Hurricane tears buildings apart

Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane at 7:15 a.m. at Wrightsville Beach, South Carolina......»»

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Mexican resort on Pacific coast brace for Hurricane Willa

Thousands of people were evacuated, buildings were boarded up and schools closed on Mexico’s Pacific coast on Tuesday as Hurricane Willa threatened to pummel tourist resorts with high winds and heavy rains. Source link link: Mexican resort on Pacific coast brace for Hurricane Willa.....»»

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1 dead as monstrous Hurricane Michael tears into Florida

PANAMA CITY, USA – Hurricane Michael claimed its first life after roaring ashore in Florida on Wednesday, October 10, flooding homes and streets and toppling trees and power lines in the Gulf of Mexico beachfront area where it made landfall as a raging Category 4 storm. Florida officials said Michael, ........»»

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4 dead as Hurricane ‘Florence’ drenches the Carolinas

  WILMINGTON, North Carolina --- Blowing ashore with howling 155 kph winds, Hurricane Florence splintered buildings, trapped hundreds of people and swamped entire communities along the Carolina coast Friday in what could be just the opening act in a watery, two-part, slow-motion disaster. At least four people were killed.   Forecasters warned that drenching rains of 30 centimeters to 1 meter as the storm crawls westward across North and South Carolina could trigger epic flooding well inland over the next few days.   As 645-kilometer-wide Florence pounded away at the coast with torrential downpours and surging seas, rescue crews used boats to reach more t...Keep on reading: 4 dead as Hurricane ‘Florence’ drenches the Carolinas.....»»

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Cuba sees devastation as Hurricane Irma veers toward Florida

CAIBARIEN — Hurricane Irma ripped roofs off houses, collapsed buildings and flooded hundreds of miles of coastline as it raked Cuba's northern coast after de.....»»

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Cuba blasted as Hurricane Irma tears through the Caribbean

Cuba blasted as Hurricane Irma tears through the Caribbean.....»»

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Hurricane Irma tears through Cuba

Hurricane Irma tears through Cuba.....»»

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Why ISIS offered to kill this 4-year-old girl – CNN News

&'8220;I want my mommy,&'8221; Hawra' mumbles while cradled in the arms of her grandmother, Aliya. The four-and-a-half-year-old's lips barely move to form the weak but desperate plea. Her face is etched with small wounds, gauze wrapped around her throat and leg over burns that have yet to heal. She can't open her eyes; there is shrapnel in one of them, the other painfully closed. Doctors don't know if she will be able to see properly again. Her grandmother is lost for words. Tears start to fall. In one of the March 17 airstrikes, Hawra' suffered a broken leg and shrapnel to the face and lower back. She may never see again. &'8220;I am thinking it's better to be dead. I am thinking to die, rather than a life like this. (Hawra') was like a little flower. She would play and run. Now, she how has no mother, no eyes,&'8221; Aliya says. Hawra's mother was killed, we are told, in an airstrike on March 17. There were multiple US coalition-led strikes that day in their west Mosul neighborhood, where allegations of civilian casualties have since emerged. The series of airstrikes are now under investigation by both the US and Iraqi governments. But a US defense official has said that, so far, there has been no indication of a breakdown in US military procedures governing airstrikes. So far, 141 bodies have been recovered at the site of the airstrike on March 17, Col. Mohammad Shumari, head of Iraqi civil forces, told CNN on Thursday. He added: &'8220;There are still bodies under the rubble.&'8221; In reality, the number is probably much higher. &'8220;It was a mass killing,&'8221; Aliya says through her tears. Ala'a Al-Tai describes how he and his mother, Aliya (sitting on the left), pleaded with ISIS fighters to let them leave and find treatment for his wounded daughter, who is now recovering at West Erbil emergency hospital. Ala'a Al-Tai, Hawra's father, describes that day and the street their home was on. He says there was a row of houses that led to an intersection where ISIS fighters had gathered. The houses are interconnected by rat lines &'8212; holes carved out of the walls that are 40 centimeters wide and 100 centimeters high (about 15 inches wide by 39 inches high) &'8212; and allow ISIS fighters to move undetected. &'8220;ISIS did that?&'8221; I ask. &'8220;No, they (ISIS) made us do it,&'8221; Ala'a responds. The tunnels offered the families a shelter. Around 30 people, including women and children, sought refuge in a single home at one end of the street. Before the fighting broke out, little Hawra' along with her mother and two relatives used the rat lines to move through three buildings and return to their house to bake bread, wash and grab more clothes. the shooting intensified and then the strikes started. &'8220;There was dust everywhere,&'8221; Ala'a tells us.  &'8220;My mother started to scream &' Rocks and debris were falling down on the house we were in. She said go see what happened.&'8221; Three homes on the block were leveled including the one with his family still inside. Ala'a says all that was left of his wife was her left leg attached to her torso. He covered her with a blanket and saved his daughter. All he could hear was his daughter's feeble cry. &'8220;I could just hear her voice,&'8221; he recalls. &'8220;There was a block that had fallen on her. There was also a metal frame &'8212; that's what lodged the shrapnel in her face and her eyes. I screamed for her mother, my aunt and uncle but no response.&'8221; Pulling her from the rubble, she was barely recognizable; she was black and looked charred. They begged the ISIS fighters to allow them to leave. Instead, an Iraqi ISIS member offered to kill his little girl, Hawra'. &'8220;He (an Iraqi ISIS member) said 'I could just shoot her,'&'8221; Ala'a remembers. &'8220;He said 'why do you want to save her, she's going to die anyways.'&'8221; They even pleaded to go further into ISIS territory in pursuit of medical assistance, but Ala'a says an Egyptian ISIS member, who he thinks was the head of that unit, told them they couldn't leave because ISIS were using the remaining civilians as human shields. 16-year-old Fatima lies in a bed at a the same Erbil hospital with a broken back. She was injured in an airstrike in the last two weeks though she doesn't recall specifically which. She only remembers being pulled out of the rubble afterwards. Ala'a tried to clean Hawra' up; she was moaning as he tried to give her some water. He adds: &'8220;I saw my wife the next day, I saw her leg and her intestines so I covered her in a blanket and left.&'8221; It took three days for the Iraqi security forces to liberate the neighborhood. Three days to get his little girl medical help. Others helped by burying the bodies of his wife, aunt and uncle. Hawra' plays with her doll while recovering in hospital. It is not yet known if she will recover her sight. She keeps asking for her mother who died in the airstrikes on March 17. That was not the deadliest of the strikes that day. Around the corner, a multi-story building was also brought down, where more than 100 people are believed to have sheltered. And these are hardly the only allegations of civilian casualties. [&'].....»»

