Duterte popularity puzzles solon

For Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, it's perplexing that President Duterte has continued to enjoy a high popularity rating despite his "irreverence" for institutions, pro-China stance and violation of human rights. The President scored a net satisfaction rating of +56 during the first quarter this year, according to a Social Weather Stations survey taken from March 23 to 27. This is a two-point drop from his +58 rating last December. Both ratings were considered "very good." "It is a puzzle that despite the failure of President Rodrigo Duterte to deliver most of his campaign promises, his irreverence to established institutions, including the Catholic Church, his unpatriotic surrender ...Keep on reading: Duterte popularity puzzles solon.....»»

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Imperial President

“I posited the mutability of presidential powers.” By general law, life and limb must be protected, yet often a limb must be amputated to save a life…” J.M. Burn Recently, a distinguished solon came to town expressing his perplexity (euphemism for disbelief) over the staying power of the popularity of President Duterte. Going against historical […].....»»

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Duterte & apos;concerned& apos; over slay of Tawi-Tawi vice mayor – solon -

Duterte 'concerned' over slay of Tawi-Tawi vice mayor – solon -»»

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Akbayan solon tells SF seniors federalism poses threat to PH sovereignty

SAN FRANCISCO -- Rep. Barry Gutierrez spoke with Filipino senior citizens, including World War II veterans during a livestreamed forum on the West Philippine Sea, Saturday, July 7,warning that the federalism being pushed by the Duterte administration poses a threat to Philippine sovereignty.   "Federalism could break up the Philippines into smaller states that could be more susceptible to China's influence (on the West Philippine sea territorial conflict)," said the Akbayan Partylist representative to the 16thPhilippine Congress. Gutierrez spoke via livestream video to a large group of Filipinos at a senior residence in downtown San Francisco, at a forum hosted by t...Keep on reading: Akbayan solon tells SF seniors federalism poses threat to PH sovereignty.....»»

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Solon blames President for killing of 2 mayors

  Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin on Wednesday blamed the deadly attacks on two local officials this week on President Rodrigo Duterte who, he said, inspired disrespect for the rule of law by promising protection to police who would kill drug users and dealers.   According to the opposition lawmaker, the shooting deaths of the mayors of Tanauan City, Batangas province, and General Tinio, Nueva Ecija province, showed that once the rule of law is abandoned, "anybody with a gun and a grudge has a license to kill people without worrying about the consequences."   No prosecution   He said the President himself gave the license to kill by repeatedly assur...Keep on reading: Solon blames President for killing of 2 mayors.....»»

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Popular Duterte toys with Philippine democracy

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte could leverage historic-high popularity ratings to impose an 'imperial' presidency with few checks or balances on his rule.........»»

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Solon cautions on issuance of arms to barangay officials

A leader of the House of Representatives said the proposal to arm barangay chiefs should be studied carefully should the Duterte government intend to implement it. Solon cautions on issuance of arms to barangay officials A leader of the House of Representatives said on Tuesday the proposal to arm barangay chiefs should be studied carefully… link: Solon cautions on issuance of arms to barangay officials.....»»

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Tanauan mayor’s slay ‘shows how rule of law has been abandoned’ – solon

The assassination of Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan in Batangas inbroad daylight "shows how the rule of law has been abandoned,"opposition lawmaker Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin said Monday. Halili was shot and killed during the flag raising ceremony at city hall on Monday. READ:Tanauan mayor dead after flag ceremony shooting| Tanauan mayor gunned down while singing national anthem-- witnesses Halili had as been indicted for his alleged involvement in drugs and condemned by the Commission on Human Rights for his "walk of shame" campaign for drug pushers in Tanauan. His assassination, Villarin said, showed that"the cornerstone of Duterte's anti-illegal drug policy is the tombston...Keep on reading: Tanauan mayor’s slay ‘shows how rule of law has been abandoned’ – solon.....»»

