NEW YORK (MindaNews / 15 September) — Many watch soap operas for a variety of reasons, sometimes to escape reality. For a little while, the mind is taken away from daily problems. Many swoon over love stories, cry over situations characters undergo and wish for happy endings. I watched the documentary of Faith Hill and […].....»»

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Achieve your best lip yet

Every woman knows the power and significance of her lips. The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the lips are where we make our voices heard; our affection felt. When it comes to dressing up our lips, trends have come and gone: the shiny, the matte, the avant-garde. Most of us have only ever used lipsticks, lip liners, and lip gloss as our go-to tools to achieve certain desired looks---but here's something new you can try to add to your lip essentials: the lip oil. If you've never heard of it before, we forgive you. I personally have only recently heard about it too, and I've got to say, it sounds like the perfect lip tool. It offers the benefits of a lip balm without the tacki...Keep on reading: Achieve your best lip yet.....»»

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NEW YORK (MindaNews / 16 Sept) — Two powerful storms are raging over the Carolinas USA and the Northern part of the Philippines – Florence and Mangkhut. There are reported casualties but the death toll may rise. One good thing about a storm is that it does not stay in one single location. The path […].....»»

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GLASSHOUSES: Truth Liberates

NEW YORK (MindaNews / 08 Sept) — A year ago, I wrote the this piece during the height of the Marawi siege. With the recent bombings in Sultan Kudarat, truth is no farther than it was. This is my answer to one of the posts I read. Times are uncertain and we must let truth […].....»»

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What men should have on their grooming shelf

The men's grooming aisle is a jungle. Different men have different needs. Sometimes, their routines are probably as complicated as those of women. Still, as with anything, the essentials are the most important to master. If you're a guy in need of some direction or if you're a woman looking for a few things to help update your loved one's grooming kit, I think you should consider a few (if not all!) of the products that cover hair, styling, shaving and beard care, facial and body care. For quick self-styling, there is the Malin + Goetz Sage Styling Cream that creates a natural hold via botanical sage and absorbent fatty acids. It also conditions the hair and leaves no residue. ...Keep on reading: What men should have on their grooming shelf.....»»

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Enjoy up to 70% on baby clothes, bedding, nursing and feeding products, baby ess…

Enjoy up to 70% on baby clothes, bedding, nursing and feeding products, baby essentials, maternity items and many more. Huge discounts await you at Baby Company’s Crazy Baby Sale happening on August 10-12 at SMX Convention Center Manila #CrazyBabySale #BabyCompany #SMXConventionCenter Source link: Enjoy up to 70% on baby clothes, bedding, nursing and feeding products, baby ess….....»»

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Fil-Am beauty products maker helps feed PH public school students

Kaya Essentials' Sara Meredith with some recipients of Kusina ng Kalinga's school lunches. CONTRIBUTED LOS ANGELES - It all began when Sara Meredith and her mother created a homemade hair.....»»

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Canada vs US

Canada hits back at US with tariffs on metals, bourbon and orange juice OTTAWA -- Canada hit back at the United States on Friday with retaliatory tariffs on American summertime essentials including Florida orange juice, ketchup and Kentucky bourbon in its opening salvo in a trade war with President Donald….....»»

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Canada hits back at U.S. with tariffs on metals, bourbon, orange juice

OTTAWA, Canada – Canada hit back at the United States on Friday, June 29, with retaliatory tariffs on American summertime essentials including Florida orange juice, ketchup and Kentucky bourbon in its opening salvo in a trade war with President Donald Trump. As temperatures and tensions increase, the measures targeting Can$16.6 billion ........»»

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Hot Stuff: Take On The Unicorn Makeup Trend With These Fab Essentials

Live boldly with the coolest makeup trend that’s all about looking fun and fabulous all day!.....»»

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Packing Tips for Better Trips

The most important thing to note is that when we say packing, we do not only refer to clothes and shoes, there are also other essentials that should be included in your travel luggage list and they.....»»