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North Carolina buildings take $1.5B hit from Matthew floods

Flooding spawned by Hurricane Matthew has caused $1.5 billion in damage to 100,000 homes, businesses and government buildings in North Carolina, according to a state estimate......»»

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After slamming Florida, Hermine threatens East Coast

The first hurricane to hit Florida in more than a decade wiped away beachside buildings and toppled trees onto homes Friday before plowing inland on a path that could send it rolling up the densely populated East Coast with heavy rain, high winds and floo.....»»

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TS Madeline targets Hawaii as Hurricane Lester tears across Pacific

TS Madeline targets Hawaii as Hurricane Lester tears across Pacific.....»»

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Bus singer gives voice to Venezuela’s growing diaspora

LIMA, Peru --- A year ago, Venezuelan migrant Reymar Perdomo was singing for spare change on jammed buses, struggling to make ends meet while building a new life in Peru's capital. But her life took a turn when she wrote a heartfelt reggae song about leaving her homeland that went viral on the internet and has brought tears to hundreds in the Venezuelan diaspora that has spread around the globe. Now Perdomo combines her street performances with appearances at concerts and on TV programs, and her song has become the unofficial anthem of Venezuelans who have fled their country's economic implosion. "This song gives me goosebumps" said Junior Barrios, a Venezuelan migrant who l...Keep on reading: Bus singer gives voice to Venezuela’s growing diaspora.....»»

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Oro-based Light Industry Launches Innovative Building System

A pioneering light metal manufacturing company is launching an innovative building system that aims to provide stronger, “faster to complete”, and more economical buildings for the construction industry in the Philippines. On January 17-20, 2019, Priometal Mindanao Corporation will be conducting an open house for industry stakeholders at its demo unit located at Dove Street, Barangay Kauswagan (just across the Kauswagan Barangay Hall)......»»

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Andy Murray likely to have statue erected – Wimbledon CEO

Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is likely to be honored with a statue at the historic Grand Slam venue, the All England Club's chief executive told the BBC. The 31-year-old Scot -- who won the grasscourt Grand Slam in 2013 and 2016 -- announced last Friday retirement was on the cards due to a chronic hip injury. He then choked back tears and broke down as he revealed he hoped to end his career at Wimbledon, but admitted the Australian Open which began Monday could be his last event because the constant pain was so bad. Richard Lewis, chief executive of the All England Club, said Murray could well be honored in the same manner as fellow Briton and multiple Wimbledon men's sin...Keep on reading: Andy Murray likely to have statue erected – Wimbledon CEO.....»»

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Two firefighters killed as gas leak explosion rocks central Paris

PARIS, France (3rd UPDATE) –A powerful explosion tore through a building in central Paris on Saturday, January 12, killing two firefighters, injuring dozens of people and causing extensive damage to nearby buildings, officials said. Around 200 firefighters were mobilized to battle the fire that broke out after the blast and ........»»

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AboitizPower forges 7 BGC office supply deals

Aboitiz Power Corp. has secured a deal with The Net Group (TNG) to supply seven office buildings in Bonifacio Global City with 13.5-megawatts (MW) of clean energy......»»

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Strong quake rocks southern Japan

TOKYO (AP) — A strong earthquake hit near southern Japan on Tuesday, shaking buildings, but there were no reports of injuries or damage. No tsunami was expected. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck in the evening and had a preliminary magnitude of 6.3. It was centered 16 kilometers (10 miles) off the city […].....»»

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A Filipino mother s tears- La Croix International

A Filipino mother's tears La Croix International A Filipino mother's tears. Mother of son who disappeared finds strength in prayers and rosary beads......»»

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China’s Ice City Harbin to Hold World-class Ice & Snow Carnival

China’s Ice City Harbin will hold a world-class ice & snow carnival to welcome the New Year. Audience will see grand buildings that are built by crystal clear ice cubes with colorful lights placed inside, such as the Chinese-style tower of five blessings, the snow-capped broken bridge, the scenery of Suzhou, the imperial palace, the […].....»»

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A 7 day budget for your Russian escapade

Russia is an interesting country that has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Ancient churches with their distinct onion-shaped domes, beautiful palaces, skyscrapers and centuries old buildings will keep you wanting more. Seven days isn't enough to see everything but it will provide you with enough time to cover the highlights ........»»

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Amaia Steps Pasig launches new building

With the first two buildings of Amaia Steps Pasig sold out in no time, the mid-rise condominium community is set to launch its newest building, Blanca, in early 2019. Amaia Steps Pasig has sold a total of 220 units in its Aria building and another 122 units in its Esperanza building. This positive development further […].....»»

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