Guide to Bacolod eats–from steamed oyster mushrooms in banana leaves to squid fat, Korean beef ribs

  I had a marvelous time eating in Bacolod, where food is king. Here are some places to go and dishes to try when in the City of Smiles. Aboy's It's been a while since I saw my dear friends Peque Gallaga, his wife Maddie and son Jubal. They hosted lunch for me at Aboy's. It has a really good selection of "native" dishes which are consistently good, said Jubal. "Sometimes restaurants have off-days, but Aboy's never disappoints." My visit revolved around just one activity: eating. More like overeating! No matter how simple the meal (be it dessert with a cup of tea) or the time of day, eating in Bacolod means feasting. Jubal said that Negrosanons in general,...Keep on reading: Guide to Bacolod eats–from steamed oyster mushrooms in banana leaves to squid fat, Korean beef ribs.....»»

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Locals consume 25,000 longganisa in Albay fest

        GUINOBATAN, Albay---Upon hearing the sound of a siren, thousands of residents started eating 25,000 pieces of fried crispy longganisa (sausages) that were put on banana leaves on a boodle fight meal along the streets in this town's center on Friday.   The boodle fight, which is now on its second year, serves as one highlight of the Longganisa Festival celebrated here every August, said Guinobatan Mayor Ann Ongjoco.   Aside from thousands of longganisa, residents also consumed 2,500 pieces of scrambled eggs, 1,500 sliced tomatoes, 1,000 pieces of fresh cucumber, and bowls of steamed rice that stretched for about 300 meters....Keep on reading: Locals consume 25,000 longganisa in Albay fest.....»»

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Trump, Kim chat over lunch of beef short ribs

SINGAPORE -- United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were chatting over a lunch of beef short ribs, sweet and sour crispy pork, and braised codfish. Details release.....»»

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Amy Besa’s catfish ‘amok,’ Michelle Tomacruz’s Hainanese chicken quinoa, Dulce Gibb’s ‘apam balik’

  Cambodia's 'amok' by Amy Besa Cambodia's most famous dish is fish amok, a lightly sweet and creamy fish curry cooked and presented in a banana leaf bowl. Traditionally, amok calls for freshwater fish and is served steamed. Amy Besa and her Purple Yam culinary team recreated the dish using catfish or hito. "Amok is prepared like a mousse," Besa said. "And you steam it in banana leaves." Using turmeric oil as base to make yellow curry, they cooked catfish fillet in the curry with fresh coconut milk and coconut nectar for a hint of sweetness. After being steamed in banana leaf cones, the amok was garnished with toasted shallots and ginger. Besa and her team made it...Keep on reading: Amy Besa’s catfish ‘amok,’ Michelle Tomacruz’s Hainanese chicken quinoa, Dulce Gibb’s ‘apam balik’.....»»

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Beginner s Guide: Say the name, Seventeen!

MANILA, Philippines – There's a chance you've only heard of them now, but it’s actually the third time for Seventeen to visit the Philippines and perform for their fans. Seventeen is a 13-member South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment. They debuted on May 26, 2015, and were the ........»»

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Banana exporters press for bilateral tariff deal with South Korea

BANANA GROWERS and exporters warned that the Philippines could lose its big share of the South Korean market within the next two years without a bilateral deal that will give zero tariff to the commodity. The post Banana exporters press for bilateral tariff deal with South Korea appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Exporters press for PH-South Korea deal on bananas

Banana exporters could lose the Korean market if the latter insists on resolving a key trade issue through a longer process. The Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) has urged.....»»

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‘Ompong’ Leaves Over P280M Partial Damage to Vizcaya Crops

Typhoon ‘Ompong’ left the province with an more than P280 million initialworth damage to agriculture worth more than Alexander Domingo, provincial agriculturist said the partial damage report covers rice, corn, banana, fisheries and vegetables such as tomato, eggplant, cabbage, pepper, beans and squash including citrus products. “The typhoon damaged our agricultural products resulting to a […].....»»

