aquino regime. It could have done better except that it has to first fix a lot of damages wrought by an inept regime that has likewise institutionalized corruption and abetted crime the most horrific of it all – the drug syndicates.  Space or brevity must have limited some significant achievements of the  Department of Finance and am referring to the upgrades of credit ratings of the Philippines from investment grade to investment grade and stable. While early on Standard & Poor’s claimed that President Duterte’s war on drugs and alleged extra-judicial killings are factors that account for the static rating by December 2017 it grudgingly acceded that something good is happening in the Philippines under Duterte’s watch.  Finance Sec. Sonny Dominguez and his team deserves the credit. Fitch and Moody’s in their “investment grade and stable” rating in December enunciated that the issues surrounding drugs and EJK have nothing to do with the rosy economy of the country and its image as capital investment destination. The country’s economic performance for one is top in Asia and there is no turning back with the expected massive spending on infrastructures and government services starting 2018 and beyond.  The Duterte government achievements scoreboard makes the moribund opposition drooling. Still on Finance, expect the billionaires who are also the country’s tax dodgers to cough up. TRAIN or the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion gives a huge relief to 99 percent of those small taxpayers saving the ar least P50,000.00 in tax cut!  But demands and exacts the reasonable taxes from the rich especially the filthy rich. Last year sampling of Lucio Tan (P6-billion), Mighty Cigarettes (P40-billion) and the Prieto and Rufinos’ one-mile asset that they are accountable to the government in still unquantifiable amount as yet? There is a subliminal message to be absorbed why candidate Rodrigo R. Duterte refused to accept donations from the rich and famous: just pay your taxes correctly and you’re okay.  The Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs are churning more collections under a continuing reforms.  President Duterte himself did dramatic and radical transformations in the area of Foreign Affairs and security. He was chided and lectured on by self proclaimed experts in diplomacy and security alliances especially with the generous expletives he is famous for. But as he admitted to the point of being apologetic, he told media men in this year’s Christmas party, “but that is me”.  Duterte’s foray into foreign affairs and diplomacy might be severely lacking in refinements but he put across his message clearly and direct and one cannot quarrel with what he achieved in such a brief moment. He virtually altered the outlook of the western countries on small sovereign nations. He overhauled alliances by an unwritten rule of mutual respect and cognizance of sovereignty. While Aquino made enemies with China which is the world’s second largest economy resulting in unquantifiable losses of opportunities Duterte reversed that with the resumption of trade, financial assistance with cheap money interest, massive infrastructure projects that will come into fruition by 2018. World leaders to include Xi Jinping of China, Vladimir Putin of Russia, PM Shinzo Abe of Japan and, to the dismay of the so-called Yellowtards, US Pres. Donald Trump who became his virtual phone pal.  The Department of Agriculture under Sec. Manny Pinol, did exemplary well. Productivity is better than expected and could have performed better if not for the natural calamities that the country has to contend with. Maybe the Bureau of Fisheries under it may try something out of the box. Propose to China to convert that disputed island into a one big marine laboratory. China provides the infrastructures while the Philippines the technical aquatic expertise. Make a 10-mile no-fishing marine haven around the island and guarded by the joint coastguard forces of China, Philippines and Vietnam. The Philippine Coconut Authority under Cabinet Sec. Jun Evasco is about to embark on a massive replanting program.  The Aquino government allocated billions of pesos to fight ‘cocolisap’ infestation but applied the wrong solution. Well, what do we expect from a certain Kiko Pangilinan? The replanting program was a big failure on account of  massive graft in high and low places. Replanting as well as new areas had been programmed by PCA.  Finally we have to give accolade to our Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police for combating internal threats, terrorism and syndicated crime. The AFP and PNP are more prepared and better equipped now than any other time in history. Furthermore we see a disciplined forces in the AFP and while there are a few remaining scalawags in the PNP the cleansing process is done without let-up. We from Mindanao are comfortable and secured with their presence even under the aegis of martial law. If you do not believe me look at the various surveys on the popularity and trust of Filipinos on President Duterte and his government.  This will end my perspectives for year 2017 and we look forward to 2018 the Build, Build, Build era. The beginning of the new Philippines. Mindanao and Davao City, from where I live and write, may have suffered from natural calamities but we had seen, suffered and endured worse scenarios and even man made tragedies than […].....»»

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Tax reform law, Duterte on China Telecom, Navy Chief relieved | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: President Rodrigo Duterte  signs into law the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion.  A media watchdog report says the Philippines is the deadliest country for journalists in Asia in 2017.  President Rodrigo Duterte wants the government to ensure that China Telecom can begin its Philippine operations by the first quarter of 2018.  ........»»

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Fighters face off in Bangkok ahead of ONE: Warriors of the World

All twenty fighters competing at ONE Championship: Warriors of the World faced off overlooking the beautiful Bangkok skyline, Wednesday afternoon at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. Four Filipino fighters will be flying the flag on fight night, with Team Lakay’s April Osenio making her in-cage return after a year off, taking on debuting Xiong Jingnan of China, while Rome “The Rebel” Trinidad will also be making her ONE debut, going up against hometown favorite Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige of Thailand. Cebuano Jimmy “The Silencer” Yabo will be facing decorated Muay Thai champion Sagetdao Petpayathai, while Iloilo native Rabin “The Rock” Catalan meets Thai grappler Kritsada Kongsrichai. in the co-main event, hometown star Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai meets Russias Rasul Yakyaev in a lightweight title eliminator bout. In the co-main event, reigning ONE Championship strawweight world champion Yoshitaka “Nobita” Naito meets Brazilian grappling ace Alex “Little Rock” Silva. ONE Championship: Warriors of the World happens on Saturday, December 9th at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.   Catch the exciting MMA action LIVE on Saturday, December 9th, 9:30 PM on S+A channel 23!.....»»

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North Korea trade sanctions bite on borders with China, Russia

RASON, North Korea – At the northeastern tip of North Korea, where the isolated, nuclear-armed country meets its giant neighbors China and Russia, United Nations sanctions on the regime over its weapons programs are having an impact. And with the North possibly facing further sanctions following its ICBM missile test ........»»

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Shield poor from TRAIN impact –– Win

SENATOR Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian yesterday reminded the Department of Finance to “keep its end of the bargain” by helping poor families cope with expected increases in price of essential commodities following the Senate’s approval of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion. Gatchalian, the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee,….....»»

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Genaro Saavedra: ‘Iron Man’ of 1915 Far Eastern Games

The 1915 Far Eastern Championship Games, the second edition of the regional multi-event conclave, among the top athletes from China, Japan and the Philippines, held from May 15 to 22, 1915 in Shanghai, Republic of China with the host country’s President Yan Shikai declaring the Games open. The inclusion of cycling raised the total number [...] The post Genaro Saavedra: ‘Iron Man’ of 1915 Far Eastern Games appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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