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LATE BLOOMS: Nightmare

Nightmares are better: wake up, they’re no longer there. But this, we can’t tell when it will come to an end. My heart hurts with so much pain! Eric S.B. Libre 30 June 2019.....»»

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Beauty blooms this summer with Vivo V15 limited-edition Blossom Pink color

Beauty blooms this summer with Vivo V15 limited-edition Blossom Pink color.....»»

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LATE BLOOMS: Seven Bullets*

*Dedicated to Albert Cyril Lim Ouano (Cor Jesu College Class of 1990), gunned down in Digos City on the night of 16 January 2017 Strangers, we weren’t exactly but I didn’t I don’t know you really. Our paths once crossed but we never were not ever close. I don’t even remember when but it has [&'].....»»

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Asian dust storms linked to algal blooms

Asian dust storms linked to algal blooms.....»»

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Today, wreaths are laid and speeches made as Rizal long dead is praised and remembered. The pen he wielded eloquently giving voice to his people’s misery, unmasking the greed, violence and hypocrisy that condemned the masses to ignominy. For daring.....»»

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LATE BLOOMS:  What Will the New Year Bring?

whatever’s waiting in the new year that’s coming will be our making be it our own unmaking or perhaps our becoming (Eric S.B. Libre is a Mindanawon freelance development consultant who has done some work in a number of conflict-affected area.....»»

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LATE BLOOMS:  Merry Christmas Once Again!

Over the years many times have I been told only a carabao grows old. And now I hear now I feel the creaks and aches that come with age. Sediments left by time accumulated in muscles and joints like so much invisible grime and years piled up heavily on my .....»»

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LATE BLOOMS: One More Tanka

neither black nor white creeping grey ‘tis tinged deep red reflected in tears memories of old nightmares reminders of long dark years Eric S.B. Libre.....»»

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LATE BLOOMS:  Disoriented

I see the sun hovering on the horizon and the sky going crimson. Is it a new morn bright breaking? Or another dark night falling? Which way is east? Which way is west? Where are we heading? Pray, dear captain, tell me. Because our compass seems broken. (E.....»»

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Gabbi Garcia blooms into a fine woman

As Gabbi Garcia turned 18 on Dec. 2, stars aligned for a magical night filled with fun and spontaneity......»»

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LATE BLOOMS: Beyond The Burial

So, the deed is done: a burial controversial, surreptitious, conspiratorial (verging on illegal?) for a deposed ruler branded dictatorial. While those who to him remain loyal smile broad and laugh triumphant, others like me grieve and are indignant. I gri.....»»

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more than rant and rave we waged a war young and brave the despot we felled now is a hero revered with our scars we cry and grieve Eric S.B. Libre 11 November 2016.....»»

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Field of flowers

Chrysanthemums are ready for harvest at a flower farm in Barangay Sirao in Cebu City. Sirao is the biggest supplier of chrysanthemums and other blooms for the city and the neighboring provinces of Negros and Bohol. )Juan Carlo de Vela/Manila Bulletin).....»»

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Love in the senior years: The Boots Anson-Roa and King Rodrigo love story

Love is universal. Its power is immeasurable. It comes as it pleases and blooms even in the most unexpected places. No one can tell when and in whom it will choose to reside. .....»»

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LATE BLOOMS: Grief – 2 September 2016, Davao Night Market

Innocent blood spilled, lives violently felled, fragile bodies maimed and mangled. We are appalled, we are in disbelief, our hearts weep, our souls grieve. How could anyone calling themselves human do such an act so inhuman, such vile violence sparing no .....»»

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Davao City blooms in Kadayawan - Manila Bulletin

Davao City blooms in Kadayawan - Manila Bulletin.....»»

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Davao City blooms in Kadayawan

Davao City – Davao City celebrates 31 years of the Kadayawan Festival this week by paying tribute to the 11 tribes that formed part of the city’s tri-peoples (Muslim-Christian-Lumad) plurality and the many symbols that perpetually keep the c.....»»

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Rare, foul-smelling corpse flower blooms in New York City

NEW YORK — A foul smelling plant known as the "corpse flower" is finally blooming at the New York Botanical Garden in New York City......»»

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