Guv rues cessation of STL operations

GOV. Arthur Defensor Sr. said the lack of a legal operator for Small Town Lottery (STL) is a loss for Iloilo province. Defensor then appealed to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to resume STL operations “at the earliest time possible.” “For me, it is better that there is STL. Because if there is no […] The post Guv rues cessation of STL operations appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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STL firm rues bookies operations in Iloilo

THE authorized Small Town Lottery (STL) operator in Iloilo province said it is about to stabilize its operations one month after it began running the legalized numbers game. But Red Subay Gaming Corp. said bookies or illegal STL operations still persist despite their operations. Rommel Duron, Red Subay’s legal counsel and incorporator, said their “operation […] The post STL firm rues bookies operations in Iloilo appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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FC Meralco Manila ceases operations

In a statement posted late Monday on its official Facebook page, Meralco Manila announced the cessation of its participation in the upcoming 2018 Philippines Football League (PFL) season because of lack of sponsorship. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the club will be ceasing operations immediately and will no longer participate [...] The post FC Meralco Manila ceases operations appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Clashes in Syria’s Damascus after surprise rebel attack – Al Jazeera

Heavy clashes rocked eastern districts of the Syrian capital on Sunday after rebel fighters launched a surprise assault on government forces, a monitor and state television said. Steady shelling and sniper fire could be heard across Damascus on Sunday as rebel factions allied with former al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham launched an attack on government positions in the city's east. The clashes centered on a government-held gap between two besieged opposition enclaves, the Jobar and Qaboun neighborhoods. The Ahrar al-Sham rebel group said fighters had &'8220;liberated&'8221; the area. Tahrir al-Sham &'' a umbrella group of rebels formed by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham last month &'' and the independent Failaq al-Rahman group also participated in the attack. Syrian state media said the military had repelled an attack by one group after &'8220;terrorists&'8221; infiltrated through tunnels in the middle of the night. Rebels detonated two large car bombs at 5:20am on Sunday close to the Jobar neighborhood. Tahrir al-Sham claimed responsibility for the attack. Rebels then advanced into the nearby Abbasiyn Square area, seizing several buildings and firing a barrage of rockets into multiple Damascus neighbourhoods, according to Rami Abdelrahman of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Government forces responded with nearly a dozen air strikes on Jobar, he added. Al Jazeera's Mohamed Al Jazaeri, reporting from near Damascus, said that at least 15 civilians had been killed after government forces shelled residential neighborhoods in Eastern Ghouta, but that the fighting had since become less intense. &'8220;This advance is the largest for opposition groups in over a year and a half,&'8221; Al Jazaeri said. &'8220;Military operations have not stopped in the area but it has calmed down. There remains sniper shooting from both sides and regime forces are shelling Jobar neighborhood, as well as other areas controlled recently by the opposition.&'8221; Control of Jobar &'' which has been a battleground district for more than two years &'' is divided between rebels and allied fighters on one side, and government forces on the other. It is one of three pockets in the Syrian capital still in opposition hands. The recent fighting has resulted in rebel control of industrial areas in Al-Qaboun in addition to parts of Abbasiyn breaking a siege on the area and linking it to Jobar neighborhood, which is connected to Eastern Ghouta, Al Jazaeri said. Joshua Landis, an expert on Syria at the University of Oklahoma, told Al Jazeera that the offensive had taken the government by surprise and that its response was likely to be very significant. &'8220;I don't think it's going to change the trajectory of the war, which has been seeing the regime make important gains and the opposition getting increasingly restricted. But it shows the opposition is far from dead. It shows also that this new combination led by [Tahrir al-Sham] is very potent,&'8221; Landis said. &'8220;The regime is going to realise that it cannot allow these two areas to linger there because they are beachheads for this Tahrir a-Sham group to make inroads into the Damascus area,&'8221; he said, adding the government would likely withdraw some forces from areas such as Homs and Hama to refocus on Damascus. &'8220;It means that the fight is still on, there are many fronts to this war, and the opposition remains powerful.&'8221; Syrian state TV aired footage from Abbasiyn Square, typically buzzing with activity but now empty except for the sound of shelling. Residents said artillery shells and rockets were landing in the heart of the city. The Observatory said rebel shells hit several nearby districts in Damascus, including Bab Touma, Rukn al-Din and the Abbasiyin area. Several schools announced they would close through Monday, and many civilians cowered inside in fear of stray bullets and shelling. According to the Observatory, the Faylaq al-Rahman group and the Fateh al-Sham Front &'' known as al-Nusra Front before it broke ties with al-Qaeda &'' were present in Jobar. &'8220;This neighbourhood is the most important front line because it's the closest rebel position to the heart of the capital,&'8221; said Abdel Rahman. Government forces have long sought to push the rebels out of the district because of its proximity to the city centre in Damascus. But with Sunday's attack, Abdel Rahman said, &'8220;rebels have shifted from a defensive position in Jobar to an offensive one&'8221;. &'8220;These are not intermittent clashes &'' these are ongoing attempts to advance,&'8221; he said. One rebel commander told the Associated Press news agency they launched the assualt from Jobar as a way to relieve allied fighters in the nearby districts of Barzeh, Tishreen, and Qabun from government attacks. &'8220;This is to relieve the pressure on rebels with the regime not stopping its bombardment and artillery shelling,&'8221; said Abu Abdo, a commander from Failaq al Rahman. The attack on Damascus comes just days before a fresh round of UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva aiming to put an end to Syria's six-year war. Rebels and government troops agreed to a nationwide cessation of hostilities in December, but fighting has continued across much of the country, including in the capital. Rebels said the army had advanced in the last two days after weeks of bombardment and aerial strikes aimed at regaining control of strategic areas inside the capital, a few kms away from President Bashar al Assad's seat of power. The army had advanced towards a road between Qaboun and Barza, whose capture severed the links between the two besieged rebel districts where tens of thousands of [&'].....»»