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Duterte take on ‘jueteng’ puzzles STL workers

LUCENA CITY---The army of Small Town Lottery (STL) bet collectors here was surprised and puzzled by what appeared to be President Rodrigo Duterte going soft on the illegal numbers game "jueteng."   "Jueteng has long been dead in the province with the introduction of STL," said Mario Lagustan, a former jueteng and now STL collector.   "We know because we're former jueteng collectors and now comfortable with STL," Lagustan said.   On Friday, the President said in a speech at the National Information and Communications Summit 2018 at SMX Convention Center that jueteng contributed to economic activity in the provinces.   He also expressed conce...Keep on reading: Duterte take on ‘jueteng’ puzzles STL workers.....»»

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Duterte Year 2: TRAIN threatens poor, president s popularity

Here's President Rodrigo Duterte's problem: rising prices in the Philippines—partly stoked by his new tax law—continue to hit his political base, and some say help from the government is likely to be delayed and inadequate......»»

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Youth solon says House reso on Duterte’s ‘tambay order’ on the way

Kabataan party-list Representative Sarah Elago on Saturday said resolutions are already underway at the House of Representatives to seek an investigation on President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to apprehend loiterers in the streets, as well as their mauling in the precints. Source link link: Youth solon says House reso on Duterte’s ‘tambay order’ on the way.....»»

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Show data to support BBL’s ‘awesome’ fiscal powers—Recto

Saying that the “law is in the details,” Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto yesterday pressed the government to submit “the economic fine print” that will underpin the proposed Bangsamoro government’s fiscal autonomy.In a request coursed through Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, Recto sought “facts and figures that will bolster the financial feasibility” of the Bangsamoro self-ruled homeland.Recto said the submission of these will clarify ambiguities in the provisions in Bangsamoro Basic Law bill, and “hasten its passage in the Senate.””Like any bill, if you scratch the surface of a provision of the BBL, you will find the price tag underneath,” Recto said.Among the data Recto has requested are “national revenue collections in ARMM since its creation to the present, as well as budget utilization of ARMM, including relevant financial statements, from the time it was created.”Included in the request are “budget allocations and subsidies lodged in different national government agencies, earmarked and off-budget revenue sources.”“The purpose is to find out if past allocations to ARMM were at levels sufficient to meet the imperatives of growth, because if these are historically lacking, then we are properly informed not to commit the same mistakes with the future Bangasamoro government,” Recto said. In his letter to Zubiri, Recto also sought additional data on the formula used in computing and allocating the proposed Annual Block Grants, “funds which are to be automatically appropriated and released by the national government.” For 2019, the Block Grant is pegged at P72 billion. “What then is the revenue basis used in setting this amount?” Recto said.Recto likewise requested “elaboration” on the nature of the Special Development Fund, or SDF, which has been pegged at P100 billion for 20 years, P10 billion of which shall be given by the national government the year following the ratification of the BBL.“What is the basis for the SDF? What are examples of projects to be funded by this?” Recto said.He also asked for the “negative list of projects or programs” which cannot be funded by the block grant or by the SDF.Recto also requested for social and economic indicators at all levels of the present ARMM, and “programs that will result in better socio-economic numbers.”He said that BBL proponents in the executive branch should also submit a comparative matrix between Republic Act 6734 (ARMM Organic Act), Republic Act 9054 (Amended ARMM Organic Act), and the BBL.“A side-by-side tale of tapes, comparing past, current models, and the future one would help us create the best BBL which will encapsulate all our dreams and visions for a peaceful, progressive South,” Recto said.The senator reiterated his support “for a constitutionally-compliant, fiscally-responsible, grassroots-accepted organic law for the autonomous region.”Speaker: PDP to campaign vs poll bets against federalismSpeaker Pantaleon Alvarez yesterday said the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino (PDP) will actively campaign against candidates for senator and other elective positions in the 2019 elections who are opposed to a federal system of government.Speaking before over 3,000 new members of the PDP at the Datu Lipus Makapandong Cultural Center, Alvarez urged the people in the province to support the advocacy of President Duterte and the PDP for a shift to a federal system of government, which he said would open up the development potential of the provinces and the regions.“I have one request, please don’t vote for candidates, particularly for senator, who are opposing federalism,” Alvarez told the new PDP members composed practically of the entire local officials of the province led by Agusan Del Sur Gov. Edward Adolph Plaza, 2nd District rep. Evelyn Mellana and 1st District Rep. Maria Valentina Plaza.With the mass oath-taking, the province of Agusan del Sur became the newest addition to the PDP country.In interview with the local media after the event, Alvarez explained his call against anti-federalism candidates.Alvarez said the ruling party was pushing for federalism to ensure inclusive development, particularly of the poor and neglected areas of the country.Alvarez said it was also time to elevate the political maturity of the nation by focusing the campaign on issues instead of the old practice of politics based solely on popularity or personality.He dared the senatorial hopefuls for the 2019 elections to make a clear stand on the issue of federalism.Alvarez said that if a candidate was opposed to federalism then he was clearly against the interest of provinces and regions.Accompanying Alvarez in the event were Davao City 1st District Rep. Karlo Nograles and Oriental Mindoro 2nd District Rep. Reynaldo Umali, whom the Speaker said would be included in the senatorial slate of the administration party for the 2019 senatorial contest.Earlier, Alvarez said that among the benefits of federalism was that the regions or states would retain the lion’s share of the taxes, instead of having to make do with the meager share the central government was currently sending back to the provinces.He said it was crucial to achieve a shift to a federal system of government within the term of President Duterte, who was the only presidential candidate in the 2016 elections who pushed for a federal system of government.Kimberly Otaza, 26, municipal councilor of Loreto, Agusan Del Sur, who was among the new PDP members, said she fully embraces the idea of federalism.Another new PDP member, 45-year old Duric Gavino, a barangay kagawad of Brgy. Poblacion, Prosperidad town of the province, also expressed support for a shift to a new form of government.Gavino added that he was thankful that President Duterte and the PDP are pushing for a shift to a federal form of government.“So, we thank the President. We support federalism.” he stressed.  .....»»