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Why a South Korean supermarket is selling bananas in different stages of ripeness

South Korean supermarket E-Mart is getting praises for selling bananas in different stages of ripeness in one pack to allow consumers to eat fruit each day. Twitter user Jay Lim shared that the supermarket is selling a “One-A-Day Banana” pack that consists of bananas that are both ripe and not fully ripe. People praised the […].....»»

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Myrtle Sarrosa thanks kind Korean who returned lost money clip

Myrtle Sarrosa's South Korea trip may have ended on a bad note if not for an honest Korean who returned her lost money clip. The actress shared her experience through several Instagram Stories updates on Thursday, July 26. In one of the video clips, Sarrosa explained how she lost her money clip on July 25 while visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Fortunately for her, a kindly Korean found the money clip and turned it over to lost and found. With the help of her tour guide Byunggyu Park, Sarrosa managed to pick up her money clip from an office at the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Park, who appeared to be rather familiar with the actress, considered Sarrosa as someone whom he "spec...Keep on reading: Myrtle Sarrosa thanks kind Korean who returned lost money clip.....»»

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PH bananas find big competition in South Korea

An industry group fears cheap banana imports from Central America will soon gnaw into the Philippines' share in the South Korean market. In a statement, Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters A.....»»

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Make your own truffle pasta

  Don't worry about the carbs! Pasta by any other name is still one of the simplest---and quickest---dishes to whip up. And, if prepared well, it can be one of the most delightful and comforting meals. This pasta dish is simple to do yet the use of truffle oil makes it extra decadent. It offers a flavorful combination of truffle oil, parmesan cheese, portobello and oyster mushrooms. The addition of all-purpose cream gives the mixture a richer and fuller taste, while the spinach makes it healthy and filling. "By simply adding a few ingredients, this pasta dish turns into a special treat that can be prepared in a jiffy," says chef Val Campilla of Hotel Rembrandt. "A...Keep on reading: Make your own truffle pasta.....»»

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4-man PDP-Laban team to NoKor for party talks

A four-man Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) delegation leaves tomorrow for Pyongyang on a first-ever visit by a Philippine political party to the North Korean capital, launching a historic direct party-to-party contact with the Workers’ Party of Korea. Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, PDP Laban national President, described….....»»

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LOOK: Sharon Cuneta cooks again ‘for the first time in ages’

It's no surprise that the only people who can bring Megastar Sharon Cuneta back in the kitchen are her kids. Cuneta shared yesterday, July 5, that she cooked again after so long when her kids craved for her version of "bulgogi," a Korean dish of marinated slices of beef or pork stir-fried in a pan. "Only my children could get me back in the kitchen, cooking again for the first time in ages! It was my first time to cook in THIS kitchen as well. Babies missed Mama's version of Bulgogi - Korean BBQ," shared Cuneta. She wrote that the moment she started to cook the beef, her younger daughters Miel and Frankie instantly reminiscenced about their childhood. "Mielly and Kakie said, 'Mama...Keep on reading: LOOK: Sharon Cuneta cooks again ‘for the first time in ages’.....»»

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Quite a mud-dle! Filipino devotees slather themselves...

Hundreds of Filipino Catholic devotees covered themselves in mud and banana leaves They say there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood, but for more than a thousand Filipinos at a Cat.....»»

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LOOK: Quite a mud-dle! Filipino devotees bathe in soil

ALIAGA, Nueva Ecija -- They say there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood, but for more than a thousand Filipinos at a Catholic festival on Sunday, slathering their bodies in mud was a way to show devotion and humility. The annual tradition forms part of a joyous religious festival honoring a saint they believed saved residents from execution by Japanese soldiers during World War II. Men, women and children sat in soggy rice paddies before dawn in the town of Aliaga, 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Manila, covering each other in muck before donning dried banana leaves in the annual "Mud People" festival. A tradition that draws the faithful and tourists alike...Keep on reading: LOOK: Quite a mud-dle! Filipino devotees bathe in soil.....»»