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Duterte urged to continue peace talks with rebels

DAVAO CITY – Farmers fighting for genuine land reform have appealed on Sunday to President Rodrigo Duterte to continue the peace talks with communist rebels after he scrapped the negotiations following the spate of deadly attacks by insurgents in southern Philippines. Duterte’s decision to abandon the negotiations with communist leaders came on Saturday barely a day after he terminated the government’s unilateral ceasefire with New People’s Army rebels who also ended earlier its own truce. Since then, at least 4 soldiers had been killed by rebels in separate attacks and three more are being held prisoners in the troubled region. The rebels demanded the release of some 400 political prisoners &'' mostly NPA fighters and their leaders – languishing in jails across the country, but Duterte flatly rejected the demand, saying, a peace accord must be signed first before he could grant amnesty to political prisoners, although he had ordered the release from prison at least 21 senior rebel leaders to join the peace talks. Duterte said he cannot free all political prisoners and claimed that such action may trigger unrest in the police and military. Peace talks and land reform  But Joseph Canlas, chairman of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, one of the biggest farmers’ organizations in the country, said the continuation of peace negotiations is in the best interest of farmers, who are pressing for genuine land reform, land distribution and real change under the Duterte administration. “Farmers want the peace negotiations to continue. We want the peace talks to help address the problem of land monopoly, landlessness of farmers, unemployment and to realize the equitable distribution of social wealth,” Canlas said. “The peace negotiation is a separate and distinct track of struggle to press for significant pro-people reforms. While the New People’s Army and President Duterte announced the termination of the unilateral interim ceasefires, it should not hinder the continuation of the talks that is gaining relevant developments with regard to discussions on the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms, particularly agrarian reform and rural development,” he added. Canlas said based on the reported outcome of third round of the peace talks in Rome recently, the government, in principle, acquiesced to free land distribution to farmers and farm workers and that alone is a milestone with regard to pushing for socio-economic reforms and enough grounds to continue the talks. Pedro Arnado, leader of the farmers’ group in southern Mindanao, also urged Duterte not to abandon the peace talks, saying, the resumption of war with rebels may spark a series of illegal arrest and human rights violations, and even extrajudicial killings of civilians by government soldiers. “We call for the continuation of the peace talks and compliance to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Law to avoid rights violations of civilians,” said Arnado, who noted that at least 20 farmers and national minorities were killed during the ceasefire period. “For us farmers, a just peace means food for our families, education for our children and recognition of our right to the land we till.” Arnado said while the ultimate goal of the peace talks is to resolve the armed conflict and achieve cessation of hostilities, that wouldn’t be possible at this period when there are conflicting social classes and interests. “Big land estates, haciendas and landholdings remain intact and under the control of a few landlord families. That is in contrast with the situation of millions of tillers,” Arnado said, adding, Duterte should realize that people in the countryside are supporting and even joining the armed revolution because of the systemic and chronic crisis that is worsened by the government’s failure to address the most basic problems in rural areas. “Historically, it is the peasant masses that have made the ultimate sacrifices to achieve peace. Buhay na ang ibinuwis ng mga magsasaka para sa lupa at kapayapaan. The cost of peace is too expensive, farmers have paid it with their lives,” Arnado said. Cancel passport of communist negotiators Duterte also threatened to cancel the passports of the representatives National Democratic Front of the Philippines &'' the political wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA &'' who make up the peace panel negotiating with the government, saying, “they are in the wanted list, so I will alert the International Police to arrest them where they are because they are in wanted list. I'll cancel their passports.” “They can return, all of them. For those released by the government, they should, on their own volition, return here and go back to prison. Or else I will be forced to, I am alerting all the intelligence community to keep track of where they are now,” Duterte said. “Iyon na-release temporarily to talk with us in Oslo, they should come back and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the government because they are still in prison. Walang pardon, walang amnesty, wala lahat.” Blame Duterte, AFP The NPA blamed Duterte for the breakdown of the talks and accused the military of sabotaging the peace negotiations, saying, security forces encroached and attacked rebel territories in Mindanao, and murdered innocent civilians suspected of supporting the communist group. “To conceal their own ceasefire violation, the spin doctors of the Armed Forces of the Philippines concocted yet another storyline of an anti-criminality operation to assist the Philippine National Police in going after lawless elements such as their botched combat operations in Makilala and Matalam [&'].....»»