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Gabriela solon shocked over Duterte, OFW lip-lock

To say that Gabriela Partylist Rep. Arlene Brosas was shocked over President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest misadventure with a woman is an understatement. Gabriela solon shocked over Duterte, OFW lip-lock To say that Gabriela Partylist Rep. Arlene Brosas was shocked over President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest misadventure with a woman is an understatement. Source link: Gabriela solon shocked over Duterte, OFW lip-lock.....»»

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Duterte to blame if Peace Talks fail — Youth solon

MANILA--Kabataan Partylist condemns President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat to have Professor Jose Maria Sison killed if the peace talks between the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) fail......»»

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Solon hails Duterte& apos;s move to totally lift deployment ban to Kuwait -

Solon hails Duterte's move to totally lift deployment ban to Kuwait -»»

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Comment on Public trust ratings of President Duterte by Yves Boquet

The graph is misleading. It looks as if his popularity had plummeted to nothing, when 70% of the people approve him. The only honest way to represent the statistics is using zero as the base of your chart, not 70, this is a distortion of reality......»»

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Solon urges cut to 3% cost of migrant remittances

The vice chairman of the House Committee on Banks and Financial Intermediaries asked today the Duterte government to reduce to three percent the cost of migrant remittances. Solon urges cut to 3% cost of migrant remittances The vice chairman of the House Committee on Banks and Financial Intermediaries asked today the Duterte government to reduce… link: Solon urges cut to 3% cost of migrant remittances.....»»

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Duterte admin sees popularity dip on inflation worries

Public satisfaction with the performance of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's government fell in the first quarter from a record high in December, partly pulled down by a poor score on fighting inflation, a private pollster said on Friday......»»

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Economy ‘on right track’ –– solon

The credit rating upgrade of the Philippines based on the latest Standard & Poor Global Ratings is an affirmation of "correct economic and fiscal policies" under the Duterte administration, a legislator said on Wednesday. In a statement, House appropriations committee chairman Karlo Nograles said the improved credit rating shows that….....»»

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Gov’t has right economic policies -- solon

IMPROVED credit ratings of the Philippines only show that President Rodrigo Duterte is doing well in managing the economy. This is according to Davao City Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles, chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, as he praised the administration for better economic and fiscal policies. Just recently the ….....»»

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Oust Bello move bared

Party-list solon feeding wrong information to Duterte THE cornering of the lucrative job market for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Middle East is said to be the reason behind efforts by some quarters to oust Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello. This, according to a DoLE insider….....»»

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