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Biron moves to beef up investments in Iloilo

WEEKS after the signing of a law that seeks to address the red tape problem in business and investments, Rep. Ferjenel Biron (4th district, Iloilo) continues to channel his energies on promoting countryside development by inviting foreign investors. On June 21, 2018, Biron, chair of the House Committee on Trade and Industry, toured South Korean […] The post Biron moves to beef up investments in Iloilo appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Cheap Eats Manila: Shawarma Shack Best Value Beef Shawarma Philippines – Manila Video

Cheap Eats Manila: Shawarma Shack Best Value Beef Shawarma in the Philippines. Shawarma Shack was first opened in 2017 by Walther Buenavista and Patricia Collantes as a food cart in the night market of Divisoria known for their famous Buy 1 Take One Shawarma Deal. Through franchising has become one of the fastest growing shawarma… link: Cheap Eats Manila: Shawarma Shack Best Value Beef Shawarma Philippines – Manila Video.....»»

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Red tape leaves 400 students ‘homeless’

BACOLOD CITY: As students nationwide are happy to be back in school today, about 400 students in Tinongan National High School (TNHS) in the municipality of Isabel, Negros Occidental, will remain “homeless” and remain “squatters” because of government red tape. Nine months since its inauguration, the THNS’ 33-year dream of having its own campus remains… link: Red tape leaves 400 students ‘homeless’.....»»

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Duterte leaves for SoKor today

President Duterte will push for peace in the Korean peninsula as he visits South Korea this week......»»

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Davis, Pelicans thump Warriors in Game 3