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The social value of the local supermarket

Before there were paved highways and fast cars, before people could affordably go to any place anywhere in the world, and before every major city was connected through airports, people only knew the world through their communities. It used to be that every small, rural town had only the essentials of daily living: a grocer […] The post The social value of the local supermarket appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Travel essentials

Since traveling is the Filipino's latest passion, SM Stationery has rolled out travel accessories: colorful passport and travel document holders with functional interior pockets to keep one organized; stylish luggage tags and luggage covers; mesh pouches and packing cubes for light packing. There are mobile phone accessories such as foldable headphones to add pizzazz to gadgets. There's also a wide selection of travel journals, sketchbooks and handy coloring brush pens.     The Travel Essentials Collection is at SM Stationery section of all SM Stores....Keep on reading: Travel essentials.....»»

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Always borrowing travel essentials? It’s time to have your own

  MANILA, Philippines – You love to travel. You chase after seat sales. You’ve been to Thailand, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. But do you have your own travel essentials? Or do you still have to borrow bags and luggage, jackets, and other travel items from your ........»»

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The Six Fix: Essentials You Need To Stash In Your Travel Backpack

Here's to hassle-free and extra memorable trips!.....»»

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Travel deals and big shopping discounts all under one roof at Rustan’s

  Rustan's continues to make make waves in 2018 with a travel fair curated for the jet-set life, and for others eager for the next big adventure. You can book flights, reserve hotel lodgings and create vacation festivities---all while shopping for summer essentials in one convenient luxury destination. Unlike other travel fairs, Rustan's Your Summer Escape showcases a variety of destinations---from icy cruises in Norway to a warm paradise in the Seychelles. At the launch of the first leg of the travel fair, guests were able to grab deals offered by Rustan's valued partners such as Philippine Airlines (PAL), Qatar Airways, Adventures International Tours, Inc., Crimson...Keep on reading: Travel deals and big shopping discounts all under one roof at Rustan’s.....»»

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What to Remember to Keep Your Road Trip Safe

The long Holy Week break is near. While some may not be going overseas, there are also still who planned road trips to a local destination or two. We're sure you're already packing your bags by the time you read this. Aside from your travel essentials, it's also important to have rules for you and your companions during the trip. You're going to be on the road for hours after all so you must be fully prepared for anything. As someone who's gone to a lot of road trips in the past, here are the tips that I learned. Make sure your car's in good shape Check the tires, oil, gas tank (bring extra if needed), and the lights. You wouldn't want to get stranded somewhere far from a city...Keep on reading: What to Remember to Keep Your Road Trip Safe.....»»

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Summer style from Samar

A MAXI DRESS, a sarong, a wide-brimmed straw hat, aviator sunglasses, a new swimsuit — these vacation essentials are all one needs to be set for summer. Using handwoven products adorned with unique patterns and bold colors might just do the trick to help one’s getup stand out. What is even better, by wearing that […] The post Summer style from Samar appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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I LOVE YOU, THIS GAME: Trouble from Lakerland