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PNP chief rues loss of time in anti-terrorism, security operations - Manila Bulletin

PNP chief rues loss of time in anti-terrorism, security operations - Manila Bulletin.....»»

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President orders stop to logging to protect country’s environment

President Duterte yesterday ordered a cessation of logging operations in the country, to protect, he said, the country’s environment......»»

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DENR-6 welcomes new Regional Executive Director

LEADERSHIP change has come in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Western Visayas. On January 10, 2019, Regional Executive Director (RED) Francisco “Toto” E. Milla Jr. was installed as the new RED for Region 6, replacing the now Assistant Secretary for Western Mindanao Jim O Sampulna. DENR Undersecretary for Field Operations Juan […] The post DENR-6 welcomes new Regional Executive Director appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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‘I will resign if proven guilty of graft raps’

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – “I will immediately resign from my public office if I’m found guilty of graft and corruption.” This was the strong statement of Capiz Gov Antonio del Rosario to the visitors and members of the media after the blessing and groundbreaking ceremony of the P45-million Aksyon Tabang Emergency Operations Center and ceremonial […] The post ‘I will resign if proven guilty of graft raps’ appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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PNP confiscates 1,025 firearms from 96 private security agencies that ceased operations

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) confiscated a total of 1,025 firearms from 96 private security agencies that were ordered to cease operations in 2018, Director General Oscar Albayalde said on…READ The post PNP confiscates 1,025 firearms from 96 private security agencies that ceased operations appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Buy-bust operations net kush stash Manila Bulletin News

Buy-bust operations net 'kush' stash Manila Bulletin A total of P420,000 worth of high-grade marijuana known as kush were seized in back-to-back buy-bust operations spearheaded by Manila Poli.....»»

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MMDA announces reblocking operations in metro Manila Bulletin News

MMDA announces reblocking operations in metro Manila Bulletin Starting 11 p.m. today, January 18 to January 21, various roads will undergo reblocking and repairs in the metropolis, the Metropolitan M.....»»

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2 alleged terrorists arrested in Manila - Philippine Star

2 alleged terrorists arrested in Manila Philippine Star MANILA, Philippines Two men accused of being members of a Mindanao-based terror group were arrested in separate operations in Manila over the.....»»

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AFP assures peaceful, orderly plebiscite

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews / 17 Jan) ­– The Armed Forces of the Philippines is set to launch security operations to ensure the peaceful and orderly holding of a historic plebiscite that could end the decades old Moro insurgency in Mindanao. Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief Gen. Benjamin Madrigal Jr. said there are […].....»»

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Lorenzana: No letup in military ops vs NPA | The Manila Times Online

DATU ODIN SINSUAT, Maguindanao: The Armed Forces of the Philippines would not stop its operations in the northeastern part of Mindanao against communist rebels, even after the New Peoples ArmyREAD The.....»»

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Erap orders clearing operations on Baywalk Manila Bulletin News

Erap orders clearing operations on Baywalk Manila Bulletin By Ria Fernandez. Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada ordered clearing operations to be conducted along Baywalk on Roxas Boulevard in support of the.....»»

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The Henry Sy Playbook: 9 lessons from Philippines richest man | Inquirer Business

From a small shoe store called Shoemart that started operations on Carriedo in 1958, the empire of SM group founder Henry Sy Sr. has expanded exponentially over the next 60 years to include over 200 c.....»»

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PNP human rights compliant? Release data, says CHR

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairman Chito Gascon yesterday urged the Philippine National Police to release records proving that PNP anti-drug operations are compliant with human rights standards......»»

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BOP surplus in December highest in 7 years

Strong inflows arising mainly from the foreign exchange operations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) boosted the country’s external payments position with the balance of payments (BOP) recording the biggest surplus in almost seven years......»»

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Baguio council backs NUJP bid to exempt journalists as drug case witnesses

  BAGUIO, Philippines – The Baguio City Council has joined media groups in their bid to remove the government requirement for journalists to become witnesses and signatories to documents involving illegal drug operations.  The Baguio City Council approved Resolution No. 9 series of 2018 on January 14, “strongly supporting ........»»

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Guard’s honesty hailed for returning wallet with over P182K at Clark airport

MANILA, Philippines --- A security guard at Clark International Airport (CIA) in Pampanga province has been commended for her honesty after she returned a wallet containing more than P182,000 in cash last January 1, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) reported Friday. In a Facebook post, DOTr said aviation security personnel Lorna Briosa, 32, reportedly found the wallet on the floor of nearby light post on New Year's Day. She then turned over the wallet, which was apparently left behind by a passenger at the airport's greeter's area, to airport operations officers. The money was then listed as a lost and unclaimed item. No identification card or document was found inside th...Keep on reading: Guard’s honesty hailed for returning wallet with over P182K at Clark airport.....»»

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