By Sekou Smith, NEW ORLEANS -- The fear factor remained until the very end for Alvin Gentry. His memory is as long as Anthony Davis from head to toe, so like everyone else in the Smoothie King Center Friday night (Saturday, PHL time), the notion that a 20-point lead late in the fourth quarter against the Golden State Warriors was safe just didn’t compute. Gentry was caught up in the moment, trying to win a game in this Western Conference semifinal after dropping the first two in Oakland. And he was trying to block out the memory of the Pelicans’ last home game against these Warriors in the playoffs. He had the perfect seat then, next to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, his top assistant and offensive coordinator, the man in charge of engineering an epic comeback from a 20-point deficit that would lead to a Game 3 win in that first-round series and an eventual sweep of the Pelicans that helped propel the Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green-led Warriors to the NBA title in 2015. So yeah, it was on his mind, even if everyone else in the building tried to say it wasn’t, that it was ancient history and that it had no impact on this current Pelicans team. Gentry knew better than that and confessed as much as his team drew blood in this series with an emphatic 119-100 Game 3 win this time around. “Obviously, it’s going to stick with you,” Gentry said of that pivotal 2015 game that ultimately led to the Pelicans hiring him away from the Warriors. “I was on the Warrior bench then and I thought [the Pelicans] played great game. And because I was on the Warrior bench it made it so scary tonight … I was there when Steph started making threes and then Klay started making threes and before you know it a 20-point lead was nine points and then seven points, and then all of a sudden Steph made a shot out of the corner, which by the way I have a picture of that on my phone that I’ve kept all of these years and now I can eras it off. “But there just a scary team, you never feel comfortable. Even when he [Kerr] took his guys out, I was like ‘let’s play two more minutes before we take [our] guys out. Because you are just never comfortable with that team.” Gentry helped chase the ghost of that 2015 game away for the a franchise, a city and especially his stars on Friday night. Both Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday were on that team that collapsed three years ago. They needed this win more than they realized, more than they cared to acknowledge late Friday night (Saturday, PHL time) after the building had cleared out and everyone had a chance to process what had just transpired. The Pelicans beat the Warriors at their own game, employing the “appropriate fear” Gentry joked about with the media afterwards. It was all there, starting with relentless defense and sweet shooting; 14-for-31 from beyond the three-point line. It continued with the sudden bursts of energy from all directions; Solomon Hill knocking down three deep three-pointers early and reserve guard Ian Clark, crushing his former team for 18 points, including daggers down the stretch. It was punctuated by Davis and Holiday grinding away like the guys who fueled the Pelicans’ first-round sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers, and veteran point guard Rajon Rondo breathing as much verbal fire as Green, while also driving the Pelicans with 21 assists, the first player with at least 20 in a playoff game since he did it in himself in 2011 when he was with the Boston Celtics. The Warriors simply couldn’t keep up. And Curry didn’t the have the same touch or adrenaline he had in his playoff debut in Game 2, when he torched the Pelicans for 28 points in 27 minutes off the bench during his first action after missing nearly six weeks with a knee injury. “Most of it is attributed to the Pelicans,” Kerr said. “Their defense was great. They were the aggressors. I thought they brought the force, the necessary force to the game on their home floor, and these are the ebbs and flows of a playoff series, especially when you get past the first round. Everybody is really good and that’s a team that just swept Portland in the first round and on their home floor down 2-0, this is kind of what you expect.” Gentry has unleashed all that. When the Pelicans lost All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins to a season-ending Achilles injury in late January, the framework for this team had to be altered completely. The Pelicans had to lean on Davis to dominate the way he did (33 points on 15-for-27 shooting, 18 rebounds, four steals and three assists). Holiday (21 points, seven rebounds, five assists) had to be set free to resume the All-Star ways he showed earlier in his career. And Rondo needed the keys to the car and the freedom to guide the Pelicans’ young stars to the edge the way he has throughout this postseason, complete with at least two more face-to-face skirmishes with Green Friday night (Saturday, PHL time). “That’s the way he plays, he talks a lot of …” Rondo said after being informed that Green suggested he was trying to bait him into a confrontation. Rondo, who joined Magic Johnson and John Stockton as the only players in NBA history with multiple 20-assist games in the postseason, understands the process a team must go through to reach that next level. He was a young point guard in Boston when he learned it from Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Doc Rivers during the Celtics’ 2008 title run and the years they spent as a contender after that. And he knows success at this stage is more about the Pelicans and what they do than it is about any beef, real or perceived, between he and Green. “It definitely is, but it starts with defense,”he said.“We were able to get some stops, defensively. It’s hard to run and keep pace when you’re taking it by the net every time which we did in game one so we cleaned up a little bit better in game two and three and look forward to making adjustments for game four.” Without Gentry understanding and trusting that same process, and facilitating the perfect environment for all of his players, especially his three biggest stars, this Pelicans team could have easily fallen out of the playoff mix in a wild Western Conference. That race that went down to the final night of the season for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets and affected the seeding for every team after the No. 1 Houston Rockets and No. 2 Warriors. Gentry had to empower Rondo to infuse the right kind of bite in both Holiday and Davis, whose voice grows louder with each game -- he didn’t hesitate to make a statement in a second half huddle Friday night, barking to his teammates that “we are not going to lose this game.” “That was the message,”he said.“We can’t lose this game. It’s always tough to come back from 0-3. Our mindset is to go out there, play, and do what we’re supposed to do from all the game planning. Whatever results happen, happen. We followed the game plan to a T tonight.” And now the real fun begins. The atmosphere will be electric for Sunday afternoon’s (Monday, PHL time) Game 4. The expectations will have changed dramatically for the Pelicans in just a few hours. Can they do it again? Will they exhibit the same appropriate fear against a championship Warriors team that will be smarting from a Friday night (Saturday, PHL time) dose of their own medicine? Gentry, the architect of this perfectly brewing storm, is counting on it. Sekou Smith is a veteran NBA reporter and NBA TV analyst. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here and follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting......»»

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