The essentials for the Metropolitan Basketball Association to function were in place. ABS-CBN was ready to give it a shot and Ramon "El Presidente" Fernandez believed in the idea and was on board as the MBA's first-ever Commissioner. But for the MBA to start as an actual league, it needed teams. And picking teams is not as easy as it sounds. NORTH VS. SOUTH With the way how things work in the Philippines, it made sense for the MBA to go for the North vs. South route. This pattern was still heavily-influenced by the American leagues as MetroBall CEO Ramon Tuason had a first-hand experience of the home-and-away format when he was living in the States at the height of Martial Law. "I did [North vs. South] because I grew up in the States, we were used to the football, baseball, and basketball leagues always having the regions come in, and then Finals it was always North vs. South or East vs. West," Tuason told ABS-CBN Sports in an exclusive one-on-one interview about the origins of the MBA. "We thought in the Philippines it would be perfect, North vs. South no?" he added. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER While the idea of North vs. South was fun and intriguing, Tuason still had to make an informed decision which cities or provinces he wanted to hit for the MBA. So he read some books because with books, you gain knowledge. And knowledge is power. "I thought at that time, after reading books about franchising and all that, we had to choose the most popular and more populated cities also," Tuason said when discussing the reasoning behind the original 12 teams that formed the MBA. "Of course in the North, we chose all the way from Pangasinan down. Pangasinan, Tarlac, Pampanga, then down to Manila. And then further south, Batangas, Laguna, that thing right? Tarlac was not able to come in but we were able to get the six teams from here that included Pasig. Pasig came to our doorstep, na-tsambahan namin yung Pasig but we lost Tarlac. In the south, almost all the teams we wanted," he added. The first 12 teams that competed in the MBA's first season were Pangasinan, Manila, Batangas, Pampanga, Laguna, Pasig-Rizal, Cebu, Negros, Socsargen, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo. Pampanga ended up being the inaugural champions of the Metropolitan Basketball League. FINDING THE OWNERS While the cities and provinces were already located, the next step for the MBA was to find people to finance these teams. For some, like Cebu, it was easy to find a team owner. "What's interesting is we got team owners to match those teams. Like Cebu, we thought of who could we approach in Cebu and there's two or three names actually. And most of them are sports backers already. Lhuillier picked it up immediately," Tuason said. For other teams, Tuason approached with a different strategy. It varied depending on the place and the people he was dealing with. "With Davao with Anthony Del Rosario, he wanted to get into politics and it was a venue for him be well known and they could afford it. So each city had one or two families that we wanted to approach and we got them most," he added. "In Batangas we were looking for a family, we were looking at the Recto family but at that time it was a bit controversial. The Araneta family came to us and deciced, 'let's do Batangas.' I said okay, no problem. In other words we didn't need the family to have a big business or a footing in the city but we wanted the family to at least have something in the city. A residence, people that work there, or a branch and we got that through LBC. Something like that," Tuason added. WHAT'S IN A NAME? So the team locations, along with matching owners, were finally identified. Now the fun part comes. Naming the teams. Of the original 12 MBA teams, Tuason says that he recommended a monicker for about eigth of them, which were to be approved by the team owners. "As a matter of fact, out of the first 12 teams, I recommended eight names," Tuason said. For some of the teams, it was just clever ideas that made sense. For others, the team had to have that name. "Lhuillier got into Cebu right? And they were into the jewelry business so obviously Gems," Tuason said of the Cebu Gems. "Iloilo, Robert Puckett was in solar (energy) so I said why don't you put Volts? He said 'oh I love it.' Batangas has to be Blades, so things like that. The owner had the final choice but we gave recommendations and they picked it up. Davao of course, had to be the Eagles," he added. TROUBLE FROM LAKERLAND Not all MBA teams faced smooth transition with regards to naming their respective squads. It wasn't because the home fans rejected them though, it was more than that. Laguna in particular, who went by the name of the Lakers, got the attention of the NBA. Oh yes it's true. "The NBA, [Commissioner] David Stern, sued the MBA here because we were using Laguna Lakers," Tuason said, recounting that one time the MBA, barely into the start of its operations, already got in trouble with the most powerful professional basketball league on Earth. "I went over to Bert Lina, the owner of the Laguna Lakers. He said 'Ramon don't worry about that,' but I said 'sir we're gonna get sued,' he answered 'where are they gonna sue us? They have to sue us in our courts and we're gonna have it moved to Laguna. Who do you think is gonna go against us in Laguna?'" Tuason added. The NBA stopped bothering the MBA after one letter. And so the MBA was ready to rock. It was fun and it was crazy. Speaking of crazy... (to be continued)   *I Love You, This Game is a series celebrating the Metropolitan Basketball Association's 20th anniversary. Stay tuned for more!   --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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Next Level Adulting: Furniture Shopping With My Boyfriend

In my last relationship story, I talked about the age difference between Vince and I. And although I don't notice anymore, he's been doing a lot more "adult" things lately. Like buying furniture. After a few years of waiting, he's finally moving into his new place but he has a lot to do before he calls it home. Although the unit comes with a few appliances like a fridge, two air conditioners, and a TV, he still has to buy majority of the furniture. He's been putting it off for a while but last week I was able to convince him to start with the essentials like a bed, desk, and pillows. He asked me to help him out so we dedicated one Saturday afternoon to furniture shopping. ...Keep on reading: Next Level Adulting: Furniture Shopping With My Boyfriend.....»»

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Hot Stuff: Splurge-Worthy Essentials You Should Stash For The New Year

Here are new bits to treat yourself with!.....»»

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